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Ryan Seacrest Bombs as Emmys Host

Ryan Seacrest Bombs as Emmys Host

Sunday’s 59th Primetime Emmy Awards tanked in the ratings!

It scored the lowest ratings ever for the awards show franchise, a 4.3 rating/11 share among adults 18-49 — which is down 17% from last year.

Only 13.1 million viewers tuned in, making it the second worst in history!

The record low was in 1990, when it aired on Fox and drew 12.3 million. Last year when the show aired on Aug. 27 on NBC, it lured 16.2 million viewers.


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Credit: THR, USA Today; Photos: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX
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  • Stacy

    I thought Ryan did a OK job. I dont think you can blame the ratings solely on the host. I mean people are just sick of watching awards shows because there are so many of them. The Emmys were a little over 3 hours last night. Thats just crazy!

  • ugh

    as much as i think he is a tool, ryan had nothing to do with my decision not to watch. awards shows are always boring and this year in particular i didn’t care about any of the nominees.

  • daph

    I’ll be honset, I didn’t watch the whole thing but this guy is annoying as h e l l!
    I can’t figure out why but he is. Maybe because he thinks and acts like he’s smarter than everybody else.

  • Les

    I didn’t watch the awards. It had nothing to do with Ryan Seacrest. I haven’t watched a TV awards show in years because (for example) the supporting actress for drama category. They were from the same show – Grey’s Anatomy and the Sopranos. There was one other show represented. I don’t watch either of those shows because I don’t have HBO, and Grey’s Anatomy is just like every other one hour drama, to me.

    Also, I don’t think it is a level playing field when you can have cable and regular TV represented. You can do a lot more on cable than you can on regular television.

  • daph

    ooops honest.

  • biyatch07

    I aggree with the previous post- award shows are boring and self-congratulatory events. The pre-show fashion is more interesting than the actual award show itself. Last night was super BORING. Thank goodness Colbert and company were around to liven things up a bit

  • Lady G

    Guess all that pimping he and the E! Channel did was for not!

    I don’t know of a more deserving person for this to happen too. Ryan PeeCrust thinks to highly of himself and thinks he can make or break a star.

    Hey Ryan there is a big piece of humble pie just waiting for you!

  • Lillianne

    Not Ryan’s fault. It was simply boring. Boring. More blah blah blah blah, want to thank who knows who they’re talking about.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]



    LMAO. He was terrible. Please get a REAL comdian or let Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, heck even Steven Carrell, host the show. Most of the presenters were funnier than Ryan. The presenters should have hosted the show. LMAO.

    I like the guy, he was soooooo funny in Knocked Up, but he did an awful job.

  • angel

    did not watch,ryan is anoying as hell

  • paula & simon

    Some people didn’t tune to watch Emmy last night because they knew Ryan was a host.And he was boring and trying to be funny which he’s not…He’s more like bitchy…

  • Nesa

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That is fantastic news, get him outta there, hahahahaha!!!

  • Aha


    I’ll be honset, I didn’t watch the whole thing but this guy is annoying as h e l l!
    I can’t figure out why but he is. Maybe because he thinks and acts like he’s smarter than everybody else.



  • Nana


  • Patmycrotch

    Not about who hosted it was the Right wing network .. DUH!

  • [~Famous~]

    ryan did just fine. the emmys suck, people don’t want to watch that sheit no matter who the host is.

    I personaly thought the show was okay, even though I changed the channel every 3mins.

  • Patmycrotch

    Btw who cares about TV actors? Arent they worthless? According to most posts .. everyone complains about “only being a TV actress” like it is the worst thing in the world. Serial killers have more credit then TV actors do on this site.

  • (LOVE- J )


  • Regina

    I’m not surprised. He sucked.

  • Me

    You can’t blame Ryan, it had nothing to do with him. The Emmy’s are coma inducing. They are seriously boring! What makes them think we want to see these over paid celebs be rewarded with a ugly gold statue? Yawn.

  • dddarl

    I didn’t tune in because I didn’t care about any of the shows being nominated… I don’t care about tv in general anyway. I watched the emmys via internet “updates.” That’s how the awards shows should go down anyway. You just pick and choose the clips/winners you want to watch. Skip over the hosts entirely. Now, if Mr. Wentworth Miller had been in the audience, I would have been glued to the set. Maybe. Just go ahead and say I would have been.

  • Tealeaf

    Good I can’t not stand that tool Seacrest

  • [~Famous~]

    lol @ people pretending they didn’t watch the show because “he was hosting”

    like he was on stage the entire show. lol fcuking idiots

  • just sayin!

    GOOD! I’m not too crazy about SEACREST anyway. I think he’s too fake…

  • Belle

    Yes, because of him, I did not watch it last night.

  • Tina

    I love Ryan but I dont care for the actors and the shows.

  • Patmycrotch

    3rd most hated person in the world (1st Jennifer A, Angelina J) and now Ryan. Why exactly? Oh yeah because Angelina does not like him. What a joke. Amazing that American Idol is one of the highest rated shows and he has hosted that for how long? People do not watch award shows anymore and most of on a FOX.

  • Ingrid

    Seacrest or Whoopi the Emmys will bomb. The winners are flukes because there are no great competitions.
    All the great actors and actresses are mostly in the movies now.

  • Marie

    There is nothing award winning about very many shows….
    They go on and on about who is wearing what…(who cares)
    Real actors on television shows are a hell of a lot more interesting than a nimrod like Hayden Pantierre, ANY of the desperate housewives….
    Ryan Seacrest is a buffoon

  • ?????

    17 famous
    How did you know the show is ok when you keep changing your channel every 3 minutes. Stupid…

  • Charlene

    Seacrest Out, LOL

    I thought it was a bit bad taste when he and that guy did the Vanessa Hudgens joke was a bit fresh to do it i thought

  • Angie loves Pie

    Funny, how all the threads talk about the people that were on the show but no one watched? LIARS!

  • Elliott

    Football was more interesting than the Emmys. Actually MTV,VMA,Oscars and Emmys ratings have been falling.

    Back then the shows and stars were way way better such as the real glory days of ER,Friends,X-Files,Everybody Loves Raymond,JAG,Sex and the City,Six Feet Under,Sopranos,Friends,Frasier,Dawson’s Creek,Buffy,Angel,Alias,Roswell,Cheers,Ed,Gilmore girls,Felicity,7th Heaven
    and many others.

    now how many CSI’s we have? Greys cast that dont get along with the divas in Desperate Housewives,so many stupid reality shows,
    and comedies now are not even funny; more like crude.
    NBC is a joke network and they only have Heroes that’s more like wonnabe X-Men. CW’s big show ratings is America’s top model.

  • Elliott

    I also miss hottie Simon Baker in The Guardian, the beloved NYPD Blue,90210,Saved by the Bell,Fresh Prince,Charmed,Third Watch,Party of five. Sad sigh.

  • It feels good

    Hihihi serve him right.

  • KAT

    personally i just wasn’t interested in any of the people nominated/shows and plus i was watching FOOTBALL!! WOOOOOOO

  • FeebZ

    i actually preferred Ryan and his style….without overdoing the jokes and all which former hosts do as comedians.

    must admit, the ratings should be blamed on viewers getting bored with the show as a whole….same programs, same celebs year in, year out – and getting so predictable.

    thought they’d make more of a production out of the Sopranos to give them a proper farewell but that didn’t happen

    don’t mind Ryan doing the hosting again… more classy and the production a lot chic!

    Congrats to America Ferrera!!!!

  • k

    It wasn’t the host – it was the craptasticness of the nominations. I decided not to watch the minute they were announced. The lame wins made my choice go down even easier.

    I’ll start watching the Emmys again, whomever the host, as soon as they start nominating the best shows around, not Boston Legal, Two and A Half Men, etc. This is the same august institution that had to create a rule so the members stopped giving people acting awards for appearances that lasted LESS THAN 30 SECONDS.

  • sharon

    I agree with #32 Charlene. My sentiments exactly.

  • stefanie

    I actually couldn’t give a $*%&( about the Emmys this year. TV has gotten really boring and the shows that won, no one watched (30 Rock won best sitcom???? Excuse me???? DAMN!) And outside of “Idol”, who really cares about Seacrest???? I know Dick Clark and you, sir, are no Dick Clark.

  • Brian

    Ryan is GAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! It is always awkward to watch someone who doesn’t realize that the ENTIRE world realizes that he’s a fag try to be hip and make come-on remarks to both sexes in Prime Time; walk out in a faggy black and white outfit; come out in a most unfashionable skinny black tie circa 1970; introduce a man/woman couple as “stunning” and “also stunning”. . . . . . .

    Ryan – come out already and drop a couple of the jobs. We’ll all be happier. You’re way over saturated in the markets.


    Who is it? – get on in the CLUB if you wanna have fun! – where music and fashion meet!



  • jen

    It’s rather funny/degrading to major networks to know that a silly Disney made-for-tv movie, High School Musical 2, drew a much bigger crowd than the Emmy Awards on a major tv network. Even last year’s award show too!

  • Janice

    The primetime shows and stars are not as good as before. Ryan is a nice guy and his L.A. radio station is the no.1 listened radio in Calif.

    The only shows I watch now are Bones,Idol and Dancing with the Stars but I hope Idol will have better talent because its becoming stale lately too.
    The cable shows are dominating more in Disney its High School Musical
    while on Lifetime Channel Army Wives is big hit.

  • are we tierd?

    I think people are getting a little bit tierd of Hollywood.

  • Double Agent

    How can it score the “lowest ratings EVER” if you then go on to say, “making it the second worst in history!”… which one is it; worst ever or second-to-worst?

  • ils vont…

    Who cares about the emmys. they are ridiculous and should only be published in the newspaper they after they are picked. And Ryan Seacock can host that all he wants.

  • http://deleted suey

    28 Patmycrotch : 09/17/2007 at 4:38 pm
    3rd most hated person in the world (1st Jennifer A, Angelina J) and now Ryan. Why exactly? Oh yeah because Angelina does not like him. What a joke. Amazing that American Idol is one of the highest rated shows and he has hosted that for how long? People do not watch award shows anymore and most of on a FOX.


    angelina not liking him is a result of him being annoying as h e l l. but that’s not the reason people find him annoying. start thinking instead of spending time to find someone to patyourcrotch.