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Ashley Tisdale "He Said She Said" Music Video

Ashley Tisdale

Here is High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale‘s “He Said, She Said” music video, which takes place in a club. The video features Desperate Housewives hottie Josh Henderson and Ashley’s big sister Jennifer.

“I’m playing this girl, and I’m hanging out with my friends,” Tisdale has said, “It’s mainly dancing at the club, and there’s booty shots.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ashley’s new club banger “He Said She Said”?

Ashley Tisdale“He Said She Said” Music Video
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332 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale "He Said She Said" Music Video”

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  1. 26
    Silvia Says:

    Do you vanessa fans try to make Ashley bad or Something??

  2. 27
    Jennifer Says:

    I like Ashley acting but her singing and dancing is nothing like her acting. She needs to stick with acting. Vanessa is the best she is very pretty and can act, sing and dance. Baby V all the way :)

  3. 28
    ` a m a n d a Says:

    josh henderson IS SO HAWWTTT!

  4. 29
    ASHLEY FAN Says:

    LEAVE ASHLEY ALONE! she rocks :D.

  5. 30
    kendra Says:

    Its AWSOME!
    Haters you shouldnt bother watching it if your only gonna be negative!
    Ashley Rocks

  6. 31
    sunnycz93 Says:

    i mean shes ok but she should leave that music thing to vanessa i mean just watch come back tome and u will see that vanessas videos are a way better!! she can dance and i mean ahsleys video is ok but vanessa is better!!

  7. 32
    ashton Says:

    I know that her & V are bffs all she is doing is copying V cause she is doing all the shaking & booti scences that V did in the Baby Come Back To Me & u watch the next will be with a guy she is dating or has a crush on just like V except for the face that V has an astonding voive & can dance.
    I love Ashley but i hate thet fact that she is trying to steal’s V’s spotlight& Going o Hawaii w/Jared Murrilo i mean come on she is trying to copy V trying to do a music video, going to hawaii & i havent seen Ashley w/ Vanessa since alll of the Nude photo ordeal unlike her Boyfriend Zac who has came out & said that he is here for hear & whats the deal with Ashley & Miley being BFFs Miley & her dad came out & said that they are both there for her unlike ugh Miss Tisdale.
    Nothing against ashley but she should come out & say something about Vanessa with everything that v is going through

  8. 33
    kathy Says:

    WTF this girl is in HSM2 are kids supposed to idolize her???

  9. 34
    Jess Says:

    She really can’t dance.

    Does anyone else thinks she sounds like Britney Spears??? Queen of lipsynching?

  10. 35
    LOL Says:

    she can’t sing, sorry stick to acting girl

  11. 36
    oriana Says:

    she is 22?? i think she was like 15 or 17….

  12. 37
    Briina Says:

    Good video. Love the song. HORRIBLE dancing!!!!!!!!

  13. 38
    Emilie Says:

    She ‘s beautiful, sing well, dance well and it’s a good music vids!


  14. 39
    kendra Says:

    Also poeple chatting about her dancing and lip syncing, Ashley IS NOT a proffesional dancer, she admits that, but she can dance better than some other artists. And Lip syncing? Pffft, is that like a talent now? Every performer has to be a amazing lip singer for their vids? Oh okay sure…

  15. 40
    the_original_nika Says:

    nice song though. crappy vid, too many shots of her, should have different shots of other locations. that kind of stuff..

  16. 41
    Regina Says:


  17. 42
    Katie H Says:

    OMG ! this so rocks i love it !!!!! Woo jareds in it

  18. 43
    rachel Says:

    it was pretty good.
    i think it was a bit boring but still, i love Ashley, she is a triple threat!!

  19. 44
    Erica Says:

    It was good, but was it just me or did she sound just like Britney Spears did when she was younger, at least in the end of the song.

    I agree with pink diva, I think that’s she’s trying to hard, it’s like “look at me, I want to be sexy”, no, she needs to find her own thing, not become another Britney, because this is something that we could have seen on Brit’s 1st, no, 2nd, no 3rd album, yeah, her third album, you know, when she started to act all “look at me, I want to be sexy-ish” (well, more like took it to a whole new leavel) I really hope that she will try to find her own thing if she wants to keep singing because she got talent, I think that V is better though, at everything, but Ash isn’t bad, it’s as if she isn’t trying to hard, but maybe it’s just what I think, I really don’t know anything about that business.

    Just out of curiosity, have Disney approved of this? Because this might not be “Disney star material” …okay, that might have been kinda mean but I was just saying.

  20. 45
    Sarah Says:

    Anyone who thinks Ashley Tisdale is a good singer, actress, dancer etc… is either an idiot or a stupid teeny bop who wouldn’t know what good acting, singing and dancing was if it hit them in the face.

  21. 46
    lola Says:

    crap sound :UUUHhhhh
    I DONT like her i dont now why but she reminds my of brooke hogan and ashlee sipson lol

  22. 47
    jas Says:

    heared and seen in it all before. is she a wannabe britney??

  23. 48
    Regina Says:

    Ashley looks a like a man. She can not act or sing and definitely can not dance. Why is she famous? For starring in some cheap, crap Disney movie?

  24. 49
    Pink Diva Says:

    You guys need to stop comparing Ashley to Vanessa. They are two different people. They live different lives.

    You guys that are comparing are PATHETIC and need to get a LIFE!!!

  25. 50
    Kae Says:

    I agree with 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and anyone else that didn’t enjoy it that much. Ashley is more of an actress. Her dancing was okay and her singing isn’t the greatest. I thinks Ashley should stick to acting and try to get away from the clean prestine look. I’m not saying she should act like a tramp or someting I mean I’d like to see her in more adult roles.

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