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Sarah Larson: George Clooney's New Girlfriend

Sarah Larson: George Clooney's New Girlfriend

George Clooney and girlfriend Sarah Larson enjoyed a date night out around Union Square outside Blue Water Grill in NYC on Thursday.

The couple were then spotted heading to Chelsea West Cinemas. Earlier in the day, George and costar Frances McDormand (pictured) filmed scenes for Burn After Reading in the Chelsea area.

On Tuesday, George and Sarah supported Brad Pitt at the New York premiere of The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. And even before that, on Saturday, Sept. 1, the couple was spotted kissing at the Venice Film Festival.

Sources on the Internet claim that Larson is a former go-go dancer from Las Vegas and appeared on NBC’s Fear Factor program.

Could this be the one for George after all these years????? Nahhhhhhh!!!! 30+ pictures inside of George and Sarah

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Clooney’s new leading lady, Sarah Larson?

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Photos: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online, Tim Grant/Bauer-Griffin, Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • mel

    If he’d had kids on time, his daughter would be about the same age as this chica. She still purty.

  • Who knows

    Not feelin’ it, but what do I know?

  • Marilu

    George is old enough to be her daddy. She probably laughs at him behind his back with all of friends.

  • Shame on Clooney

    He’s a love rat.

    I think he would look better again without the beard…it makes him look much older.

  • Shame on Clooney

    I mean, if he’s trying to stay young and all by dating younger girls.

    Sorry for posting twice in a row. I forgot to add that.

  • marga

    not going to last.

  • anon

    only way he can justify NOT really wanting kids is to keep going out with women too young to want them. No it won’t last but hey I am sure he KNOWS that but then again who the hell knows.

  • Waitress

    I think she was a cocktail waitress in LV when George met her. She used to be an ago-go dance when she joined Fear fActor with then BF Or husband, who was a waiter.

    I dont think she is that pretty, though she looks exotic and she is not that young, she is like 30 years old ??according to Inside edition.

    I dont know with George, why does he always like waitress for a GF? Celine Balitran was also a French waitress. Why cant George hook up with equally famous GF, maybe he wants a submissive GF, he seems to be the controlling type.

    Btw, what is she doing with those Dirty old men?

  • I’ll give it a few months

    I dont think George or her think its going to last that long. He is just having fun.
    Gotta say..he out did his friend Brad with this one…at least in the body department.
    AJ may have a pretty face(on a good day) but her body sucks. This chic is tight!

    AJ..not so much. Skinny limbs, flabby belly.Saggy boobs. No shape..just skin and bones.

  • Ann Gaothin

    His choice of a go-go dancer says much about his maturity level and his desire for intellectual stimulation. Ooops, I forgot. It’s not his big brain that he wants stimulated…it’s his little one!

  • Hooker?

    I dont know but she looks like one of those hookers in niteclubs in those earlier pics.

    Its pretty aming how she now looks decent in her pics with George, what with nice dresses, shoes and jewelries. Lucky girl, i bet she knows how to make GC happy in bed.

  • angie

    #8 Waitress,

    She doesn’t look like she’s acting 30, she looks like she’s a ho-ho. Not very classy.

  • Frenchy

    I can’t believe it! Ihe Blue Water Grill is one of my regular spots to dine in Manhattan. I missed them? Oh well…..I missed him in Italy this summer as well. She looks alright but she better be ready for the soptlights because it’s on!!!!!!!

  • Not young!

    The girl maybe younger in age than George, but she seems to have been around with men, working in niteclubs, etc. She maybe the perfect fit for GC, who like those types of girls, remember Krista Allen is a soft porn star!

  • Jane

    Maybe George is following the advice of his friend Matt Damon and prefers dating women who are not involved in the Hollywood scene. She’s pretty enough to be an actress, though.

    Damon once dated actresses like Winona Ryder and Minnie Driver but later said he preferred “ordinary” women — because it’s too difficult to maintain a relationship when both people have big careers. Matt’s now happily married to a non-celeb.

    I think he has a point, considering the high breakup rate of most celeb relationships.

    So maybe George has found THE ONE!!

  • IF….

    If this one lasts, she hooked a big one, especially if she’s an aspiring actress. But from the pics of her from before, my guess is George is just having a really good time. And why shouldn’t he? He works hard and he can certainly afford it.

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    George is just enjoyin himself

  • GC!

    I’ll give it a few months : 09/21/2007 at 12:12 pm
    I dont think George or her think its going to last that long. He is just having fun.
    Gotta say..he out did his friend Brad with this one…at least in the body department.
    AJ may have a pretty face(on a good day) but her body sucks. This chic is tight!

    AJ..not so much. Skinny limbs, flabby belly.Saggy boobs. No shape..just skin and bones.


    sorry to say, but Brad has the best babe in hollywood in everything, face, body, sexiness, stature, intelligence, etc, and above all, beauty inside!

    If you think SArah’s body is better than angie, then probably you are gay, because her body looks like that of a man, very straight and no boobs. Look closely, maybe thats why george like her, too, ie. he is rumored to be gay. Even the girl’s face, could pass for a man in drag, just like those transvestite in Thailand. That girl is probably half asian.

  • Kimora!

    The girl looks like Kimora Lee simmons!

    She is quite big-boned, look at her arms, so big!

    Yeah, she looks mixed, maybe half asian like Kimora.

  • jenn

    i am so embarassed for her!

  • DD

    Nicolas Cage and Matt Damon both married a waitress. So what’s wrong with her?

  • Tia

    George Clooney and his choice in women is starting to become a joke that’s not funny anymore

  • Finley

    I agree with you Tia – she isn’t even that cute – looks like a “ho”.

  • angie

    Well, he’s a ho, too, so they should just make sure all their medical records are up to date.


    she is ugly and he looks so old with that beard!!! he seems to lack taste in women because ALL of his “girlfriends” have been homley!

  • anon

    The great thing is that when you are as famous as these superstar male actors are, you can hook up with the woman that YOU desire and not what the public or Hollywood thinks you should go out with. At this point in a life & career, people’s opinion means nothing. It’s only the up & coming people who are subject to the trap of having to date “someone appropriate”.

  • ==========

    nice pics

  • Miapocca

    She looks pretty..I dont see how its better than Angie,.to each his own taste..besides let teh man get his piece of arse, he is already a self professed bachelor, so at least th warning is tatooed on his forehead, its only for fun..she can also enjoy it while sh elast…they are both consenting adults and no one cheated on anyone here.e..


  • Different standards

    Anon: Yeah, and the not great thing about it is the double standard. I say consenting adults can do what they please, it’s their business, but the public allows it for one but dogs another for the same thing or less.

  • dlexy

    fear factor to dating George Clooney talk about a upgrade,
    I’m not eating a roach though to date George Clooney.

  • Hugo

    I must be really out of the loop because I did hear the rumour about George being gay. Wow| that’s news to me. Where did you get your info on that. Certainly you jest.

  • e

    she does look like a “ho” in her ealier pictures….she can’t be that great if she danced in Vegas. GC is a pervert, he needs to hook up with younger girls to satisfy his unhealthy mind and soul.

  • smooth

    It’s better for him to find a normal woman,maybe even with a child.
    Man in his age need to think a little about the future,girls are for fun but not for life.

  • Annie

    Nice to see that Clooney found himself a new “beard” but everyone knows he’s totally and utterly gay.

  • Georgie on the prowl

    I actually read somewhere that he was casually dating a single mom from North or South Carolina a few months ago. These women need to be careful and make sure they are taking the appropriate precautions for their health.

  • Marie

    The have not chemistry, there’s not closeness, he looks like he’s more interested in what is around him…he’s gay and she was hired to be with him to make him look like he has a gf once every few months

  • Georgie on the prowl

    Also, they did not stop for photogs at the Jesse James premiere the other night…they just walked on through…photogs booed.

  • seb


  • MySay

    She’s perfect for him. He likes her type. It’s just all about sex for him, nothing else.

  • Mich

    She’s very pretty, long legs, big mouth. But what is she good for, besides the blatantly obvious? She’s an unemployed waitress. He’s one of the most famous men on earth. He’s also earned where he is. Many years of a vast body of work. She’s never done anything of note in her but eat a bug. After the lust wears off, what is the conversation going to be like? My bet is, like his last six monther, he won’t stick around to find out. I guess he’ll then pay her for services rendered. What do we call that? I hestitate to be happy for anyone. After George is done with her, she will never be the same and it’s unfair. She’s playing waaaaayyy out of her league with the planet’s biggest player. He can bar her from his life in a heartbeat and is supposed to go back to going around sayi8ng “cocktails” after this? George has done this before. With that other waitress Celine. He ended up paying 4 mill for his dalliance there. I guess that this will be the same thing. He’s a bit weird. His taste in women don’t match his stature or intellect at all.

  • blogger

    wow! justjared, good job posting every picture i already collected on my blog! you forgot to credit a couple of those, didn’t you?

  • Mich

    Oh, read all about Sarah here, from a guy that grew up with her:

  • alexie

    when you’re in love you are in love – even with go-go dancers!

    Well, she ain’t a prostitute – go-go dancers are just dancers, nothing wrong with that. She must be fearless, and maybe George Clooney fell in love with that characteristic.

  • malibumom

    Be smart girl, see if you can get him to buy you a piece of property-make sure you own it free and clear-
    Repeat process with each rich guy you snag!
    Stop at 10 and rent them all out for 1500/month
    That equates to 15k per month or 180k per year! You should be fine with whatever you do after that!

  • ram

    Clooney’s in love!

    He won’t be parading her around if he ain’t. Deal with it folks. Who says she does not deserve to be Clooney’s girl? And who is George Clooney, he is just an ordinary guy.

  • runaroundsue

    Had NOOOOOO idea there were other malibumoms on the web-dang!! Changing name to runaroundsue!

  • mon

    dang! some girls just have the talent in meeting great, available men!

  • Liz

    Ick….this just looks nasty….

  • liza

    He isn’t really that attractive & I am shocked that he has a new lady ever time he is photographed!

  • I’ll give it a few months

    my comments were based on AJ’s body..not face.
    If you cant acknowledge that AJ’s body has gone to crap than
    you are just a blind follower. Again, no shape. Saggy boobs.
    no legs. veins all over the place. Saggy can see over the
    pants at times.
    She never dresses to show her body cause she knows she anit got one.
    Pretty face? On a good day, yes. But its also going fast.