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Oscar De La Hoya Fishnet Photos -- REAL?!?!

Oscar De La Hoya Fishnet Photos -- REAL?!?!

These Oscar De La Hoya fishnet photos seem pretty real to me now!

Russian stripper Milana Dravnel is wearing the same exact fishnet body suit as Oscar in these photos — how could you think they’re Photoshopped?!

Check out X17 for the photos of Milana and Oscar together.

Boxing’s Golden Boy has vehemently denied the authenticity of these photos. His agent at CAA, Jack Tiernan has said, “They’re completely manufactured. The pictures have been manipulated or manufactured, and the matter has been referred to his attorney.”

His wife, Puerto Rican singing superstar Millie Corretjer, is pregnant with their second child together. This will be Oscar‘s fifth child.

WHAT DO YOU THINK???? Are these Mrs. Oscar De La Hoya fishnet photos the real deal?!

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  • gisele

    OMGGGGG its disgustinnn am i first? lol

  • Jhon



    we knew that this sh*t was real! That is why he lost all of his fights, lack of concentration…lol!

  • gisele

    is he gay??

  • ribbit1

    No, he has a really hot woman who will talk him into things!

  • W&H

    I think that this photo is FUNNY…:)
    And of cause…He lied!!!

  • the_original_nika

    he looks so sexy lmao.

  • Pitsy Poots

    with photoshop, the easiest way is to swap the head. You have to pay extremely close attention to skin tone and a dead give away is SHADOW. The shadow has to match the rest of the photo. Looks pretty realistic to me and I worked in a job using photoshop daily for 10 years as a designer.

  • noooo

    bbv must be p*ssed

  • sb

    If it was me I would say it was photoshop too. LOL Oh his poor pregnant wife she must want to believe it’s photoshop too.

  • magnolia

    That is him all the way, it amazes me that he was that gullible



  • sheryl

    This is just wrong…

  • sandie

    that’s him! Why keep denying it?

  • Purple Gem

    Real. Just admit it Oscar. Enough of this machismo sh!t and own up to the fishnets.

  • TR

    Of course they are real. As much as I hate X17online (all they post about is that drug hog Britney) they have scored with these pix. They put up more today and sorry Oscar, but these sure look REAL. What a dumbass – he puts on women’s heels and fishnet and TAKES the pictures??? Fool deserves all the embarassment he is suffering.

    Guy is a wife cheater, a sexual pervert and a complete liar!!

  • H

    FLOYD MAYWEAThER will slap his ass off

  • ShimmeringDew

    Umm i don’t know, the legs look like women legs… and his head all of a sudden looks huge in some pics… looks ‘shopped’ to me.

    I am not a fan either way.

  • coalharbourqt

    I have thought these photos were real from the moment I saw them – despite his denial. Why doesn’t he just admit that he likes to crossdress (which is not the same as gay BTW). I think more straight men do it than we will ever know. Funny how nobody freaks out if a woman dresses up as a man (it is usually interpreted as being sexy)… our society has some odd double standards. I don’t see what the big deal is really. *yawn* Next!

  • suzy

    he should feel free to wear heels and fishnet body suits. it’s ok be free

  • bia

    looks pretty real to me…

  • Travis

    I hope this isn’t offensive but..regarding the legs. They do look quite underdeveloped but that is most likely because he is Hispanic. I am a med student currently working in Mx. in the Plastics Dept. and although it was a shock to me, a lot of men and women here get calf implants because the often ‘look’ underdeveloped. (Nothing to do with strength.) One of my patients even told me that the reason most people here always were jeans is because they don’t have good calves. Now I doubt that is true but it is still quite telling. These pics look pretty convincing and any argument against their validity based on his legs can be ruled out.

  • Michelle

    Why was it so hard to believe that they were real to begin with? Alot of straight men do dress in womens clothing and alot of straight men who don’t usually crossdress, will do it behind closed doors for a really hot woman. Most are not stupid enough to be photoed however if they don’t want to be found out and esp not if they are a celeb. He just made an idiotic mistake, esp since he was cheating.

  • fazlyn

    it looks real but who knows…

    wonder why he took the pic though……dont celebrity get caught doing this kind of thing all the time….


    ohmigod, oscar is a disgrace, if he is my father, i would feel embarassed and disgust, what a fcuktard.

  • not blond

    The head is totally out of proportion with the body – and the angle looks weird. Perhaps he does cross dress. So what? But these are photo-shopped. Btw, Russian stripper? Set-up job. I suspect someone has more damning pixs and this is their way of threatening him.

  • david

    Fake. Access Hollywood just used a photography expert to examine the photos. The pixels around his head were altered. The expert deemed the photos an amatuerish attempt.

  • http://none lad86000

    A desperate call for attention!

    blah blah blah!!

    Get ur reality!!!

  • @BB@

    Just look at the color of his face and the color of his neck and ears!!!!!!!! Totally different, poor guy, now everyone think his weird & gay!

  • Angelina’s granny panties


  • Mandy

    I photoshop for a living….these are real. There are more pics that people have not seen. Too much detail for the average person to photoshop. This girl has the originals in her camera….you can’t photoshop that! I know he had a sexual encouter with a man – because I know the guy. It doesn’t matter that he’s married. That’s all I’m going to say.

  • mtb247

    This man is a scuzball, womenizer, cheater, lier and pervert. GROW UP OSCAR!

  • Deede

    These pics are not real. Look at the shadow of the head on the left side. Why would the shadow be behind his back only and not on his shoulder? I’ve watched Oscar box all his life and this is not his body. No way. Oscar also has great legs!

    Someone is always trying to tear someone down, but Oscar? Why?

  • http://yahoo Thomas

    Oscar came along at a time when there were no great fighters and his above average skills made him a star….just as soon as he faced some real competition he got his ass kicked in the ring. I always thought he was a little on the “sweet” side lol… never dreamed he be a cross dresser though. LOSER and FREAK.

  • mr.mcnasty

    If she told you “wear this, and you can put it anywhere” who wouldnt have pics of them selves in fishnets floating around. John Wayne would have done it to have sex w/ her I wana see those pics

  • Lori

    so not real. So what if she is wearing the same fish net thing im sure every skank slut porn star has them please these are so fake. Oscar has built his fortune on the fact that he is so smart he wouldnt do something so stupid please people

  • http://google Bea

    I always thought he was Gay…This picture just confirmed it.

  • So, when he’s taking these pix, he’s carrying around his boxing gloves

    So, when he’s messing around with strippers, he lugs around his boxing gloves. And his head looks contorted in each picture, I dunno, I’m just not sure.

    But boxing gloves?
    Yes, he’s a boxer…but…why…the…gloves?

  • Truth

    I look at the photos and to me they are quite believeable. His wife seems like an oustanding woman of great values and very honorable and beautiful. Hopefully she realizes this is his problem and his stupidity. She should file for divorce right away. He’s pathetic. This is why some people say just because you are the top that doesn’t mean you can’t come crashing down real fast. In his case, VERY FAST and talk about humiliating. Those are the funniest photos I’ve seen in a long time — it reminds me of Jim Carrey in one of his movies LOL

  • Truth

    His eyes are bloodshot too – there is no way he was sober or not under some type of influence of drugs. There is no way he was that dumb.

  • miranda

    How come no one asks, where Oscar got the WIG?
    Give Oscar Best-RealBoy-Lace-Fishnet-in-Drag ..Trophy,in the Drag Queen Contest, because he d@aaamn sure won the Prize, for best sports cross-dresser. You know, when I worked in a restaurant, all the waiters and busboys kept telling me they hated Oscar and with his pretty little face, I never understood why, but NONE of the young dudes liked him, they kept saying ,,oh he’s sooooo sweet and pretty isn’t he. Well ya just gotta trust people’s instincts, because those Busboys and Waiters were right, HE WAS SWEET! Oscar is pretty than most of my girlfriends……dude, should just admit it, he’s a total cross-dresser. I hope he’s not scheduled to do any fights, because he’s ruinnnnnnnnnnnnnned. He can’t live this down,he won’t even be able to do sports commentating. He’s a pretty dude though. Oh and I’ll bet his wife knew, already….and his manager too, Oscar probably has wigs in his trunk.

  • oooba dooba

    To the poster named Truth: I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the photos. I also feel that this issue has NOTHING to do with his wife or his marriage, or how nice a lady his wife may seem to be, or the fact that he’s had children by several women to whom he was not married. However, I firmly believe this incident will have an unpleasant impact on his marriage. People’s lives are affected by this sort of thing, and while it may seem funny on the surface, when I really think about it, the possible end results are NOT funny.

    To the poster named Deede: I agree with you, and while I’m not a boxing fan personally, I think the legs featured in many of the photos belong to a WOMAN, not a man. In terms of why someone would try to tear Oscar down, the answer may be as simple as the fact that he’s a success, he’s rich, and maybe he didn’t do something that someone somewhere wanted him to do.

    To the poster named Mandy: While I respect the fact that you use Photoshop for a living, I must disagree with your comment regarding the amount of detail being excessive for an average person to do. The person or persons who may have altered the photos may have been paid off to do the work, and they may not have employed “average” skills. I’ve seen altered photos before, although I’m no forensic photo expert. As I posted elsewhere in relation to this topic:

    Oscar’s attorney, Bertram Fields, has issued a statement again, as posted on ET Online. It reads: “The woman who purportedly took the photos has stated publicly she cannot confirm that the images that have been posted, published and broadcast are genuine. A well known and independent photo forensic expert has stated his opinion that the photos are fake, which is what Oscar De La Hoya has been saying all along.

    “Last weekend, the woman contacted Oscar’s representatives and said she wanted to tell the truth. In an interview with the “New York Daily News,” she stated the photos were stolen by people who sought to profit from them, so she could not vouch for their authenticity. She also stated that she did not receive any money form Oscar.

    “Later, the woman demanded $160,000 from Oscar. He refused because he has no reason to make any payoffs to anyone. Now an audiotape of the woman suggests that she is complaining about receiving only $70,000 for the sale of the photos.”

    If blackmail or extortion of some kind is going on, I would venture a guess that it’s NOT on Oscar’s side of the spectrum. People who tell the truth don’t constantly change their version of the story, depending on who the highest bidder is. The truth is the truth. How can there be five, ten or fifteen different versions of it? Facts are facts. If Milana ‘lost’ those photos from her camera for a period of time, it would indicate to me that the ‘period of time’ was needed to alter the images from their original format. I’ve seen photos of Oscar in various boxing poses similar to the ones in some of Milana’s photos, and anyone could use Photoshop to cut and paste segments of his body onto someone else’s legs, or take his head and tack it on to another body, or take a fishnet body stocking and stretch it over a body. Oscar may not be a saint, but that doesn’t mean he wears body stockings, pink panties and black pumps to get his kicks. I’m not talking about his morals or his strength of character here; I’m talking about the validity of those photos, and I personally don’t believe they’re legit. But I DO believe that someone, as stated by the expert in photo forensics, went through an awful lot of trouble to alter the images (possibly to set Oscar up or start a smear campaign).

  • miranda

    Just face it, the dude likes to cross dress and he might be into other things. The young woman’s Story sure had a lot of details and now she says there were men invited to the parties, it was not a one time thing,it was basically the same group of people, if available for Oscar to meet up in hotels all over the country. So….. as Truman Capote says, IF YOU TAKE YOUR CHANCES, YOU TAKE YOUR CHANCES……OSCAR took a chance and got caught. I think the dressing up is not new to his manager or his wife. Oscar is so bussssssssted, he needs to just deal with it and stop denying it. Any guy who had photos of themselves put on the internet would be all over ABC,NBC,CNN,CBS,JUST JARED,TMZ,E,Insider, screaming, this is not me, instead he gives these half-assed weak responses and GUESS WHAT …Tonight on TV The woman had MORE PHOTOS, THIS time in very expensive pretty WHITE BIKINI’ with Fishnet stockings ,yeah OSCAR WAS WEARING IT IN THE PHOTO……more to come, because those people at the party who are hiding now, will talk to.

  • gina

    Everyone has been so jealous of Oscar since day 1 too bad had to go to this extreme. HATERS!!!!

  • oooba dooba

    As reported in Geno’s Boxing Corner on

    “I wasn’t even going to address this, but now that it’s basically been exposed as a fraud, which was quite obvious by the way, I have elected to talk about it. As most of you know, Oscar De La Hoya is the biggest name in boxing by a country mile, and because of that, he is a target for all sorts of things, and in this case, some unwarranted humiliation and perhaps even blackmail.

    Several racy pictures of “The Golden Boy” dressed as if he works at the Bunny Ranch appeared on line, and they were pretty bad. Anyone that uses photoshop can make images like this and that is what they were. I especially found it amusing that several television programs picked up the story and acted as if they didn’t know if they were legitimate or not. It was a sensationalistic story, but in one of the pictures, Oscar’s head is about a half size bigger than normal. They had to know that they were fake, but ratings and hits on the websites were more important than actually exposing this fraud and doing what was right.

    The stripper that has gotten paid for this “story” has apparently recanted much of it and denies any knowledge of just who took those pictures. She seems to want to take the 70 G’s and run, but you do not cross the Golden Boy and I think that we will see a repeat of that entire “rat in a can” Pepsi Cola story, where two guys claimed to have found a rat in one of their cans of Pepsi and tried suing, only to be thrown in the slammer and sued by the gigantic corporation for lost revenue in the area of five million dollars. I’m assuming that this duo won’t be telling any more rat stories. Perhaps a few gerbil stories when they get out of prison.

    In the end, De La Hoya will win this battle and perhaps the real drag queen poser will be revealed. I have some theories but I will keep them to myself. I don’t want to be dragged into it…no pun intended.”


    Who cares? If it is him, I don’t have a problem with it. I wish more guys wore shit like this.

    And for the rest of you who’ve “lost respect” or “think he’s disgusting”. . .go fuck yourselves. Jealous.

  • tRISHA

    Just ’cause a guy wears lingere or other clothing our culture deems “feminine” it doesn’t automatically make him ‘gay’. To be GAY you have to like men. Dumbasses.

  • J


  • matt

    what the fuck is this shit i would fuck that man lets suck some dick 2 night…………..fuck me fuck me fuck me…..hell yes i am gay got a fuckin prob….bitch

  • http://yahoo Andre

    My friend who was a boxing coach, I could not believe he love a man instead until we had a threesome with a lady and he started to suck my ______? I had my eyes closed and thought it was the lady, Yes it’s Oscar.