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Hugh Jackman: My Children are My Life!

Hugh Jackman: My Children are My Life!

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness take their two children – son Oscar, 7, daughter, Ava, 2 — to extend their creativity and imagination by going to the Brett Whiteley Studio/Art Gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney on Friday.

The children participated in an arts and crafts class while Hugh and Deborra wandered around the shop and bought some posters.

The Jackman four then left and headed to Crown Street for some lunch at a Bird Cow Fish bistro but Ava didn’t seem too happy!

15+ pictures inside of Hugh‘s day at the art gallery…

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hugh jackman children 01
hugh jackman children 02
hugh jackman children 03
hugh jackman children 04
hugh jackman children 05
hugh jackman children 06
hugh jackman children 07
hugh jackman children 08
hugh jackman children 09
hugh jackman children 10
hugh jackman children 11
hugh jackman children 12
hugh jackman children 13
hugh jackman children 14
hugh jackman children 15

Photos: Carlos Costas/, David G. Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • http://nonyet Domi

    cute childrens

  • lilo

    that lil dude is gonna break some hearts when older!

  • bdj

    Cute family. Oscar is one stylin dude.

  • Rey

    ugly and old looking.

  • MarieMJS

    Hugh is da man, he’s an awesome and talented actor, and he seems to be a fantastic father… I love how un-hollywoodish he is, living his life in Australia and keeping his life very private :)
    I’m a fan forever :)

  • Marilu

    Lovely family.

  • B

    All together now Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw lol!



  • Riccio

    He is just the best Dad ever and smoking hot on top of that!

  • Hugh is a hottie

    Maybe it’s just Australian style I’m not aware of, but they dress that little boy weird. It looks like he’s wearing girls clothes half the time.
    Still they are just the most adorable family ever.

  • morgan

    awwww….look at him staring at the little girl while she’s asleep. I love watching my little ones sleep too. They just look like little angels.

  • WOW!

    What a beautiful and unaffected family! WOW!

  • http://deleted flower

    WOW I don’t know what to say,hugh is just the perfect man, I would like to find a man like him!

  • Jill

    Oscar is cute. Was he adopted?

  • Here’s The Deal

    ^^They both were.

  • Jill

    Do you know where they were adopted from? (Nationality/ethnicity, etc.) I’m just curious.

  • Regina

    No offense, but the wife is one scruffy mess.

  • Lillianne

    AWWWWwwwwww, isn’t that the cutest little face when she’s grumpy? I love this family. There are so many good celebrity families I wish some who will-not-be-named could follow their example. Hugh melts my heart when I see him so tender with his children. And Deborra-Lee is like every other mom out there. Sometimes she’s wearing the dribbles from the baby. There’s worse things.

  • Missie V

    They look like a happy adorable family.
    Deb is not a mess, she’s a mum.
    She and her husband are on a family trip. And I think that looks are not that important to the Jackman family. Love and caring on the other hand………..
    Some people can learn something from them.

  • Linda


  • sheryl

    #21, amen!

  • Miapocca

    YES.,,PEOPLE WERE adopting before jolie and not maing a juge spectacle out of it..I remeber over 2 decades back President Regans daugher adopted an african girl and she was made citizen not too far back….michelle pfiefer also has an adopted beautiful black daughter…so that leads me to wonder why jolie makes such big news out of her adoptions

  • lulu

    We have Jude and his kids, Gwen and her Kingston, Brit and her boys, David and his boys, the Cruise with Suri ,Hugh several times seen with his children, but I’ve never heard anyone complaining, ranting , they are pimping their kids, parading their kids for purposes !!! It’s always a double standard when came to Brad and Angelina. I think all this celebrities parents are just like us a normal family, raising kids like everyone of us.

  • brenda

    All these families are wonderful families who appear to be so hands-on and normal, at least trying to be, as best they can. However, you have to admit that the Brad and Angie family does tend to be a little overexposed…sometimes I feel deep boredom when I see yet more pictures of Maddox being dropped off at school or picked up or they walk out of a store. And I don’t necessarily blame them, I say it’s the media’s fault. I would almost think that the photogs that hang out at the entrance of Maddox’s school in NYC could/should be restricted from being there because it could be considered stalking, and there are other children who arrive and leave that school, so how can the safety of those children not be compromised? Also, some Brad & Angie fans are pretty over the top and behave as though B&A are the only celeb parents that go about their lives in a normal fashion, taking care of their kids, etc. That’s all. I think that kind of stuff tends to create backlash. This is just my humble opinion…and I’m not a “hater” as the over-the-top fans would probably tend to refer to me, I admire them and think they are doing great things, but I also think there are other celebs that are doing wonderful things as well that are not as high profile and are at the same time taking wonderful, hands-on care of their kids. I guess that’s the best way I can explain from my own perspective.

  • Daniel

    I’ll never understand Jackman. He plays the ultimate badass (Wolverine) then goes to make gay musicals, and turns out to be a straight normal family man in between. He’s a great actor because he’s got almost nothing in common with any of his iconic roles yet he does them all so well.

  • wow

    steven steilberg has an African American adopted daughter too. Dont blame the Jolie-Pitts for being in the media all the time, blame the paps tha stalk them. back in 2002 when Jolie adopted maddox she could basically live a normal life with being stalked…2005 comes along and BAM! everthing changes, shes done nothing wrong and ppl need to realize that she doesnt take the pics herself so get it over it.

  • Mediterranean

    You have again successed to change to this thread to the Jolie-Pitts’.

    When Angelina and Brad adopt, all the world will know about it BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF THEIR LIVES by the papparazzis. BECAUSE EVERYBODY HAS AN INTEREST IN THEM as all of you do right here.

    It’s not even their thread, you keep on discussing about the Jolie-Pitts.

    If you can’t see the difference between the names you have mention and the Jolie-Pitts, you are a walking proof of being so stupid.

  • Mediterranean

    You have again successed to change this thread to the Jolie-Pitts’.

    When Angelina and Brad adopt, all the world will know about it BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF THEIR LIVES by the papparazzis. BECAUSE EVERYBODY HAS AN INTEREST IN THEM as all of you do right here.

    It’s not even their thread, you keep on discussing about the Jolie-Pitts.

    If you can’t see the difference between the names you have mention and the Jolie-Pitts, you are a walking proof of being so stupid.

  • brenda


    DO NOT presume to refer to me as stupid! I was responding to a comment of another poster, not you. Nobody is bad mouthing them, so get off it and grow UP!!!!

  • brenda

    @26 Daniel,
    Yes, that is the sign of a great actor, when they can be so convincing in a role, and yet so different in other roles or their day to day life, almost like it’s not the same person.

  • Mediterranean


    Is it the fault of Angie and Brad? THE PEOPLE are interested in them.

    You could not respond me in any way because I wrote a comment after your first comment.

    Now, are you really smarty?

  • brenda

    Mediterranean (and this will be my last comment to you on this thread),

    If you actually read my post, you would realize that your comments to me have no basis whatsoever. I blame the media for being in their face. And if you want to shoulder some of the blame as an ardent fan, then so be it, if your appetite for their pictures supercedes their SPOKEN desire (I read an article about Brad wishing his kids could go out without the cameras in their face) to have some privacy.
    So…it’s obvious you did not read my post and only wanted to make your own presumptions and come out fighting without making any thoughtful points on the matter, which speaks volumes about your level of maturity; therefore, I will entertain no further conversation with you about it and will not be back on this thread. I will not converse with individuals who choose to make irrational remarks and call people stupid, especially when it’s clear they are not “listening” to what I have said. Behaving in this way is only generates negativity for you and for their fan base, which is not my intention. Reread my post if you like, and if you still consider me “stupid”, so be it, it makes no difference to me whatsoever and you have not changed my opinion.

  • angelina_mmm

    I love Hugh

  • faye

    Well said #33, and thank you.

  • Jill

    21 Linda : 09/22/2007 at 8:17 pm
    WHY DOES HIS SONS RACE “Nationality/ethnicity” MATTER

    Don’t get your panties in a wad, it doesn’t matter at all to me. I just wondered if he’s black, bi-racial or whatever. He’s a cute kid and he’s going to be gorgeous when he’s grown up. He kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise’s son.

  • kathastic

    aw picture 14 is so cute!!!!!!! hes giving her a little kiss :)

    their family is really sweet

  • janeway

    Thanks again, Jared, for the adorable pictures of the Jackman family. It is obvious that they have a wonderful family relationship, they are not playing for the cameras. It is clear that Ava is a daddy’s girl-how precious when she falls asleep in Hugh’s arms. I think it is awesome that success has not spoiled Hugh or his family. I don’t understand why people have to be negative, the man is gorgeous, talented and real.

  • wolfpup

    I love it when Hugh is all scruffy like that. And his family is adorable.

  • Annie

    Do men like Hugh Jackman REALLY exist? If so, where can I find me one??

  • Mediterranean


    They were comments about the Jolie-Pitts. Why did you think that you were the one or the only one who I called stupid, to begin with?

    If you were trying to show off how good English language you have by writing serious (??) lectures on a gossip website, for your info English is not my mother tongue.

  • jp

    Thanks Justjared for the info and photos here. Beautiful and unaffected family! Really thrilled to also see Hugh and Deb encouraging the arts to their kids! I also remember reading that Hugh took Oscar to the Met museum in NYC often during The Boy From Oz on Broadway and I believe this past year to see the Picasso show at the Whitney in NYC too. I have an older brother who enthusiastically showed me art books while growing up and took our family to the great museums here in the US and in Europe when we visited him in NY and overseas. I’ll always treasure those experiences and they encouraged me to be a working artist later on. Bravo to the Jackmans!

  • hugh is SEXY!!!!

    Hugh is just the best actor in the world and also to mention he is the sexiest man alive according to me and the PEOPLE magazine which i keep up with every week and look for hugh all the time he is probably the BEST with kids even thohg i absolutely HATE how people made that stupid comment and rumor that said he HATES kids!!!??? who is seriously that stupid to say that about him he seems like the best father any kid could have he just seems so laid back and AWESOME one day in my life i want to meet him and he is also my alltime favorite actor and always will be!!! he is the best and i cant wait til his next movie comes out cuz im seeing it in theatres!!!! thanks Hugh for all your awesome movies and i hope to meet u and your family one day and also your kids are SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! i love kids especially my kids and yours they seem so sweet i love oscars hair too =]!!!! I LOVE YOU HUGH JACKMAN!!!! (but not in a stalker way)!!!that would be creepy!!!

  • hugh is SEXY!!!!

    omg if u have the time go to youtube and type in not the boy next door its hilarious but HOT at the same time!!!SHAKE THOSE HIPS AND THRUST THAT PELVIS HUGH!!!!! he has the most amazing voice and the most amazing dance moves especially with those hips of his!!!!!! hes the best aussie in the world!!!!

  • laila

    I think that Hugh is lovely. He’s so talented, as is his wife, and their children are beautiful and seem so unspoilt and down-to-earth, which they naturally got from their parents.

    My favourite celeb family hands down.

  • Reid Tobler

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