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Oscar De La Hoya Fishnet Photos -- REAL?!?!

Oscar De La Hoya Fishnet Photos -- REAL?!?!

These Oscar De La Hoya fishnet photos seem pretty real to me now!

Russian stripper Milana Dravnel is wearing the same exact fishnet body suit as Oscar in these photos — how could you think they’re Photoshopped?!

Check out X17 for the photos of Milana and Oscar together.

Boxing’s Golden Boy has vehemently denied the authenticity of these photos. His agent at CAA, Jack Tiernan has said, “They’re completely manufactured. The pictures have been manipulated or manufactured, and the matter has been referred to his attorney.”

His wife, Puerto Rican singing superstar Millie Corretjer, is pregnant with their second child together. This will be Oscar‘s fifth child.

WHAT DO YOU THINK???? Are these Mrs. Oscar De La Hoya fishnet photos the real deal?!

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# 1

OMGGGGG its disgustinnn am i first? lol

# 2


# 3

we knew that this sh*t was real! That is why he lost all of his fights, lack of concentration…lol!

# 4

is he gay??

# 5

No, he has a really hot woman who will talk him into things!

# 6

I think that this photo is FUNNY…:)
And of cause…He lied!!!

# 7
the_original_nika @ 09/23/2007 at 8:31 pm

he looks so sexy lmao.

# 8
Pitsy Poots @ 09/23/2007 at 8:37 pm

with photoshop, the easiest way is to swap the head. You have to pay extremely close attention to skin tone and a dead give away is SHADOW. The shadow has to match the rest of the photo. Looks pretty realistic to me and I worked in a job using photoshop daily for 10 years as a designer.

# 9

bbv must be p*ssed

If it was me I would say it was photoshop too. LOL Oh his poor pregnant wife she must want to believe it’s photoshop too.

That is him all the way, it amazes me that he was that gullible


This is just wrong…

that’s him! Why keep denying it?

Purple Gem @ 09/23/2007 at 9:20 pm

Real. Just admit it Oscar. Enough of this machismo sh!t and own up to the fishnets.

Of course they are real. As much as I hate X17online (all they post about is that drug hog Britney) they have scored with these pix. They put up more today and sorry Oscar, but these sure look REAL. What a dumbass – he puts on women’s heels and fishnet and TAKES the pictures??? Fool deserves all the embarassment he is suffering.

Guy is a wife cheater, a sexual pervert and a complete liar!!

FLOYD MAYWEAThER will slap his ass off

ShimmeringDew @ 09/23/2007 at 9:56 pm

Umm i don’t know, the legs look like women legs… and his head all of a sudden looks huge in some pics… looks ‘shopped’ to me.

I am not a fan either way.

coalharbourqt @ 09/23/2007 at 10:17 pm

I have thought these photos were real from the moment I saw them – despite his denial. Why doesn’t he just admit that he likes to crossdress (which is not the same as gay BTW). I think more straight men do it than we will ever know. Funny how nobody freaks out if a woman dresses up as a man (it is usually interpreted as being sexy)… our society has some odd double standards. I don’t see what the big deal is really. *yawn* Next!

he should feel free to wear heels and fishnet body suits. it’s ok be free

looks pretty real to me…

I hope this isn’t offensive but..regarding the legs. They do look quite underdeveloped but that is most likely because he is Hispanic. I am a med student currently working in Mx. in the Plastics Dept. and although it was a shock to me, a lot of men and women here get calf implants because the often ‘look’ underdeveloped. (Nothing to do with strength.) One of my patients even told me that the reason most people here always were jeans is because they don’t have good calves. Now I doubt that is true but it is still quite telling. These pics look pretty convincing and any argument against their validity based on his legs can be ruled out.

Why was it so hard to believe that they were real to begin with? Alot of straight men do dress in womens clothing and alot of straight men who don’t usually crossdress, will do it behind closed doors for a really hot woman. Most are not stupid enough to be photoed however if they don’t want to be found out and esp not if they are a celeb. He just made an idiotic mistake, esp since he was cheating.

it looks real but who knows…

wonder why he took the pic though……dont celebrity get caught doing this kind of thing all the time….

KRUNG KRUNG @ 09/24/2007 at 12:44 am

ohmigod, oscar is a disgrace, if he is my father, i would feel embarassed and disgust, what a fcuktard.

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