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Isla Fisher's Baby Bump Ready to Pop

Isla Fisher's Baby Bump Ready to Pop

Sacha Baron Cohen and his pregnant fiancee Isla Fisher (due any day now) attend a local synagogue to celebrate Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Sacha, 35, was born in London to an Orthodox Jewish family. Isla, 31, has reportedly converted to Orthodox Judaism in advance of her marriage to Sacha. Their wedding date has yet to be announced.

Isla also recently signed on to star as the title role of Rebecca Bloomwood in the upcoming romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic. The film tells the story of a college grad who lands a job as a financial journalist in New York City to support where she nurtures her shopping addiction. It’s based on the novel with the same name by Sophie Kinsella. Production will begin in January.

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    What’s with the belt? She looks like a ginger sausage!


    Why does an idiot have to wear a belt?

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! LMAO! Looks like a pregnant cheerleader! F*cking hilarious! BTW! FIRST!


    If Sacha were Orthodox, they’d be MARRIED already! They are conventional… there is no way Isla could be Orthodox with all that skin out!



  • TJ

    No, no, no!! That’s one of my favorite books ever, but I So don’t see her as Becky Bloomwood! Nothing against Isla, but she’s going to ruin the freaking movie.

  • Ana

    that doesnt even look like her to me anymore…I dunno I just dont see it


    That is how she celebrates YOM KIPPUR??

    Is this woman for real?

  • jy

    Look at her legs and feet!

  • Me

    Leave her alone! She’s pregnant!



  • Yikes

    I have NEVER seen a woman that pregnant wear a belt and a mini.

    I’d have to describe that as UNorthodox.

    Good thing he isn’t Catholic.

    Jews must be really open-minded.

  • kat

    im pretty sure if they were orthodox jews she wouldnt be wearing that to synagogue on yom kippur and they would already be married
    thats a little flashy

  • Olivia

    Aww, she looks really cute! Good luck to them!

  • the_original_nika

    a belt?

  • April

    Her bump is gorgeous! Poor thing looks like she’s retaining water. She must be a poppin very soon!

  • cutiepie

    I didnt know they were making a movie of that book. I love those shopaholic books. Being a shopaholic myself I can totally relate to it. lol. (sort of) She’ll probably be really good in it. Im just glad they didnt get Renee Zelweger or however you spell her name to do it. I dont think I could stand another movie with her in it with a british accent.

  • NJS06

    She needs to put on some clothes. Why would you put on a sweater and a mini skirt? Does that make any sense?

    Anyway, she looks SO different. She is going to have a lot of work to do post pregnancy.

  • rowis

    i love isla, find her gorgeous pregnant! i just find it odd that she would wear a mini to go to a synagogue! lol
    they’re a very cute couple and im happy to hear she’ll be portraying becky bloomwood!!!

  • tracey

    I’m about as far as long as she is (8 months) and trust me, you don’t give a crap what you wear as long as it’s comfortable. Her belt might be giving her belly (and back) some support, she’s probably inbetween being too warm and ‘ok’ temperature wise. She’s retaining some water so it can get very uncomfortable. I think she looks great!

  • * Spay / Neuter *

    Isla is absolutely adorable , preggers or not ! she doesn’t get the recognition she so rightly deserves as a talented & beautiful actress ! loved her in wedding crashers .

  • Julie

    She’s 31, pure white and pregnant. She should not be wearing a mini-dress.

  • Ruth

    I can hardly believe that she attended the New Year synagogue services dressed like that! I am not a religious person and rarely attend synagogue services but I find her look to be really disrespectful. No one would go to church in such an outfit!

  • sarah

    i was at that service in pico-robertson area. he was really nice to everyone, talking to the kids and shaking hands with old men. They even had him open the ark. Isla just came at the end she didn’t go to the service dressed like that she just picked him up.

  • Emma’le

    She was born in England or some where but she is Australian

  • Rena

    she looks scary

  • Mel

    She looks scary? Look at her legs & feet? Why is she wearing a belt? Clearly comments of those who have never been pregnant.

    Scary- Lets see how you look when you are about to push another human being from your body.

    Legs & Feet- You retain water when you are pregnant. It isnt pretty, but it is part of the deal.

    The belt- It is good to wear a belt to provide the baby with support as they drop down towards the end of the pregnancy. Your belly also gets really heavy & the belt can help ease the weight of that on your back.

    Im with you Tracey, she looks great!

  • Rachel

    My friends and I are so hacked off right now. She is NOT Becky Bloomwood. I have nothing against Isla but she in not Becky. The storyline above isn’t even correct amd I can’t believe they are changing the location from London to NY. WHY WHY WHY. It doesn’t make sense. This news has ruined my day. F**KING Hollywood has to ruin everything.

  • Flisbeth

    Yeah I have nothing against Isla at all, but she just is not Becky Brandon (ne. Bloomwood)! But hey if they are going to change the location as well..they might as well go all the way! What a shame….I have been looking forward to them doing this film for a long time, but if they are going to change the fundamental things in the story…I just don’t think so.

  • noa

    converted orthodox? HAHA
    How about a below the knee skirt?
    How about NOT carrying on kippur till one hour after sundown?
    Just the basics at least…

  • Iris

    I am not sure where she was born but she grew up in Perth, Western Australia which is the most isolated city in the world. When she was still a teen she moved over east to star in the Australian soap Home and Away from which she became a celebrity.

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    Cankles … wow she is huge!

  • laila

    i have nothing against her as an actress but…..cover up!!!! there is no need for her to have so much leg showing….and flip flops???? to a synagogue???? damn. talk about disrespectful. i agree with previous posters regarding him being an orthodox jew? his family must be pissed about them not being married before she got pregnant….this whole world is going to hell in a handbasket. i’m agnostic and i would never have gotten pregnant before getting married (out of respect for my catholic family and out of respect for the basic moral tenents i believe members of society should subscribe to). yet, some people who claim to be of a certain religion seem to go against the rules they are taught to follow….is it hypocrisy, stupidity or just lack of self control????

  • +greenpeace+

    omg, i love the book! hope the movie will do justice.

  • J

    She wore that to a High Holidays service? A little to casual to me

  • anon

    I agree with the other posters about the not being married and orthodox Jewish part. Plus, in addition to the not carrying, the orthodox don’t drive on Yom Kippur. If she is converting that is a major no, no. I am surprised at him for that also, yet he is wearing the customary cloth sneakers.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Regina

    She’s so adorable!

  • soysauce

    It’s ok to be big and pregnant but omg what a bad choice of clothes… a summer dress with a scarfe?? weird

  • grossed out

    put a moomoo on your fat, ugly, pregnant belly is gross. die now.

  • hannah

    yeah that is just not something you wear in a place of worship…
    plus he’s wearing sneakers!!!