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Brad & Angelina @ 'Darfur Now' Premiere

Brad & Angelina @ 'Darfur Now' Premiere

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in matching white buttondown shirts, attend the premiere and advanced screening of Darfur Now at the Dag Hammarskjoeld Auditorium at the United Nations on Thursday in New York City.

Written and directed by Ted Braun, Darfur Now explores the continued conflict in Sudan through the experiences of six people. The film will open in theaters this nationwide November 2.

Says Variety, “Conscientiously upbeat and shiny, “Darfur Now” takes a tactical approach in addressing the ongoing African genocide: Present the appallingly grim situation in Sudan through the rosy lens of activism and political awakening. Star wattage provided by Don Cheadle and George Clooney could draw audiences unfamiliar with the crisis, while slowly increasing awareness might translate into ticket sales and letters of outrage to congressmen.”

Pictured inside: Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, United Nations General Assembly President Srgjan Kerin, Mrs. Srgjan Kerin and Ambassador Christian Wenaweser.

20+ pictures inside of Brad & Angelina @ Darfur Now premiere…

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Credit: Variety; Photos: Spencer Platt/Getty, Jemal Countess/WireImage
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  • alicet

    Thank you Jared. here is review of Brad’s film. Can’t wait to see it

    Published on Monday, September 17, 2007 – 6:25pm

    Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here.

    I plan to write about this film this week, but I’ve got two others to post first. Still, I’m looking forward to finally getting into my thoughts on this one, and I know that not everyone’s loving this, but I’m excited to have the conversation with people who do and people who don’t alike.

    For now, check out this spy’s passionate report on the film:

    Dear AICN Crew,

    I was lucky enough to see THE ASSASINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD last night and I wanted to write in to express a few thoughts. I want to emphasize that this is less of a film review and more of an announcement because this film is a watershed moment for two people: Andrew Domink and Casey Affleck. This is simply one geek talking to a room full of geeks about some shit that they need to understand. Over the coming months as we wade into awards season, you will hear a lot about the performances that Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck give in this film, and more about them later, but the man that I want to bring to your attention is Andrew Dominik.

    Many of you are probably familiar with or have at least heard of his first feature CHOPPER which introduced Eric Bana to the Hulk makers and Munich makers of the world. But here we have Andrew’s American debut, and for a second feature, the sure hand with which he directs this film is scary good. Each and every performance in this film, no matter how small, is significant and powerful. I was flattened by the strength of the smaller roles –Sam Shepard, Paul Schneider, Mary-Louise Parker, Zooey Deschanel, Garret Dillahunt – Flattened. And that credit has to go to Andrew for both his ability to cast the picture and then to go out and get the very specific moments that he needed. For example, I am convinced that Zooey was hired for one look. ONE LOOK that she gives Casey Affleck after they have their pictures taken. Dominik and Deschanel went out there and nailed her entire performance which is very short but extrememly important in Robert Ford’s character progression throughout the film.

    Then there are the three main roles, Dominik’s masterwork – Pitt, Affleck, and Sam Rockwell. No one mentions Rockwell when they’re talking about this film and I don’t know why. He plays Charley Ford and every strength that you’ve ever admired him for in other films is on display here. He’s the funny brother and the more trustworthy brother and the more mature of the Ford brothers and because of this, he’s asked to carry the powder keg of Jesse James around with him always afraid that it’s about to blow up in his face. The way that he laughs at Jesse’s jokes while being deathly afraid of the man is complex. It’s almost as complex as Affleck’s performance and there are times when I think that Charley is the more cowardly of the two brothers just because Affleck’s character is so naively sure of himself. For a fan of the Brad Pitt we came to love in movies like SE7EN, 12 MONKEYS, and FIGHT CLUB, he has returned. This time, however, he’s older and more mature. There’s pain behind Pitt’s eyes now and I can see why he won the actor’s award in Venice . He is the revered man that Jesse James was and carries the same burdens. And we can imagine that he allows a little of that poison to seep into his veins as he’s playing this part. He’s crazy and ready to go off at anytime. The only thing that seems to hold Jesse together is his family, the only group of people that he knows won’t betray him. There is a moment in which Pitt and Rockwell stand at the edge of a frozen pond, all alone in the whole world, and Pitt just says, “Have you ever thought about suicide?” And we know that the thought doesn’t just cross his mind, it plagues him with every breath he takes.

    What this does for Andrew Dominik, it will also do for Casey Affleck. This film will have the same ripple effect for him that Dominik’s first film had for Bana. You will not believe the intricacy that he brings to this role and the trust that Dominik must have put in him to become so sickly twisted. He is a geek. Robert Ford is a Jesse James geek and he cannot handle the fact that he is sitting with his idol. He’s like the sickening version of the SNL Chris Farley character saying, “Remember that time when you robbed that train? That was cool.” In close-up after close-up, Affleck goes from one end of his character’s spectrum to the other, and we see it all slide across his sick yellow smile in such a sweet character turn as we don’t often see.

    Besides Andrew’s work, congratulations must be given to Plan B and Scott Free for putting together an amazing crew that includes Roger Deakins work, Dylan Tichenor and Curtiss Clayton’s work, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. This is like a dream team of people you would want to work on a western drama. Don’t know who these people are? IMDB them and you will shit your pants.

    THE ASSASINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD is the best film that I’ve seen this year and I look forward to Andrew Dominik’s next.


  • sanam

    matching shirts cute!

  • Missouri Fan

    3rd poster!!

  • alicet

    Wow I have never been first before. Here is the link to the review I posted. I also want to give credit to BradPitt News ( for the link

  • Missouri Fan

    Congrats alicet!!
    Thanks Jared!
    Just got home.
    So many threads to read!!


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    I love them.

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    Hi MF! I can’t believe we are both on the same page. Congratulations on your videos. I love watching them in YouTube.

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    Good ! there is actually serious matters that is happening in the world and should be adressed and reminded constantly.



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    Clive Owen is sexier!!!! A REAL man!!!!

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    Wow Jared. Just add you to the media list of ass-kissers of Brangelina. Especially with that bitchy Jen post the other day….loser.

    I cannot wait to see Darfur Now. More Americans need to be paying attention to this matter.

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    what does a real man mean?

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    thanks jared! this is the 4th thread already & i still have to see the other 3.

    hello lovely ladies of bampzsville!

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    Thanks Jared. Love how Brad and Angie just keep on living their lives. :)

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    oh my God! 1st page?
    i love them

  • ayel pinoy

    oh my God! 1st page?
    i love them

  • From the other thread

    130 think positive! : 09/20/2007 at 7:54 pm
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    Why are you guys falling for this little rat and their game. It done this in the other threads and is here to ruin this one. It is not a fan of either of them and is here just to rile fans up because it knows it can. Ignore it or have fun with the little rat but getting annoyed by it is exactly what it came here for.
    Preach it!!! AMEN!!!

  • Lady G

    brought over from previous thread….

    It’s good see Angie out supporting the UN and Darfur once again – hope while she is not filming next year that we get to see her doing more UN work. Maybe even taking Zahara to see her birth place since she hasn’t been there since her adoption.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    “Brad and Angie are working very hard. I think they are taking every opportunity to earn money while they are still HOT and very much in demand.”


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    Love this couple!!
    Thanks JJ, and thanks Meli.

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    They support and love each other in every way.

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    12 alicet : 09/20/2007 at 8:03 pm
    Me too !!
    Thanks for watching the video.


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    1 ? : 09/20/2007 at 8:05 pm
    what does a real man mean?
    Well, you know, Brad’s kinda whipped and girlie…did you see his clips from GMA? I would want that back if I was him.

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    Razzie fool, give it up or at least get your facts straight! Your no longer laughable just really sad and pathetic!

    From the other thread
    142 Sheri : 09/20/2007 at 8:06 pm

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    Oh my they said new thread hope you see this, yes very busy with good stuff!

    guli see what happens when you do the mom thing? I so need to catch up, between my “new stuff” and a nasty cold I’ve been down for the count! I just wanted to stop in and say hi “Hi!” *waving* After Mon. I’ll be on more, I promise!

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    I’m guessing just looking is 15 or least her posts are of a 15 year old.

  • think positive!

    What the eff Jared?? Hold on man!! I’m getting dizzy here!! Thanks a bunch!! LMAO!!

    From the previous thread.

    The United Nations Presents An Advanced Screening Of “Darfur Now”
    NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 20: Actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt attend the premier of the film ‘Darfur Now’ at an advanced screening at the United Nations, September 20, 2007 in New York City. Written and directed by Ted Braun, ‘Darfur Now’ explores the continued conflict in Sudan through the experiences of six people. The film will appear in theaters this November. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
    Meli thank you so much for that. Brad and Angie are completely dedicated and commited to the causes they support. They look great!!

  • Sheri

    39 well la di fcukin da : 09/20/2007 at 8:11 pm
    Call them what you may, but women all over the world are running to get injections in an attempt to have lips like those! Are you one of those cold looking thin lipped chicks?

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    Thanks Jared for the new thread!I thought Brad looked handsome on GMA.Even on a 46″ HD tv!!!!Loved the way he gushed when stating Angelina was amazing.

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    I’m almost speechless. If they get one more fcuking thread before this night is done, I’m going to drown myself in my bathtub. LOL Stop tap dancing on table for these fcuks

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    I’m guessing just looking is 15 or least her posts are of a 15 year old.

    Uh uh….15-year-olds are in love with wuss’s like Brad! Also the old ladies! Real women love Clive!

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    I’m with Just Lookin’…she/he is right on! I still say Mark could kick his butt!

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    TAOJJ is rating 84% so far on

    I’d hate to see what rating Jenzilla’s movie will get, but I’d imagine somewhere in the low to middle 20′s.

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    And your how old?

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