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Adriana Lima Looks Awful

Adriana Lima Looks Awful
  • Adriana Lima needs some hotness consistency.
  • KFC offers Jennifer Lopez fried chicken VIP party.
  • Are the Oscar De La Hoya pictures real or not?!
  • Will Ferrell tries to pick a winner.
  • Aretha Franklin wants you to maintain the sexy.
  • Rose McGowan‘s plastic surgery cost her Speed Racer role
  • Britney Spears still hitting up the clubs.
  • Christina Ricci is ready for battle.
  • Kelly Osbourne tries to break jelly-eating world record.
  • Britain’s Cuffs N Collar has fun new accessories.
  • Conan O’Brien will host Bob Woodruff benefit
  • Matthew McConaughey will replace Owen Wilson in the Ben Stiller film Tropic Thunder. Wilson dropped out of the DreamWorks movie after an apparent suicide attempt last month.
  • Whoppi Goldberg said yesterday that The View and Barry Manilow have made up after a squabble earlier this week and Manilow will appear on the show soon. Manilow was supposed to perform on the show on Monday but his visit was canceled after he refused to be interviewed by Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
  • Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards‘ custody battle heated up yesterday after Richards sparked a war of words when she called Sheen an unfit dad. Sheen responded: “Clearly the mother of my children has no interest in responsible co-parenting when it comes to my relationship with our girls. She behaves as though she owns our children. She does not. A day of legal reckoning for her is fast approaching.”
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  • Tealeaf

    She can look pretty if she would stop making those stupid kiss faces and keep her mouth close.




  • James

    She still one of the most gorgeous women in the world

  • Regina

    How does she look awful? She looks better than Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jessica Simpsn, Katie Price and all those scanks you post about.

  • Annoyed

    She’s one of the last supermodels IMO. I think she can do sexy, and classy which some women can’t they always look slutty or bad. I think it’s great she’s a bit modest and doesn’t dress like a slut. I’m sorry but I think she looks great. Love the Adriana!!

  • http://deleted flower

    I’m a woman but I think Adriana Lima is the most beariful woman that I’ve never seen.

  • Blah!

    She is a true beauty unlike Gisele.

  • WHAT?

    she looks gorgious!
    jared whats up ur ass?

  • Lauren

    yeah, do yal know that she models for victoria secret? oh, and that once she had a nipple slip. maybe if she would cover up better she wouldn’t have those “accidents”.

    she is ugly as hell right here!

  • Annoyed

    She had a nipple slip ona runway show, where that happens all the time. Follow fashion and you will see that there is hardly ever a show where there isn’t a nipple slip. Also what fucking world are you living in that she chooses what she wears in a runway show. Learn more about fashion before you open your un educated mouth about such matters

  • Bree WH

    yet another fat, ugly slow calling a model ugly. like it matters what you say.

  • Marjorie

    Ok I know Adriana Lima is pretty but Gisele Bundchen is the most beautifull woman in the world and kicks Adriana’s butt sry!!!


    “Ok I know Adriana Lima is pretty but Gisele Bundchen is the most beautifull woman in the world and kicks Adriana’s butt sry!!!”

    Are you serious? Adriana’s beauty surpasses almost every women. Gisele can’t even compare to her, she looks like a dude. And everyone who says that she is ugly in this pic, she still looks waaaaaaaay better making this face than all of your ugly selves with $hit loads of makeup. SORRY!!!!

  • wow.

    i think alessandra is the prettiest victoria secrets model. i used to love adriana, but then alessandra topped it on the pretty charts.
    but srsly. maybe adriana doesnt look her best here, like, wtf? as if anyone could call her ugly.
    like srsly. she is still gorgeous on her supposed “ugly day” so stfu.

  • The real lou

    Actor Dermot Mulroney, 44, will be a dad again in a few weeks when girlfriend Tharita Catulle gives birth to his second child, according to Us Weekly. Dermot is already father to son Clyde, 8 ½, with his ex-wife, actress Catherine Keener.

    Dermot’s divorce from Catherine was finalized last December.

  • wow

    omg wtf has happened to her? she looks so horrible lately.

    ughhhh. sh ehas not aged well at all

  • vanessa

    Hmm.. seriously I really dont see what people find in her.. I dont find her pretty AT ALL. I dont care if she’s a model, thats not gonna change my idea. I think she look really vulgar, not only the way she dress but her face.. I’m a girl btw and very not jealous, I prefer my face and body than hers sincerely.


    Y0UR CRAZY!!

  • aaaa

    i cant belive this,she looks like a horse,you go to brazil where the most beuatiful people live and choose this horse to be your model,,i cant believe it.and she s making milions bcause of her looks,unbelievable

  • LeaBSfan



    she is horrible’ look at that mouth and tooth. one word horrible !!

  • sally

    I know this is gonna sound weird. I know adriana lima is like a perfect goddess, venus of sorts to many and she’s a supermodel. I don’t dislike her at all. In fact, i think she has a great glow, tan, a really sexy body, beautiful eyes and super star hair.
    BUT i really find her face quite ugly at times because of her mouth and the way she speaks. She has protruding teeth and she’s very gummy, she exaggerates those flaws when she speaks cos’ she speaks in a very pronounced manner.
    So if u ask me, she is sexy but really she can veer towards being ugly at times.

  • John

    I regrettably wandered into this festering shit hole and have only one comment; the most obvious and apparent :

    You are (behaving as) some pointless individual who literally lives off of hating people who have accomplished far more than you. It’s some kind of joke (a bad one).

    Who are you and why do you even care if Adriana Lima looks (in your questionable judgment) bad in a photo or needs “hotness consistency?”

    This is like people giving Warren Buffet investment advice; or, to use a borrowed phrase, “sitting on the couch, yelling advice (as your beer gut wallops along with the wagging of your double-chin) at the best athletes in the world.”

  • Sara

    Adriana is one of the most beautiful women on this earth, she should make an awful picture tough, that would make us(women) feel a little bit better :p

  • jeff w

    @Tealeaf: @Tealeaf: Wow.Is this a joke? I havent been this mad from reading something on the internet for a long time. Adriana Lima is the most beautiful girl in the world. PERIOD.
    Nothing could ever change my mind.EVER.

  • tarajane

    shelooks like she always has a bad case of “bulimia jaw” look it up if you dont know what im talkin bout. ever watch those eating disorder shows? they always have big huge exploded heads from all the gases they throw up. she has always a bloated chipmunk look. clear sign of bulimia.

  • hehe

    Adriana is pretty but she’s not prettier than me. I’m one of the few girls wouldn’t trade places like most girls say and wish. My sisters are prettier than her also.

  • buzz

    talk about BUZZZ kill! she opens that mouth and all is ruined. remember the days of Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington,Christie Brinkley when you had to have perfect teeth? she would never have made it back then with her mangled mouth and black girl looks.

  • Le Blanc

    Eww are you kidding Cecilia? That means you must be hella ugly!
    She is ok looking..BUT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL woman in the world is MELISSA THEURIAU!! Her beauty is NATURAL and PERFECT she SURPASSES every woman in the WORLD!

  • Fiyero Tiggular

    to be honest, I can’t say she’s the most gorgeous woman alive. I haven’t even seen the majority of women….. And really, of the ones I have seen, I have seen prettier ones.

  • slap

    she is so overrated its not even funny. People are just obsessed with her exotic-ness. face wise she is butter! mangled rotten teeth,pig nose,fat saggy cheeks. her face connects into her neck. Oh and she can’t model for the life of her. Epitome of a One note model.

  • pamela

    @sally: i agree,but so many of her fans are abusive,and will abuse u for your true opinion,it is a fact she has really protrusive lips because of her teethe and gums,

  • pamela

    @pamela: i still think she is really beautiful though,in a shocking sort of way,not perfectly beautiful though,her feautures are not what u would refer too as fine or refined,they are bold and striking

  • rober

    just hate her fat face and crooked teeth, sorry just can’t find either of those to be attractive traits. Is she even a real models model? Last time I knew of she just models lingerie and cheap makeup. Yawn., Severely overrated, its that exotic thing people love and her eyes, but face wise she is nothing special and can look extremely buttery.

  • carmel sweetnes

    I’m sorry but I actually agree with some of the negative comments. And believe me I use to find her very beautiful. Her mouth is ugly her teeth and lips are horrid. She’s preety from the nose up. Anyways Isn’t it ironic that Giselle Bundchen got the hotter guy. I wouldnt even put Adriana in the top 100 most beautiful list. But I dont think she’s Sarah Jessica Parker ugly either.

  • Rick

    I was looking at the Sandman commercial today. I kind of wondered if people thought that Adriana Lima wasn’t that attractive. I see that I’m not alone. Brazilian hype is overrated. They’ve pretty, average and ugmos like almost everyone. Adriana is slightly below average. Gisele Bunchen looks like a horse. Alessandro Ambrosio looks a transvestite.

  • Rick

    To the guy up above, Christie Brinkley is boring and plain looking. See chicks like her at the mall. Cindy Crawford only above average when in not pictures. Photos made her look a lot better. Christy Turlington is the best looking out of that bunch.