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Britney Must Take Regular Drug Tests

Britney Must Take Regular Drug Tests

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline must follow a long-gggggg list of demands as ordered by Los Angeles judge Scott M. Gordon… like going back to school and taking regular drug tests!

– Neither Brit nor K-fed can take Sean and Jayden out of state without the written consent of the other.

– The exes cannot make derogatory statements about each other.

– Both parents must complete the “Parenting Without Conflict” program.

– Each party is restrained from using corporal punishment with the children or allowing anyone else to.

– They are required to engage in joint co-parenting counseling.

– Neither party may consume alcohol or non-prescription controlled substances 12 hours prior to taking custody of the children.

– They must ensure that any prospective childcare professionals hold valid Red Cross infant CPR training.

*** Britney must follow extra set of rules in order to maintain the current shared custody agreement:

– Attend individual counseling at least once a week to address parenting issues.

– Meet with a parenting coach for a minimum of 8 hours a week, in at least two sessions a week. The coach is to observe her parenting skills and her interaction with her sons and provide Federline with a written progress report by October 22.

– And, “based on the evidence presented, the Court finds that there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances by Petitioner [Spears],” will have to undergo testing for controlled substances and alcohol. The testing shall be conducted twice per week on random dates and times, and the results will be forwarded to the court.

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  • Grumpy Old Troll

    D*mn. Just… d*mn. I have zero sympathy for either of them. Their poor babies- they’re the innocents in this whole effin’ circus their parents have created.

  • Lauren


    I’m happy that spears is now going to learn how to take care of her kids. If she is on drugs like they say, and if she had her right mind, I know that she would probably not have done all that she has done. But thank God that someone is making her do this.

    But it is sad that the state has to force her to get this help she so desperatly needs…

    I wish her the best of luck and health (of course!)





  • Ashleigh

    I don’t know what good it will do but I think it is wonderful they are required to do these things to retain custody. If they truly love their kids, they will do what is necessary to keep them and if they don’t then they won’t do what is required of them and the children will be taken away and given to someone who will properly care for them. Hopefully the counseling will also help Britney deal with her issues and get her life back on track.

  • Lauren

    ok, maybe not the 1st!

  • Andrea

    Wow, those are some tough rules. Kevin will back off the 70/30 fight now, I am sure. Maybe Britney can finally beat her substance abuse problems now. I wish Britney and her sons the best.

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  • coalharbourqt

    Well it’s about time they started getting these two on track – sure hope it works! The only thing I would add is that Kevin have to undergo drug/alcohol testing too… he’s a pothead and that has to stop if he is to be a good parent too. I think he’s just smarter at hiding his bad behaviour than Brit (most guys are).

  • shira

    Looks like they faced a very wise judge…I hope what he issued them works, and if not, they face the consequences…bless these baby boys, and even with this rough beginning, may they grow to be healthy, secure, caring human beings.

  • Opal

    Finally someone has stepped to save this family from becoming even more messed up than they already are. Not a Britney fan and I don’t care about K-Fed either, but for the sake of their two sons I hope that they can settle their differences and become better parents. It wouldn’t hurt to work on their personal issues as well. There’s been more than enough drama going on with these two lately and it would be nice to have them move on to better lives for a change.

  • Daniel

    Change the kids’ names and have Angelina Jolie adopt them!
    The only person in showbiz who has proved to be a worse parent then Britney is Chris Benoit!

    I’ll admit I listened to her stuff in the 90′s but then she turned into mega-slut and let her personal life fall apart.

    Watch Britney lose custudy to K-Fed in about a month because she failed the drug tests. her blood has so much alchohol in it she could give Dracula a hangover!

  • YoohrStoopid

    WOW Daniel…

    You should feel proud of yourself for lashing out at another individual. Especially someone who is no longer with us. No faith in others either, someone wasnt loved as a child.

  • Amy

    I think these rules are good .. but I don’t think it will take long for one of them to disobey them, and eventually lose their children. Most parents don’t get this leniency when it comes to the welfare of their children. You screw up, you lose your kids, then you have to prove to the court that you can be responsible enough to have them back. I don’t think Britney should be allowed to be responsible for 2 innocent lives, especially when she cannot (and has proved so) take care of herself.

  • Renee

    –Each party is restrained from using corporal punishment with the children or allowing anyone else to.
    What the h*ll are Britney/Kevin and others doing to these babies to have the judge make this a rule. Someone must be physically hurting these babies for the judge to hand down a “corporal punishment ruling.” They don’t make these kind of rules just for the sake of making a rule, it’s a rule because those babies are in harm’s way and the court is aware of it. SICKENING along with the other rules!

  • Daniel

    11. Benoit betrayed me! He betrayed everybody! He killed his own wife and son, then killed himself so nobody could give him justice. He betrayed every pro-wrestling fan by bringing the industry under such scrutiny and trouble, His fans made him an Idol, we gave him more money then most of us will ever have, and he decides his life isn’t good enough, so he takes his kid and wife out with him. That’s sick and evil.

    Also After all the trouble britney has gotten herself into I don’t trust her with her own children. I think she can redeem herself, but her children shouldn’t be with her until she does.

    And NO I WASN’T loved as a child! thanks for mentioning it.

  • Lillianne

    I agree with Silvia. I feel sorry for the kids. It almost seems like they are a science experiment while the parents are being judged. Why are these little ones being allowed to be in a questionable situation at at all? What have these poor children endured while all this was going on?

  • lisa

    White trashy Brit will NEVER do what she is supposed to do. She will lose custody.

  • N

    finally! someone laid down the law instead of just letting her get away with everything. She needs good people around her that only have her best intention in mind, and not the money that’s in her bank account. hopefully this will be a much-needed wake-up call and she will be healthy and happy once more. I really do wish the best for her and her kids.

  • me

    All I can say is thank the Lord. At least someone is trying to get things straight. Unfortunately for these two children they have some wacko people for parents. The judge seems to have his head on straight by mandating that Britney see a professional for all the problems she’s facing. But alas, I don’t see either one of these two sticking to the agreement (namely Britney). If she couldn’t clean up her act before the custody battle got so ugly, what makes us think that she’ll actually take this ruling seriously? Let’s prepare ourselves folks for the eventual headline of “Britney Loses her Precious Booboos!” On some lameo tabloid magazine like US or the National Ledger.

  • T

    I have to say i’m pretty happy with this, i’ve been wondering how i’d feel about Britney if she lost the kids to him, but I think this decision is good for both the kids and for her getting herself together.

  • malibumom

    Usually parents who don’t love themselves “act out” by self-indulging, excessive behavour-The kids are given toys/candy/games to appease themselves-it’s a vicious cycle-Like grandma always said ‘you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas’

  • lucious jackson

    I think that some of those rules on the list is crazy! basically if k-fraud wouldn’t of been so damn greedy, that most of these stupid decisions wouldn’t even been stated! I think that No one has the right to tell you how to punish your children..that decision carries throughout their life. If britney just had a glass of wine, or smoked some weed..Is she any different from anybody else out there? her life is out there because of she is famous, but I hate to bust you(s) bubbles but it is alot of parents that smoke weed, and have children, that don’t make them a bad parent, or don’t make them love them any less! You people think that sh*t isn’t going on in the real world..then you are crazy! It is good that the judge didn’t give him full custody..I am so freakin happy! this creep is trash, his time is ticking…….NOV 2007!

  • laura

    Yay finally someone hit both in the head with real demands. Someone finally told them what outsiders say and what they should do as normal parents.

    I hope that both do these things well and realize that they were very wrong.

  • bdj

    I hope for Britney sake that she passes each drug test. I don’t know if K-fed is the better parent but those children deserve better than the mess they are caught up in. I wish her two children the best.

  • b

    i’m a britney fan and dont care wat anyone says about it. i think this is good. this will help her recover whatever she is going through. i wish her and her family the best. hope she follows through. why kick a dog while its down? kevin still not sure about this dude. britney do it for the love of your children. i believe you will be okay and so will ur children.

  • cb

    It appears that Fed is a better parent, he at least let the grandparents visit. That said, very happy with the parenting class/skills aspect of the ruling. I wish more people, before they became parents, had to take a test. So many people think that they are the cat’s poo when it comes to parenting – if that were the case then I wouldn’t see 4 year olds at R rated movies at 9.00 pm and other “harmless” things all the time.

  • kellygrrrl

    Renee #13 – that was the part that stood out most to me, as well. The judge would ONLY address the corporal punishment issue had been raised by one or the other party or some witness. One of these two Prize Parents is beating these kids. There is no way a judge would put that sentence into this judgment unless there was evidence that the kids had been hit.
    Wow! that really scares me more than the drugs, i think

  • Madison


  • well

    Britney will not be able to stop using without professional help. She will fail the tests and will lose those two sweet babies if she does not realize that the Judge has given her one last chance. She has managed to chase off all those who have tried to help her. Maybe her family can get through to her, I hope so.

  • Sunner

    I have always been a strong Britney supporter.

    After reading the requirements I question whether the judge made a good or bad decision. Sounds like Kevin and Britney are bad parents.

    I heard that Britney let a coke dealer molest her kids while she was in the bathroom doing drugs. I am not sure if it is true.

    If it is true, I think the justice system has made a huge mistake.


  • Samantha

    The tabloids are going to have a field day because the truth is out about Britney Spears. Its must be so embarassing for Britney that the world really does know the truth that she’s a lousy mother. All the money in the world doesn’t mean a thing and she’s proven it. Britney is obviously depressed and miserable. I really think she should FORGET about releasing an album this year it will just bomb. I think Britney has been so used to getting her way and now she’s got to realize she has two young children to take are of. Kevin Federline is a sumb bag but you know what. Britney was the one that chose this loser to be her child’s father. If Britney had been smart kept her legs shut she wouldn’t be in this mess. She could now lose custody of her two kids due to her drug use. I really think Britney needs to move away from LA I am not saying leave the state but get out of LA with the kids for a while. She has the cash she needs some serious counselling and help.

  • Mary

    I’m glad the judge is doing all these things. someone needs to set them straight.

  • wslandry

    Both of them are scum bags. Louisiana back wood girl that hit the lotto and a white guy that wants to be a wigger. I’m praying they crash and burn because they have never had any respect for the fame that they have been given. Dear Britney I can’t wait to see you throw it all away. Please keep on the same track! Love your crazy ass.

    Your fan base

  • Zac’s girl

    I usually couldn’t care less about either of these 2 losers, but I had to comment on this story: About bloody time!!!

    Thankfully some action is being taken now before these kids are ruined for life! Not that they have much of a chance anyway! At least they should survive it!

    K-Fed isn’t much of an improvement on Brit, though, that’s for sure! But he has (apparently, with much publicity) been trying to get himself together and be a responsible person. We’ll see!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Wow. Just give the kids to someone else. She is clearly not fit.

    What mother has to go through all of these no drug rules? Clearly she is a mess.

  • jilly

    There’s evidence that she’s a habitual user? Is she still saying that her ex manager and her mom made her go to rehab with no reason? They should send her straight to rehab and get her a good psychiatrist! How is it possible she’s still allowed around her babies? There was this story here in Germany about a drug addict single dad who went on a drug binge and forgot to take care of his little son. The baby died of dehydration. The only reason Britney’s babies are safe, is because she has nannies to take care of them. I really do hope she gets her act together but this girl is a lunatic! I hope she respects the ruling and doesn’t do something wrong because she thinks the judge will “never see it her way because” the judge is not her or something!




  • remember da truth

    Luscious Jackson, you are right, there are people out there in the real world who smoke pot and drink and are good parents — but that’s because they keep it under control!! Obviously, Brit has no self-control. I HOPE it’s drugs, and not just poor judgement while she’s sober that makes her drive with a baby on her lap and uses the excuse that she’s AFRAID OF THE PAPARRAZZI!! Well, if you think it’s an unsafe situation, put the baby in a car seat! Those kinds of things indicate poor judgement. She can’t afford to be drinking or smoking pot AT ALL if she can’t even make good decisions while sober.

    I think K-Fed got the no drinking rule to keep it fair, but so far, we have never seen him partying while the kids were in his care. He did not drag them to Vegas and leave them in the hotel room while he got wasted. When he has the kids, you dont’ see him or them AT ALL. He keeps them in a normal environment.
    I have no doubt he smokes pot and parties like crazy, but he has also had enough sense to know when and where. Notice how during the whole time Britney self-destructed, and proved his allegations that he only made ONCE, early on, while no one believed him, he sat by and said nothing, kept a low profile, did not embarrass himself by partying wildly. He has never shown up in public without underwear. He has not acted unprofessionally at photo shoots or skipped rehearsals or crashed into other cars and walked away. He has tried to get his so-called career going, and has surprisingly behaved like the better parent.

    Not saying he’s a saint, but so far, he at least has shown that he can handle the responsiblity. He might have even less talent than Britney, and be just as uneducated and as bad a dresser, but at least he’s trying to find his way. And Shar Jackson, even after being hurt by him, has always said he’s a great father. Lousy boyfriend, lousy provider, but great father.

    So, we’ll see. I think that Britney, who is still blaming everyone from her family to her management for HER problems, will fail the tests, because she thinks she is not doing anything wrong.

  • tina

    This only shows that money doesn’t make any one a good parent. It’s a shame that this is happening. Feel sorry for the kids. Britney is not prepared to be a parent. She’s still a child herself unfortunately. It’s good that the judge stepped in, they need to keep their act together.

  • B

    It is awful Britneys life is under such a microscope, having said that, one cannot excuse her actions, I am sure she is aware of her behaviour, Britney has made her millions, made some great songs, however sometimes one has to bow out gracefully and live life accordingly, she is a mother now first and foremost her children should be her priority, the whole serade at the VMAs was a bad move, I think Britney should make herself happy and forget proving herself to the general public! there is no denying she has been a success with her career although it has been tumultous, nevertheless, Britney needs help & I hope that she learns from her actions!