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Rachel Bilson: It's a Dog's Life

Rachel Bilson: It's a Dog's Life

Rachel Bilson carries her pet pooch Thurmen Murmen out of the car and across the street to a friend’s house in Los Angeles, where she spent Saturday afternoon. The former O.C. star was seen toting around two black bags, one handbag and one laptop case. Rachel also wore Tom Ford Hutton sunglasses and Jimmy Choo’s Carolina in black eel.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rachel’s new highlights — YAY or NAY?

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rachel bilson tom ford sunglasses 01
rachel bilson tom ford sunglasses 02
rachel bilson tom ford sunglasses 03
rachel bilson tom ford sunglasses 04
rachel bilson tom ford sunglasses 05

Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Kate

    shes cute

  • Kate

    but her dog looks like a mop



  • Erin

    aww Rachel is so cute

  • Caro

    Yeaaah.. rachel is the cutest! i love her! :D she looks really good with the highlights

  • Jexx

    There goes again those SENSELESS post from another SENSELESS celebutard!

  • [~Famous~]

    she looks like a dog.

  • Mariah

    her hair has been that color for a while now but shes soo cute and “normal” in the l.a life

  • luvvly

    Well here is this pathetic piece of tool again. I can’t believe that Jared comes running when this asswipe calls. Then she and her people start posting trying to boost her pathetic image…

  • jen

    she’s pretty!!!

  • soo_clueless

    I really don’t understand how she manages to get on the media “without really doing much of anything”. She must have a damn a lot of money to hire a good publicist!

  • Krell

    Thank God that she put on those soo big glasses “again” that enables those real beauty on-lookers to put some illusion that she’s pretty!? Just thinking of it would sound just profane!

  • Stais

    Oh and she’s not shopping this time around, probably later on & Jared would get it right away after the photo opps…

  • Ghael

    It looks likes that she NOW hated to be snapped by the paps; why is it so when it’s the ONLY thing that put her on the Hollywood Radar!

  • jen

    comments are mere opinions!!!!!!RESPECT!!!

  • wini

    Rachel looks like a rat her dog is cute though.

  • henry

    seriously,,what’s the use of bashing her!!!
    can’t you see from her recent photos she’s sad,what are you devil enough to really ruined her!!!if you don’t like her,then you can skip the posts here..

  • lola

    she is under creativeartistsagency, same agency as zac efron…

  • rachel

    i love rachel bilson she’s is so stylish and cute.

    BUT..her highlights in her hair look sloppy and it looks as if it was dirty.

    she should just dye her hair a solid color :D

  • Varie

    @ she looks like a dog…

    LOL! To think that her waning career is “going to the dogs” too…

  • wini

    lol @henry

    You really think she’s sad because of what people are saying about her on the internet? hahaha

    damn, Rachel’s fans are even dumber than her

  • Kris

    No matter how she looks like or fix herself, she’s STILL homely & unhireable…

  • tessa

    Rachel looks so cute

  • marta

    Beautiful, Thanks Jared

  • Fritz


  • Jeris

    @ can’t you see from her recent photos she’s sad…


  • lola

    People are so devil!!!!

  • jen

    She’s amazing, so beautiful! And Thurmen Murmen is so cute! Thanx for pictures!

  • non

    She’s beautiful!!!

  • Blue

    Midget… I like my hot chicks TALL!

  • amanda

    I like Rachel but with all these photos, I admit I’m starting to get sick of her too. People here are reacting because they don’t understsand why there are nonstop pictures of Rachel.

  • Rheis

    She is soo average looking! I don’t know why every body makes a big deal about her. Without all of her expensive makeup and outfits plus her hair dyes & strengtheners, she would look just like anybody you see walking down the street – AND THAT’S NOT HOT!

  • lola

    hahaha!!!apparently all of you hate her, but popsugar,justjared,hollywoodtuna,perezhilton,defamer,egotastic…etc.. loves her!!!good luck with that!!!
    i’m a fan of her,but lately she’s just getting photographed doing nothing!!!paps should catch her doing something,like filming or in a premiere!!!this picture looks like it was caught by a stalker!!!

  • Vhie

    This “famous for no reason” shit has got to be stop. It’s a pathetic commentary on how this Hollywood’s standard for what is worthy of attention has gone into the dogs…

  • Lough

    Oh how I LOVE these “fake” paparazzi photos! I wonder how much RB & her PR’s pays to get these stupid & nonsense photos to get it circulated throughout the web?!

  • cwt

    This OC mascot badly needs to STFU or just go MIA for a long long long time!

  • matt

    Beautiful Rachel

  • hc

    I love Rachel and her dog so cute

    Thank you Jared

  • raut

    Thanx Jared

  • Sheldon

    Beautiful as usual! Love you Rachel!

  • jenny

    She looks cute

  • lola

    hahaha!!!apparently all of you hate her, but popsugar,justjared,hollywoodtuna,perezhilton,defamer,egotastic…etc.. loves her!!!good luck with that!!!

  • Patmycrotch

    Love the color of her hair

  • From the block

    I love her, people leave her alone!!

  • lola

    hahaha!!!apparently all of you hate her, but popsugar,justjared,hollywoodtuna,perezhilton,defamer,egotastic…etc.. loves her!!!good luck with that!!the more bashing that she gets, the more attentions she gets!!!

  • suzycat

    No don’t like the fake blonde – she was one of the true brunette beauties and should shine up those gorgeous dark locks… leave the bleach pot to all the blacks and latinos that so desperately want to look white

  • Jeru

    Yes, she is a pretty girl, but those “highlights” make her hair looks like it’s going on fiiiiiiiire!

  • carolyn

    i dont give a damn about her highlights, wtf? more important business than that crap.

  • dont want to be white

    suzycat, you are a ignorant idiot, white women have fake blonde hair also, and what the fuck is up with your racist ass comment about blacks and latinas wanting to be white. pulease bitch last time i checked aint nobody trying to be white but michael jackson and i kow he regrets that everyday. whats up with the white girls trying to be black , with the fake lips fake butts and fake ass tan skin color , leave the tan to the black and latinas bitch. and stop trying to copy the way black girls dance and you know you cant do that cause your ass dont have no rhythmn and please last but not least leave our black guys alone. talk about copying.

  • suzycat

    Lissen up black skank! since only Caucasians are naturally blessed with blonde hair then other races having fake blonde highlights seems kind a like poor attempt at fitting in…. where as full lips, a tan (ain ‘t never seen anyone sprayed black yet) is quite a different thing.. there is nothing rascist about objective reality that’s just the way it is