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Reese Gets Tokyo Suckerpunch-ed

Reese Gets Tokyo Suckerpunch-ed

Wearing a Puma basecall cap, Reese Witherspoon picks up coffee for two on Tuesday morning in Brentwood, Calif.

You know Jake Gyllenhaal loves coffee.

According to the LA Times, Reese will likely reunite with Pleasantville co-star Tobey Maguire in Tokyo Suckerpunch, a romantic comedy/action/modern noir hybrid that uses live-action and anime. Reese will play a cute and resourceful editor, Sarah.

Potential production depends mostly on Reese‘s schedule – she’s scheduled to star in Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn this year.

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reese witherspoon tokyo suckerpunch 02
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Photos: BB/Flynetonline
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  • La

    Oh cool a movie with anime too and of course Tobey. I also can’t wait for the Christmas movie.

  • jk

    She looks hung over. I think both those coffees are for her.

  • oh I

    love her

  • nanana

    I don’t think Jake is interested

  • nanana

    After 2 kids and many years of marriage, they still go their separate ways.

  • posh mini me

    For some reason I just can’t seem to warm up to the idea of them as a couple. I don’t know why because I absolutely love them both!

  • who knows

    Check out Lainey’s site, she isn’t so sure they are done.
    There are some reports from the time party in Toronto that they acted like a couple.
    Forget Ryan P, he is going off to film two movies in Europe and one of them is with his girlfreind Abbey Cornish.
    Don’t know about this Tobey & Reese movie but it is all over the press that Tobey & Jake are going to star in a movie title Brothers which will start filming in November.

  • KIKI

    And where is Jake !!!!

  • louna

    Jake is love again with Reese….

  • JP fan

    luv her.

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    Sorry, she should be called Chin


    I’m going to get as thin, skinny and fit as Reese. I’m almost there.

  • sophie

    Jake is in New York last we know according to this site.
    Ya know this whole Reese and Jake thing is pretty irritating already he is a child comparitively has had no experiences with the life that she has had they are out of their element which probably was the appeal in the first place however sneaking around trying to pretend is not a relationship make. Reese does look good but to me in many way she seems angry and bitter if you look at photos from before the split with Ryan she was kind of whistful and content now she appears differently she has had her heartbroken and her world seemingly given to someone else (Abbie C.) I think she was left for another woman and this has caused an identity crisis of sorts she needs to be a single mom and figure out what she needs in life not have gossip of on again off again love JG. I would die if my 8 year old daugher ever heard something like that it is just not appropriate. I don’t condone cheating however Ryan has not been photographed with AC. nor is it called rocky on on again off again.

  • the_original_nika

    hhhmmm.. 2 coffees?
    If this is true, on again off again. That to me, just proves their not suited for each other. I just don´t see a future with these 2 IMO. Could be wrong..

  • malibumom

    Good point. I heard about this Abby C girl, but never saw pics either-I think Reese and Ryan should have spent a little more time visiting their families back home. For some reason, it seems the stability, sacrifice and purposeful marriage factor gets lost in HW-Take all the money away and they would still be married I believe. You know it’s funny when we build houses, we buy plans. We plan out every detail of our wardrobe, our furnishings, our education, our work schedules. But we blindly go into relationships thinking our “love” will be enough. Most ppl are in “lust” anyway. The difference is “lust gives up when the going gets really tough”:whereas, “love” digs its heels in and stays throughout the battle. Deacon and Ava are so cute but looks fade. WHat about the heart. Kids tell parents what they want to hear. They will NEVER really know until those kids grow up and either act out or just flat our tell them. Reese is one of my favorite actresses. She’s smart and versatile and I think she deserves every award out there.

  • Anon

    You don’t see pictures of Ryan and Abbie together …except if you saw pictures of them together on the set of Stop Loss. And yes they are currently scheduled to make a second movie together. You only saw one picture of Jake with Reese in a car…he was showing her his shoe! LOL! They stood a discreet distance apart at the film festival for their movie and tried really hard to avoid eye contact. There is no on /off thing. There is only on. Jake and Reese never broke up. They just don’t want to be in the tabloids bcz it upsets Reese’s parents a lot and she wants to also protect her kids from a lot of nonsense.Also, they don’t want their relationship to over shadow the movie coming out. There are no scenes with them together and the movie is about a serious subject about terror.

  • jen

    Reese gives off a bad vibe to me. I don’t like her or dislike her. I think she’s constantly on these tabloid websites and I’m kind of sick of seeing her all the time.

  • sophie

    You sound like you know them #19 and what upsets her parents?? All of those actions seem to only fuel the gossip would it now be easier and calmer to say we are dating and move on I feel much of the gossip is created by the unknown. I must say I really don’t think they are on and god help them if they are cause I don’t think that kind of attention is good for children.

  • who knows

    They are still hedging, the were spotted together as a couple during the festival and yet the went off to seperate coast for the following week. In interviews they would not take personal questions and when they did they would only discuss the gossip about them during filming, which they didn’t do together.

    Perhaps the relationship is not stable and they are just fooling around and therefore don’t want to go public over what won’t be longterm. Or maybe they are just waiting for the press for the movie to be over.

    If they are not a couple then they should just come out and say they are friends, that simple. Once they make that statement they won’t be asked about it and they won’t have all the stress during the press. The extremes they are taking only makes them appear more a couple.

  • Dana

    When were these shots taken? Because after NYC, Jake went to Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival. He was just seen there on Sunday.

  • Get Over It

    Good HEAVENS – Jake is GAY, doesn’t Jared know this??? Everyone else does!!

  • Cape Cod

    There are pics of Jake in NY from Sunday over on IHJ.

  • Lola


    Jake Gyllenhaal (wearing a Boston Red Sox baseball hat) and unidentified date leaving the restaurant August in the West Village after having brunch together and separating immediately after seeing a photographer, to avoid being photographed together.

    After going separate ways, they both got on their cell phones to speak to each other. 9.16.07

  • Julie

    Ugh, her next two movie are going to suck.

  • Anon

    I had seen this pictures at IheartJake and the girl looks like someone who works for Jake. I think she was in another pictures, too. Ones from France.Plus Jake has friends and family in NYC area. Also, I read Reese said she was heading back to LA for her daughter’s birthday. She was TV with that.

  • who knows

    Jake was in NYC on sunday at brunch with that lady, there is a reported sighting of him sunday night at the Austin Music Festival (which he has attended the past three years). After that who knows, he may very well be back in LA.

    I wish you Jake is gay everybody knows it would knock it off. Just because you go on every blog site and post it doesn’t make it true.
    He played gay in a movie, that’s about it.

  • Anon

    I am #19. I don’t know them at all, but I am a Reese fan and I read everything about her for at least three years. At first I wished she was with Jaoquin Phoenix bcz they were good together in WTL. I hate her husband cheated on her. He is a pig. I think Jake is hot and he also seems nice.Plus he has a close family thing so he understands family stuff.

  • Anon

    Didn’t Bob Dylan perfrom at SCL on Sunday? That would have been worth a trip!

  • who knows

    Here is a link to Ryan and his new girl doing a photo shoot for esquire magazine with the cast of stop loss.

    I like the part how Ryan was like the leader because when the went out drinking he made sure all of the guys made it back at night.
    The guy was 31 and married with two kids and yet he spent his time acting like a college kid.

  • W.E.

    Wow Ryan looks so hot in that photo shoot. I can’t understand why people freak about him going out. He doesn’t work a 9-5 job at a bank. What actor doesn’t go out with their costars when they’re on location? Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon are famous for the partying they do on their movies and they are way older.

    I think Ryan and Reese were over and then went their separate ways long before it was made public. I think Ryan had a hard time and acted out for a while and now he’s settled down again.

  • anom.

    I think Jake is very young to Reese! She must looking for a old man, for example George Clooney.

  • Candace

    I agree totally with #16 Sophia and #18 Malibu Mom. As for #19 ANON: If Reeses’ parents are so upset about the tabloids and all then they should have raised their daughter alot better about being a married woman with 2 kids and trying to piece their lives back together with better morals and values, instead of her spreading her legs for her boy toy while she is still married. Real bad influence on her kids!!!

  • Please

    Candace, um it was Ryan who cheated on Reese from all accounts. They are officially separated and she has every right to do with her life and her relationships as she pleases. Plus, she seems like a very good mother. And Jake is not anyone’s “boy toy”. He is a grown, talented actor.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    If this gossip is true…it is a dirty gossip! Ryan Phillipe training in the past with Jake Gyllenhaal. In Golden Globe Reese Witherspoon used the same dress of Kirsten Dunst, the same hairstyle, the same shoes. After that she got divorce of Ryan Phillipe. Quikly she became lover of Jake Gyllenhaal…It seems like that they have already been lovers just long time. If this gossip is true Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Gyllenhaal have a very bad caracter!!!
    Why this kind of people appeared in magazines for young people? There isn’t nothing to learn with this 2 actors…only to con somebody and dirty tricks…
    If this gossip isn’t true…It can be a dirty joke. And more… All this nepothism of Jake Gyllenhall family and anothers families in Hollywood !! What’s that?
    The audience isn’t blind !!!

  • louna

    everybody it is jake and reese are together…

  • Grow up

    Cristiane Vallim, you have some serious issues. Grow up and stop acting as if you know these people. Your insults to Jake are pathetic. He is a great actor and that has nothing to do with his family. How come you don’t judge Ryan P. then? He was the one who did Reese wrong. What about Ryan’s very bad character?!?!

  • Susan

    I LOVE her bag! Does anyone know what brand it is?

  • ana

    love her.. but she looks she is hung over.. maybe there was a party or something at home with

  • Cristiane Vallim

    Grow up

    It isn’t only Jake Gyllenhaal and all the bad gossip whose he is involved …Is all the scandalous whose he and lot of actors and actress of Hollywood are involved. The actors and the direction of Hollywood have blame in this situation because they would like to promote themselves or their films. It isn’t only my family whose are affect. It is anothers families too. The television or magazines don’t ask us if they can stay at ours home. There are two kinds of person in a audience. There are adults and children. You can try to command an adult person. They have all free choise to decide what they would like to do but a young person not. They haven’t this possibility because they haven’t maturity. In the past we can see only the films and we have the option to see the films or not but at present we must see the face of the actors all times… Nowadays we have a kind of deluge in this young magazines. This massive gossip provoke bad influence on the youth too. So long the people of my family is young I must see and participate all this under level of society. You must crow up! Or this lobby of hollywood artist had payed you to say that!!! I would’t know if Ryan Phillipe or Jake Gyllenhaal or Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan etc or hell of them! I haven’t interest to visit USA and less Hollywood or New York or to know this people. I don’t have interest in the rotten way of life of this kind of people. I have anothers interests and I must be the censure at home! I woudn’t know the true or false gossip. Both are horrible!

  • Susan

    Jared- what is the brand of Reese Witherspoon’s handbag? I LOVE IT!

  • malibumom

    Deacon looks like his mom-I have to also add that Reese is a Tennessean. Tennessee women are raised to put family first. I really believe that she must be devastated to be divorced-In HW it’s one thing, but in Tennessee, and Texas too, It’s like you failed. I really really hope the best 4 her. I think she has a loooot of pride.

  • Grow up

    So Cristiane Vallim, why are posting on a celeb gossip board?!?! Seriously give it a rest if you hate celebs and gossip so much.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    Grow up

    Isn’t true that I don’t like to know about the celebrities. When they are a good example for another person, it is correct to highlight this good exemple. Perhaps this prominent can’t inspire a person to make something good!!! But not Jake Gyllenhaal family or the looby whose they are representing!
    This looby have been making threat all the time a lot of europeans countries. The second world war had been finished a long time ago but this lobby continuous to praktice this threat. I am sure that Jake Gyllenhaal will make a film about holocast. In future when this looby will need more money, I am sure that the Gyllenhaal family, the Meyers and Michael Eisner and etc. will take care about this. Here in Europe the people whose represent this looby are intouchble. Sometimes such people go out on the street here and a thief steal them for example…The first thing that they make…it is to go to the press and police to say that someone is following them like in 2° world war…and Auschwitz, Teblinka..The thief is probrably a Neo-nazi etc.
    The result is…The people of Germany and another europeans countries must pay with their taxs all this parasites. Sometimes they would like to imigrate then they come to Swiss or German and all this countries must pay everything for them. It is normal a imigrat men with 50 years old whose didn’t alive the 2° world war but they conside thenselves victims!But if you take party of this looby you can receive what do you want. It isn’t important that they take part of prostitution or droge mafia…I would like to show that I am not stupid and lot of people can observe what is happen in this situation when this Hollywood hobby begin to make the films about Holocast or similar themes…

  • Hal

    Actually nobody really knows what the relationship between Reese and Jake is, other than that they know each other and have been seen in cars together. Could be friends, could be more. But I would be almost 100% certain that he would not want to marry her and inherit two kids that are not his. Further, she is getting a bit along in years to have more kids and I would think he would want some of his own. I also doubt he is gay, but I must confess he seems to spend a lot of time with his mother. A mother’s boy, pretty for sure.

  • Hal

    She obviously has no makeup on and still looks very pretty. That is a bit unusual in Hollywood where looks are often 70% makeup. No doubt she is a cut above the typical Hollywood star. Better bred, better behaved, and much more successful, not to say, muy muy rica. Ricissima. Gets 20 million a movie, so they say.

  • Grow up

    Cristiane Vallim, your post is totally racist and offensive.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    Grow up

    I am not racist. I am realistic and I am followind the point of view of
    writer Norman Finkelstein about the Holocaust Industry. I have a lot of jewish friends and all kind of people of the would.It is impossible to be racist in present Germany. There are people from all over the world here.
    But unfortunatly the jewish community isn’t the best level…They come from Russia very old to became the money of social insurance of german government. They become schools, money everything. It is only necessary to cry and saying that everybody are racist…and they are victim of discrimination. It is always the same!!! I feel sorry for them!!!
    Than I and my small daughter must pay of all eternitty. What is a pity for us!!! Tom Cruise are filming a film about 2° world war and what is coincidence the people whose become money of swissland or German have just protested for put up their pension.
    When Germany lost the war the german government told for all citizens to come back in a period of 1 year. I know aristocrats whose their own castle because they didn’t come back in this period. Lot of jewish families came back and became everything again that they had losed during Hitlers. regime. It isn’t right the young generation of my husband to pay for one thing that he don’t knows or alive and my daughter too. Jewish community give a brake in your big ambitions. It is beutiful if we have ambicious thenselves not to another people…Jake Gyllenhaal and their friends can think about this. Perhaps the directors of Hollywood can return to follow the way of art… not following loobies or prostitution and drog mafia!