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Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Here are two of Brad Pitt‘s commercials for Japanese cell phone company Softbank, as directed by Wong Kar Wai (My Blueberry Nights). These scenes were shot back in late June while the Jolie-Pitts were in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pictures from the first commercial (gray suit) can be seen here and from the second commercial (black suit) here. A cover of The Kinks‘ “You Really Got Me” is played in the second one, FYI.

The third commercial (white suit) has yet to surface but pictures can be seen here. Bummer because that one looked the most exciting! Let’s hope that one is released soon –

Bonus: There is video footage of Brad talking about The Assassination of Jesse James at Check it out!

Brad Pitt‘s First Softbank Commercial (Gray Suit)

The second Softbank commercial of Brad‘s can be found inside…

Brad Pitt‘s Second Softbank Commercial (Black Suit)
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  • max

    I’m first??

  • max

    Finally i was first!! hehe!!

  • nanana


  • Bella


  • faith

    The music in the first video is cool. who sang? anyone knows

  • Georgica


  • kornie

    wow, another hot commercial. that’s great!

  • Jaxon

    Ahhhh, he looks so cute!

    Go Jolie-Pitts!


    I love him. I just have to say he gets paid alot to do that. I mean wow.
    Great commerical. He looks great. Real hawt running like that. Amazing. Well I got a class see you all later.


    Oh, I like the second one alot. So funny. Bye-bye now.

  • Bite me


  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the thread.

    I like the second one the best. There have been many of times where I wanted to throw my phone. :lol:



  • Hi everyone. Glad to be on the first page for the 1st time! I think they are both great! Looking forwards to see their next movies (AMH hasn’t opened in Brasil yet). I love the Cohen brothers and I bet this new comedy will be great.

  • so cute love this family

    Brad is so handsome,he is just out working for his family ,to build nest egg for his family,love the jolie pitts.gust a great commercial,we love it brad.

  • think positive!

    Thank you Jared!!! I like both of them but the second one was hillarious!! LMAO!!!

    Brad looks HAWT!!!


    Such a wonderful smile and face full of personality.

  • nicole richee fan

    Brad is the hottttttest dad everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  • nicole richee fan

    If Brad looks any more delicious,,,I would’nt be able to stand it…..Loveeeeee Brad and Angelinnnnna the hottttttttttest mom everrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heather

    ITA.Brad really really looks handsome in any commercials he is in.

  • farran

    What’s up Mr.Pitt?? Can’t decide my favorite, so I choose both.

  • em

    I admire Brad Pitt as an actor, as a man and especially as a father. I am happy for him and Angie for creating a loving family for themselves and children. I also commend them for doing humanitarian work and making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you Jared and I will continue to visit your site!

  • nicole richee fan

    Yes,the 2nd one is a riot. Brad can make me take notice any time.

  • anna

    WONG KAR WAI directed it?! he’s the sh!t! watch his movies yal…”In the Mood for Love” and 2046!

  • gretchen

    The man just does’nt age, I will set these on my favorites.

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    Sell out

  • daph

    He’s like fiiiiiiine wine.

  • em

    Both commercials are short and sweet with Brad looking handsome and lean. He is just so popular in Japan that Softbank are willing to pay him millions of dollar to promote their phone and shoot the commercial in Prague.

  • sarah

    hey, nicole richee fan—hey–fan me- fan me- I need air he’s so flippin hotttttttttttt!!!!!

  • hannah

    Papa Pitt is eye candy.


    Brad, I LOVE you, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee come visit me sometime. I work at the Walmart in Falmouth Maine.
    I would take good care of your children and love them with all my heart.Sorry I cant have bio kids though :/
    I would cook you eggs for breakfast and we could do suduko puzzles in bed Iwhile we watch Cnn…
    I like to make playdoh sculptures and knit booties and hats for the local church.
    Why would you want to be with the most beautiful woman in the world when you could have me?????
    Ok, so maybe i would lose a few pounds and all, but my hygeine is great…
    I have 23 cats and i truly hope that isnt a problem. I will be getting high speed internet soon, dial up sucks..
    We have a nice library here, your kids will love it. My mom works at mcdonalds so that means we get free big macs!!!!!!!
    I understand if you are not interested…
    Maybe you could give my info to George Clooney, he is hot too.
    Love you, Lindsay Thompson

  • nyc

    Thanks JJ. As usual you are the bests. I love the pics.

  • julia

    Aaaww I love them Both.. So funny, and He looks hella sexy in them..
    Thanks Jared.. You are the best..

  • is Brad in this photo?
  • guli

    Thanks JARED!!!!

    Hiya ladies and gents of BAMPZSville :lol:

  • the real tita

    #35: I don’t see him but I do see Angie on the very first row. It said look at another page for the names so somebody should do it if they have the actual magazine.

  • kittywhipp

    Hi fans. I did’nt think much of those commercials. Won’t be switching my bank. Talk to me.

  • em

    Overall, there are more positive reviews on TAOJJ namely: Entertainment Weekly which gives it a score of A, Rollingstones, Newsweek, CNN, Ropert likes it and the guest can’t make up his mind, NY Observer are among the notable media outlets who admire the film.


    ignore !

  • kittywhipp

    Hi, guli I am kittywhipp.

  • the real tita

    hello, guli girl. how are you? We’re here early, aren’t we?

    Does anybody know if he ever made a commercial while in NYC? He seems to do one at every place they stay on like India and Prague. I know Angie did Shiseido in Paris and LA. Where else were those St John’s photos taken, does anybody know?

  • Don’t Blame JJ

    Hiya everyone,

    Good to see the fans are back supporting Jared. We, as fans, need to unite and keep the thread clean. Migrating to JJB is not the answer, the fans need to reclaim this site by not letting the the haters infiltrate the threads.

  • Humour is Good

    I just got back from my astrologers and got the most AMAZING reading to date. I asked her to specifically focus on brad and angies future….
    This is what is in store for this family.
    Brad and ANGIE will have many,many happy years together, however they will break up after 39 yrs together when brad realizes he is MADLy in love with ME.
    Brad will win 8 oscars for acting and 13 for directing.He will get tired of the big screen and will leave to star in a remake of Full House.
    Angie will become darling of the world when she adopts 94 children and starts her own country.
    Lil shiloh will grow up to become the first person to live on Mars, starting a blog that gets 89 millions hits a day…..
    More to come….

  • nicole richee fan to # 30 sarah

    30 sarah : 09/24/2007 at 12:21 pm
    hey, nicole richee fan—hey–fan me- fan me- I need air he’s so flippin hotttttttttttt!!!!!

    ((((((((hotnesssss..Brad is))))))))))
    Sarah hi.. I need a strong wind myself like a ‘STRONG BREEZE’ I MEAN STRONG..I understand what you mean, I do..

  • Andrómeda

    Hello everybody!!. Thanks JJ for the new thread.
    My God, Brad is so hot!!
    BBL, kisses. Peace.

  • kittywhipp

    Hi nicole riche fan. To let you know, I don’t think it was all that.
    I’m well off and have been in many places and seen so many men. There’s better. I was not interested. Talk to me. I’m new here trying to make friends. Why is a nicole riche fan here anyway? Nicole has a thread. Just asking.

  • alison p

    Thanks Jared. Those are cute. My favorite is still the one where Brad steps in water while checking out two girls. The smile at the end is so so cute

  • kittywhipp

    I feel Brad is making enough money doing movies. Commercials are for dlisters.