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Ashley Tisdale "He Said She Said" Music Video

Ashley Tisdale

Here is High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale‘s “He Said, She Said” music video, which takes place in a club. The video features Desperate Housewives hottie Josh Henderson and Ashley’s big sister Jennifer.

“I’m playing this girl, and I’m hanging out with my friends,” Tisdale has said, “It’s mainly dancing at the club, and there’s booty shots.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ashley’s new club banger “He Said She Said”?

Ashley Tisdale“He Said She Said” Music Video
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332 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale "He Said She Said" Music Video”

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  1. 101
    Lana Says:

    ewww! i didnt like it… ashley cant sing and dance her voice is so boring! i think she sings like a duck..anyways vanessa is much better because she can sing, dance and act ! goo vanessaa.. NO ASHLEY YES VANESSA

  2. 102
    Susanna Says:

    Can you say booooring! I couldn’t even watch half of this video without yawning and then turning it off. Ashley’s voice is so blah, her dancing sucks, and the video is so amazingly cliche, it should be illegal.

    I mean, a girl meeting a hot guy at a club and lots of ‘sexy’ dancing. Can you say “Rumors By Lindsey Lohan” or “Dirrty by Christina Aguilera”.

    Ashley Tisdale should not be allowed to sing, not be allowed to dance, not be allowed to act sexy. Because she sucks at all three. She’s a fab actress, but not everybody can sing, act and pull of sex appeal without trying all at the same time.

    I’d say Vanessa has all three locked up in the bag. Leave those things to Vanessa, Ashley darling. She’s the one with the talent, real, natural talent. Go back to playing Maddie on the Suite Life. It’s where you belong.

  3. 103
    eira Says:


  4. 104
    Jamie Says:

    just a little comment to J… Have you really said that BRITNEY SPEARS HAS NO BALADS? Ok, I don’t wanna argue, but
    1.- Britney IS NOT the subject
    2.- Britney DOES have balads… Before talk, you must know what are you talking about
    3.- Britney’s voice has changed, but at least, she shows her own voice, and I KNOW IT because I was reading about her, watching her videos and all that stuff since I was 8, so if you don’t know what you’re talking ’bout, you must be quiet cuz you can really say something that hurts other people, or something that is NOT true and you will see like someone who just wants to hurt, so don’t bother…
    I REPEAT: I don’t wanna argue, just my thoughts…

  5. 105
    lozzielou Says:

    no. 68 regina

    actually ashley was a on a hit show called suite life before hsm, she already had a following so shut up and i knew who ashley was before i knew who vanessa was

    once again all the vanessa fans are out to hate why dont you base your judgement on merit and not on who you like better my god your always going on about how much we should leave zac and vanessa alone, no nikki is a fat cow and now u wanna hate on ashley? get over youselves seriously just grow up, your all to biased than your willing to admit

    the video is average will probably get some play, dancing there wasnt much one and it was simple because ashley has even stated shes not a dancer, i like the song i think it should be remixed might move more people

    and not vanessa has not danced in clips either

  6. 106
    Regina Says:

    actually ashley was a on a hit show called suite life before hsm, she already had a following so shut up and i knew who ashley was before i knew who vanessa was


    And what kind of acting was required for Tislut? She’s an awful actress who can only get jobs from Disney at 22 years of age. I’m not a fan of Slutgens, either.

  7. 107
    lozzielou Says:

    no. 33 ashton

    how is ashley copying vanessa by going to hawaii? thats seriously retarded so if i went to hawaii next week i would thus be copying vanessa by your standard?1?! id you even think that through, none of the hsm kids have comments on the scadal not monique or anyone only zac cos hes involved and that article is suspect, miley got asked about if she wasnt she wouldnt had said anythin!!

    actyally say ok is pretty cliche it reminds me of sooo many things people have done shes not the first ok and heap or artists put there boyfriends/husbands in clips its normal maybe not every clip but at least one

    ashley didnt think up the video a director did so stop saying she copying vanessa cos shes not shes just doing whats been done in the past by so many other people

    seriously no one in entertaiment is really original anymore with ideas especially music videos

  8. 108
    lozzielou Says:


    well ur making it sound like u are a fan of vanessa, actaully ashley got suite life by herself her agent didnt think she do it but she did, she likes that show and a lot of kids like it too

    its not like the show will last forever its only got a year of two left when the twins in it get 2 big

    im staying neutral in this whole battle i like the hsm franchise and i actually thought in hsm 2 ashley’ acting was way better than vanessa, she only giggled? common on

  9. 109
    duda Says:

    ohhhh i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 110
    clara Says:

    She is a better actor than she is a singer.The video wasn’t horrible but it would have been a lot better if she was actually dancing and not smiling so much.

  11. 111
    LuvMeNot Says:

    I found Ashley’s video so boring. I mean, that whole scenerio (girl and boy meet at a club, lots of dancing) it’s been used so many times. She’s trying too hard to act sexy, and I don’t find her sexy in the least. Her voice isn’t that impressive and her dancing could use some work as well.

    I didn’t understand who she was aiming to win over with this video. The majority of her fans are under the age of 13. She does have a small group that’s over that age, but most people over the age of 13 (the ones that aren’t still watching Disney ), won’t even bother to tune in to this video.

    Ashley’s sort of a hot topic at my school right now, mostly because pretty much everyone there can’t stand her. They think she’s just another untalented Disney star that’s trying too hard to make it big, and I agree. Maybe next time Ashley.

  12. 112
    stesessa Says:

    well i just waisted a good 3 mins. of my lif watching this CRAP!!!!!!

  13. 113
    stesessa Says:

    i think its PATHETIC how every ashley fan assumes that cuz ppl dont lyk ashley, they must like vanessa. maybe ashley just sucks, and we’re not in denail about it lyk u guys are!!!!!

  14. 114
    mandy Says:

    I loved ashley’s video…but everyone should stop comparing her to Vanessa’s Come Back to Me video because when I first saw it I thought that was unorginal as well as He Said She Said but to me Vanessa acts more like a diva in her video…ashley’s was good..but not what I expected.

  15. 115
    Ashley Says:

    ehhh i cant say i hate and i cant say i like it i mean the song is ok and all but im not feeling the vibe of it nor the video and i like ashley as an actor bettter i like vanessa’s voice better though but i am supporters of them both

  16. 116
    Martina Says:

    Comparing Vanessa to Ashley in any aspect is an insult to Vanessa. She’s way more talented, way more sexy, way more famous than that wanna-be Tisdale will ever dream of being. Don’t hate people for preaching the truth, because we all know which female is superior between the two (hint: she has brown hair, brown eyes and her first name begins with a V :D).

  17. 117
    jane Says:

    vanessa is **** for putting thoses pictures up. ewh well ashley was great.

  18. 118
    Juliana Says:

    she isn’t copying V… cause if anyone know Jared is from Hawaii and this video is very diferent of the Vanessa’s videos!
    you are uninformed and think know everything!
    If you are uninformed just shut up!
    if you think she is a bad singer, keep for yourself!


    and here in Brazil, you are national preference! everybody loves you!

  19. 119
    Juliana Says:

    I think very bad thing about vanessa, but I keep for myself!
    YOU could have a little of respect!

  20. 120
    Clidya Says:

    And here in the U.S. of A. everyone loves Paris Hilton! Not! So people don’t like Ashley, it’s not the end of the world. You Ashley fans are so overdramatic sometimes!

  21. 121
    Martina Says:

    Lol, so true # 121. Ashley’s not all that awesome, so what? I think we’ll all live. I know I will.

  22. 122
    Juliana Says:

    overdramatic, us?

    everybody here keep saying so unnecessary things!
    they are exaggerating

  23. 123
    Juliana Says:

    overdramatic, us?

    everybody here keep saying so unnecessary things!
    they are exaggerating

  24. 124
    Juliana Says:

    now you are without argument.

  25. 125
    ; Sum Says:

    Ashley is so better than Vanessa , she is DIVA

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