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Heidi Montag's 21st Birthday Party Pics

Heidi Montag's 21st Birthday Party Pics

Heidi Montag celebrates her 21st birthday by performing her new single “Higher” on Saturday night followed by a party at LAX nightclub at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas (the same day that nemesis Lauren Conrad launched her fashion collection online).

The Hills star and her boyfriend manager Spencer Pratt had a dinner with friends including at Sin City’s Social House inside the Treasure Island hotel before the big performance. Earlier in the day, Spencer was seen wearing a “Team Heidi” t-shirt.

On Friday, Heidi and Spencer took romantic trip on a gondola at the Venetian Hotel.

Watch the video below of Heidi “singing” to her first single “Higher”!!!!!

Heidi Montag performs “Higher” at her 21st birthday party

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Heidi “singing” her new single “Higher”?

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heidi montag 21st birthday party 02
heidi montag 21st birthday party 03
heidi montag 21st birthday party 04
heidi montag 21st birthday party 05
heidi montag 21st birthday party 06
heidi montag 21st birthday party 07
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heidi montag 21st birthday party 10
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Photos: James Breeden/, Chris Weeks/Wireimage/Getty
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  • Jennifer

    It seems she really had fun

  • Rachel

    They are so gross.

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    She’s crap and they’re both a friggin’ joke.

  • Sandra

    I agree,they are so gross.

  • maddie

    what the hell is going on with all the arm movements?????

  • Stacy

    No one cares about Heidi. The best part of last nights show was the beatdown Heidi got from her coworker when Heidi tried to complain to her about Lauren. HAHAHA

  • Katie N

    She is 21??? Wow, they age early in Hollywood.

  • Ha!

    I guess they celebrated by themselves. Oh, and with a photographer. Fun.



  • ilks42

    she’s obviously lip synching….and on large amounts of coke. that might explain the extreme arm movements

  • Jenn

    LOL!! What an idiot. These two are such a joke. And what’s with his teeth?

  • stillthereforme

    Gross!!! What an idiot!! Go away, you’ve had more than your 15 minutes.


    Ditto #6, 2 and 3. I wonder do they or their people’s watch the show? How could Heidi not know Spencer is brainwashing her for his 15 min. and still cheats on her? Especially when they first moved in together and he made it CLEAR he had 2 phones for cheating. She herself is old enough to know right from wrong so she’s not excused. ANYONE that’s friends with her she’s screwed over (with help from Spencer). Audrina’s kinda phony too – when she was down with Heidi, she acted like Heidi towards Lauren (when they almost got her fired by sitting in VIP, etc.) She seems like another that’s just after SCREEN TIME. I REALLY LIKE WHITNEY – mature and no nonsense. And I didn’t even listen to the single because they’re both jokes and she’s not even going copper.

  • moi

    Talentless hack is the phrase that comes to mind. What a moron.

    And they said BRIT did poor lip synching in Vegas. Heidi takes the cake.

  • moi

    Talentless hack is the phrase that comes to mind. What a moron.

    And they said BRIT did poor lip synching in Vegas. Heidi takes the cake.

  • michele

    OK…now THESE are media wh*res.

  • sarah

    wow, she looks really stupid. She’s needs to stand still or something shoot.

  • Brian

    WOW. She looks like she is receiving electroshock treatment which is causing seizures. She should be dragged out by the hair and flogged multipule times!

  • Emily

    Song is horrible, she is horrible, spencer is horrible, they are such D list celebrities. Is that Perez with them? WTF?

  • ils vont…

    its always just them, no friends or nothin’. was anybody even at the party where she is singing, no crowd shots, wtf.

  • Kate

    notice how she’s not wearing her ring…

  • peace

    haha thats funny the pics no1 cares about those 2 first ppl liked heidi but we found out about spencer ewwwwwwwwww that dude is u.g.l.y and rude god i feel sorry 4 her

  • magnus

    who the hell r they?

  • =)

    can anyone say sla*?

  • the_original_nika

    I don´t like her, especially him.
    bros from hos. right!? In this case should be sistahs before douchebags lool. He gonna dump her.

  • Tealeaf

    I see pics of her with Beavis, but where are her friends?

  • http://d brit

    is she really singing?

  • http://d brit

    is she really singing?

  • llbeav

    ugh. who cares about these two assholes. he is the epitome of douche bag.

  • Claire

    I think the song was horrible…. but I can’t be sure because I was too distracted by her Flailing arms the whole time.

  • A

    Yeah, where is the ring?

  • Tara

    PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE PUKE……………………….

  • Kelly

    its sad when its just them two celebrating her birthday. They really have no other friends…

  • paullette

    she’s so lame, she’s not even singing live i hate everything ’bout her n what about her bf he looks like a cave man

  • http://hm Noa


  • Joe Funtime

    She is NASTY.

  • mina

    Perez looks like he’s being held there against his will… probably stuck cause he accepted the free ticket from Spencer. lol

  • no name

    that was painful to watch

  • Billie

    she is what is wrong with celebrity today: no talent, cheap and unaware of both!

  • Britt

    1. It looks like she has a case of spastic arm movements that does nothing to distract from the horrible lip-syncing and the heinous song.

    2. Spencer is probably the only person that has a Team Heidi shirt, oh that’s because he is selling them because he doesn’t have a job.

    3. Notice that there aren’t any friends to celebrate her big day with because she turned into a douche and he is a tool

  • KC

    She looks so awkward while singing. Way too much with the arms. Totally lipsynching. Yuck! I wouldn’t buy her music. She shouldn’t be singing. She sure thinks highly of herself. Her and Spencer belong together. Mean, vindictive and only out for themselves.

  • Jai

    I agree with maddie. I want to tie her arms behind her back. Erratic arm movements are the least of her worries, though. If Spencer wants to really manage her “career”, he should have hired a performance coach.

  • lucy

    wel those two just need to get married, give an exclusive to ok and both be PRATTS together…

  • [~Famous~]

    I must admit, she lip sync’s a lot better than shitney.

  • suzy

    What the fu*k? she must be high that is so wrong.

  • Burpie

    God, just seeing their pictures is nauseating. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video.

  • me

    Why are we hating on her? From what I’ve heard and the little bit I’ve seen of this show, all of the phonies are no good for one another. LC isn’t the nicest person either and she seems overly concerned with controlling her friends and telling them how crappy their boyfriends are when she hasn’t made the greatest choices either in the whole boyfriend selection process.

  • moi

    Wow, Where’s her fake wedding ring? And I’ve got to say, that picture of her dancing with spencer shows what that guy is REALLY interested in – and it’s not her “beautiful soul”.

  • Ali

    I hate them…

  • MMM

    She just needs some fists to the chest and she could be the next Celine Dion.

    Really though, they suck. I love how Elodie called her out last night. Go Elodie!