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Justin Timberlake Slaps Paparazzi

Justin Timberlake Slaps Paparazzi
  • Justin Timberlake slaps paparazzi. Not nice!
  • One night in Paris will leave you with a lifetime of itching.
  • Elisha Cuthbert sex tape rumors surface on the internets.
  • Britney‘s lawyer bails on her. Poor girl.
  • Jessica Simpson dons Daisy Dukes again.
  • Naomi Campbell has a spider-neck.
  • Did Britney Spears hire a hit man to kill K-Fed?
  • O.J. Simpson Robbery Rundown
  • Willie Nelson signs on for Jessica Simpson‘s new album.
  • Rachel Hunter launches swimwear line.
  • Lauren Conrad‘s fashion line on sale now — YAY or NAY?
  • Box Office Totals: 1. “The Brave One,” $14 million, 2. “3:10 to Yuma,” $9.2 million, 3. “Mr. Woodcock,” $9.1 million, 4. “Dragon Wars,” $5.4 million, 5. “Superbad,” $5.2 million.
  • Whoopi Goldberg, who recently joined The View, will visit former “View” panelist Star Jones in Court TV Friday.
  • Will Ferrell is auctioning a cameo in his movie Step Brothers to raise money for the Cancer for College foundation. Online bidding starts today and ends Sept. 26. The opening bid is $5,000.
  • Heather Locklear will guest star on ex David Spade‘s show, Rules on Engagement, next month.
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  • sd

    Justin Timberlake is a complete idiot. Someone should slap HIM to finally come to his senses. There is NO excuse for violence.

  • suspicious package

    I’m tired of the “poor Britney” comments. If she would just remove her idiotic head from her chicken-fried *ss and LISTEN to some sane advice, I would have pity for her.

  • Carol loves JJ

    That was really uncalled for Justin. I wish the guy slapped him right back.

  • Tina

    Unfortunately Timberlake is a boy who needs to become a man! and he thinks he’s sought after….geez he needs to see how gracious some other stars are when the paps and I mean swarms of them are around them. Use your words little boy!

  • Yety

    Justin is gonna turn Jessica into a cold woman…just like he turned Cameron into. She was not herself because he was always paranoid…she never smiled and now she can’t stop smiling. We all can imagine how annoying paps can be but just do your thing graciously and leave. They are only there at arrival or departure…just chill!

  • Tealeaf

    Why does Timberfake think he is SO awesome, he has a whiny girlish voice, he dance moves are vintage 80′s Jacko, and he isn’t creative. So what he sold alot of records, so did Britney Spears and Milli Vanilli.. and his manish girlfriend is nothing but a tvgirl who hopes her muscular butt will take her to the top.

    I wish one Razzi would beat his azz.

  • LILO

    JUSTIN is ridiculious! obviously grew up with a re

  • LILO

    real slack of distinction, grace and self-contro; everybody knows or at least imagine how paps can be harrassing and stuff
    Actually the most paparazzed celebities are the Jolie-Pitt what if they acted like justin! there would be lines at hospital or court rooms!lol

  • arrrrgh

    he leaves much to be desired, what a completely arrogant dickhead. it’s such a shame i can’t help but like the music of a person so devoid of grace or dignity.

  • [~Famous~]

    sd, I wanna slap you.

    that wasn’t a slap, it was a love-tap. he was saying ” I love and appreciate you”

    “Why does Timberfake think he is SO awesome?”

    answer: 1. because he sells a LOT of records. 2. he sells out concerts all over the world. 3. he’s one of the biggest artist on the planet. I think those are perfectly good reasons.

  • Claire

    He should have slapped Jessica! Lol! She’s annoying & fugly!



  • sd

    [~Famous~], i think you’re the one who needs to be slapped real hard.

    If Timberlake continues to behave like a wacko he’ll go down like his ex Britney!

  • Tealeaf

    Famous like I said
    Britney Spears,Madonna, Milli Vanilli, Prince,U2 Bruce Springsteen, etc.. sold alot of records, sold out concerts,was one of the biggest artist…he doesn’t have the talent of Prince, U2, Bruce Springsteen or Rolling Stones…Selling albums don’t equal true talent.

    but this azzholes thinks he RULES the world,Their plenty of artist who are BETTER but they don’t have arrognant, attitudes,so your reasons are no excuse.

    He is one of the least talented artist, and WILL not go down in history like Prince, U2, Rolling Stone, Bruce Springsteen

    He ultimately will be known as the talentless white boy trying to dance like Michael Jackson but has a voice like Cyndi Lauper.

    Video killed the rockstar!

  • Nicky

    I would of slapped his stupid ass back. He was walking to the left towards the door, the guy was on the left what is Justin’s purpose of that. foolish.


    poor britney! – get on in the CLUB if you wanna have fun! – where music and fashion meet!

  • [~Famous~]

    Tealeaf, blah blah blah.. stfu douche! you have some crust around your mouth. we all know you’re Chris Crocker, so you can stop.

  • mary

    i am so tired of justin and his ego. he’s losing fans left and right

  • me

    Woah, totally uncalled for. What the hell did that razzi do to get himself slapped like that by J. Timberlake? He’s become suck a jerkface it’s unbelieveable. I’m at a loss for words.

  • a

    wth, justin?

    and for the last bullet, it’s rules OF engagement, jared.

  • mickey

    He should be glad the paparazzi care enoughl to take a picture of his ugly mug. When will Timberlame’s 15 minutes of fame ever be over?

  • Hannaha

    I love Justin and I know how bad the paparazzi can be for him. But I dont think he should have slap the camera. It made him look kinda like a jerk and he isnt a jerk. :(

  • sizz

    excuse me i think justins action was completley called for…paparazzi are freakin scum!

    though he shouldnt have have just hit one but as many of them as possible!

  • JJ

    First of all, what is Justin wearing? He’s always so tacky.

    Second of all, Justin you are very ugly. I don’t know why you’re big headed with your ugly ass face and your yellow teeth. Go fix your HIDEOUS face before you think you are above everyone.


  • Liz

    While I think there are areas where stars deserve privacy (i.e., their neighborhoods where they live, leaving the hospital, children should be off limits), there did not appear to be any reason for this from Justin. The guy didn’t appear to be in his way or anything, and he was entering a public place, so I don’t really get what happened.

  • Liz

    To add to previous post…children off limits unless parents are consenting to the photos and/or posts.

  • V

    Whatever happened, he shouldn’t slap people. It’s a terrible thing to do.

  • tina

    How can you people pass judgment when you weren’t even there? For all you know that paparazzo could have done something rude to Jessica & he saw it that’s why he retaliated. Besides, he didn’t slap him, he took a swipe at the guy’s camera.

  • cutie pie

    really this dude is a no talent ass wimp. trying to play like he is so cool with the black rappers. shows what he will do when the chips are down , he is a coward like he left janet jackson holding the bag with that bullshit nipple slip, if thats the case all the white women should be in trouble because they are always showing those ole fake boobs. justin is just gross with his non dancing ass