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Chris Crocker @ The Maury Show

Chris Crocker @ The Maury Show

Do You Smell What the Crock is Cooking????

Youtube sensation Chris Crocker made a guest appearance on The Maury Show on Thursday… in some leopard-print top and matching skin-tight pants.

His online rant defending Britney Spears generated 8 million hits and how does he get rewarded? He’s getting his own TV show. 44 Blue Productions has inked a deal with the 19-year-old, who lives in his grandparents’ basement in Tennessee.

“America, I want you to know that before I’m an American, I’m a Britney fan.”

Chris CrockerThe Maury Show, 9/20
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  • Order

    wow. hes. wow. attention whore.

  • [marie]

    Are You F*cking Serious?!

  • Ana

    America is shot to hell with absolutely no means of ever being able to retrieve itself. abso-f’ing-lutely ridiculous

  • Orange Clockwork

    I never understood the spontaneous bleeping on the Maury show.

  • de Cosmos

    The YouTube video was good for a big laugh because it was well done, timely and over the top.

    I think that Crocker will wear thin really quickly with more of the same. If he has good management and is creative enough to provide variety and more great parody, he may get a good run.

  • Frenchy

    He just landed a telelvision deal on MTV.

  • whatever

    I can’t believe Maury had this Fxxk in his show… he looks and dresses nasty. Gross.. Justjared please do us a favor pull this off and not to waste any space here

  • brzig

    This is what makes America great?

  • From the block

    #8 I agree. I can’t believe America has taken this freak seriously. It’s just laughable how far people can get these days. He even looks like a freak too.

  • Chris fan

    This is so funny!!!


    He made it to Maury!!
    He’s a crazy bitch
    LOVE this

  • Iris

    There are ridiculous people everywhere, not just in the US. They just seem to get more publicity in the US.


    Chris Cocker rules….
    Did he get a DNA test too??!!!

  • (‘@’)

    People don’t like him bc he keeps defending his idol, Britney. But what is wrong with it? Many fans out there defending their idols every single day. His motive is simple and pure, he just loves Britney!! He dares to against all anit-Britney voices to defend and protect his idol. Nothing is wrong with it. I am not Britney nor Chris’s fan, I am just cheering for his motive.

  • dreeds

    We love Chris!!! REALLY FUNNY

    Cannot believe he was on maury

  • Aaron

    Of course he looks like a little freak: that’s what’s so great about him! He knows it, he doesn’t care.

    Yes, “Chris Crocker” is over the top. Is the real kid behind him like that all the time? Maybe. Maybe not. I doubt he really knows at this point. He’s only nineteen, after all.

  • Harryreid

    This is really funny
    His outfit is fucking crazy

  • Hugo

    Who cares?

  • lola


  • Abc22

    Wow that guy is CRAZy!!!

  • wow

    please…no more

  • he sux

    stop giving this guy face time, he’s worthless.

  • bigfear

    Scary bitch

  • chriscck

    Who on earth would give this man a TV show

    What is it going to be about????

    Anyone know

  • Galia

    This guy must be freaking crazy or just a very good actor…The future will show us his (her?) real face :)…

  • Lola

    Here is another guy who tries to get his 15 minutes in the spotlight.
    No one will remember who he is in a month or 2.

  • dreeds

    Does anyone know if THIS is a boy or a girl???

  • dreeds

    Does anyone know if THIS is a boy or a girl???

  • dreeds

    IT, and i do mean IT looks like that pig Avril Lavigne

  • Crazy

    he scares me!

  • Logan

    *cough* WHITE TRASH *cough* :D

  • dreeds

    FOR REAL??

    Is it a boy or a girl!!??

  • B

    WOW!! I have no words LOL!!!

  • dreeds


  • liza

    I could care less for this attention craving crazy!

  • lalalalal

    this guy need sum help
    and chris..face the truth ur a guy not a girl

  • dreeds

    A pretty little boy/girl


    Hellllo NOSEJOB!

  • It’s Britney, b*tch


  • Shrugging an atlas

    I didn’t watch the video cos I’ve no clue who this is…but as I glanced at the pic I could have sworn this guy was Posh Spice…are we sure it’s not her in disguise ;)

  • dreeds

    i simply cant get over the fact that this freak is getting a tv show

  • Souhila


  • mattie

    This is just the downfall of modern civilization …..

  • jared RULES

    Maury should give him a paternity test to find out if he’s male or female

  • Helena

    O m g
    I hate this freak
    He should not be allowed on maury or any other f**king show ….. Just pure gross

  • cockerputz

    Love this
    Thank u muary for putting that dumb ass on!!!

  • hotrach

    A star is born
    I just got goosebumps

  • tomtrec

    I just lost my appetite ….. Gross!!!!

  • britneysbi(

    Does anyone have the address for his fanclub

  • britneysbi(

    Don’t hate …
    We love u chris!!!!!