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Jamie Lynn @ Justin Timberlake Concert

Jamie Lynn @ Justin Timberlake Concert

Looks like Jamie Lynn is TEAM JUSTIN!

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney‘s possibly estranged 16-year-old sister, takes a break from filming her Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 and rocks out at a Justin Timberlake concert in L.A. on Monday night.

The father-daughter duo sat in the VIP section and stayed for most of the concert.

Pray for a Spears sister reunion, ya’ll!

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Photos: The Treadstone Agency
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  • Patmycrotch

    Justin is sooo hot!

  • gisele

    i think jamie lynn should be helping her sister– or maybe she’s smart and is trying to stay out of britney’s drama!!

  • laura

    JARED PLEASE , where are the screencaps of the first episode of prison break orientacion? PLEASE I love went

  • Astonished

    Little sister is displaying some troubling resemblances to Big Sister. Look at that top, look at those pants over her shoes. It starts with the clothes and goes from there everyone.

  • a realist

    gisele, how is a 16 girl gonna help that shipwreck of a grown-ass woman, Shitney? You couldn’t be serious.

  • a realist

    Yeah, that girl is way too young to be wearing a top like that. My husband and I would not allow our daughters to wear a top like that.

  • LJ

    OT: I have heard that Beckhams were also in Justin’s consert. But haven’t seen pics at all!! Have you pics Jared?

  • suzy

    There is nothing wrong with what she is wearing , some people are just looking for reasons to hate.

  • me

    Maybe if the parents wouldn’t let her show her boobs off by wearing skimpy tops, then they wouldn’t have to escort her to a concert. There seems to be a contradiction here!

  • angelina_mmm

    man, everybody ganged up on Britney
    the time has come…

  • mimosa

    that’s jamie lyn? she looks so old! even older than shitney, if thats even possible!

    the SKANK potential is still there though… any moment now…

  • q

    did anyone see the video of Kayne West and Justin performing stronger at Justins concert Sunday night

  • K

    Wow some of are you are so prude. I see absolutely nothing wrong with what she is wearing. she looks fine.

  • http://d brit

    OMG she looks like britney when she first came out. she looks cute, all the haters need to shut up.

  • [~Famous~]

    Jamie Lynn has a nice rack!

  • http://justjared susieqt

    People. I’m sorry. Have you been living inside a monastery? Teenagers have been dressing up like that and you even see them in more revealing outfits. I guess if you live in a small town it will probably shock you. This is the normal garb for teenagers in big towns and cities.

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    Those ta-tas look a bit fake for a sixteen year old girl.

  • natalie

    Hoochie in training.

  • Tara Ashford

    Jessica Simpson was there too. She was having a great time, rocing out all night long with her friends!

  • Jamie needs to dress like a young girl

    That girl is way too young to be wearing a top. What the hell is wrong with her father.
    I don’t care how many teen girls do it. It is wrong.

  • Jamie needs to dress like a young girl

    I missed a word. Here goes again. That girl is way too young to be wearing a top like that.

  • an20


  • a realist

    Thats right dad, hold you head down, because you know damn well you are wrong for letting your underage daughter wear a revealing top like that.

  • uhmmmm

    she looks like an average teenage girl… just with an not so average life… and an even more not so average sister. i actually think that thats a cute outfit with the shirt jeans and the jacket. so i think you should all stop trashing her cause shes just trying to be a normal teenage girl

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    Gosh what a drag to have a sister like Britney

  • Bruna Gabriella

    OMG, she looks exactly like her sister!!!
    I mean, phisically. The spitting image!

  • daina

    britney looks so much prettier than her.
    jamie looks like white trash =s

    i dont find her pretty at all, her face is 2 big

  • lki

    The jacket she’s wearing is a justin timberlake jaket I think

  • remember da truth

    I think she looks fine. Yes, she has big boobs — so did Britney, and everyone thought they were implants.
    Dad is being a good parent taking his 16-year-old daughter to the concert and being involed in her life. Brit’s mother took over most of the parenting of Britney after the divorce and look what happened. I’m glad to see he’s there for Jamie-Lynn.
    It’s a concert — she’s not dressed for a job interview or school!! She’s having fun and her dad is there with her. Wish more parents actually escorted their 16-year-olds to concerts.

    A guy I know was just telling me he goes to all his 14-year-old’s school dances, and picks her up from school to see who she’s hanging with after school. More dads should be so involved.

  • Shannon M.

    I don’t think Jamie Lynn looks like Britney. I can’t stand Britney Spears. I knew her time would come when she would crash and burn. The reason I don’t like her is because she played out to be this innocent girl and then she would pose in these sexy pictures. She was just trying to sugar coat how she really is. If Jamie Lynn was smart she would stay away from her sister because who knows what she will do to her. It seems like Jamie Lynn has her head on straight, she seems very mature. Alot mature than Britney.

  • B

    Good grief it is a bloody top Jamie is wearing, why are people so sexist? so it is okay for a man to show a peek of chest when wearing a shirt, yet when a female wants to wear something to make herself look/feel good, it is deemed as slutty or inappropiate? please its a top! get real some of you, seriously! who cares about her age? she can wear what the hell she wants!! Jamie looks fab!

  • danielle

    did you see that cute little girl on the video with jamie lynn in the short hair one she is so pretty she should be famous

  • Justin

    she looks good on that outfit. I just think she’s kinda young to wear those. My parents wouldn’t even let my older sister wear those kind of clothes. I wonder if she’s already pregnant at this time?

  • . Zoey .

    Okay, Im getting a little tired of pathetic people trash talking every girl in Hollywood. They Act and preform for You. And you repay them by judging them, there family’s and the way they sing or act? this is ridiculous. You need to get a life, and stop judging Jamie. Shes not only a great actress, but shes a great role model. Yeah….she got pregnant at 16…but we all make mistakes. She gave up her show, and everything for her baby. Instead of always looking for the bad in everyone. Stop to think. and look at the good things. And all you haters who think shes ugly, there’s something wrong with you. Shes gorgeous! go get your eyes checked. and instead of trying to bruise someones ego…take another look at yours. and if you don’t like the way she dresses..tough shit. no one cares what you would or wouldn’t let your kids do. that’s your business…just like its Jamie’s for what shes wants to wear, if you honestly have nothing better to do then trash young teens and everyone else. You need to go see a Psychiatrist. Im only 14 and If a fourteen year old can see how pathetic your being, if you can’t see it. Then get some help.