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Vanessa Hudgens: Mommy-and-Me Time!

Vanessa Hudgens: Mommy-and-Me Time!

Vanessa Hudgens runs errands around town on Wednesday with mom Gina Guangco (and bodyguard in tow) in Burbank, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the High School Musical star wore the same outfit to the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel but wore an oversized beanie, sunglasses and pigtails.

Wonder where Vanessa is creeping into?!

Bonus: Zac Efron (in Rome) answering fan questions with MSN Italy.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa spending some quality mommy-and-me time…

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vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 01
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 02
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 03
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 04
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 05
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 06
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 07
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 08
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 09
vanessa hudgens mom gina guangco 10

Photos: Scott/Brooks/Bauer-Griffin
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  • chay

    thanks Jared!

  • Alina

    Look’n good V…
    U look great in pig tails though!!!

  • Kaitlin

    V is looking good. Hopefully she is doing better then she was last week.


    JJ u r so cool, Thanks! Love Vanessa so much! i never though that her hair is already that long, or maybe extension.. i bet she just came home from peninsula hotel.

  • Jennifer

    Vanessa has a little smile and thats great to see. Im glad she is out doing stuff. Vanessa Im a big fan and always will be. Stay strong.

  • sandrea

    a smile is a good sign…

    looking better V!

  • angel

    She’s so gorgeous!
    she looks a lot better these days..
    I’m happy for you V! ^_^

  • janette

    is she wearing her zanessa ring??

  • sandrea

    and… is the guy really a bodyguard? body guard? hmmm…

  • Starbucks Addict

    She’s an absolute doll! Not many girls look that great in pants made that way. V makes them work like they’re supposed to.

  • lana

    V is still waering her ring you can see it in the one where she is holding the water bottle!!! That puts brake up theories with zac to rest!

  • lana

    #11 extra on she is running sorry i just realized she is holding the water bottle in all… lol

  • viviana

    For those who are asking if she’s wearing the ring….yes, she is….you can see it in one of the pics….but….does that really matter????? Let her live her life in peace.

  • Nat

    Thanks JJ. Also the whole rumour about her and Zac breaking up are a load of crap. OK mag posted that they broke up and that Nessa’s rep denied the rumours and said they were still together and then all of the other press grabbed onto it but forgot to publish that her rep has denied the rumours of a break up.

    She is wearing the ring :D and so is Zac.


    know what jared, i have a feeling that a lot of people especially zanessa fans (like me lol!) have been waiting almost 24 hrs for u to update us w/ new pix! hahaha love u Jared!

  • bru

    I cant see her ring, but i’m sure she’s wearing it. Zac is always with his…

  • cindy

    Looking much better Vanessa! Hope things are looking up now.

  • Nat

    If you enlarge this pic you can see it on her finger…But you kinda need to get close the screen

  • peppy

    V-loyalist, thats true drive my daughter crazy cos i keep interupting her game. Shes lovely pretty much beautiful without all those gunk (make-up) celebrity wear when they go out.

  • VANESSA’S BIGGEST FAN: i’m faith

    lol #15 yes u r right! we are or at least i am waiting for new pix of her! omg i almost cried when i saw her like that coz she looks good and happy-ish!
    and her mum is smiling so that must be good!
    wow she looks so amazing i mean … natural beauty!
    and that guys creeps me lol how he looks at the camera! it’s like “if u got any closer to her, you’ll DIE!” lmao!
    and i’m so happy her hair is growing back though i liked the short hair too!
    keep up the good work JJ ! coz nessa rox!

  • VANESSA’S BIGGEST FAN: i’m faith

    lol #15 yes u r right! we are or at least i am waiting for new pix of her! omg i almost cried when i saw her like that coz she looks good and happy-ish!
    and her mum is smiling so that must be good!
    wow she looks so amazing i mean … natural beauty!
    and that guys creeps me lol how he looks at the camera! it’s like “if u got any closer to her, you’ll DIE!” lmao!
    and i’m so happy her hair is growing back though i liked the short hair too!
    keep up the good work JJ ! coz nessa rox!

  • TH

    Look at pic 05. If you enlarge it you can see the ring on her finger :D

  • ljkg

    Imagine her with short hair and THEN tell me she’s pretty. *g*

  • sanja

    I wonder if she’s going to look like her mother when she’s older!


    i definitely see the ring at #5 pix.! oh my God! im so obsessed with their kuuipo rings! hahaha! Btw vanessa is such a natural beauty w/ or w/o make up! I want to sing… Nanananana.. You are the music in me!

  • VANESSA’S BIGGEST FAN: i’m faith

    she’s pretty #22 i imagned her!!!
    and #23 i dnt think so coz nessa has a caucsen(sp?) dad but nessa’s mum is all filipno(sp?)

  • Rachel

    Glad to see a smile on her face.Go Vanessa!!!!!!!!!LIVE IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Jared for updating us with Zanessa!

  • Stacy

    Thanks for the pics. She does look a little better in these pics then the ones from last week. Thats goos to see. Is it just me or did the bodyguard look like he wanted to kick the paps a** in a couple of those pics. hahahaha

  • xxy

    Learn to spell, #25.


    She looked better before

  • kathastic

    vanessa is so stunning wow!!!!!!
    such a natural beauty…she looks great even without makeup

  • Lo

    Thanks Jared!

  • kathastic

    and i love your creeping joke jared
    she does look kinda funny in that pic….:) haha

  • ???

    Let me first say I think Z & V make an adorable couple. I hope they don’t break up because of all the attention they are getting right now.

    I have doubts about the “break up” (at least the rumor why) in that:
    1) OK! is not the most reliable source (Brad and Angelina have been on the verge for a while)
    2) I can’t see V going to a Hollywood party and, if she did, there not being some photo proof (she has been harrassed by paps since she got back. They would make far more money with pics of her out on the town than her going to the movies, gym, church, etc.). I am sure that if she were at a party, we would have seen the pics by now.
    3) The pictures of them from Sunday were taken after the supposed break up. Yes, they don’t look very happy but I would be upset too if I had to deal with cameras in my face all the time. Not to mention I seriously doubt anyone would be thinking about getting food (especially together) if they were breaking up.

    However, let me point out that just because V & Z are still wearing their ring does not mean they are together. Since EVERYONE knows about the rings it would just be easier for them to continue wearing them than to have to answer questions about not wearing them.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the avoided each other for a while in public to get people to think they broke up. I bet they are regretting they confirmed their relationship. When it was just speculation they were much happier. It was only after they acknowledged it that it blew up in their face.

    Basically all my ranting is to say not to believe everything you read. Some of it may be true but only time will tell. They have gone through break up rumors many times before.

    V does look a lot better in these pics. Hopefully we will see her smile again. I haven’t seen many pap pics of Z in the past year where he is happy to see the cameras so I take his annoyance with a grain of salt.

  • AddictedtoV

    yeah yooh!!! Vanessa is so gorgeous with or without make up shes really a beautiful girl no doubt about it.

    go go go baby V stay strong!!!

    proud VANESSA supporter 110 percent!!!

  • Sherr

    she looks adorable jj =]
    thanks for the pix!

  • vegs

    she looks FREAKEN GOOD!!!!
    i love VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!

  • ohyeah

    WOW she looks so good! she really does! natural beauty! i love you v

  • danica

    she will not look like her mother since she is mixed ….her mom is pure filipino while vanessa’s dad is caucasian….so that makes her look exotic and inrteresting…

  • AddictedtoV

    btw thanks for JJ two thumbs up for you!!! need more pics of Vanessa keep on updating us!!!

    Vanessa hope to see more pics of yours and keep smiling on that way makes my day complete!!!

    ofcourse loves ZANESSA live in love forever!!!

  • lola

    waouwwwwwwww she’s sob beautifullll , whitout make up and with make up !
    her ebauty is so exotic and she’s so hot ^^

    i love her hair too !!!!
    her mom is smiling :DDDD

  • ils vont…

    Well we know what she is going to look like in 15 years, that is not a good thing. better cash in while she can.

  • Leyre

    Thanks Jared!
    Vanessa looks better than in other pictures for the last weeks.


  • emmakate

    if she and zak are no longer together that’s perfectly understandable…they’re both very young and will go through many more life experiences…its nice to be in love but i guess only time will tell….also zak’s apparent closeness with nikki while promoting hairspray says a lot in my opinion…not saying that he and nikki are a couple now, but they obviously bonded and that must have put more of a strain in vanessa and zak’s relationship… he seemes very comfortable and cosy in nikki’s company so that says a lot…just my opinion…

  • Erin

    Awww, she’s looking a lot better…love her jeans too…she looks really great :P


    #33 – i value your opinion, everybody is entitled to it. but i must say, i recall only one interview w/ vanessa that indeed she says she is dating zac but dont want to divulge any details of it, but most of the time they will say maybe.. or no comment, or sometimes.. i dont talk about my personal life and blah..blah..blah..what you see is what you get! So when they were spotted together in Hawaii and after that sported the supposed “Sweethearts Ring” a lot of people speculate that they are really together.. So the “Sweetheart Rings” is as important for us zanessa fans to believe that they are together, even if we dont see them smile to the paps, who cares as long as we see them together, its enough for us, or at least 4 me.

    and ya.. rumors of v in a party is sooo ridiculous! as in i an idiot! after what happened to me! my naked body is in the net and people ridicule me, i will add another insult to injury! Shame on me!

  • Olivia

    Thx Jared! Always waiting for new Vanessa and Zac pics! Thx for always keeping us updated.

  • jenny

    she looks great
    love her outfit
    good morning ya’ll
    vanessa looks better
    not 100% recovered but better
    love the hair no make-up wow
    i wish i looked like that without make-up
    keep stong vanessa

  • iluvvanessa4ever

    v looks better!!…in the third picture, why is she walking that way??? that’s really the queation in my head right now…..heheheh

  • adfasdfsdfasefasdf

    F uck Nikki Fat a ss blonsky luv u zac/vanessa!