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Britney Spears Sucks Pacifiers

Britney Spears Sucks Pacifiers

I was right!

We all know that Britney Spears appeases her oral fixation by sucking on lollipops but aren’t pacifiers taking it a little too far?

While Britney was out shopping with son Sean Preston, 2, in Beverly Hills on Thursday, Britney put Jayden‘s pacifier in her own mouth. Granted, she was busy shopping and her dress had no pockets to stow it away…

IF YOU WERE/ARE A MOTHER, would you suck on your own child’s pacifier?

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02 britney spears sucking pacifier
03 britney spears sucking pacifier
04 britney spears sucking pacifier
05 britney spears sucking pacifier
britney spears sucking pacifier 01
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211 Responses to “Britney Spears Sucks Pacifiers”

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  1. 51
    miranda Says:

    Everything here is a substitute – nannies instead of mother, pacifiers instead of maternal attachment, bottles instead of breast, toy figures instead of mirroring one on one. It hurts the heart to think of the patterns she’s setting down for her children FOR LIFE.

  2. 52
    sucking Says:

    Dunno where mother’s mouth has been and what’s floating around in her saliva.

  3. 53
    Mama - Clue - Take One Says:

    There ~is~ something wrong with putting something into YOUR mouth and then putting that bacteria into your child’s mouth. Not to mention why any mother would choose to shove a plastic sucking device in their baby’s mouth to begin with, which is probably why there are so many orally deficient adults in the world right now. Instead of getting NATURAL MOTHER’S FOOD they get formulas and plastic DUMMIES.

    Oh yeah, that’s just great for their mental health.

    Wake the f up, please!

  4. 54
    Noyb Says:

    MAYBE IT WAS DIRTY… come on.. give it a break.. you people are pushing the limits now.

  5. 55
    celebrityfriend Says:

    Black women do it all the time

  6. 56
    Ag Says:

    Every mother do it. So what the matter with that ???

  7. 57
    TH Says:

    Some of you people need to get a life. Who says dummies are bad for a babies mental health? There have been no studies saying that there is something wrong with a babies head if they have a dummy.

    I had a dummy when I was a baby and I was one of the smartest people in my class. In fact I was doing the same work as the kids 2 years above me with ease.

    Don’t scrutinize what you don’t know. NOT every mother is the same. Some mothers would stick dummies in their mouths others wouldn’t. My mother in law has never given her kids dummies at all and my daughter is more well behaved, calm and peaceful then her children. NO she doesn’t have a dummy any more, she hasn’t had it for over a year.

    Just leave the girl alone. Let her do what she wants. They are HER kids and no one can tell her how to raise them. If you don’t like they way she is raising them then keep your comments to yourselves.

    If Gwen Stefani’s baby had a dummy and she did the same thing no one would even care, same with Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes.

  8. 58
    Brian Says:


  9. 59
    sucking Says:

    It is UNNATURAL. A crying child needs to express themselves via crying once in a while to EMOTE and to deny a child that right by SHOVING A PLASTIC STIFILING DEVICE INTO THEIR MOUTHS – is wrong, morally, spiritually, emotionally and psychically. And anyone who condones this kind of stifling is probably whacked out of their minds into denial, lest they have to take responsibility for f-ing up their own child lives.

  10. 60
    baby advocate Says:

    A mother is supposed to be a child’s comforter – not a piece of RUBBER!

  11. 61
    Angie Says:

    TH, you can wash a dirty pacifier in your mouth only in your dreams :) I have never seen pix of Angelina, K Holmes or Gwen sucking pacifiers, i bet they’re a way too smart to do thing like this, or to do it in public place at all.

  12. 62
    swat Says:

    brit’s looking good here. i’m glad.

  13. 63
    NO LOVE Says:

    WTF!!!!! THAT’S DISGUSTING!!! i would NEVER give my baby “grown up” bacteria…she could make him sick!!!! just think what some people put in their mouths???? poor kid is now probably sucking on bathroom day old sperm!!!!!


  14. 64
    cindy Says:

    Moms do that when a baby drops a pacifier. It’s better than no pacifier or a dirty one. Leave Britney alone!

  15. 65
    Pole Says:

    I’ve done that if they have dropped it or something.

  16. 66
    msguidedmama Says:

    ill informed parents do it all the time. nasty, wrong, ill-advised, but as ‘common’ as Brit Brit herself.

    No I would not do it and never did because a) pacifiers are unhealthy and b) I know better

  17. 67
    baby advocate Says:

    Strung out mothers just can’t deal with a baby’s crying SO FOR THE MOTHER’S SAKE – this pathetic device was invented. For the pathetic mothers’ sake – it’s GOT ZERO to do with a baby here. It’s just instead of smothering them with a pillow, I guess.

  18. 68
    ('@') Says:

    It’s very normal. All moms did it at least once. It’s better in mommy’s mouth than put it in the pocket. It’s just like you would put a garage ticket in you mouth for a sec when you go through the garage gate, right? Don’t make small thing big, Jared. Kinda disappointed on this post of yours!!

  19. 69
    Mimi Says:

    I wouldn’t suck on the pacifier, even if it has fallen on the flor or I have no pockets to put it in. Cleaning it that way is just WronG, I think.

    PEace OuT!!

  20. 70
    Pacifiers Screw Kids Up Says:

    and why anyone would say they’re *fine* and *ok* goes beyond human comprehension when ALL studies point to them being DETRIMENTAL to the physical and emotional health of the CHILDREN!

  21. 71
    SHITNEY Says:


  22. 72
    baby stifling is wrong Says:

    Pacifiers are nothing buy dildos for babies.


  23. 73
    Tallchic Says:

    Hell No! I wouldn’t suck on my kids pacifier! Some people just should not have kids! She still acts like a little spoiled kid herself. She’s a train wreck!

  24. 74
    Angelina's granny panties Says:

    Poor kids have no chance.

  25. 75
    All Moms Says:

    No – *all moms* didn’t do it, FYI.

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