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Hip pop group B5 consists of the five Breeding brothers–Dustin, 19, Kelly, 18, Patrick, 17, Carnell, 15 and Bryan, 13.

Signed to Diddy‘s Bad Boy label since April 2002, the five-brother group really hits home because I have four brothers myself. You can call me J3!

B5‘s sophomore album “Don’t Talk, Just Listen” was released last week and you can preview their album on their MySpace page. Also check out the music video for their first single “Hydrolics” feat. Bow Wow here.

And ladies, they are all single and lookin’!

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  • Jennie

    oh lord, dustin’s my favorite, he’s so cute ! but what’s the point, what are the chances that they’ll actually have time to have girlfriends? yeah, they’re probably sick of being single, and boy am i glad that dustin is, but with their blooming career, they’re just too busy. it gets millions of girls hopes, but it’s rather not likely.

  • Jennie

    oh, and i didn’t mean to come off harsh, though i do enjoy their music ! and i hope their album sells well.

  • loveme

    i love b5 and i think dustin is the cutest thing on earth!!!

  • b5hater

    haha b5 sucks they only sold 19,000 albums and they debuted at number 27….. bad boy and b5 suck!!!


  • kat

    thanks jared b5 rock more b5 news please

  • gomu

    which one of them is 13?

  • bridget

    YAY! B5!
    make sure everyone goes and get their album
    dont talk just listen in stores now!!!

  • marisa

    i love the album! everyone should go buy it…DONT BOOTLEG IT!

  • Dustins Wife

    I love B5.
    their music is good.
    and the new cd rocks.
    go buy it.

  • danity hater


  • Fug Face Man!ston

    This just lost JustJared the little-to-none street-cred it had. lol

  • Deanna

    Aww thats awesome ther up here :)


  • joanne

    i love B5, they rock . ill be a fan for life, there such a huge part of my life

  • Nikki

    I LOVE B5!! Their new album “DONT TALK JUST LISTEN” is officially the hottest album of the year. If you dont have it, you should buy it right away. DONT BOOTLEG!!

  • faye

    B5 album is the ish and i can’t wait 4 w/e else they put out.=)

  • Kate

    I love their album, it’s much improved from their first album. I think they did great this time around. People just need to take the stick out the butt and let go of their old notions of B5. So everyone should go out and buy it, imo. NO BOOTLEGGING!

  • kymmie

    Im not a big B5 fan but when i had listened to their album on AOL…man it was HOT!!! i recommend buyin this album. its really good. probably one of the hottest albums of the year. yea their album sells are poor but people are still on the old B5. i bought 3 copies of that album. dont bootleg. B5 isnt as bad as you think. they had talent. real talent! hot album. go buy it!!

  • Deja-vu?

    wasnt there a group just like this awhile back, 1990-s? I think they were Michael Jackson’s nephews?…I forgot the name though…

  • Bria

    please cop that album if you havent already,its straight fire! NO BOOTLEGING!,continue to vote them on the 106 & park countdown [well get them their!] and request “hydrolics” at your local radio stations.

  • Ana

    soooo….did they pay you to put an article up here? I mean…thats the only reason I could see for this info.

  • Nisha, the original

    diversity. it’s a good thing.

  • Sara


  • Starry Nights

    ayy, they used to be a disney band?!
    i remember seeing them on the channel long ago,
    and their songs play on dun dun dun … radio disney.
    ay hey hey.


    Who? – where fashion and music meet! – you have to see this!

  • Tenchibrl

    One of them is 15 and another is 13? Wow.

  • rena

    album is hot.

  • madingley

    album is boring i think.there is no one who have strong voice

  • Kellie

    Which one is which?
    They’re cute.

    I live in New Zealand, I can’t help it if I don’t know, lol

  • Starbucks Addict

    LOL, J3! They look hot.

  • doc



  • Sara

    Hey KELLIE!
    I live in New Zealand too:) Except im b5s number 1 fan hahaha..i love them sooo much!

    U should have more information about them Jarred!!!!

  • silvia hana

    sup ima luvr of b5 2 and i luv’em mor than any 1 in the world and their my favourite sinbgers right after bow wow

  • http://yahoo capri

    b5 rock my socks. i can’t wait 2 get their album. NO BOOTLEGGING!
    it going 2 b fire. + 2 all yall haters, skip yall b5 don’t give a damn about yall no way!

  • Brittney

    b5 your album is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love guys ……….. i love you bryan !!!!! if you people want to know how old they are our which one is which look it up .duh

  • tyffini

    b5 is like a big virus thats spreading and needs to be rid of they look like aliens and crackheads i never ever in my life as fine as i aM WILL DATE THEM BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE THEY STINK THEY ALSO THEIE NOSE ARE BIG SO ARE THIERE HEADS GIVE ME A break i can do better

  • gaunt

    Are we talking about vitamin water? Geez and they want to be taken seriously…puhleezze