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Adrianne Curry: Ban Black History Month (Part Deux)

Adrianne Curry: Ban Black History Month (Part Deux)

Former America’s Next Top Model Adrianne Curry is back for more after her very controversial “Ban Black History Month and BET” rant. Here is her “rebuttal” via her MySpace:

“Rebuttal to my Black History blog

Yep, I gotta try to clarify a few things here.

Firstly, I just want to apologize for how random my thoughts were in my last blog. I wrote what I did just minutes after a long heated discussion on the topic. I can hardly read the thing, it’s so damn random!

I think it is HORRIBLE that people misunderstood my message. Just because I wanted to stop separating races, doesn’t mean I want to STOP TEACHING HISTORY! Or schools need to teach MORE of ALL of it anyway! I was asking that we not name things to separate ourselves. I never claimed we shouldn’t learn our own history, or that of all the other countries on earth (which we as Americans are pretty bad at). I am very aware of all the amazing things hat black people have done for our country, and we should always be aware of it. However, separating our races sounds like racism to me. It just does. So go ahead, claim I am the one who is ignorant for wanting us all to be EQUAL! Can you believe that? How does that make a f***ing lick of sense? Honor your heritage, I know I do. Just make sure that by doing so, you do not seperate yourself from the rest of us! Black History to me would be everything that happened in AFRICA. I lived there for almost 5 months. Visted Robin Island, and saw the cell they held Nelson Mandela in. I witnesses first hand people calling these taxi vans “Black Taxis” and these nice taxi’s “white taxis”. Just vile.THAT is African(black if you will) history. African AMERICAN history is OUR history!

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Adrianne Curry: “Boycott Black History Month!”

Yes, there was a time when racism ran rapid. It still does in some places. However, it is time for us to rise above it and BECOME ONE, instead of SOME. I wrote my last blog in such hurry and a fury because I felt what I was typing so deeply. I am appalled that anyone would claim I am just some stupid white b**** that doesn’t know s*** about anything. I did NOT grow up rich. I did NOT hang out with rich people. Watch the show “Roseanne” and you tell ME if that family seemed well off. That is just about where I came from. My family is blue collar all the way! Just because I worked hard to get where I am it means I don’t know how hard it is to LIVE LIFE? I was addicted to drugs, raped, abused, beaten, etc. I DO NOT DWELL ON IT! I choose to rise above it! I have been beaten up for being “the white girl” a few times, so don’t tell me I don’t know how it feels to be discriminated against.

My message about trying to rise above segregation, separation, and racism has been twisted. Some people are saying I am RACIST for wanting all races to embrace each other! You’re a f***ing dumbass if that is what you think! Again, let me make this clear, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE SEPERATION OF RACE IN THIS COUNTRY, ANY RACE. I DO NOT SUPPORT CHANELS OR FUNDS THAT SEPARATE RACE, HENCE ADDING TO RACISM! I never claimed to STOP teaching history that involves black people, I asked to STOP BEING RACIST BY SEPERATING GROUPS BY RACE! Truly educate yourselves on the true definition of segregation.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts here. Some people like it, and some people don’t. I come from an incredibly political family. (I am a Democrat). I enjoy a heated debate. I didn’t mean to “single out” only the black months/funds/channels. It was more of an example of how NO RACE should attempt to separate itself in such a way that ADDS to the problem with racism. Stop singling people out, and maybe…just maybe, the future will be full of people that were NEVER raised thinking people are so different because of their skin.

I wrote about what I did because I care. It makes me physically ill knowing that there are people that are still so closed minded out there that they hate someone because of their skin. My hope is that one day we will all wonder how anyone could have done that. I think that we need to teach MORE history in our schools. Of course, even more world history. I also think we should be more aware of what is happing in other countries. Of everywhere I have been on Earth, America shows the least news on what’s happing outside our “world”.

This felt good. I feel like I have got my point across better this time. I need to learn to relax on my impulse and calm down before I share. ; ) My Boo always tells me that. Thanks for listening.”

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  • mildred l

    still stupid

  • mildred l


  • ann

    I don’t care if she’s racist or not…Just SHUT.UP, you fug bimbo.

  • Hanan


  • lula29

    Please it stop already!!!

    Poor Tyra, if only she knew what kind of idiot this famew*hore was she never would have won ANTM.

  • From the block

    Oh Adrianne, SHUT UP ALREADY.

  • From the block

    Oh she is fug, she stole ANTM from Shannon. She clearly didn’t deserve it and her lack of work proves my point.

  • a


  • H

    spank me baby!

  • NJS06

    Yeah she needs to just shut up. I dont even want to get on my soap box.

  • veronica

    What exactly did she clarify!? That she is even more ignorant then originally stated. I mean c’mon she has no education, she is an ex drug addict famous for basically being a hoe and marrying a kid from The Brady Bunch. I value not one thing she says. Laughable! Carry on…

  • Erin

    i agree with many of her comments i just do not agree with the qay she went about it


    wait she says we shouldn’t be separate, and then she turns around, and says honor your heritage? what the hell is she really saying? it sounds like she doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground!

    whatever, she is full of sh*t! the reason why she changed her mind, and what the hell she said is because on her MYSPACE, people were dogging her out! (CLICK ON THE NAME TO SEE IT)I see that she did not once mention BET, so of course she changed it! And just because you grew up poor, doesn’t mean that she is racist! BHM isn’t bothering anyine, it is honoring DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, and all of the other people that have died, trying to make sure that we as black people have equal rights. It has nothing to do with separation, untill some white people stop thinking that they are suprior to black people racism will never end!


    isn’t racist!

  • FCR

    Still clueless on what it means to be a member of a minority, or the part that racism plays in harming the hearts and minds of their children. Clueless in the fact that pride is important for the survival of cultures that are being depressed by the white majority. There is an old saying that she needs to try. “Walk a mile in their shoes.” And that is not accomplished by living in Africa for five months as an outsider/one of the privileged.

    I am white but have lived as a member of a minority, and I can see the problem from both sides. But let me say that I have more empathy for the minorities than I do the “just ignore it/get over it” crowd. Just as an abused child has problems “getting over” the abuse when they become adults, abused people (including the Jewish) have a problem getting past the injustices they have suffered; and in some cases still have ways they are not “equal” to the majority group. And although it is not always “whites” that impose this abuse and injustice to others, in this country (and other colonized lands) it has been the Europeans that have destroyed the original cultures. JMHO

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    let this fcuking lame go back into obscurity! she’s running her fingers for this reason only – attention.

    its a real sucker move to post everything she writes on her myspace page. i hope this will be the last we hear/read about her.

  • essie

    lol actually now that everytime i see her picture all i can do is laugh cuz she’s so damn pathetic!!

  • racial butterfly


  • http://n/a Bee

    Just a mess up fool. She needs to shut the hell up and end her career already. She should just go. The damage is done.

  • me



    I think that she is stupid! Her boycott against BET, I hope BET sues her ass!

  • k

    I kind of agree with her in alot of ways although I can see both sides of the story. I am also a little tired of racism from anyone who uses it. Either you are an American or you are not. It is not Latino-American, African-American, Scottish-American, Asian-American, we are ONE America that exists far better multi-culturally than any other country in the world. I honor my heritage by cooking ethnic meals and by reading about it to further mine and my family’s own knowledge. My wise father used to say, “if you have to keep talking or bragging on something then you don’t really own it”.

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    Why anyone would even listen to her is beyond me.

  • ?thispost

    She needs to stop talking and start reading.

  • Didi

    I love that she’s now trying to dig herself out of the grave with the new blog.

    the lying b*tch also claims to be a rape survivor, drug addict and says she was molested as a child but ‘got over it.’ Firstly, when you claim to be a victim of something on a website, then you’re f*cking lying for attention and sympathy

    I wish someone would put a c*ck in her mouth and keep it there so she’d shut the f*ck up on further topics she knows f*ck all about. Would someone please send a virus to her computer.

  • Amen

    You Go Girl!! I like this girl! So intelligent! Morgan Freeman says the concept of a month dedicated to black history is “ridiculous.” at the interview with CBS “60minutes”.
    He also said “the only way to get rid of racism is to “stop talking about it. I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man,”

    Stop talking about it, after all we are all different and are in the same planet. This is girl is damn right!

  • adopt HIV baby then

    She’;s a stupid cuntrag!

  • dee

    O.K., the first time I read about her boycotting Black History Month, I could not stop laughing from how stupid her argument was but this second part makes it all the more funny. Why should Black History Month only include what happened in Africa?? As African-Americans, most do not know where they are from in Africa so they have no ties to any particular area other than knowing they are from somewhere on the western coast. Black History Month symbolizes the struggles that African Americans have overcome and are still struggling with. Come on, it is the shortest month and one of the coldest months in the year, throw us a freaking bone here! It wouldn’t make sense to have White History Month because one, they are not an oppressed people and secondly, it would just sound wrong! She should really stick with what she knows, smiling for the pretty birdy behind the camera!

  • WoW

    WTF?!!! She didn’t clarify sh!t.


    Still stupid. Black History month does honor our heritage. I don’t think Africa has anything to with Black history in America. That all changed when Black people were brought here as slaves. As far as I am concerned our history is all over and the woman is still an idiot.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    “our”!?! LOVE ANGELINA’s BLACK?!? WTF! cant be.. aint no black women that crazy. lmao

  • dramaqueen

    I understand what she is trying to get at. But she is going about it in the wrong way. And it is making her look like a total jacka$%. Before she decides to boycott something. She needs to get her fact right. And that is all I am going to say about her and her lame boycott.


    “Black History to me would be everything that happened in AFRICA.”

    What the hell is that sentance??? This just proves that Adrienne Curry is a BIGGER schmock than I first thought!

    NO B*TCH, Black History month is about all of the BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS that Black people put in this country and were NEVER recognize!

    Black History is for us to remember the Heroes who have been neglected because they are black, while you PRAISE the SYPHILLIS, Gonhorrea, stink C*ck LOWLIFE Christopher Columbus after he and his GOONS slaughtered the American Indians. Columbus NEVER discovered America! How can you discover a place that is already inhabited??

    Black History is for the Hundreds of Thousands of Africans who were thrown off the boats when they were too heavy, when they were disobedient or when they had to be thought a lesson. If one was thrown over, tens and twenties drowned at a time.

    I am saddened that this C*NT was able to even go to Africa and instead of becoming a human being, she decides to be a racist opportunist!

    Why can’t this garbage O.D. already? B*tch is taking up space!
    Just goes to show, any tool with a computer can think they are smart.

    P.S. I am really hoping that her Jewish man would get himself a lynching, let’s see what this WH0RE will have to say.. I notice that people never seem to get things unless it happens to them.

  • http://deleted tia

    shes a racist bitch. thats pretty obvious here! she didnt even clarify anything

  • http://deleted Holly

    Omigosh number 34!! i cant beleive how racist u are! i am a ”white person’ and i am ashamed to be after what you just said! you feel bad for the ‘select few intelligent black people’??!?! u need to crawl outta the rock you live under! this is 2007! not the 1960′s! get over your racism! your comment actually disgusts me.

    your parents must be so proud


    @ #32

    Everything this woman is saying is all shades of wrong!

    All it would take is education.

    #1 If Adrienne could get the American government to teach real history to the students, then there would be no need for black history.

    #2 BET was created decades ago to showcase African american talent that was otherwise not seen on TV. I literally have about 50 Spanish Language channels (even Spanish HBO).. I also have Russian, Hindi, Korean, and Arabic channels. I sometimes peruse them looking for similarities and wondering if I could figure out what they are saying..

    Doesn’t this slag realize that it is our differences that make us who we are? What kind of society would we have if all black people sounded alike or if we ate the same things or thought like “AMERICANS” whatever that means? There would be no creativity, no room for emerging evolution…

    If Adrienne were sincere, she would ask for ACCEPTENCE.. FOR US TO RESPECT EACHOTHER. Instead she is looping on Stereotypes created by a RACIST order! Adrienne is another member of white society that has fallen victim to JIM CROW!

    Why is anyone giving this VERMIN an outlet to spread her bile?

  • Gen

    Ya know, I was born and raised in Africa…South Africa to be precise. The Apartheid regime has completely reversed…but I cannot excuse what Simon van der Stel and his cronies did.Honestly, as cliched as this sounds, my true hero is Madiba (Nelson Mandela). Dr Chris Barnard performed the first heart transplant so I have much respect for the work he did and the hours he spent pouring over Medical Journals. One difference: Madiba is black and Dr Barnard was white. Madiba enrolled in home-study university and became a lawyer – all the whole sitting in Robben Island and Poolsmoor prison. I take ny hat off to him.
    Dr Barnard was priveleged to be have funding provided for his medical degree.
    Once Madiba was releasrd from prison, almost EVERY SINGLE black person believed that Mr. Mandela would find then jobs and luxury housing at the drop of the hat.

    I am saying that this black and white issue has become waaaaay out of control.

    My house has been broken into FIVE times, four while I was home! Luxkily I had Armed Response on my speed dial.I felt guilty…thought I was becoming a racist, but seriously, unless you live in Africa for an extended period of time, please just remember that it’s not always black and white.

    Oh, BTW, I’m a white woman in my mid-twenties and my hubby was only here for one of the break-ins.

    I say screw it all and have a “UNITED States of America” day.

  • wanj

    Adrianne sweetheart… you NEED to learn a few things in life that might not have much to do w/ black history.. You need to always think twice before you do/say anything.
    I happen to be african… To live in africa for a mere 5 months and say something this ignorant and unbelievably stupid is more of a reflection of you than anything else…
    “I witnesses first hand people calling these taxi vans “Black Taxis” and these nice taxi’s “white taxis”. Just vile.THAT is African(black if you will) history. African AMERICAN history is OUR history!”.

    I lived in Africa for 19 years and the history, culture, tradition, beauty is immesurable. That said, there are many ugly things too.
    Do NOT make judgement on africa based on remanants of colonization you chose to pick on your short visit. How dare you say “THAT is African”?
    Educate yourself sista! That said…. I don’t think 1 month a year dedicated to black history is too much to ask. I don’t celebrate it, but it doesn’t affect me that it means something to someone else. Then why are there Xmas and all those religious holidays and yet all Americans are not Xtian? I don’t celebrate them either but you don’t hear muslims saying Xmas should be banned.

    Learn to have differences in life instead of lighting a fire.

  • ShimmeringDew

    She should have stopped while she was still behind… An ass of herself – the picture is getting clearer the more she ‘speaks’ ‘blogs’ – shut up all ready!

  • anonymous

    i see all the intellectual and educated, ahem, adults are back. showing their wisdom and high word usage. NOT! i see mostly childish potty mouths, who need to brush their teeth with tidy bowel. real adults can hold interesting debates, without using such vulgar words. see, here’s the thing. anyone can have their own opinion. doesn’t make them wrong and doesn’t make them right either. it is their own opinion and america has assured everyone, their right to have their own. i don’t take in to any consideration, comments with childish rants and raves. where i have to hold my nose, so i don’t have to deal with such potty mouth comments. and again, this is my opinion.

  • N

    she’s an idiot. Africa in a continent not a country. How is South African history relevant for someone not from South Africa. It’s like saying all Americans should know Candian history because it’s part of North Americans. Moron shut-up.


    magnus is a @sshole, ignore his racist ass! obviously he is one of those wimpy b*stards that hides behind his computer, and grins in the black man face! His true intentions are that of a racist! Adrianne didn’t have it right, she isn’t right, and magnus you are barking up the wrong tree, hick, you don’t want to start sh*t that your p*ssy ass is going to run from! I feel bad for the White people that are not racist, because this @sshole just set your race back a couple of years with his vile sh*t! I hate to break it to you MAGNUS, but not all white people are smart, and they can be dumb just like anyone else, another color, so dummy go back to the drawing board, and make sure that it is BLACK!

  • concerned

    You children do realize? That using cuss words, doesn’t make you an adult. An adult can get a job and apartment. They meet someone and get married and have children. They pay their bills on time and put food in the cupboards. Clothes on their and their children’s backs. Have one or two cars parked in front of their house. They usually work nine to five and pick up a paycheck. Or, go to college and have a career. They go on vacations, after earning vacation pay and time. They send their children to school and teach them to be responsible adults. They make house, car, and insurance payments. Plus, they pay taxes, and or capital gains and house and property tax.

  • lola

    I gotta say, as a minority myself, I do agree with the jist of what she is saying. Sometimes focusing only on the differences that different races and cultures have, only causes more problems. By emphasizing how different you are because of your race only helps to reinforce racism because you are separating yourself from everyone else who is not of your race. I know that I certainly don’t want to focus on how different I am supposed to be because of my color. Sure, there are cultural things that I relate to but I don’t need it to play into EVERY aspect of my life. We are all people who bleed the same color and we have one planet that we need to share. If we looked at ourselves as global citizens the world would be a very different place.


    you have to care magnus! I know that this is the only rise that you can get..ok now you can go to back to your cage like a good mutt!
    and it isn’t just my month, it is EVERYBODY MONTH whether you like it, or not! Whereever you work at, you celebrate it! Now that is funny for a racist like you! This isn’t a problem, you are the problem to your own people! While others are trying to say that we shouldn’t have racism in the world, you are saying the opposite!

    So I think that you are one twisted c*nt, and what you say hick really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans! Keep trucking!

  • lola

    By the way, even though I did just say that I agree with her overall argument, I have nothing against BET or Black History Month. The history of all the people who came to America should be taught and remembered. I just agree that we need to stop separating ourselves from each other so much and realise that underneath the skin color we are the same.

  • magnus MFA


    Nobody but black people even notice when it’s black history month anyway.

    Your poverty stricken upbringing has nurtured you into a magnificent example of typical black America.

    You like to bitch and barf out sound bites but when it comes down to it there isn’t a real thought in your head.

    Black n proud…hell your name is even racist.

    Why can’t you be proud of something else?

    Answer: because you have nothing else. If you’re not proud to be black you’re just out of options.

    Do yourself a favour and do something with your life that you can be proud of. Being proud of your race is a f*cking joke.



    if only black people paid attention to BHM, we wouldn’t be having this discussion! BOY O BOY are you stupid!

    White people are proverty stricken also, what about trailer trash, farmhands, hill billies, they are also proverty stricken, you are not making any sense…meth addict!

    i don’t think mt name is racist, I am black and proud of my heritage, so you can shove it!

    and you never asked me what I am proud of, How do you know that I am not proud of anything else? Your attempt to assume that I am not proud of anything else was totally off, so try again dummy!

    You can’t tell me about myself, You are not a physic, you are not me, so you can save your typical white man speech, because you are a stupid jack@ss!

    And of course a hick like you would say something like that, Because you have nothing to be proud of, you are a loner that has issues, why don’t you just kill yourself right now, and then it would be one less prick that we would have just walken over anyway! I know that you get walke dover constantly, your true colors came through over the cyber world! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOo at you! back to the cage now, stinkin mutt!


    walked over…

    piece of dog sh*t! You shouldn’t take pride in saying we done anything, you are a joke, and you are making your race sound like a joke!


    does that MFA stands for MUTHAF*CKIN @SSHOLE? it should!