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Britney Spears Sucks Pacifiers

Britney Spears Sucks Pacifiers

I was right!

We all know that Britney Spears appeases her oral fixation by sucking on lollipops but aren’t pacifiers taking it a little too far?

While Britney was out shopping with son Sean Preston, 2, in Beverly Hills on Thursday, Britney put Jayden‘s pacifier in her own mouth. Granted, she was busy shopping and her dress had no pockets to stow it away…

IF YOU WERE/ARE A MOTHER, would you suck on your own child’s pacifier?

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01 britney spears sucking pacifier
02 britney spears sucking pacifier
03 britney spears sucking pacifier
04 britney spears sucking pacifier
05 britney spears sucking pacifier
britney spears sucking pacifier 01
britney spears sucking pacifier 02
britney spears sucking pacifier 03
britney spears sucking pacifier 04
britney spears sucking pacifier 05
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  • nasty MF

    Also the mothers i know and love go out prepared, with
    water, wipes, pampers etc, when you have children there
    is always emergency situations, a good mother knows that.

    Second though! the Pacifier may be Britney’s and not her sons,
    she loves sucking on something.

  • angela

    As a mother of three, I have put there pacifers in my mouth. Even if I had pockets. That is not unheard of for a mother to do. Never mind worring about Britney, talk about something the matters, the war in Iraq.

  • spooky

    People should quit saying that everyone does it…I’m a mom and I have never stuck my kids pacifiers in my mouth for one second. What a great way to pass along germs….It’s nasty.

  • Bea

    People do that when there high on ecstasy. they need something to chew on, ANYTHING. i guess brit ran out of lollipops & gum!

  • ray

    she is disgusting forget about the pacifer just look at her dirty hair and that dress with out a bra. SHE IS SO DISGUSTING.

  • nasty MF

    #102,,, NO angela ,,,let’s talk about the danger you are putting
    your kids in, and are carelessly thinking it’s no big deal.
    If you are passing germs on to your children, you have more to
    think about than Iraq {a good topic of concern}
    and i am not worrying about Britney, but her children deserve better
    all children do, when you have children you are there to protect
    them, if you don’t know how {ask – read- learn} but for God sake
    don’t think it’s ok, peace and heads up!

  • She deserves the ridicule

    This thread has deeply disturbed me. Not only do half of you AGREE with an adult sucking on a pacifier (which is crazy), but the REASON you are giving for it, is to “clean off” the dirt from the ground!? This news is just making my head spin. Parenting classes should be required for all parents, and they should include a hygeine course!

  • Anna

    You really shouldn’t suck your children’s pacifier, because of the bacteriums and germs that are in an adult’s mouth. No joke, the arguments are true. It rises the risk of toddlers getting caries and other tooth decays. But you can probably not expect Britney to know that… Poor kids. Not funny.

  • emch

    No. For hygiene purpose & what a way to clean a dropped pacifier in mum’s mouth! Use baby wipe or wash it with water – ya know – bottled water that you see Britney always carrying! Britney’s giving her child nicotine. She smokes ya all. Poor kiddo with stupid mum-Britney.

  • Post of the day

    my favorite Jay Leno joke was
    ‘’Hurricane Katrina was so bad it wrecked more homes than Angelina Jolie’’

  • britsatrashwhore

    why does everyone feel the need to defend her? Honestly, she asks for it…if people finally stopped talking about her she might kill herself. Nothing seems to phase her. Good or bad as long as they are talking, otherwise she would stay at home with her kids instead of parading them around in front of the paps with 2 different contact lenses in, with glasses(?) sucking on a pasifier?? Hold the damn thing,. Im pretty sure Brit doesnt need another pair of shoes or a purse…Honestly kids want to play and go to the park not be chased down and pushed around by paps at a shoe store. Perez made a valid point, notice there are no pics with Kevin and the kids? He keeps them private…they way it should be. I dont know who I feel more sorry for, her little guys or Micheal Jacksons kids…Bet they will have the same shrink in 20 years.

    by the way, i always heard that people suck on pacifiers when they are high….hmmmmm

  • Angel

    First of all, if you saw the video, she had it in her mouth while she was still in her car parking. If this was jayden’s pacifier, why did she take it with her shopping when she only had Sean? also, why didn’t she giver it to her “assistant” to hold on to since she apparently had a purse? or why not leave it in her car?

  • Shia Cougar

    I never put that part of the pacifer in my mouth.. the other side that doesn’t go in your childs can hold that part in your teeth keeping the other side strictly your childs.. in a pinch.. never put their part in your mouth..esp if you are Brittney..God only knows where her mouth has been.

  • Hobbit

    NO! And no, not every parent does it….maybe idiot parents…but not parents with half a brain. It’s totally unsanitary. And if she’s “just trying to be a good mom” then why take her child to a place that everyone knows is a haven for the paps…One would think a parent would want to protect their child from that kind of thing, whenever possible.

  • flor

    i just want to say that i’m a dentist, and moms putting their kids pacifiers in their mouths to ‘clean’ them is a fairly common practice. however, we strongly advice against it, since a grown-up’s mouth carries bacteria that a child’s mouth doesn’t, and they could end up getting cavities or even worse things by doing this. moms are surprised when they come in the office and we tell them not to do this, because they’ve seen people do it and think it’s ok, but it’s really bad for a child’s oral health. i’m not jumping on britney, since she’s a normal person she might think it’s fine, but it’s really not, i hope she would take her kids to a dentist and then she could be better informed.

  • BeBe

    She will do anything for attention! I don’t see why everyone is so interested in her. She is so over!

  • mk

    poor Sean Preston.The paps are disgusting.and it`s wrong to put the pacifir in the mouth.because of the dental germinates.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! im a mother of a 3 year old girl, and i would NEVER do something like that. my daughter used pacifier for a period time and if she drop it i would clean it up with water or baby whipes, if i didnt have anything on hand i put it away but putting in my mouth, even though im the mother thats nasty. why we never see brit caring a baby backpack?, i mean, she should have bottles, diapers, baby whipes, extra clothing. i assuming that sean diaper must really smell


    there u have, an advise from a dentist(#115) DONT DO IT.

  • Dancer

    What do you mean LEAVE her ALONE? You are hiding your head in the sand. She takes her son shopping for adult clothing on one of the most well known streets in LA? Calculated move? I’d say so. She looks filthy like she hasn’t watched that rat’s nest she calls hair in weeks. Her clothes don’t fit, the shoes are horrendous and she takes that baby out. She knows what the paps are like. She should have left him home and not gone shopping and spent some quality time with the kid instead of providing him for a guarenteed photo op.

  • Karin

    I think that everyone needs to leave Britney alone and leave her in peace. Her children need her to be their mother and not worry about the paparazzi being there 24/7. She’s only human. Let her be! Thanks

  • k

    It isn’t Jayden’s pacifier. If you watch the video on X170nline you will see that she is in the car and she has it in her hand in the front seat and then she puts it in her mouth and sucks on it and then drives off with it in her mouth. It is Britneys pacifier people. She is just straight up screwed in the head.

  • ali

    dude.. she’s a mom, she’s just cleaning it. there are most likely millions of mothers who do that. it’s a form of cleaning it! just like mom’s chew up certain foods and then give it to their kids so they don’t choke.

    i think the real “baby news” here is why lil mama wore what she did to the VMAs…

  • k

    Sorry I meant Sean Preston.

  • Me

    After watching other video of this she isn’t cleaning it. She sucks on it through the store and also while she is driving. She actually looks right at the photogs while sitting in the car almost as if she is posing for them to get the pic of it in her mouth.

    One eye blue the other brown sucking on a pacifier. Just more and more she seems like she needs serious therapy. At what point is it too much? How mentally ill does someone need to act before something is done?

  • From the block

    Parents suck on pacifiers (aka as dummies in the UK) all the time, but only when it drops on the floor and they wash it first. Its something to do with the immune system in a baby not being as strong as an adult’s.

  • R

    Give the girl a break – bet your mother sucked your pacifier when you were a baby. I dare you to ask her!

  • Kara

    #126 Parents suck on pacifiers (aka as dummies in the UK) all the time, but only when it drops on the floor and they wash it first. Its something to do with the immune system in a baby not being as strong as an adult’s.
    Why would they suck on the pacifier when they have washed it? I commend you for washing them but I don’t get it. Are you saying that parents in the UK just suck on pacifiers just to suck them?

  • D


  • minxx

    Sorry folks but only trailer trash sucks on a child’s pacifier to clean it… trust me. I raised two kids who used pacifiers and I NEVER did it. If you child drops his pacifier on the ground, you should have another one in your bag. Or attach the pacifier to the baby’s shirt with a special clasp. Do you also spit on a hanky to clean the baby’s face? Yuck.

  • saby2121

    It is fine. I would how many people who are always talk crap about her are with there own child. I wonder if they are prefect cause it sure seems like they are. If you had people following you around all day I am sure they could fine some crap on you all too. Why don’t they ever show things like holding her child feed them and so on people are so full of crap esecially haters.

  • minxx

    Other photos show that, in addition to sucking on a pacifier, Brit is wearing ONE blue contact. The girl needs some serious help. Before it’s too late!

  • D

    I thought email address is not published – why is it coming up.

  • flo

    Go watch x17 video of this incident. Those kids will hate her when they get older. TRUST!!

    If she at least tempted to take them to the park or for ice cream then I would give her the benefit of the doubt but she was just clothes shopping instead. She can do that kind of thing on her own instead of dragging that precious child in front of those awful pap cameras. Bless Sean!!! He is a cutie pie!

  • Endy500

    I’ve actually have put my son’s in my mouth, ecspecially if it dropped on the ground or something. Or when I was playing with him when I wanted him to take it out of his mouth, so I put it on mine. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with it. Everyone critizes her for the littlest things. There are so many people out here that do cruel things to their children, not feeding them, putting cigs out on them. Don’t get me wrong she does some things that aren’t in the best interest for her children. But we are all human.

  • ew for sean

    Poor baby, now his pacifier will taste like cigarettes and semen. And aren’t kids supposed to be weaned off the “binky” way before they’re two?

  • ew for sean

    ok cigarettes and sea men.

  • (‘@’)

    To #115: so mommy and adult shouldn’t be kissing baby lips due to the bacteria issue?

  • Linda

    Give me a break all of you people that knock her having it her mouth, whether you like her or not, you obviously haven’t been a parent, I am a mother of 3, grandmother to 4, and on several occasions I have had to stick it in my mouth, not out of being bad parent, but because of the situation at hand. Lets all get real with the critizing

  • Someone clean


  • cheers

    You can’t steam a pacifier, it is rubber and will get gummy and gross.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • ils vont…

    she looks filthy. and I think her boob is about to pop out. cant wait until the money runs out.

  • rosenyland

    Who care about the pacifier? Check out Tater in his carseat. What a lazy bitch this woman is, loser. Can she read? The thing comes with a manual. The staps are all over the place and the chest clip is on his belly. Ruin your own life, Brit. Don’t kill yor kid.

    Who care about the pacifier? Check out Tater in his carseat. What a lazy bitch this woman is, loser. Can she read? The thing comes with a manual. The staps are all over the place and the chest clip is on his belly. Ruin your own life, Brit. Don’t kill yor kid.

    Who care about the pacifier? Check out Tater in his carseat. What a lazy bitch this woman is, loser. Can she read? The thing comes with a manual. The staps are all over the place and the chest clip is on his belly. Ruin your own life, Brit. Don’t kill yor kid.

  • let Britney live her life!

    okay, whoever said the pacifier dropped on the floor? And im pretty sure that Britney is a smart girl and would not suck the thing after been put in her child’s mouth, nor put it in her child’s mouth after sucking on it. C’mon people, we all know that if there is one thing Britney does not love more, it’s her children. Things you people come up with. Leave her alone, let her breathe for a while, and maybe, just maybe, every little single thing she does, will not seem to be so ironic and crazy!

  • sami

    I don’t think her sucking on the pacifier is as big of a deal as the little kid wearing a necklace (aka-choking hazard).

  • malibumom

    Step by step healing suggestions 4 u Brit

    1. Take all the weave out of your hair and wear it naturally
    2. Get your detox on! Include a colon cleansing-
    3. Stop reading garbabge
    4. Start reading books and articles of substance:7 Habits, Purpose Driven Life;How full is your bucket, Who moved my cheese!
    5. Make some appointments with Tony Robbins-
    6.Exercise every morning and evening
    7.Meditate at least 30 minutes per day
    8.Read to your kids (Love you Forever, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)
    9. Drink only water and clear fluids for the next two months
    10. Have a long talk with Britney Spears. You need to get in touch with her. It seems you haven’t communicated with her for a while now.

    *Stop worshiping at the Church of Public Opinion-It will send you to an early Grave-


    =Nobody discusses the fact that Britney is paying for her sins!

    She made Shar Jackson grieve when she took Kevin away when Shar was 7 months pregnant.

    KARMA BABY — It can send oyu crazy!

  • malibumom=runaroundsue

    gotta changed the name I’ve had for over 2 years-too many on the web don’t want to be mixed up with anyone

  • just saying

    At least she has him in a car seat. Angelina shows up with 3 kids and herself at Mad’s school each day all climbing out of the back seat. There is no way she and 3 kids, 2 of which belong in car seats fit in the back seat. She is riding with one of those kids on her lap which is unsafe and illegal.