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Amy Winehouse Has Witch Hair

Amy Winehouse Has Witch Hair


Looking like a wreck, an unkempt Amy Winehouse sticks her hand out the window to receive a letter in London on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Amy‘s own mother said that she doesn’t recognize her daughter any more and that she keeps control of the singer’s finances, giving her £300 a week.

According to UK’s The Daily Mirror, the 24-year-old “Rehab” singer will soon enter the studio to record the follow-up to Back to Black. Wino addressed her recent drug-fueled meltdown, saying, “I’m sorted out. Nothing is wrong with me… A lot of fuss made about nothing.”

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52 Responses to “Amy Winehouse Has Witch Hair”

  1. 1
    Doh Says:

    Edward Scissorhands?

  2. 2
    julia Says:

    Eeeeeewwww !!!
    Oh My God ..she looks like a man !!!

  3. 3
    required Says:


  4. 4
    m a a h (: Says:


  5. 5
    sasha Says:

    omg. she looks frightening.

  6. 6
    laurensucksbeefcurtains Says:

    WOW I didn’t even recognize her.

  7. 7
    Denilson Says:

    she looks like a man???
    like a DEVIL

  8. 8
    Lilo Says:

    even scissors hands is better looking. I blame her husband! The woman is scary to death. wat drugs can do!

  9. 9
    Regina Says:

    LOL love her!

  10. 10
    Momma Says:

    That isn’t her, that is a man

  11. 11
    rowis Says:

    she’s always been ugly, with our without makeup. this is just more messy

  12. 12
    liza Says:

    Oh my, she looks horrible. She isn’t the prettiest person in the world, but usually she looks presentable!

  13. 13
    SILVIA Says:



  14. 14
    B Says:

    Good grief!!! What the bloody hell is that style all about? I reccommend for Amy a bloody makeover and a flipping therapist, seriously! what is with celebrities going off the rails these days eh?

  15. 15
    brit Says:

    give her a break , maybe she just woke up!! dont tell me all you guys look madeup, and cute when yall wake up in the morning.

  16. 16
    lalala Says:

    wow..looks scary

  17. 17
    B Says:

    lol! there is waking up in the morning, and there is WAKING UP!!! Amy looks really dishevelled! this isnt a morning look, Amy doesnt carry herself well end of! not very lady-like at all!

  18. 18
    justme Says:

    bigger picture pls! you can’t see anything!!!!

  19. 19
    HELP PERU Says:

    she seriously looks like a man

  20. 20
    patricia night Says:

    Love her music
    Hope she is really alright

  21. 21
    Perhaps_F_Off_Mite_B2_Kind Says:

    For someone so amazing and uniquely gifted, she’s a major disappointment. In my opinion, she has one of the most beautiful singing voice in the history of music. To let all of that slip away is such a waste of true talent.

  22. 22
    Lillianne Says:

    Britney – you’re needed in London ASAP. Amy needs a haircut!

  23. 23
    Wooden Legs Angelina Says:

    ok she looks a mess but i like to listen to her not look at her

  24. 24
    sandrea Says:

    so much for getting caught off-guard…

  25. 25
    the_original_nika Says:


  26. 26
    MJStyle Says:

    OMG… no words

  27. 27
    Iris Says:

    VERY bad hair day. Love her music.

  28. 28
    rachel Says:

    it’s so depressing because, she is a vary talented singer and has such a unique sound, it’s new and different that’s why i love her music,but she is a wreck and she needs help.

  29. 29
    lilly Says:

    is she really a man? as in, did she have a sex change?

  30. 30
    brit Says:

    yeah but she puts alot of products in her hair, so when she goes to sleep ,and wakesup the nexy day, its a mess….

  31. 31
    [~Famous~] Says:

    since when did jared post about amy crackhouse?

  32. 32
    me Says:

    So sad to see such a talented person fall prey to drugs and an enabler husband. At least her mom had the foresight to be her financial manager or Amy would really be in a bind. I can only hope that Ms. Winehouse wakes up one day and sees her husband for the druggie loser he is, dumps him and seeks help. Here’s hoping that Amy doesn’t go the way of Janis Joplin; a talented person too weighed down by her own self doubt and personal demons that left the earth too early in life.

  33. 33
    Anon Says:

    OMG!!! She looks exactly like Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. In fact, are you sure this is her? Maybe it really is Keith Richards. LOLOL!!! I have no compassion for junkies. Especially when they are rich and famous and can indulge themselves with out any restrictions and they seem to need to be jerks.

  34. 34
    sema Says:

    she has an amazing voice and one of the greatest albums of music history.but she’s likely to end up in overdose or something.soon.

  35. 35
    ahhhh Says:


    scarred for life much?

  36. 36
    duh Says:

    Ew, old lady face.
    Or should I say old man face?

    She’s scary looking.

  37. 37
    susie Says:

    Everyone is focused on Britney But this girl is the True JUNKIE. Her own mother doesnt reconize her because she is shooting up n drying up bodywise. She’s a walking Skelton. In a Hotel room there was BLOODY VOMIT everywhere. and guess what. NO ONE CARES. you dont see no on doing anything. she obviously isnt.

  38. 38
    cr7 Says:


  39. 39
    TK Says:

    woweee freaky!

  40. 40
    Galia Says:

    Eeeeewwww, she looks like Meduza, run postman, run! It’s a shame that she is ruining her life like this, she is really talanted and she could have a great future if she can escape from the drugs and her husband.

  41. 41
    cat Says:


  42. 42
    LEO IS MINE Says:


  43. 43
    soysauce Says:

    that’s a man, man

  44. 44
    aj Says:

    OMG! Halloween came early!

  45. 45
    Chris Says:

    I think there may be a set of nuts down below.

  46. 46
    jen Says:

    u mean to say she never washes her hair, hence the hair looks a mess becuz it is just product after product after product with no shampoo or conditioner in between!

  47. 47
    Lame Says:

    “Amy sticks head outside the window and Jared said No, no, no!” OK that was lame.

  48. 48


  49. 49
    Chelsea Says:

    I think she does looks like a man good god woman wash your hair plz get help and go to rehab I don’t care if you say no,no,no you’re worse than Britney Spears poor Mr. Winehouse(Amy’s Hubby)btw ~famous~ good one with the Amy Crackhouse she looks like Robert Smith’s ugly twin or Edward Scissorhands on crack

    how many of you peeps out there thinks she looks like a man?

    I do she’s an ok singer but she’s a wreck

  50. 50
    el eye in zee [(linz)] Says:

    that is totally not her. it looks like alice cooper in a tangled wig.

  51. 51
    David Smith Says:

    ‘ .. this is one ugly dog – and a self confessed junkie to boot.

    plus, it likes cutting itself too – it probably has all sorts of infections – as junkies usually do – it’s dirty – it rarely washes – have you seen it close-up? – it smells too!

    Thankfully it has cut-off the dirty matted bunch of stuff on it’s head but it has gone bottle blonde and now if it didn’t look like a cheap crack ***** before it certainly does now … yuk!

  52. 52
    Gigi Mama Says:

    woow that girl looks like a man and you should see the way she looks in the newspaper mind you that i read the newspaper only because im doing a project on that witch and i want to print out that pic. but my printer dosnt work….!

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