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Brad Pitt & Jesse James: Real-life Relatives

Brad Pitt & Jesse James: Real-life Relatives

Brad Pitt plays the title role in The Assassination Of Jesse James but according to Inside Edition, Brad and Jesse are real-life relatives.

According to Eric James, a descendant of Jesse James, Brad is a distant cousin of the infamous outlaw group Dalton Gang. A Dalton apparently married an Ogle who married a Pitt.

Inside Edition informed Brad of his “criminal” past at last night‘s NYC premiere, and a stunned Brad responded, “I did not know that. I’ll have to look that up.”

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  • London

    yes i did it!

  • Jennifer

    I love Brad Pitt and I cant wait to see what he is working on.

  • Miss Vex

    One helluva information…. Love Papa Pitt! Yummmnn..


    Yeah right, I will bet Brad was stunned.

  • London

    LOVE PITT!!!!!!!!

  • tammy

    Thanks jared for new thread,i love brad.

  • NJS06

    Wouldnt that be a freaky coincidence?

  • wow man

    wow hes related to jesse james and didnt know it,uh right so am I.

  • tammy

    Huh so brad maybe distant relative of jesse james.well i guess thats a suprise to brad.

  • wow man

    come to think of it jese james had big nostrils to……..ok.i believe

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    lolol…too funny 8 )

  • ilovethejoliepittsfamily

    i just read an article about brad and angelina at apparently pro JA website…I don’t understand why some people are still fuming about Brad and Jen’s divorce…let’s face it, marriage doesn’t fail just overnight. There’s problems within the marriage over period of time that wasn’t resolved. Let it go people. Just let Brad and angelina and their kids live their lives. Let it go so Jen Aniston can also live her life. I hope she will also find her soulmate as she had said in one of her interviews in the past with Diane Sawyer that Brad is not her soulmate.

  • the real tita

    Hey, this is so new it’s not even a page long. Jesse James was a good looking dude. Maybe they are related. Brad looks real good too as him. Hope your movie makes a lot of money, Mr. Pitt aside from critical acclaim.

  • spunky

    I never even knew what jesse james looked like before this…Brad’s Hotter

  • Pink_driven JoliePitt

    coool pix JJ…thanks for always taking care of us Brad and Angie fans :)

  • A Certain Smile

    Not many families do a geneology chart. Not unusual for him to not know.
    Tom Hanks and Camille Cosby (Bill Cosby’s wife) have a distant ancestor in common. One of those PBS shows found it out. They did not know. Mrs. Cosby’s maiden name is Hanks. So, it is believeable Mr. Pitt was not aware of this. Interesting and spooky. I wonder if any relation to Sandra Bullocks husband as he claims to be a Jesse James descendant. HMMMMMMM?

    Luv Days of Heaven if this film is anything like that would be great (It’s a Terrance Malick film). Rent it if you have a chance. Will see AOJJ first weekend out.

  • anon


  • preggy-Jolie

    That is so cool

  • Pole

    He’s a Dalton! I wonder if he has ever read Lucky Luke :)

  • Pink_driven JoliePitt

    how true? what a hair-raising coinky-dink haha

  • make believe friends come here

    12 yeah now let it go. peace

  • B

    WOW! Seriously?!

  • dancingqueen

    In the voice of church lady, “Isn’t that special.”

  • Jill

    I sorta-kinda see a family resemblance…

  • April

    interesting, if its true that Brad is related to Jesse James.

  • make believe friends come here


  • j

    wow well they are both from missouri interesting!

  • the real tita

    Are people still at the previous thread? They may not know there is a new one so I think I’ll let out a yell.



  • nanana

    Life is spooky:
    Angie is AJ while Jen is JA.
    one has the most voluptuous lips in HW, while one has the thinnest lips in HW.
    One is estranged from her farther, while one is estranged from her mother.
    One is the tamest girl-next-door, while one is the wildest world citizen.


  • anon

    Brad looks great but Jesse James looks like the thug he was.

  • Make believe trolls come here

    They have the same ears :lol:

  • tidbit

    Brought over from last thread:

    From the UK Mirror so take with a grain of salt.

    “Angelina is my love, my partner and the mother of my children,” says the 43-year-old actor. “We’re a normal family – a mother, a father and kids.”

    Recent reports suggested that they had reached the end of their two-year relationship, after Angelina hurled a glass of wine at Brad during a French holiday.

    But now the chiselled star insists he and 32-year-old Angelina are planning to add to their family – adopted son Maddox, six, daughter Zahara, two, son Pax, three, and biological daughter Shiloh, one.

    “Yes, we’re ready for another,” he confirms.

    In a frank interview in a Toronto hotel this week – where he, Angelina and the children were attending the premiere of his new film, The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford – Brad speaks touchingly of his love for family life.

    “The kids are fantastic and they sometimes get unruly and say the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Man, they’re the funniest people I’ve ever met.

    “It’s strange the chaos they cause. We move into a hotel room and boom! It’s external chaos but it’s the eye of the storm, too, because it’s actually very calm. It’s calming to me.”

    Brad grins at the thought of the kids waiting for him in his suite. But he turns serious as he discusses how he and Angelina try to maintain stability.

    “The most important thing is to make sure we carve out our time for the kids,” he says. “We give them group time and one-on-one time, because it’s our responsibility to help shape them. So it’s fatherhood and family first, and then we slip into work.

    “Angelina and I try to carve out time for ourselves, too, but if something’s got to go, it’s usually that time.”

    The six Jolie-Pitts travel the world together, with the children going to school in whichever country they’re in. But Brad likes the lifestyle. “We are a very nomadic family and it works for us,” he explains.

    “The value of it is that the family becomes the core and the places the kids see seep into their consciousness.

    “We move well and I don’t think it’s taking its toll. We have to think about schooling but we’re in an international programme so, wherever we go, it’s the same curriculum.”

    Becoming a father is Brad’s most challenging, and rewarding, role to date. But he believes paternal instinct helped him bond with his ready-made family.

    “It’s a learning process and a gradual understanding of what fatherhood means – defining for yourself what kind of father you want to be and just being worthy of carrying the name of ‘father’.

    “Calling yourself that and seeing yourself in those terms doesn’t happen overnight but I’m surprised how much is instinctive.

    “You tell the kids something and you’re not sure they’re getting it but then you see them in action and they pick it up.”

    Brad, who was married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston, has also had high-profile girlfriends including Juliette Lewis, Robin Givens and Gwyneth Paltrow. Yet he has remained down-to-earth amid the celebrity madness.

    Throughout his time in the spotlight, the star, who grew up in small-town Springfield, Missouri, has often taken less stellar roles rather than cash in on his looks.

    Brad spends the interview wearing a cap to hide “a crazy skunk stripe” in his hair for his role in Burn After Reading, which he’s filming with George Clooney.

  • what a nutcase-troll was paid -it saidso

    365 not buying it : 09/19/2007 at 5:18 pm
    Gotta go . I still want french lessons and to be driven to a french upscale school. I love the French ways. I will love to visit Africa & Cambodia. It would be superrrr. I’m not the worse paid troll, there are worse than me. Maddox & the other kids are so luckyyyyyyy . Adieu, je suppose.

  • anon

    Pitt is a very common Anglo Saxon name. Almost like Smith & Jones.

    Brad could well be related to the British Secretary of State William Pitt.

    Brad could actually be heir to Pittsburgh LOL!!!!

  • un-talented

    both are ugly and ewww

  • un-talented

    not interested a bit.

  • anon

    Dang all the Pitt’s look alike. Look at this picture of the Britsh Prime Minister William Pitt. He looks like Jesse James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • french

    35 what nutcase-troll was paid-it said so:you must not of graduated high school because now days you have to have two years of spanish or french.or maybe before your time.

  • Lady T

    Just read this from lainey gossip and this will keep me on the pregnancy train a little longer, time will tell….

    Pitt Porn & Giggles
    Can’t get enough of Pitt Porn!!! And Pitt Porn was apparently on full display at a party for Jesse James in NYC last night. According to Us Weekly, which only weeks ago accused Angelina of living a “twisted double life”, the Pitts mingled separately until just after midnight, at which point the two reunited with him rubbing and tickling her back before pulling her in for a hot kiss. Then Angie supposedly looked up at her man and gushed “You’re so cute” before more touching and caressing and yes, giggling too.


    She did mention when she was all hormonal while preggers with the Chosen One that she became uncharacteristically “giggly”. And given the size of her tits right now, needless to say, more fuel to the fire that the Second Coming is indeed coming.


  • kay

    fans eventhough the story from us weekly is really nice, but do not fall for it, for me it is does not matter if it a positive or negative, they are all the same sh.t, i think it is made up just like other stories, if you believe it then you would have to believe every single news they have put in the last 3 years. on the hand hand since the haters always rely on the tabloids for the information about the jolie pitt, i do not know what they will say about it, but i think they are screaming and banging their heads right now knowing that brad and angie had a good time yesterday

  • essie

    My family is related to Jesse James. Does that mean I’m related to Brad Pitt? Of course, my relationship to JJ is just as distant as Brad’s relationship.

  • Estelle

    41 Lady T – That’s funny, just last week she was saying they are adopting again, a child from Africa….now, she’s on the pregnancy train?….LOL.

    Either way is a win win situation for us fans.

  • http://deleted please

    I think they are having a bio baby next.

  • UK Fan…………………..

    Someone on the other thread said why would Angelina be doing a interview in UK she got nothink coming out , but she has in the UK,AMH is out on Friday over here and She has been in a lot of our Papers and Magezines this week .

  • tidbit

    AMH Michael Winterbottom dishes:

    Last Updated: 12:01am BST 16/09/2007

    We did see at close quarters how ludicrous the whole celebrity culture was when working with Angelina,’ he says. ‘She had to have her own protection team, which rather undermined the low-key approach. We felt sorry for her, having to put up with all that. That film was unusual for us because it hadn’t been our idea initially. Brad Pitt called us up. He and Angelina had a script. So Andrew and I flew down to Namibia to visit them to talk about the project. Their pitch was for us to make it in our own way. They didn’t want it to be a studio film, even though it was being funded by Paramount.

    ‘We said we wanted to use hand-held cameras and a small crew, and local people rather than professional actors. And we wanted the actors to have radio mikes so that they could improvise and move quickly and relatively unobtrusively in real locations. It also meant they wouldn’t necessarily know when they were in close-up. Angelina seemed to be up for that. But we weren’t sure whether she would still be up for it after filming a scene for 10 minutes where the camera wasn’t on her the whole time.

    ‘I began to worry that she might be getting bored, because a star like her might think she wants to be part of an ensemble, but actually she might be thinking, “Why am I acting away like crazy here when the camera is over there not filming me?” But she did get into it, to her credit.’

    What was it like doing business with Brad and Angelina? ‘Surprisingly easy, though she is so striking looking – this almost unnatural beauty – I did feel a bit tongue-tied in her presence at first. I still get a thrill when I get an email from Brad – I just got one a few minutes ago.’ Over dinner that night he tells me about when he had dinner with Brad and Angelina in Cannes. ‘I was talking to my daughter on the mobile and mentioned I was sitting next to Brad. She didn’t believe me, so I handed the phone over to Brad, who spoke to her. It is weird the way rumours follow that couple around. They are clearly very much in love, yet a couple of days after that meal I heard someone saying they were splitting up, and it was so clearly not the case.”

  • Ha

    43 essie : 09/19/2007 at 5:31 pm

    Are you gonna ask him for some money if you are related?

  • Haters suck

    UK fan
    Angelina hasn’t done any new press with these magazines. They are taking quotes from when she done mighty heart press way back from cannes and some magazines are just making stuff up. I flipped through some mags as i live in britain and most are just made up or cut and paste jobs.

  • Brad Fan

    More great pics of TAOJJ premiere

  • jolie

    Heidi and seal kiss each other in public.If brad and Angelina do this work,you know all this haters will shout this is for PR.why they always have double standard for brangelina.

    IN TIFF they just wispering in each other`s ear and all this haters just come and say they are breaking up and these works are just for PDA.why they have double standard for this two.

    I don`t know why,since we have trolls here at this time because it is their job I want to ask you what is their difference with other people in HW that each one of their attention toward each other is for PDA and is sign of break up but If other people in HW kiss each other or hug each other,These actions are the sign of love?