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Wentworth Miller Hooks 'Em Horns

Wentworth Miller Hooks 'Em Horns

Wentworth Miller gives a polite wave to paparazzi before catching a flight out of LAX airport on Sunday. The 35-year-old actor flew back to Dallas, Texas to continue filming the third season of Prison Break. (Notice the cowboy boots he puts on the conveyor belt!!)

Wentworth did make an appearance at EW‘s Pre-Emmys Party and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The season three premiere of Prison Break airs TODAY @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!!!

The first two episodes of this season really help set-up the premise for the rest of the season. I am dying to see the third, but the first two sure are not to be missed. I mean, come on, you want to see Bellick in a diaper for two hours straight, right?

10+ pictures inside of Wentworth ready to hook ‘em horns…

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wentworth miller hook em horns 01
wentworth miller hook em horns 02
wentworth miller hook em horns 03
wentworth miller hook em horns 04
wentworth miller hook em horns 05
wentworth miller hook em horns 06
wentworth miller hook em horns 07
wentworth miller hook em horns 08
wentworth miller hook em horns 09
wentworth miller hook em horns 10
wentworth miller hook em horns 11
wentworth miller hook em horns 12
wentworth miller hook em horns 13

Photos: National Photo Group
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  • B

    First!!! Yea lol!! Wentworth is looking good!

  • B

    First!!! Yea lol!! Wentworth is looking good!

  • Hanan

    Oh my God!!!!
    Wentworth is so WONDERFUL…
    I Love you so much :-)

  • Melissa J

    OMFG, Can you say hot! Yay! Went ditched the bucket hat, love the cap, and shades, we still have to work on the pants though! Counting down the minutes til season 3! *wentgasm*

  • masoud




  • a


  • nicole

    went is soooooooooooooooooo HOT AND SEXY and I wanna eat u went. damn, u are so beautiful.come baby come

  • Jennifer

    Went you are the best and so damn hot. :) :) Im so ready to see the new prison break. I have never missed a episode and hope that I never do.

  • He Can’t Be!!!

    Wow in the last pic he looks really pissed off. :D Cute cap i hope that’s not Luke’s.

  • me

    im so sad hes gay!

    WTF is wrong with me?
    acually i dont give a **** when somebody is gay or not


    but hes 35 and no one can name one girlfriend of his because there was never one!

    does one of you people know if he ever had a girlfriend?

  • nicole

    I forgot to say something : thank u jared for the pics and for all the updates , cause we love wentworth. thank u. I appreciate it

  • [~Famous~]

    Jared, I know you’re using “horns” metaphorically for dciks, and I think that’s completely uncool! leave the mans sexuality alone! I’m sure he enjoys his walk-through closet.

    PB rocks!

  • Tara

    58 minutes until… PB 3 Thank F*#k

  • meemee

    He’s so sexy

  • liz

    He looks adorable! What a terrible lost for women if he’s gay!

  • natalie

    He’s hot. Why do people always need to bring up the gay thing in Wentworth posts? He says he’s straight, so just leave him alone. I don’t care whether he’s straight, gay, bisexual, or an ax murderer, the man is still HOT AS HELL!!! That hat looks good on him, and the sunglasses. =)

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    love him

  • nicole

    I envy u cause in Europe we can’t see it till next year

  • dddarl

    new disguise!!!! yay! he’s back in town. Went, we’re hanging out tonight!!! Meet up!

    it could happen.

  • Mr.Miller

    Good heavens the man hasn’t even said he’s gay and already some people labeling him as such.All because of rumours started by an overweight man who made it his mission to bring malice to Wentworth!

  • Mink

    Hot pics! Thanks so much, JJ! I love that he’s even managing to look smiley while going through airport security. It’s so great that he seems so happy these days.

    Can’t wait for new PB. :D

  • spooky

    For some reason I thought that he was going to be doing a rock on sign in these pictures……. Horns up and all..Oh well.

  • babe1973

    OMG I can’t believe they actually make him take his shoes off. I mean ok it’s the law blah blah blah. But if you know the guy, how can you imagine that he is going to blow up the plane??? Duh!!!!!

  • Tears

    Thanks Jared!

    He looks annoyed, still adorable though.

  • Babysis


  • Kiki

    Mr. SEXY!!!
    Wow, i think I’m in love…haha
    not really. He’s just so sexy!

  • liz

    ¿Why did Went take that long walk with Luke?¿Why did he do so?¿Didn’t he realize that it was saying something like,”Perez you’re right”?
    Last June I don’t believe it.¡This fat pig again! But time is going by,
    and Went doesn’t say a word about it. He isn`t stupid, but I don`t
    understand what he`s wainting for.I`m waiting for the truth, the real
    truth to put an end to all this speculations, and go on watching the show, and loving him in spite of being gay (or not, I hope it so).I`m puzzled, please explain me!

  • Charlene

    Wentworth, the masterpiece of God!

  • young

    wow.. different cap.
    went.. i like it better than that strange hat you used to wear..
    you look so lovely..

  • Laura Anne

    Thank you soooo much Jared. You never fail to make me drool with your Went posts! Even doing such boring tasks like going thru airport security, he is so beautiful.

  • Ally

    I love went and prison break!!!!

  • NickyZ

    Just saw premier of PB3 – def looks better than PB2. Plus, Scofield is already kicking @ss, hawt!

  • Fatal_Error

    That kind of hotness should be illegal. Dayum!

  • Jade

    #13 get your mind outta the gutter, lol, Hook’em Horns means “leave or good-bye” it’s a phrase/hand gesture used in Texas.

  • PrimulaBlue

    Thanks, Jade for clearing up the “hook ‘em horns” phrase. Even Wikipedia notes it’s about the Longhorns football team at the University of Texas.'em_Horns

    Love Wentworth. He’s awesome, humble, clever and beautiful. I just wish he was at the Emmy’s.

  • helen

    Love you, Went. This cap is much much better. How about wearing the sneakers than the brown boots.

  • Coco Canada

    We can’t see you in Japan for Season III yet…however, we are excited for your season premiere tonight in Canada and the U.S.

  • Karen

    Just so y’all know where the ‘hook ‘em Horns’ reference comes in, it is the fight motto for the University of Texas Longhorns.
    Wrong city Jared….Dallas, but right state, so good try.

    I love men in cowboy boots. It makes their walk really sexy.

  • Lt

    Wow he changed his hat. I thought the bucket/fisherman hat was his favorite.

  • jamila

    toujours ossi charmant !!!!

  • Ali*Bry

    PB was great ….it’s a bit creepy and everyone’s kinda dirty looking, they really like to gross you out on this show.

    Where the hell is Sara, they never actually showed her with LJ…poor Michael!!

  • blabla

    Looking good :)

  • Scillajean

    I love Picture #3 nice pompis and i usually don’t see that part of the body ;-)

  • Blarena

    I want to work in that airport and see him every weekend!!!!

  • ScarlettIsAWHORE

    Woooo,so damn sexy.I love it when he wears this hot glasses.
    @young your are so fucking right this cap is way way better!

  • laura

    he’s so sexy, can’t stop watching ‘em

  • sarah

    COME ON………..

  • grace

    he´s hhhhooooooooooot!look at that smile.yummy

  • jimmy

    nice pix