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Hayden & Milo Dance Up On Each Other

Hayden & Milo Dance Up On Each Other


There is now video footage of Hayden Panettiere and Heroes costar Milo Ventimiglia, aka Halo, dancing up on each other at the post-Emmys Entertainment Tonight Party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Thanks to, we get to see Hayden, 18, and Milo, 30, get cozy on the dance floor during musical guest Duran Duran‘s performance of “Notorious”. Multiple times throughout the video, Milo gets in nice and close, whispering into Hayden‘s ear… or maybe he’s kissing her! Hayden even returns the favor and places her hand on Milo‘s cheek. Watch the video below and judge for yourself –

Hayden and Milo are cast mates and good friends,” Panettiere‘s spokeswoman has said recently… but that doesn’t mean that they’re more than that!

Poor Stephen Colletti!

Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia dance up on each other
at the post-Emmys Entertainment Tonight Party, 9/16
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Photos: Wireimage/Getty
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  • Jennifer

    It looks like they were having alot of fun together :)

  • sandrea

    HALO??? whatever.. haha!

    stephen should get back together with lauren conrad…(they belong together)

  • jilly

    Couple alert definitely!

  • Maja

    theye’re cute together, even if he is so much older than her but who cares! HALO – SUPPORTER RIGHT HERE!

  • gossip

    so many people are unfazed by their age difference, but in any other situation a romantic relationship between an 18 yrs old and 30 yrs. old would be deemed inappropriate. though hayden may be (or may seem) mature for her age, she’s still a young girl who’s discovering things about herself and for older adult to take advantage of that is disgusting.

  • Joelle

    WOOOO … Now that was CLOSE !!!!!!!!

  • GermanJani

    He’s kissing her 99% on the cheek :-D They so cute !

  • Ellashy


  • Granny Panties

    He cannot find anyone his own age

  • HALO

    awwww so cute !!! he’s def. kissing her ^^

    keep posting news of these two jared !!!

  • SuzieQ

    It’s just icky! She’s a child! She looks like a child and frankly acts like one. In the grand scheme of life 18 soooo young…I used to love Milo but now am totally grossed out by him! ICK!

  • jy

    YUP! judging by that vid, HALO is on!

  • mercedes

    well, I think that at least they were flirting. But maybe it was just that. The typical situation that arises after having some drinks, and during a party when everyone is happy and spicy. Apart from that I don’t think that a 30 year old guy would go out with a 18 year old girl, even in Hollyweird. She is way too young, and maybe she is very mature but still is a huge age difference, almost a generation.
    for me it was just two friends,who had a few drinks and wanted to enjoy themselves.

  • black

    Well…..I think a reason why people don´t care that much, is because Milo looks so young.

  • laila

    he must like them young….didn’t he date the girl from Gilmore Girls also? rumors that he was abusive towards her…..

  • tracycutie

    yes! they are so….aaahhhhh!!!!

  • awie

    ewww. he should stay away from her. she’s just a child! but he was definitely kissing her on the cheek.

  • angel

    cool vid!
    Halo alert!
    Although it’s so weird that he’s 30 already.. he looks young.

  • Souhila

    Wow , she’s teasing him ! No need to be a couple to be that close !

  • gzd

    yaww hayden bildiin kocakarı yahu!milo ondan daha küçük duruyi bi kere…yok yok ayrılır bunlar ayrılır:)))))

  • lavagirl

    Well hello HALO, you two are busted lol! MILO is HOT, dang Hayden you lucky girl!

  • angelina_mmm


  • MMM

    18 is too young, just gross. He has lost all his hotness for me, although I still love the show.

    I have never danced like that with a co-worker or guy friend that I didn’t want to get with.

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains


  • Nicky

    Dude they are soooo dating! but they’ll keep saying that nothings going on but come on he was all up on her and she liked it! LOL GO HALO!!

  • emma

    seriously, they are REALLY cute! but.. milo can’t dance xD it looks funny. but it’s cute when he is taking photos of them! and it seems really boring in there, like nobodyu is dancing. maybe it was all jsut old people in there.. what do i know’? ANYWAY. they are deadly cute together.

  • Erin

    Aww yay! That was so cute….they’re adorable together.

  • emma

    oh and SHE’S NOT A CHILD GOD DAMN IT! sure. twlwe years age difference. 18 is not all grown up, but still, if they REALLY date they probably keep undercover one or two years. i mean.. c’mon! deemi moore ashton kutcher? catherine zeta jones micheal douglas? or whatever they are called. there are people with 25 years age difference.

  • Amy

    I don’t think he’s kissing her, I think he’s whispering or telling her something that he doesn’t want to have to shout in that room. The hair touch though, when she reached back, was definately affectionate.

  • a


  • Jojo

    Ok, I have lost all respect for Milo. I can’t blame her for flirting with him but he is a creep for hitting on that kid.

  • anon

    i don’t think anyone wld be battering an eylid to these two if she was in her twenties (early,mid or late twenties) its just that she to many people is still seen as a teenager cos she is 18 even though she is legal!

    i say fair play to them whatever makes you happy! :)

  • Jai

    I’m a little disappointed that he’s rhythmythically challenged.

  • Kellie

    If they aren’t a couple yet, they’re not far away from it.

    ohh la la Halo!!

    Keep the Halo news coming please, Jared!! :)

  • sillyme

    If he was like 40 or something, I’d think it was weird, but 18 and 30? Doesn’t bother me. I think it’s kind of strange if he only dates girls who are teenagers, but, whether we like it or not, they’re both young adults. And, at least he waited until she turned 18. But, that Milo – he doesn’t seem to have any sense of rhythm.

  • j

    Thanks JJ! That was HOT!!!!

  • parisbynight

    If they are really dating, he definitly needs to consult a psychologist! First the girl from GG then Hayden = same schema. Am I the only one who thinks Peter Pan sydrom? He also pick the youngest girl.
    She seems to be a nice normal girl and he’s cute (did you notice how much a simple haircut can make you way hotter?)so good for them.

  • doc

    i dont get the problem. i like halo…this is a good look. i never would have guess that he was 30 though. he looks young. maybe that is the reason why i dont have a problem with it. mroe halo…chyea

  • duh

    They were dating way before she turned 18. They just are hanging out more now because Milo can’t get into trouble!

  • Haloluv

    I come to you for Halo updates JJ!! You never dissapoint. Now if only you could get your hands on his memory card…

  • Julie

    Okay first of all!They are so ON!!
    Second, I don’t think Milo is rythmically challenged he seemed to be on the beat, don’t know.
    Third, didn’t it annoy anybody how Haden was up with her arms most of the time when you could see that nobody in the crowd had their hands up, can you say attention whore?(You can see she wants all eyes on her all the time UGH!)
    Fourth He seemed to be whispering in her ear because you can see she reacts on the thing he said!
    But the back grab thingy of her on Milo’s face was soo flirty!!

    Anyway, I don’t really mind but it’s kinda weird, whatever floats your boat I must say!

  • m

    Hysterical… love the “jazz hands”, Hayden.

    He could be her dad – I wonder if that creeps him out – even just a little.

  • http://d brit

    i dont blame her , he is soo fucking hot, if i was near him , i would want him too…yumm

  • Lindsey

    The girl from Gilmore Girls is 26. Hayden just turned 18 last month. She lives with her parents and isn’t even legally old enough to drink. Yuck!

  • Lee

    Yeah, thanks for ruining Heroes for me, guys. I really thought, you were better than that, Milo. So pathetic to see him perving over a teenager.

  • Anthony

    I think they are cute together, so what if he’s a little older..who’s not these days! Atleast he looks young!

  • Sarah

    it’s really not important, they happy together so leave them alone …

  • beth

    AWW besy hollywood couple!

  • halo supporter!

    HALO!!! YATTA!!! xDD omg can’t wait to see more news about them…