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Zac Efron Under Starbucks Spell

Zac Efron Under Starbucks Spell

Zac Efron cheats on Robeks and makes a Starbucks run in North Hollywood on Tuesday.

The “Ladies Choice” actor tried to avoid being photographed by picking up a Starbucks drink via drive-thru again in his dented Oldsmobile Alero. Zac and his High School dream girl picked up drive-thru McDonalds on Sunday night.

More pictures inside of Zac on his Starbucks run…

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zac efron starbucks 01
zac efron starbucks 02
zac efron starbucks 03
zac efron starbucks 04
zac efron starbucks 05
zac efron starbucks 06
zac efron starbucks 07
zac efron starbucks 08

Photos: Scott/Danielle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • stillthereforme

    He’s so hot! First!

  • April C.

    Awwsh how cute~ LOL..his car =’D nice!

    APRIL ;)

  • April C.

    And wow..Zac is soo hot! ;)

  • kath

    aw no vanessa in the car this time

    zacs looking very hot though!!!:)

  • Lissa

    Zac is hott. That is for sure but he really does seem to be irritated by the paps. I honestly think that that would be the main thing about his life that might suck. It is clear that he is trying to be there for V and yet have his own life at the same time BUT he cannot do either without it being photographed. There are like 2 or 3 reports out there that “Zanessa” broke up again and I read an interview where Z specifically says that he would give anything not to be a celebrity and just be an actor (I really do feel for them both)

  • ia

    please please please cut your hair!

  • Liz

    Here’s wishing I was that straw!

  • Laura

    Wich car he drives?

  • Mandy

    What did he order? Looks good and refreshing.

  • zanessa_fan

    where is vanessa?! please JJ! more pics of the two

  • Jennifer

    Zac is so hot and I wish Zanessa the best and hope all goes well with them.

  • Jennifer

    I dont think my comment work so I will write it again :) Zac is so hot. Vanessa and Zac I wish the best for both of you and hope all goes well.

  • Secret

    omg what I would do to be that straw!

  • Starry Nights

    work that straw boy.

  • YoohrStoopid

    STRAW Boy he’s working that straw. baha

    Seriously though….How do they always find him????? And why do the insist on photographing him doing the simplest of things?! “Oh im getting gas, man take my foto”, “im getting a smoothie man, check it out” Seriously…

  • White

    Zac is now in turn to be photographed after Vanessa has been. We will have more pictures like these, will we???

    It is really irritated for both of them.

    Zac seem to be doing some boring stuff to make the paps feel boring and give up following them.

    Hope everything is going well for Zanessa.

  • eyecandy

    I guess it’s a little sad how they just want to do normal things together & like going to a drive-thru, to get mcdonalds , but the papz still follow them. I mean the photos are great for the fans, but for them, it’s sad because they’re being invaded of their privacy I know I’m not over here that much.

  • Max

    What did he order?

  • Rachel

    Zac,Take good care of Vanessa!!!!!!!!Hope to see you together again…..

  • Max

    I think only cola or tsomething else

  • Lily-Kay

    Jared, can you please clear up any of the breakup rumours? They really are quite depressing.

    This was in a recent Australian online article:

    “It is understood Hudgens, 18, was “all over” the unidentified man at a Hollywood party she attended while Efron was in Europe promoting new film Hairspray.

    When someone at the party confronted Hudgens about Efron, she “threw a fit and said ‘don’t mention his name’ “OK! reports.”

    First of all, I doubt Vanessa would’ve attended any Hollywood parties after coming back from Australia. Secondly, OK isn’t the best resource.

    Please keep us updated!

  • ‘OK’is pathetic

    No doubt that OK is a stupid source. They don’t party, and had she partied, paparazzi would’v seen her leave her house. Thanks.

    1) Vanessa and Zac have been together two years. Deal.
    2) They haven’t broken up, so quit making shit up to start rumors.
    3)stop bashing fans and the actors, nobody thinks your cool for doing so.
    4) SO WHAT IF THE CAR IS OLD OR DENTED. You all drive brand new up to date vehicles? If you have morals, and spend your money wisely, NO.
    and another thing…his granpa gave him those ars and he’s PROUD to own them so shut the hell up already.

    you people are pathetic.

  • Marianne Lao

    ZANESSA RULES! MOre Zanessa sightings JUST JARED! Thank U!

  • Tiger Lily

    Poor Zac. I swear there’s a homing device on him.

    Zac: you should search under your car to make sure there isn’t a
    GPS system attached giving away your location. Every time you make
    a move they know where you’ll be.


    I really think zac is really an outgoing person and shy, i have feeling that he will never get the hang of those paparrazi.

    Well.. no zanessa sighting, i guess zac is really so overprotective of vanessa (she mentioned in one interview).

    Just a tidbit.. did u know that Chris Brown (R&B singer) Ryan Sheckler (skateboard champ/friend of zac)and i thnk also Ryan Seacrest, to name a few.. all mentioned have admiration for his lady love Vanessa. Lucky u zac!

  • addict

    i luv starbucks

  • Lizabeth

    umm i heard news on Nine Msn! oh some one posted the part i was confused about! If Vanessa was off “oartying with an older man when Za was in Europ” isnt that when she was staying in her house? wasnt that when she was hiding and idnt want to be seen?
    im so confuesed! But i luv Zanessa so hope its all good! :D omg luv Zac so hott

  • Zac_Lover

    zac is so damn sexy

  • lozzielou

    22. ‘OK’is pathetic

    I think someone has untapped aggression going on there noone was even saying anything about his car.

    Ok magazine is not a unreliable source we were only stating a story no need to get all pissy about it.

    We all know they have been 2gether 4 2years so what i’ve been with my bf for 4yrs doesnt mean we might not break up, you can’t predict the future so chill out

    How do you know there gonna b 2gether 4ever? and even if they did break up they would never admit to it because neither has offically gone on record with a press release saying that they were 2gether in the first place!

  • sandrea

    so is it really over?

    jared usually describes vanessa as his “ladylove”

    now, a downgrade to “high school dreamgirl”?

    what do u know jj???

  • ali

    i think he just says he doesn’t want attention b/c its what everyone else say, but i don’t think he actually means it. he’s been spotted 3 times in the three days. even vanessa said on the tyra banks show, its easy to avoid paparazzi. for a guy who “doesn’t want any attention”, he sure doesn’t do himself any favors. he’s kinda being a hypocrite.

  • lola


  • Zanessa Truth Finder

    well, here i was listening to my friend tell my Zanessa had broken up

    i didnt think much of it; cause i knew they wouldn’t

    (this was about 2 days ago the report was published.)

    BUT, i thought i would prove her wrong, and here it is. he is still wearing his commitment ring that he and vanessa have

    i think thats proof enough


    he looks so hot

  • Erin

    Wow man! A Starbucks drive-thru? I find that so cool! I wish they had that here!

  • jimmychx



    ya #30 – jared is kinda right.. high school dreamgirl.. i once read, i think in people mag while the two being interviewed together..

    Zac says.. working with Vanessa is like a “Dream come true” and Vanessa goes to say… “when u get to sing w/ someone you care about, its Magical”

    Maybe it can relate to that, i think. Anyway jared oftentimes comes up w/ a diff moniker for the two, we can never tell whats next.

  • Lily-Kay

    27 Lizabeth:

    Exactly, I really doubt Vanessa would’ve been seen partying days after the scandal came out. If she did it would’ve been much bigger news, there may have been pics (I suspect the paps would be HOUNDING her 24/7), and I really doubt she would’ve been in a partying mood. All in all, it just doesn’t match up.

    The purpose of OK! and those kind of magazines is to make money, so they’re obviously going to make up crap, especially about Vanessa at this point in time.

    To 22 ‘OK’is pathetic:
    Nobody said anything about his car, or tried to start up any rumours for that matter. No need to get defensive. :)

  • lola


  • Lisa

    I think we all should apologize to Zac. In our quest to see as many photos of Zac we forget sometimes that he is a person that does deserve his privacy. So, going to get a cup of coffee (soda or whatever he got)shouldn’t be something that is splashed all over the place. We dog out the paps for following you everywhere but as soon as they take pics of him doing anything we are rushing to the site to open the pics up to see him. that we are just adding fuel to the fire basically helping the paps out by looking at everything they take of Zac I must admit I do that exact thing. Zac choose the person that is going to make you happy not who a good percent of the world wants you to be with.

  • ‘OK’is pathetic

    lozzie go to hell.

    i’m from zefron, and im in general talking about jared making references to the mans car, he always does. It’s a general thing.

    everyone talks shit about his car.

    andi never said they wouldn’t break up, i said they arent now. dont rgue when you dont have your facts straight.

  • [~Famous~]

    I Miss Zakki!

  • Daphne

    OMG he’s sooo cute xD wish I was that straw :)

  • Congratulations!

    Congrats to Zac, Hairspray opened at #1 in Australia and New Zealand last weekend! I am much more interested in this talented boy’s work than his dating life or beverage choices.
    O.K., yes, I am here looking at the pictures however.

  • nke

    can anyone link me with any article regarding Chris Brown comment on zac abt the thing that happenesd the Vanessa ?? and is it true that Chris Brown defend Vanessa on mtv video music awards??
    really hope to feedback from anyone k….thanks

  • bettybaby

    yes congrats to the success of hairspray!!!! i saw it 3x, and will definately buy the dvd.

    he looks hot no matter what, but zac you need to eat!

    jj-even i, a die hard fan thinks that the guy needs some space! these stalking posts are getting sad, i’d rather see less of these, and then hopefully i’ll see more that are interesting or happy!!!

    and, btw, break-up rumors, so false!!!

  • Lisa

    43 and 45 agree wholeheartely with you both

  • julia


    beatiful ¡¡



    my impossible love

  • ana

    oh come on jared!!! are you in love with this guy??? I hate him and I bet i’m not the only one.. luckely not everybody thinks a gay guy is a stunt. please star posting about interesting people!!

  • Kelly

    Looks like he ordered the Ice Tea Lemonade.

  • Malia