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Jennifer Aniston Wedding Pictures

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Pictures

Bennifer 3.0 continued!

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck enjoy a steamy kissing scene together while filming He’s Not That Into You on Thursday in San Pedro, Calif. Like I told you earlier today, the couple were “married” on a boat decorated with flowers.

DO YOU THINK Ben and Jen make a cute couple?

10+ pictures inside of Bennifer 3.0 looking like a cozy couple…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 01
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 02
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 03
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 04
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 05
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 06
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 07
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 08
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 09
jennifer aniston wedding pictures 10

Photos: QK/FlynetOnline
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  • Jill loves to hate

    Oh boy, here come the freaks of nature.

  • Kaitlin

    i like both Jen and Ben but i don’t like them together. They may persuade me in the movie though. Can’t wait!!

  • ……..

    he’s cutest w/his wife jennifer garner. Don’t get me wrong, I love jennifer aniston… but she totally belongs with Brad Pitt!! The movie looks good! :0)

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    any will smith on set photos?

  • anon


  • Jill loves to hate

    I bet she takes Mrs.Pitt to the red carpet, awww!

  • lissie

    poor ben. has to kiss her

  • joan

    what happen to Ben’s career? Does he really have to make this stupid movie? He really is a loser

  • Cheerios

    1 Jill loves to hate – I have skimmed over the last few pages of BA and MLP threads briefly. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND HAVE BEEN POSTING YOU DIATRIBE ALL OVER THIS SITE TODAY. Bored or just lonely. My bet is just lonely HAHAHAHAHAHA – typical…

    You must be ritzy or one of her many personalities. But I wont keep you company. Your refill has been left with the your neighborhood pharmacist.

  • Tash

    I wish no nastiness towards Bens wife as they seem very happy – but wow! These two really suit each other! Wouldnt that be ironic considering how her marriage ended………or how we THINK it ended I should say……….

  • lil

    Okay, Jenhans, here is another thread of your fav self-absorbed, forever trying to be 20 year old. Go hog wild!

  • anonymous

    Okay, I am tired of her already. I saw on another site set photos of Scarlett J. and Drew B., where are their set photos????? There are other people starring in this movie besides SNOOZE FEST Jennifer Aniston.

    Can we get photos on set of the real talent in this movie please!

  • Vee

    DUH–I think he has a HOT wife and PRECIOUS daughter. They may make a cute movie together, but she doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Zach

    who cares bennifer?

    i want to see zanessa news and stuff

  • DL

    Jen looks boring and her hair looks the sameway all the time.

  • anonymous

    They look really cute together and would make a great couple….take that Brad Pitt.

  • Why Ben?

    Ben still doesn’t know how to pick a decent script, does he? He’s already overshadowed by his “best friend” Matt Damon, and his wife, Jennifer Garner will be in two pretty decent movies soon, The Kingdom and Juno, so you know her career is going to take off, and here’s Ben, with this cheesy Rom-Com that will further put a dent in his already plumetting career. I sure hope he makes a good director with Gone Baby Gone, because this movie already looks like it’s going to suck! If he wasn’t finished already as an actor this movie should finallt do it. “He’s Not That Into You”, please …. give me a fucking break!!!!!

  • benfan

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston, I like it, so much better than Vince Vaughn or Jennifer Garner.

  • anonymous

    So you are saying Ben should leave his wife and child for her!!?????

  • geraldo

    Boring. She got nothing to offer. Zach, vanessa, Rihanna, etc are the in celebs. She’s a has-been trying to blend in. Stop acting like a youngster Aniston, act your age. Pity

  • Friends

    Jennifer Aniston is a great actress and her films are always box office hits, this one should be too. Ben is tall dark and handsome, perfect for beautiful blonde down to earth Jennifer. I’m so glad they finally made a film together. Ben gets to kiss her, lucky dude.

  • minxx

    Oh, noo… save poor Ben! Next thing you know, Huvane will be planting “romantic dinners” stories in the tabloids only to deny them next week, as usual. Didn’t we already hear about her other costar in this movie (Bradley Cooper?) romancing her?

  • just a thought

    16 anonymous : 09/20/2007 at 11:45 pm
    They look really cute together and would make a great couple….take that Brad Pitt

    IT A MOVIE FOLKS. :lol:

  • geraldo

    Bennifer III. Ben go for it. I hope Ben will leave Jen G. for Jen A. after starting it with Jen L.

  • benfan

    I love me so Bennifer 3.0. They would make a hot couple on the red carpet.

  • hicky

    Yuck, wash your mouth Ben she’s infected!

  • benfan

    It’s a movie??? So was Mrs Smith and looks what happened. Sometimes the chemistry and attraction between two people cannot be denied and Jennifer Aniston and Ben look really good together.

  • anonymous

    ^^Wow I am sad to see that people would want to see Ben Affleck leave his family (he do have a child with his wife) for boring ass Jennifer Aniston.

    I guess if this happens your beloved Jennifer Aniston will be the HOMEWRECKER, SLUT, & WHORE.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Poor Chin. Unfortunate looking. When she writes her two page autobigography, she should title it the name of her new flick “He’s Not That Into You”. The 2 people who will buy it, will get it. It describes her life.

    Poor thing. No career. No Man. Again.

  • http://- Ayaka


  • Bonnie

    How involved is Jen in this St Jude Children charity?

    On 11/8/2006, this link will give you a clue, from justjared site, scroll down to Jennifer Aniston for St Jude.

    1) She is only wearing a T shirt. This link shows a picture of her wearing the Tee. It did NOT say she donate any money.

    2) There are more pictures of St Jude fashion show charity dinner event. But Jared said those fashion charity events pictures were taken in 2003, meaning Jen was NOT in any functions for 2004 and 2005. For 2006, she wore a T shirt , period !!

  • WHAT?

    That’s what the dumb broad gets. The attention that she so craves. She is one ugly mug.

  • Fugiston alert

    I hope this movie bombs. It seems dumb, and I do not care for Fugiston AT ALL.

  • Liz

    Make a cute couple??? What kind of nonsense is that? BEN IS MARRIED!!!

    Wow, some of this crap never ceases to amaze me…

  • angel hair

    yes, they’d make an insanely cute couple. and i don’t even like either one that much!

  • Liz

    I’m sure his wife appreciates the reference to Bennifer.


  • Me

    Bennifer 3.0 sucks anyway.

  • benfan

    Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t be a homewrecker if Ben wanted to leave his wife, sometimes marriages don’t work out especially in hollywood. Ben didn’t go with his wife to the premiere of her new film so I don’t think he’s that into her anymore…Go Ben & Jen 3.0

  • Me

    Bennifer 3.0 s u c ks anyway.

  • Coco

    what an ugly couple – platonic or otherwise, these two are boring and unattractive and one of them is not talented.

  • Fools

    There are truly some silliness on this board that supports the illusion of Ben Affleck leaving not only his wife but his adorable daughter for crusty ass Jennifer Aniston. But the very same folks that are saying they would support their affair are the very same folks that trash you know who everyday and continue to spew hate towards them each and every day. Double, Triple, Quadruple standards I tell.

  • chin’s a dog

    RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!
    RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!
    RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!
    RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!
    RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!RUN Ben RUN!!!

  • BBperfume

    I truly hope that Jennier Aniston finds love again with another man and she will not repeat the same mistakes she had with Pitt. But in our secret souls, wouldn’t mind grabbing popcorn if such Hollywood scandal does occur into Bennifer 3.0 !!!!!Not that I’m wishing bad on Ben’s family (hehe!)

  • angie

    Despite Ben’s preaching that he wants to be taken “seriously” as an actor wtih only good scripts from now on, I still think he’s in it for the fame. He always was.

    He hates that he’s being forgotten.

  • Whateva

    Everyone knows that Maniston can’t keep a man. He’s a happily married man with a cute kid. No one would leave their spouse for that ugly mug.

  • Ghost

    The best post is #5 Are you assholes for real? This is a movie you stupid Fucks. This is not real life!!!!! I will say it again. Are you assholes for real. Please try and see that Ben and Jen did not get married to each-other, as one of them is allready married……… This is a movie you stupid Fucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yen

    She try to steal Violet’s father, such a cheap old granny, shame shame shame

  • Jill

    27 benfan : 09/20/2007 at 11:55 pm
    It’s a movie??? So was Mrs Smith and looks what happened. Sometimes the chemistry and attraction between two people cannot be denied and Jennifer Aniston and Ben look really good together.

    So Angelina is a “homewrecker” but if Affleck leaves his wife and child for Jenzilla, it’s just “chemistry” and “attraction”?

    You people’s hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

  • genx

    chinnifer has a rep of sucking it up to Alist men . RUN BEN RUN BEN RUN BEN RUN BEN!!
    I hope Jen G come in and kick the sh*t of smellyniston!!!!
    You know Jen G could just wipe smellyniston @ss all over the floor with one swift kick to smellyniston s kanky vejenjen

  • benfan

    Ben always falls for his leading ladies, Gwyneth, JLo and JGarner and now Jennifer Aniston, they would look really good together on the red carpet and Ben and Jennifer would make a really cute all american couple.

    Why are all of Jennifer Garner’s fans being so mean about Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner’s no better looking and Jennife Aniston is more successful as an actress both on TV and in the movies than Jennifer Garner, so I guess it’s just jealousy.