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Wentworth Miller @ The Ellen Show

Wentworth Miller @ The Ellen Show

Wentworth Miller dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday wearing a rolled up plaid longsleeves shirt.

Said Ellen while introducing Wentworth earlier on in the show: “I need a fan. He’s a criminal, alright. He’s criminally good-looking. He’s steal your heart. He’s steal your breath away. He’ll take your clothes off. He’s handsome, that’s all I’m saying.”

As mentioned on Friday, Wentworth gives Ellen a drinking bear and talks about quitting smoking. Watch the video below!!!!

The season 3 premiere of Prison Break airs TONIGHT, Monday, Sept. 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!!!!!

UPDATE: The audio/video now match up for the video below!

Wentworth MillerThe Ellen DeGeneres Show, 9/17
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  • marga

    first! i love wentworth! looking forward to the 3rd season!

  • WentFan4Life

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Great to see you Wentworth…can’t wait for Prison Break tonight. Thanks for the temporary fix Jared…you’re the best!

  • Tara

    Love him!


    Buhhh,, what does he sees in boys

  • manuela

    what a great interview!! ;-))

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    Boring interview. And is it just me or was something really wrong with this video ?
    He was laughing and joking a lot more in other interviews. Maybe it was because of the serios topics they were talking about, but maybe he’s not happy at the moment and because of that he was so serious. :(
    I’ve seen so much better and funnier interviews with him.


  • cassandra

    he doesnt look black and white does he. huh goes to show you.

  • KarenA

    Thanks for the interview, Jared. I’m going to catch it this afternoon. He looks lovely. :)

  • [~Famous~]

    why they have to play that sissy music when he came out?!?

    Gwen: “If I could escape” escape what.. the closet?

  • Patmycrotch

    Love Ellen, she is gREAT!

  • Kendra


  • True Went

    Nice to hear you !!!
    Your’re my best !!!

  • blabla

    I don’t know if it was just my computer but that clip didn’t really work. The sound didn’t follow the image or vice versa, i don’t really know but was bad. Please Jared (if it wasn’t just me) get a better clip I really wanna see this

  • VM


    Me too.

  • Went4Life

    I agree, the sound went way ahead of the video images. Please fix if you can Jared. Thank you anyway for posting it. It was better than nothing.

  • Jennifer

    Went I love you so much and I have never missed a episode of Prison Break. I will be watching today for the start of the third season. I know it will be good.

  • mimi

    #9 you’re funny.

  • Sprinkles

    The video is messed up…Please fix! Sorry! Thanks!

  • Liz

    Eh…not so much…I’ve seen better…

  • angelina_mmm

    the video is not working

  • B

    Love it!

  • B

    To NO.9 Who made a reference to the choice of song played, unless you are completely daft, the song itself sweet escape is a metaphor for the fact Scofield is trying to escape the Panamian prison! seriously enough with the closet nonsense!

  • Mimi#11

    No.9…Escaping from Prison of course! The song fits purrfectly! Go Wentworth !!!

  • Mama Bear

    LMAO, B!

    JJ, sorry bud, but the quality of this clip stinks. It makes Went look like he’s in a badly dubbed Chinese martial art movie. Thanks for trying though. And I agree, the vibe of the interview was not as easy going as the first one he did with her. It looked very rehearsed. *shaking head* It could’ve been A LOT better…

  • Miss Vex

    I luv Wenty!

    (Yes, the video and the audio are not in-sync. The audio comes in first before the video.)

  • nicole

    I love wentworth. he’s my favourite actor. he’s so sexy,beautiful and I wish him all the best

  • sarah

    went is so sexy on the show. can’t wait for tonight! went, why didn’t u take your shirt off?

  • Hanan

    Great to see you Wentworth…
    I love you so much!!!
    Thanks Jared :-)

  • Just Jared

    I will try reuploading it now!

  • anon

    hot sexy gay boy

  • Just Jared

    I replaced the video with a better one! Sorry for the bad one before!!!!

  • wow

    hot went. you rock!!!!

  • Blarena

    I love Went!!!!!! In Spain we have to wait till January to see 3rd season.


  • me

    im so sad hes gay!

    WTF is wrong with me?
    acually i dont give a shit when somebody is gay or not


    but hes 35 and no one can name one girlfriend of his because there was never one!

    does one of you people know if he ever had a girlfriend?

  • nicole

    can’t wait for season three in europe. went is amazing

  • dddarl

    i’m a big fan of pb, but have only watched it on dvd/recordings. i hope i can hold out by just recording each episode and watching a month at a time. i don’t know how you people who watch it every week can do that. too much of an adrenaline rush. best show on tv.

  • B

    Mama Bear, you know how I do it…*winks*!!! lol!

    Thanks for the better link Jared, much appreciated!

  • meemee

    I just watched the clip on my VCR. Short and sweet :o)

  • Zerena

    He sounded totally gay when he said “smoking donkey”!

  • Kitty

    To Mama Bear, who said: “And I agree, the vibe of the interview was not as easy going as the first one he did with her. It looked very rehearsed. *shaking head* It could’ve been A LOT better… ”

    Yup – with all the things they could have talked about — even if just about the show — it could have been a lot more interesting. And what happened to the bit about the ionic foot spa that some of the gals who were at the taping heard him talk about as a treatment to stop smoking?? That was totally cut out. Come on … Guess it was too “controversial”. That’s okay. We’ve all bought a crazy device at some time in our life that wasn’t exactly FDA approved — but good grief! – that just proves he’s human. (Okay, I’ve got a magnet collar for treating a neck problem. Anyone else want to come forward so Went doesn’t feel silly?)

  • Mama Bear

    Kitty said:

    “We’ve all bought a crazy device at some time in our life that wasn’t exactly FDA approved — but good grief! – that just proves he’s human. (Okay, I’ve got a magnet collar for treating a neck problem. Anyone else want to come forward so Went doesn’t feel silly?)”

    I buy and drink copious amounts of over-prized bottled water even though it would be cheaper and just as safe to bottle it from my own tap. There Went, feel better?

  • http://n/a ChatJemena

    Thanks very much, Jared, for uploading the Ellen interview. I thought I’d have to wait three months to watch it in the Philippines or several days later at YouTube.

  • black

    It was really kinda boring.

    You could see though that he wanted to change topics and get into it, but Ellen (usually a really cool lady) just started it all with the wrong vibe.

  • went fan

    Pointless interview …. Went waisted his time by comming to this show.
    went stilllllllllllllll sssssssssoooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttt and

  • wentlover

    Ellen was very serious this time. this was no sparkle in this interview. it was a very lousy interview. But Went is so cute. love him.

  • Martelka from Poland

    Wow. He is so nice all the time. And he brought Ellen a gift.
    I adore him!!!!!

  • parveen

    That was soo sweet of him love prison break!


    I dont understand why its so shocking that he didnt have a girlfriend. Think about it, the boy lived in LA. (the most materialistic town in the world) one dead end job after another. His MOM was paying for his car insurance and food. Splitting his time evenly with the pawn shop and the dollar store. what woman it that town would give him the time of day? barely making rent. the ladies werent sticking around HOPEING he would make it big.

  • WentFan

    Thanks for updating the video Jared…I watched it again! Love him…Go Wentworth. You’re H O T ! ! !

  • B

    Check out the best no.1 wentworth forum!