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Sarah Jessica Parker is a Flower Girl

Sarah Jessica Parker is a Flower Girl

Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw, is in full bloom with a huge flower detail on her white mini while filming Sex and the City: The Movie Friday morning on 5th Avenue in New York City. The 42-year-old SATC star toted around a Barneys shopping bag and wore a dominatrix-style pair of Dior glaidators (similar to the pair of shoes she wore on the first day of filming).

Sex and the City: The Movie is currently set to be released May 30, 2008.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of SJP’s overpowering flower power — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: Ronald Asadorian/Splash News Online
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  • maggie

    I love it. Carrie Bradshaw always has the best style that no one would dare wear. On the other hand SJP doesn’t have a sense of style.

  • lilo

    ugliest outfit ever!

  • Joelle

    LOVE the dress, hate the flower !!

  • Lillianne

    Love the dress, like the flower, HATE the clodhoppers.

  • Blah!

    OMG how old is she? She looks witchy!

  • kat

    ew the flower is a big nono!
    she on the other hand looks very pretty and classy!

  • mina

    stank nasty!

  • Rachel

    Love Sarah, love the dress, love the flower, hate those awful shoes, and would have to agree that she is starting to show her age.

  • Samantha

    Does anyone else feel this way? I know SJP is a seetheart – just like Ellen Pompeo BUT there is something about these two women that get under my skin. Can’t explain it. BTW love Sex in the City – but to tell you the truth – nobody would ever dress the way SJP did. SOrry – it’s just not reality!

  • mina

    she looks skank nasty.

  • justme

    YAY all the way!! She looks hotter than hell! :D

  • mickey

    It’s all about the flower–it’s just too overpowering.

  • WTF?

    That same flower nonsense? is she gonna bring back that tacky nameplate too? that movie need to be more up to date with the fashions if it’s gonna succeed.

  • si si

    don’t like anything about it, looks stupitly clownish.

  • http://myspace cr7

    That dress is fugly, and that big ass flower does not help:(

  • KittKatt

    Can’t argue the outfit – she’s Carrie Bradshaw for crying out loud.

    But honestly, I did have a reaction that she looks way older than 42.

  • B

    I would love SJPs physique, she is in amazing shape! The dress would be hawt without the flower for sure though!

  • wini

    she’s cute

  • Regina

    A giant fly has invaded SJP?

  • mtb247

    Someone who is close to her needs to give her A WAKE UP CALL! She was able to pull this crazy look a couple of years back in her “HAY DAY” as Carrie 30ish Bradshaw. Now she just looks foolish…….

  • Caroline

    Too many pictures are being leaked regarding this movie. By the time next May rolls around, I will have seen the entire movie without actually seeing the movie.


    NAY NAY NAY NAY NAY!!!!!!!!

  • de Cosmos

    Great pistil.

  • Trish

    I think she looks great.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    we’re going to see her face on this site every single day for the next god knows.. lol

  • Jill loves to hate

    Only she can pull that flower off.

    Fug, want this or Angelina and Brad pick up and dropping the kids every day?

  • angi

    Carrie Bradshaw has the best style but SJP also has more style than most of people. love her

  • pancakebottom

    the shoes are sick but her nose is dreadful.

  • FlowerSour

    I agree with Caroline, there’s 2 many pics being leaked about this movie. I’m still a major SATC fan though n wish nothing but the best for the success of this movie. As for the ginormous flower – not a fan but this is Carrie Bradshaw. She might be wearing an entire tree on her next outfit.

  • LoVe

    Does anyone who made those shoes?

  • selwyse


  • LoVe

    made those***

  • bataglio

    how old is this hag again?

  • Skankgelina

    Dress is beautiful minus that huge as*s flower.

  • lavagirl

    Nay! to those horrible shoes.

  • Dirty Denise

    WTF! I’m speechless.

  • Jane

    Anybody know if the woman (Patricia somebody) who did the costuming for the TV show is also doing the movie clothes? She was a genius.

    The flower is too big for Sarah Jessica’s tiny body, she probably weighs all of 100 pounds. The shoes are too clunky to wear with such a pretty dress.

    Maybe she’s dressing for Halloween party and she’s going as a flower?

  • a realist

    27 Jill loves to hate : 09/21/2007 at 6:56 pm

    Fug, want this or Angelina and Brad pick up and dropping the kids every day?
    I am always willing to see Angie and Brad doing anything. I never tire of them.

  • Nicola

    It wouldn’t work on anyone else.

  • ooooooooo

    SJP can pull it off, she looks like she did on the show, which is a good thing.

  • gini

    love her shoes!!!!!

  • remember da truth

    Hate the shoes, with ANY outfit, but really, black chunky shoes with a floral sundress? NO!!!

    As for the giant flower, I agree that it’s Carrie Bradshaw, and styles that we wouldn’t normally wear work on her. But I like that giant flower! I liked the giant bow that Charlize Theron wore to the Oscars. Over the top is not always bad. Sometimes it’s FUN.

  • Crazy


  • L7

    puting the flower over her face would be the best idea-for her and for us

  • http://nonyet Domi

    I hate this dress it’s ugly.. Sorry to say that but this is ugly i don’t like the flower and the shoues are too high extra high i can’t wear it xD But i really love Sarah and she is looks beatiful how old is she 40? Yeah so great look Sarah!

  • Nora

    What’s with this woman’s clothing? Can’t she wear anything plain, classy or not “Halloween/clownesque”? Better jeans and T-shirt than this stuff.

  • Len

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! those shoes are fierce!!!!!!!!!!! SJP is up on fashion…

  • MMnyc

    OMG … That’s just so re-dick-u-lous(y)