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Jordan's Jugs = RIDICULOUS

Jordan's Jugs = RIDICULOUS


Don’t these pictures just make you wanna laugh? Those things look so ridiculous. Ridiculous!!!!!!

Katie Price, aka Jordan, and hubby Peter Andre left the kiddies at home and checked out Movida Nightclub in London late Thursday night. Jordan wore a sparkly gray minidress but let me ask you — does the front of the dress lift up much higher than the back because there’s so much extra skin it’s trying to cover?

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01 jordan jugs
02 jordan jugs
03 jordan jugs
04 jordan jugs
05 jordan jugs
06 jordan jugs
07 jordan jugs
08 jordan jugs
jordan jugs 01
jordan jugs 02
jordan jugs 03
jordan jugs 04
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Photos: Focus Pictures/, Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Katie Price, Peter Andre

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  • Tash

    Cheap, trashy and Yuk. But they make me smile for some wierd reason? Maybe its looking at a couple that regardless of WHAT they look like they genuinely seem in love and to care for each other? Or maybe I need to lay off the booze – hehe.

  • mildred l


  • lavagirl

    I thought she said that she was going to reduce the size of those jugs? But then maybe she got the blow-them-up with a pump version. Peter Andre has lost weight.

  • vicky

    they look so cheap..

  • Sunshine Williams

    1st! the both of them look hideous!

    2nd) her makeup is f*cked up

    3rd) her body is f*cked up

    4th) why does she have on this dress?

    5th) her husband looks fruiter than that fruit basket on top of Carmen Maranda’s head! lol


  • bloodywakeup!

    yak! such a sleeze bag!

  • ****

    Jugs Jared? Are you secretly a frat boy?

  • Jennie

    i have nothing against her, but i hate it when girls get surgery and make their boobs look like explosive bombs. sure sure, some girls are insecure about their size. i’m against plastic sugery, unless it’s a medical issue. but i am, because i feel as-though, most girls/women get it for the wrong reasons, and some of the perks that come along are disgusting. most get them for attention, and along comes perverts. especially when you get a boob job, and your new size isn’t realistic. at least make them look natural and perfect for your size, so people can’t tell that it’s fake. i’m not mean, but i live in vegas, and a lot of girls/women here get them done all the time. and it’s outrageous, because you can completely tell that it’s fake, because the size is so horrendous, and they’re even playing, squeezing, feeling their breast in public ! it’s just hideous.

  • Galia

    HAHAHAHA, they really made my day :) I just wonder how she can live with those huge baloons. Anyway, she looks like a cheap porn star and it’s a pitty because the rest of her body looks ok and she could be much better.

  • Lulu.B

    they’re not ugly ppl…just beautifully trashy.

    send ur kids to boarding school!

  • mumrulz

    Ewww! Jared can you put a warning up next time! I just ate.
    something along the lines of “Jordans jugs and her ugly snatch too!!” The last thing I want to look up is her dress. and how much gel crap has that pretty boy Peter got in his hair!

  • angelina_mmm

    they are revolting

  • tman

    yes e! reality stars jordan & peter finally go partying again i hope she doesn’t get drunk i causes a scene . she looks hot so does peter

  • cala

    Nice boobies!

  • wrkoutgrl


  • Cherri


  • Angelina’s granny panties

    These two are so in love, with themselves.



  • Blah!

    Those knockers have made her a multi millionaire! Nothing wrong with that, if you ask me.

  • Ha!

    Why do I know who these people are?

  • Louisa

    shes a british pornstar, so why should we care?! shes a whore…we get it, end of.

  • moi

    Who on earth wears 10 pounds of makeup and fake eyelashes to the MOVIES with a minidress other than Jordan? She might want to wait til she gets that pre-baby body back to go sporting that.

    And they say Britney’s hair is bad? This chic’s is up there too.

  • spooky

    She better hope she doesn’t fall and land face down. Those things will pop like the baloons that they are.

  • melissa

    sh’s gettin them reduced some time this year i dont see why your taking the piss out of her she is down to earth and a real person she doesn’t lie about her life she lets everyone she her for what she is and how she is with harvey and her two other kids!!!

  • Blah!

    She is not a porn star, she is a page 3 model, playboy model … not the same you know … LOL

  • Post of the day

    my favorite Jay Leno joke was
    ‘’Hurricane Katrina was so bad it wrecked more homes than Angelina Jolie’’

  • nicky

    cheap & trashy -what a way to be remembered huh? she is gross.

  • mel

    YA’LL PEEP DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT JORDAN!! Yes her boobs are big but she is a business woman. And no SHE IS NOT A PORNSTAR! She is a glamour gal (models topless, playboy kind of thing for those who don’t know) and she hasn’t done that for a long time now since settling down with Peter. Those very “RIDICULOUS JUGS” made her £30M = $60 MILLION, can’t hate on that. So don’t you think they might not be so ridiculous after all? They’re lots of people out there who actually like that stuff and that’s how she made her money. PS KATIE IS THE MOST GENUINE PERSON YOU’LL EVER WATCH ON TV. Watch her show and be enlightened. She said she will get them reduced in December.

  • de Cosmos

    Well, at least she’s wearing panties.

  • Mary

    i agree de cosmos….atleast she’s wearing panties with that short ugly dress.

  • Gia Jolie

    and why the hell are these two getting press in America? They’re not even famous here! Gross!

  • sylph

    she looks like a man

  • Val

    Jared, Have you seen ICe-T’s wife? That’s ridiculous. Jordan pales in comparison…. seriously… not kidding…..Ice T’s wife wins the award for most ridiculous…..L8R for you!

  • MsCarla

    Great legs, ridiculous boobs. Can you beleive she said breastfeeding is “disgusting”? What an idiot!

  • vicky

    if she put the cellphone in her pussy in front of paparazzi..yes she is officially a porn star.

  • Jacobe

    25 Blah! : 09/21/2007 at 10:56 am
    She is not a porn star, she is a page 3 model, playboy model … not the same you know … LOL


    yeah you are correct because she actually took her top of for a living and just made the porn videos with her ex, oh and then of course ‘leaked’ them on the internet, just as a side project.

    classy girl.

  • me

    He’s starting to look like Linda Dano!

  • star


  • Peach

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have real back problems. Or maybe fake isn’t as heavy as real.

  • cutie pie

    this slut just looks plain cheap and nasty. i cant even look at her i have to turn my head . she is just gross and trampy.

  • rebecca

    katie has the cheek to say she never leaves the children at home alone,but is always out and about,yet critisesthe mccanns for leaving madeleine home alone whilst out dining…

  • ana

    omg what does she have under the shirt?? lol

  • jhan

    i love love love jordan and peter im so obsessed i stay even to 1:00 am to watch there reality show on e! they are so hot i will have sex with both peter andre and katie price if i had the chance =)

  • kaylie

    wow, is she serious? she looks weird. and gross. sorry :(

  • bataglio

    she needs to budget more $$ for those extensions
    that ‘hair’ is not even remotely close to anything a human would have growing out of the scalp

  • Nadia

    ewww who is this whore

  • Tim


  • Tim

    a big chest does not mean you’re sexy Jordan.

  • meredith

    yeah, i’m sure any dorks saying she’s gross wouldn’t cum in their pants if they were anywhere near her. sure.

  • jkh

    all i can say is hot hot hot