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Zac Efron is a Halo Fan

Zac Efron is a Halo Fan

No, Zac Efron is not a Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia shipper. The self-proclaimed video game fanatic will be hosting the Halo 3 Midnight Madness Launch event in LA on Monday, 9/24 from 11pm – 12am PST at the GameStop on 1000 Universal Studios Blvd in Universal City. (Halo 3 is a first-person shooter video game for the Xbox 360.)

Zefron fans, start lining up now. Take pictures and send them here!

Zac has said of the violent video games he plays: “It’s bull____ that guns in video games cause murders. The last thing I would ever do is hurt another person, and online I probably kill 200 guys a day.”

Zac‘s got the West Coast covered and Ludacris will be taking care of the East Coast. The rapper will be hosting the Halo Launch in NYC the same day from 11pm – 12am EST at the Best Buy on 529 5th Avenue (corner of 5th and 44th Ave).

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  • Kris

    oooh he swore lol


  • Kris


    lol sorry

  • Ally

    lol! i love halo

  • ana


  • Jenny

    “online i kill 200 guys a day”

    what does that mean?

  • Fan_From_Italy

    Saint Zac! ahah! =)

  • nessa the best

    he is so………beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love him!!!

    ♥i lo zefron!!♥

  • Carol

    He is not gay

    Just shut up

    If you honestly dont care about him… FINE!!

    just dont post on his stuff then, because lots of people DO wanna see him here

    I repeat..


  • Cassandra

    There’s a halo thing online and you can go around killing people. It’s fun. :D

  • Malia

    Los Angeles
    Where: GameStop, 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Universal City, CA 91608
    What: From the entertainment capital of the world, GameStop’s flagship store at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles will host the Halo 3 West Coast launch. The event begins Monday evening and will lead up to the first sale of the game at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, September 25, and will feature a celebrity autograph session, Halo trivia contest and a special appearance by the man of the hour, Master Chief, as well as a number of Bungie team members. Fans in line will also have a chance to be one of the lucky few who can battle it out against a celebrity on “Halo 3″ prior to the launch. The event can be seen on televisions nationwide via live broadcasts from both Spike TV and G4.

  • Mia

    FOR #5: I think he meant that some people get AFFECTED by video games and kill people but he would never and that it is bull shit

  • Jenny

    OOOOHHHH!!!! Theres a game online!!! and, he was talking bout real life

    ohhh ok thanks Mia and Cassandra

  • Mia

    LOL… ok um your welcome lol

  • Cassandra

    HAHA!! No problem

  • Cassandra

    He is a…….


    that is all

    :D :-D

  • Liza

    Wheres Vanessa?? :-(

    i hope they are still going strong…

  • Stacy

    I cant wait to see the pictures. When is this event?

  • Nathalia

    I soo agree with Caro. If you don’t like him, that doesn’t mean he is gay, because he isn’t.

    An i hope he brings Vanessa. If he doesnt, that well be okay. They are two separated people and they dont need to go everywhere together. The comments ‘Where is Vanessa?’ kinda annoying me, for what i say. They are still strong, only because there are not pap pics of them together doesnt mean that they have some problems.

  • Tha

    yes if you don’t like dont post here


    brazilian fan!

  • Regina

    34538578578th sign to why he is gay.

  • Tha


    can somebody explain to me where zac is going?

    ’cause I’m brazilian and really, dont undestand the new ;


  • katty

    jajaja i am spanish
    i love zac efron
    really,that games are awsome!!
    good for hem

  • Liz

    I am so going!

  • marisol

    zac es tan bello es casi perfecto.

  • Blah!

    I like that … Zac is a McHottie!

  • From the block

    Oh gosh the boring ‘gay’ comments revive again. Wow, so lame ppl, get a new line. He’s not gay, that’s getting extremely old and isnt even funny anymore. Seriously. On the contrary Zac is always busy doing promos and stuff, the kid needs to rest before he collapses from exhaustion.

  • a

    for a second, i thought he said something halo lol. but i’d totally play video games just for a go at him lol. woo, zac!

  • Nikki

    awesome. i don’t like video games, tho i work in the video game department of best buy. but i love zac efron.

  • huh

    were’s zac rite now

  • el

    wow I wish I could go! maybe vanessa will be there! post pics asap jj!

  • aco

    #26, I totally agree w/you – #4 ana, maybe you should check your homophobic tendencies…. maybe you’re gay? Just a question? Don’t mean to be offensive, usually people who are quick to judge on that same subject usually are afraid that they have homophobic tendencies. When Zac is asked whether he’s gay or not (w/c he isn’t obviously w/the photos of him w/Vanessa Hudgens) he doesn’t even answer, b/c he’s doesn’t need to. He knows his sexuality and it’s nobody’s business.

    Ana, maybe it’s time to come out of the closet… :)

  • aco

    Aside from everything else, most importantly, He is a great actor! Still so young, yet with the experience he’ll have on his belt he’ll grow to be a stellar actor yet. I enjoy his work and will continue to do so. I can’t wait to watch all his future projects. He’s got alot of talent. I’m excited to see how far he goes! :)

  • ashley

    hes soo…cute

  • Brazzigurl4life

    finally he swore!! lol
    ppl usually think role models dont swear and they do =]
    anyways, hez fukin sexi =9

  • Jeanette

    Zac is so hot!

  • Lissa
    Did yall see this?! True or not-it cracks me up seeing as they were just reporting that Zanessa was over like what 3 days ago?
    I had read that quote from Z a while back and it just made me love him that much more.
    I cannot wait to see some pics from this event.
    Thanks again Jared for keeping us up to date on Z and V (and everything else)! Your rock!!

  • allisoncoverdale

    hes so funny…

    it is bullshit.

    and so he swore..big whoop.

  • kaylie

    ok 1. why do you people that hate zac post here saying oh “he’s so gay” “he’s so annoying?” if you dont like him, just dont post here. its getting annoying how people that hate zac, post here and just want attention. so annoying.

  • Ashley

    I love you, Zac Efron. :]

  • kaylie

    and i dont get why people are saying “here’s another example why he’s gay.” every teenage boy plays videogames. plus i havent seen him dating any guys so just because you dont like him, or you’re referring him to “gay” as in “stupid” then just call him stupid. or yet, dont even post here. make a zac hate club to post about that. SOME people actually like zac and dont think he’s gay.

  • Steph

    YUM I love zac!

  • milo

    i play halo also ! i wish i could meet him.

    he still could be gay, lol i play halo and im gay!

  • Lisa

    Zac may you continue on this wonderful journey you are on (with all your success of your movies)and may you be filled with much happiness. Thanks for a job well done!!!!

  • justobvious

    omg i want to go c him

  • dalia

    He should definately take Vanesa since they like to play video games when they hang out. Or so they said in an interview once. Can’t wait. It’s on Spike TV at like 11:30

  • citra


  • Erin

    i need some new zac pap. pics or some zanessa!

  • allisoncoverdale

    I am going to this, hopefully we’ll have photos!!!!!

  • modhi

    dnt 4get to ask them to kiss !!! its not fair he kisses nikki and not vanessa

  • Rachel

    we hope to see more pics of him and Vanessa together again. i wonder where Zac is?their last photo together were posted last monday.mcdonald night out!!!!!!!