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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Save Tara! Save Tara!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Save Tara! Save Tara!

Irish actor hotties Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Stuart Townsend help protest the M3 motorway from being constructed near the historic Hill of Tara on Sunday. 1,000 protesters formed the shape of an Irish harp on top of the hill for an aerial photograph. At the same time, protests were held in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

“Tara Hill, which is the centerpiece of a large archaeological landscape with hundreds of significant sites, is the ceremonial and mythical capital of Ireland,” said Bonnie Burnham, the president of the World Monuments Fund (WMF).

It looks like JRM brought along a new mystery brunette girlfriend! What happened to Reena Hammer??

10+ pictures inside of Jonathan and Stuart trying to SAVE TARA…

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34 Responses to “Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Save Tara! Save Tara!”

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  1. 1
    lolo Says:


  2. 2
    MOVE B*TCH! Says:


  3. 3
    depeche Says:

    wow Towsend looks quite bad

  4. 4
    magnus Says:

    Ban “MOVE B*TCH”.

    Racist c*ntrag. Ya it will be saved because white people are behind it. So now we’re bad people because we’re intelligent and get things done? Maybe if you cry loud enough you can ruin this cause too? F*cking moron. Why can’t people like you get hit by cars. Go smoke some crack.

    Save Tara.

  5. 5
    Regina Says:

    They’re probably shagging each other.

  6. 6
    Hugo Says:

    The British establishment do not respect anything about the Irish, Scottish or Welch people for that matter, they have always been about the Monarchy and that kind of attitude is not acceptable in the 21st century.

  7. 7
    lost_girl Says:

    Please Reena Hammer come back !! =/


  8. 8
    Save Tara! Says:

    No. 7 Hugo..why did you mention the British? The Republic of Ireland has no links whatsoever to the British establishment. I think you may have missed 80 or so years..
    In fact it’s the IRISH government who are planning to build this motorway.
    Hmm! Seems like the only politician with principles here was Trevor Sargent, who was the leader of the Green Party. He quit his position to stand by his principles to save Tara.

  9. 9
    irrelevant Says:

    Maybe they’re talking about Tara Reid. She does seem to need saving.

  10. 10
    halli Says:

    That girl looks like Kiera Knightley, as a brunette.

  11. 11
    Tara Reid Says:


  12. 12
    lj Says:

    Yes, it’s in ireland, I was there a couple months ago. Good for JRM and Townsend. Why would they build a motrorway on top of a historic area? They have so much unused land.

  13. 13
    food for thought Says:

    MOVE B*TCH! : 09/23/2007 at 5:05 pm
    4) you cshould get smothered by black @ss! so you could shut the f*ck up! and not all white people are intelligent.. I guess John wayne gacy was intelligent, oh wait..what about TED bundy…ooohhh wait what about DAVID koresh? yeah, those people was highly intelligent! and I am not going anywhere! Why can’t people like you just stay barefooted on the farm, and inpregnate your cousins! KEEP all of you F*Ckers in the shed, where you belong! Stinky Ass pig!

    GO SMOKE METH, make it in front of your all of you white trash do! SAVE jena 6! hang trash from trees! starting with MAGNUM LICKER!


    You’re making yourself sound ignorant and racist.

  14. 14
    Jocasta666 Says:

    I think you two arguing sonsabitches do this bullshit just to ruin this site for everyone else. You officially ruined it for me. Thanks ass holes. Now go to bed…you have school tomorrow.

    You can’t stand who you see here, various ******** pick fights for MONTHS and this **** just got stale.

    Sorry Jared – I’ll just have to get my Brangelina fix elsewhere.

    And make note that people who just enjoy net surfin’ don’t need this ******* ****.
    What this site needs is a moderator and quick.

    Oh wait, that’s okay, you just fell off my favorite list.

    Hey, dude…not the site’s fault.
    Name-callin’ is one thing, but on every single THREAD?
    Come on, you know this will kill your site, Jared. You’ve worked too hard to allow trolls to keep the pot roiling.

    Personally, I gave you 8 months.

    That’s enuf, jesus, I have a life and could probably do without the unnecessary rancor.

    It doesn’t even matter anymore who started what.

    Your site just reminded me of why I stopped going to parties 20 years ago.

    And yes…I’ve been invited for the last 20 years. But this site is full of shitheads who remind me of drunken shitheads at parties I went to some 30 years ago…

    It’s pathetic.

    And pathetic that I have to post that.

    I’m embarrassed for the arguing posters on this thread; the idea of a thread is to keep to the ******* subject…not start **** by dragging in other things you’re pissed off about.

    You ******* youngsters give me a pain in my ass!

    I hate you – all of you haters – for doing this to such a great site.

    Good luck Jared.
    Good luck and goodnight.


  15. 15
    shar Says:

    OMG…check out the hottest pix of David Beckham at (not for the faint of heart)

  16. 16
    JRMfan Says:

    No 5 Regina, you are talking about Jonathan and the brunette right? Because YES, they are indeed shagging each other. She is his new girlfriend. Thank God ugly Rena Hammer is history.

  17. 17
    Niamh C Says:

    That’s the M3 not the M1-maybe this caused SOME of the confusion regarding where the Hill of Tara is located. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is IRISH. What a protest of this nature has to do with Jena I’m not entirely sure. I will say that I firmly believe if EVERYONE stood up for their concerns both global and local, the world would be a much better place. So good for the people who are concerned about Tara being destoyed standing up and doing something! I don’t think blasting people on a gossip blog is going to do ANYTHING for the Jena 6. Why not take some action of your own regarding this issue?

  18. 18
    A person who eat food Says:

    Duuudee, where’s my car?

  19. 19
    the_original_nika Says:

    double hotness. who’s that lady friend? hhhmm…
    save tara people.

  20. 20
    Mad_Hatter Says:

    Jared you should post the link to the petition people can sign to also help save the hill! I signed it a year ago and I am glad to see the fight is still going strong!
    Stu, does look kinda haggered though! :(
    As always Jon looks lovely!!

  21. 21
    cutiepie Says:

    Damn I thought I was the only one who thought they were trying to save Tara Reid. lol. Seriously, does anyone actually find Townsand goodlooking? (besides Charlize). I personally dont at all.

  22. 22
    natalie Says:

    He broke up with Reena a while ago. Shortly after rehab I believe, maybe even before. He was recently out with Tudor co-star Rachel Kavanagh, but this is not her. I don’t know who she is. Someone new I guess, lol.

    Thanks for the pics Jared! Can’t get enough of JRM!!!! Do more!

  23. 23
    natalie Says:

    She also attended the Electric Picnic with him, I might add.

  24. 24
    remember da truth Says:

    Remember, no one forces you to read every single post.

    That being said, these people do need to be blocked. If they aren’t contributing, why have them here? Oh yeah, Jared loves his hits. That’s why even when he blocks someone known to be a troublemaker, he feels “bad” and lets them back in.

    Jared will make a terrible parent if everytime someone being punished for bad behavior asks to have the punishment removed because they don’t like it! That’s the point! Keep the boards clean by removing the sickos, and STICK TO IT, Jared! You will get many more hits that way. For every one person who tells you that your site is degenerating think how many just stop posting, or would be posting more and not just looking at the pictures and leaving?

  25. 25
    remember da truth Says:

    Stuart is better looking than Jonathan!

    Can someone give more info on this subject? What part of Ireland is Tara in? What are the historical sites? What alternatives could the motorway use?

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