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Jennifer Garner @ 'The Kingdom' Premiere

Jennifer Garner @ 'The Kingdom' Premiere

Jennifer Garner is one red hot mama at The Kingdom premiere at Mann’s Village Westwood theatre on Thursday in Los Angeles. The 35-year-old actress accessorized with matching metallic peep-toes and a metallic clutch (she wore Jimmy Choo’s Seduce platform peeptoe in gold metallic leather).

The Kingdom opens in theaters nationwide next Friday, Sept. 28.

In other movie news, Jen is reportedly in talks to take on a role (and a pair of prosthetic ears) in the upcoming Star Trek XI film as a young love interest for Spock (HeroesZachary Quinto).

“Anything J.J. asked me to do ever, that’s a clear ‘Don’t even worry, the answer’s yes,’” she said. “I owe him [for Alias but] I don’t think it’s really up to me.”


15+ pictures inside of Jennifer looking red hot…

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • bataglio

    nice dress

  • Jennifer

    I like the dress and she looks good in red

  • MMM

    Nice Jared, J Lo???

  • Kelly

    Your title says Jennnifer Lopez but the picture is of Jennifer Garner.

  • Alicia

    Your title says Jennifer Lopez not Jennifer Garner.

    Jennifer Lopez @ ‘The Kingdom’ Premiere
    Tue, 18 September 2007


  • Just Jared

    Haha, that was a bad one. Thanks, ladies.

  • tina

    y does it say lopez?

  • megan

    So Beautiful, hard to believe she had a kid a couple of montha ago.

  • A MAN

    She always looks like a dude on steroids in da face to me. JMO.
    Nothing gorgeous here, just pancake makeup- on the HULK. BLAH..AND NO!

  • Sexy Mama

    She looks so pretty, ever since she gave birth. Her sullen cheeks have filled in!

    Jennifer Garner is positively glowing.

  • KrungKrung

    love the color but the style is nah.

  • mia

    She looks gorgeous. Great dress.

  • KrungKrung

    when is this movie shwoing nationwide y’all?

  • Gigi

    not a fan anymore and yes my bf said she looks mannish.

  • Jennie

    she looks gorgeous !

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    The dress is not of my favourite but she is gorgeous nonetheless!

  • jilly

    She’s not gorgeous??? You must be kidding me! I would really love to see those people who say she isn’t pretty! Either they are blind or they have standards that nobody in the world is able to reach.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    Yeah jilly that’s what I would like to figure….I would like to see the people who say that she is not gorgeous or that she is mannish!
    If she is mannish…what Jada Pinkett is?

  • alana

    where Ben A. ??? he should be there supporting her!!!

  • ScarlettIsAWHORE

    Ben is damn happy that he has freetime of this ugly manface!I bet he is sitting at home,smoking a ciggy and calling his bff Matt telling him :”I´m such a lucky bastard because fucking manifer ,the nag, is out tonight at the premier of her fucked up movie “The Kingdom”.I tell you it´s pain to watch her acting because she has no acting skills at all.”
    I´m happy for Ben.And his Dumbo-Kid is probably with her nanny!
    Manifer should learn to handel her Botox-lips because they look like she is shitting!
    Oh and Jilly shut up ,I know really beautiful people and this people even looking beautiful when their make-up is of!That´s the real beauty, not a transvestite that has a professionel make-up from a genius who needs 5 hours to get all this colour on this ugly face!

  • Sue

    Scarlett all you know is hate.
    And hse is pretty that dress looks great on her.

  • Sue

    she is pretty that dress looks great on her.

  • angie

    she looks beautiful. the dress also looks fabulous on her.

  • jilly

    Awww Scarlett had a bad day! PMS???

  • McDesperate

    Jen is looking good, but she looked better at the VMAs IMO. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • ScarlettIsAWHORE

    Oh Jilly give me a break!PMS,that´s so lame.
    I guess you´re a women ,too, and u should know that PMS is a really fucked up statement which guys use just to bash women.
    BUT if you really interested in :NO I DON`T HAVE PMS.
    Ok,I guess you´re a worm,and it´s generally known that worms are hermaphrodites.So I don´t care about you!

  • ScarlettIsAWHORE

    Jilly cut the cheese and relax!

  • grace

    transvestite alert.I bet she has a dick

  • jenho

    Where’s Ben?? why didn’t he come out to support his wife, every other Hollywood couple attend premieres together, to show how proud and supportive they are but not Ben.

  • jilly

    I’m cool Scarlett! You’re the one who is unrelaxed as far as I can see…Just because men use PMS to bash women doesnt mean women dont have PMS! I’m from Europe so I don’t know what is politically correct right now, but as far as I’m concerned, as a woman I’m allowed to talk about PMSing without being called an anti-feminist. You’re right it is a fucked up statement for a guy but not for a woman who has pms herself (but not right now)! Unfortunately I know what I’m talking about.

  • Flisbeth

    She looks fantastic! Just a thought…could she be pregnant again?? Just have this strange feeling that she could be.

  • Mediterranean

    She is NOT beautiful, after all the professional make-up, hair-do she only looks pretty, almost very pretty.

    Is it the name of Jennifer or somethingelse?

  • blablabla

    to Flisbeth
    you are so…whatever didn´t you read the last interview from, her?she said that her bump isn´t that flat but she isn´t pregnant!gosh I have a strange feeling that you could be pregnant,too!

  • A Person

    I like the dress, however red is to strong of a color for her IMHO.

    But JJ you @aahole why did you cast her in this movie, now I won’t go see it.

    I just don’t like her acting at all.

  • Flisbeth

    well, so much for just thinking out loud! I wasn’t trying to be mean or suggest that she looks fat in any way, and yes I did read that interview -it was more a nice thought that she looks really happy and maybe has a certain glow/look/whatever. So try to take my post for what it need to be nasty!

  • Amy

    Jilly, I agree. I wanna see the people who can sit here and call her ugly, because they are probably skinny dorks with too many pimples and bad teeth or fat cows who are developing odors from spending too much time behind a computer dissing people more successful than they are, and not enough time bathing.

    She’s beautiful, and I think we’re way too critical of actors/actresses/musicians (I think it’s OK to criticize models a little tougher b/c their job is looking good, but not on off days. When it’s a Papparazzi photo, back off).

  • MMM

    I am always in awe at how VERY different she looks when she smiles. It is the weirdest thing. Like 2 different people. Cute when she smiles and pretty (girl next door and young), then straight into hot (albeit a bit manly) vixen without a smile.

  • Patmycrotch

    She is adorable … Go Sid!

  • mossy

    kudos to whoever gave this girl a makeover. she looks absolutely gorgeous, and has been looking that way ever since she decided to soften her look. this totally works.

  • Dancer

    Britney could take a few lessons from this great Mom.

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    This is the best she’s looked in a while. She’s made some unfortunate fashion choices lately.

  • c

    I think she is pregnant…



  • Regina

    She’s so boring and:

    “So Beautiful, hard to believe she had a kid a couple of montha ago.”

    More than a ‘couple of months ago”.

  • Gorgeous?

    She really did get a make-over. She’s wearing hazel contacts, she’s covered her ears, she’s wearing extensions, her dress is cut to hide her lack of waist, someone taught her how to pose.

    Momma’s working hard on her career.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    Again…Ben was at the Juno premiere!He didn’t do the red carpet with her! The only event were they did the red carpet together was the Golden Globes!

    Do you want to see with your eyes that he was there?

    But now the question is: is he really him or maybe someone that seems like him?

  • To 46


    It has been reported by a lot of people that Ben was there supporting his brother and Garner. No one denies that, but so what he was there. There are a lot of people who still think something about them seems off. They aren’t a perfect couple.

    Are you emotionally invested in their relationship or something?

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    No, I’m not emotionally invested in them…but I like them! So I don’t get why people is so interested in their love life!
    There are other couples in Hollywood who like to be photographed together kissing or doing other stuff…maybe they aren’t like them!

    I’m not saying that their marriage is perfect (I don’t have proofs to say that) that’s why I only try to point out what is clear!
    I posted the pic because the same assumption of Ben not being at the Juno premiere was made at least ten times!
    That’s all!

  • Gorgeous?

    If this were any other celeb couple and you didn’t often see their mate with them, people would ask the logical question “Where’s the hubby/wife”. It’s not unusual and people are commenting based on a series of pics of them separate. This doesn’t mean the Garflecks aren’t okay, but it’s not unusual to ask. You see everyone else together, damn.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    And so? Because you don’t see them walk the red carpet together but knowing that they support each other in all the events is because there maybe problems between them?
    Even at the beginning of their relationship they had this behavior…so I don’t think it’s wrong! At least they do what they want without pressures!
    I saw some pics of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will on the red carpet…for me they were too much! But I repeat: it’s just my opinion!
    Maybe you are all right and things between them are not good!