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Suri Cruise is a Baby Doll

Suri Cruise is a Baby Doll

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 16 months, to say goodbye to Suri‘s grandparents as they leave from Tempelhof Airport in Berlin on Monday.

Suri dressed in a polka dot top and carried around her fave new doll — a pig-tailed redhead “Best Friend Activity Dolls” by Russ . Katie wore a white tee, black skinny jeans, a black trench coat and black flats.

Daddy Tom Cruise has been busy filming his new movie Valkyrie, aka Rubicon, in Berlin, Germany.

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Photos: Dennis Gundlach,
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  • Kim


  • Olivia

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!

    Even their superfame they are normal and have family values.
    What a beautiful family all around!!!!!!

  • nasty girl

    Katie looks like a zombie.

  • Karen

    Leave Katie alone. Many stars spent time quality time alone from Reese,Charlize,Jennifer Garner,Halle,Hatcher,Gwen,Connelly,Weisz,Aniston,Swank,Demi Moore you name it and they dont smile. They look unhappy and not always instyle or looking like models. Ofcourse Im also thinking they look miserable because the camera is always on their faces.
    The fashion week at NY had many male and female stars,directors seating on front rows and many look awful.

    Hats off to Katie for always looking so graceful and sweet unlike other celebs who wants to spread their misery and look ready to punch their fans mainly paparazzis.

  • Tealeaf

    Suri looks cute, but Katie face looks bloated, she looks about 40

  • KD

    Katie’s face makes it look like she’s putting on weight.

  • Doris

    Yippppeee!!!!!Love them all!!!
    I miss Tom!

  • Carol

    My daughter was born Feb 2006 and she looks nowhere near as old as this child. But then again, I’m 35 and I look nowhere near as old as KH. Scientology really must age its females. With all the money, can’t Katie afford a stylist? Even just to comb her hair?

  • Katie N

    o, what a cutie pie. Suri and Zahara are the cutest celebrity kids out there. Good facial features. Other babies look like any other baby running around a park or a mall.

  • Lee

    Adorable! Both Katie and Suri. Thanks JJ. Bring us more of those!

  • Banerian

    Wow. Busted.

  • Just Me

    Suri looks like a 3 year old, she is not even 16 month old.

  • ugly katie

    Katie is totally dead behind the eyes. :(

  • Scientology sucks

    She should breast feed her child but Scientology doesn’t allow it…

  • Pepper

    the real all American family. The family looks fab.

  • ram

    dsh – - I agree with you 100%. Suri is always happy because she get dedicated attention from her mom, Katie. Suri will grow up secure, confident, emotionally stable, and will always have good disposition.

    Compare that to poor Shiloh! Angelina is more interested in curing her own childhood insecurities than securing Shiloh’s emotional stability. Poor thing hardly smiles!

    We will see the difference between Shiloh and Suri soon enough!

  • TESS

    Damn Katie looks like death slightly warmed over.

  • Jenna

    Stars with no makeup

    feel better jealous unhappy lowlives?

  • kiti

    Wow, a lot of damage control on Katie’s behalf going on here today. No one knows whether she’s happy or not happy, so why not just comment on the clothes, the weather etc. and stop being psychoanalysts. This is hilarious.

  • JJfan

    Suri is gonna have hereditary bags under eyes! plastic surgery for her in the future. poor baby!!

  • lurking

    Shame on Brangelina fans blasting Suri,TomKat,other babies and other celebs. Not everything revolves on Angelina Jolie.
    Some of you are just giving JoliePitts and their fans a very bad rep. If you’re that happy and secure of Angie and Brad then why feel the need to bring down others?
    Your actions only shows you are jealous bullies.
    I hope not all fans of Brangelina are like this.

  • Meg

    My favorite and respected family in Hollywood.

  • Anon

    suri is cute, but she’s gonna need a nose job.

  • [~Famous~]

    awww look at all the love ‘kate’ and her lively, walking, non mentally challenged baby are getting. its so sweet.

  • Chief

    lovely mommy and baby.
    So touching to see her grandparents too.

  • LOVE


  • Crocus

    Katie looks so busted. Nasty bitch. yuck!

  • Veronica

    I think Katie looks great. Way cool to see the grandparents and Suri is just adorable.

  • To 72

    Shame on you for blasting a single group while others (see points 67 and e5) are the ones that brings Brangelina children and are talking shit about those kids !

    Shame on you for practicing the double standard while showing your hypocricy when some JP fans including myself in here and others thread have countless times express our appreciation of Suri and disgust towards babies comparisons while the Brangelina haters have speak with the lowest of the low of Brad and Angie kids since their were born or adopted !

  • appetizing


  • Ramona

    way too cute!

  • fans

    schon Suri & Katie. We will miss the entire family once they leave Berlin.

  • Brittany

    Beautiful girls and Im dying to watch Tom’s movie.

  • Naomi

    i think it’s low bashing on a kid cuz you don’t like the parents. i mean (2 give an example) i don’t like the JP’s but i think their kids are adorable, i don’t like tom cruise (poor katIE!) but i like their child :) suri is the cutest doll ever, always so smiley an happy, cheery, she’s gonna grow up 2 be a beautiful young gurl. an 2 those peeps who say she needs surgery blablabla… look in the fucking mirror, but don’t scare yourself. picking on a baby shows how pathetic you are.

  • non vocabulum

    This blog is ass-kissy. TomKat are a sham!

  • painfully fug

    Suri looks like it’s 12 years old..with a wig on!

  • Naomi

    just like the JP’s!

  • Korbeen

    Katie is nautrally pretty. Its just that people tell her she looks prettier without make up and so she stops wearing it. Her teeth always look crooked when the angle is from the side and from far. Suri is cute, I wouldn’t say beautiful, but I think she is gonna grow up to have a nice skinny body and pretty face in the right proportions. She is gonna look more attractive when she gets older.

  • Jean

    Suri is the cutest celeb baby and belated congrats to Katie Holmes for being the top ten best dressed this year and earning the title Classic beauty and fashion.

  • Poor brainwashed Katie

    Katie looks so tired. I think Tom gayCruise is a total idiot. She needs a better man than “Mr. Scientology F*CK head”

  • ?

    yes I don`t know why we are trying to compare kids in HW they are all kids and while they are kids they are all adorable my favorite HW kids are Suri,Shiloh,Zahara,Kingston.but all the HW kids are cute but I love this four more than others maybe because I love their parents.

  • SaRa

    90 Poor brainwashed Katie

    If you like katie really you should appreciate what she choose as father for her kids.

    I`m JP`s fan but I love suri very much.she is too cute and I love her as much as I love JP`S kids.

    but you have one fan among yourself called 74 [~Famous~] who is so rude and she always say very nasty things about JP and I don`t know why but many people because of her tell nasty things about Katie and Suri.because she talkes with a very bad mouth about JP`s

  • Ally

    I luv Suri…she´s so adorable!
    The cuttiest baby ever!

  • Laura

    Happy to see the Holmes family.

    Katie is a hot mom and Suri’s cuteness is killing me.

  • MomToBe

    Other than my niece Suri is the most beautiful baby Ive seen. Katie is lovely and she’s a good wife and mom.

  • Tina

    Major props to Katie for being secure and comfortable with herself even with no makeup on and not caring what people say especially the trolls. Same way she wanted some peace and not wanting any spectable she is confident enough to have no bodyguards just a feeling of being normal is a nice feeling.
    Classy and strong lady.

  • Rita

    they both are turning uglier by the day!!

  • Larry

    cute !!!!!!!!!! AWW ! I ‘m in love with you baby Suri !!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF??

    Katie Holmes used to be so beautiful. WTF happened to her? She looks like she is going through chemo or something. She looks sickly.

  • hahaha

    Suri has rich parents. she can get a nose job right away if she wants to.
    I will say she’s cute only because I don’t like to point out when a kid is truly funny looking.