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Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Here are two of Brad Pitt‘s commercials for Japanese cell phone company Softbank, as directed by Wong Kar Wai (My Blueberry Nights). These scenes were shot back in late June while the Jolie-Pitts were in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pictures from the first commercial (gray suit) can be seen here and from the second commercial (black suit) here. A cover of The Kinks‘ “You Really Got Me” is played in the second one, FYI.

The third commercial (white suit) has yet to surface but pictures can be seen here. Bummer because that one looked the most exciting! Let’s hope that one is released soon –

Bonus: There is video footage of Brad talking about The Assassination of Jesse James at Check it out!

Brad Pitt‘s First Softbank Commercial (Gray Suit)

The second Softbank commercial of Brad‘s can be found inside…

Brad Pitt‘s Second Softbank Commercial (Black Suit)
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  • guli

    Hey real tita and andro, how are you lovely ladies today? I have my mental IGNORE button on and am ready to roll :lol:

    Let’s see if we can bring out some of the regulars who are on lurk mode…..

    Yoooo cyber BAMPZS fans come join us :-)

  • kittywhipp

    Brad gets a low salary, so I’m assuming he has to work several jobs to support so many people and family members who are poor. I’ve never been poor. Guli, Nicole talk to me I am friendly.

  • help me

    Brad Pitt could sell a s#x tape to a nun I believe.
    Damn he is one yummy, yummy man.

  • ignore


  • Sheri

    51 guli : 09/24/2007 at 12:57 pm
    Hiya! I can’t really post from work, but wanted to let you know I’m here!

  • woot!

    French school drop off alert! My husband saw the JP SUV come out of the driveway as he passed to go sit in his car for alternate sides. Tinted windows, so he couldn’t see anything, and the car was on the way out!

    Since there weren’t any drop off photos from Friday, it may be that the JP’s have found a better way to bring their son to school! Using the driveway with pap access denied. :)

  • help me kittywhip

    talk to me please….
    I like astrology and cats…
    My dad works at Costco…
    I love Racheal Greene

  • Besane

    Actually my French hubby maybe going to the Open House at LF tonight… our son might try to get in for kindergarten. We don’t qualify for scholarship (French government only rewards citizens who live in a place less than $200k….although we are mortgaged up to our neck!) so we don’t think it’s a real possibility but still…. BTW of course we aren’t considering LF because of Jolie-Pitt kids :)

  • Kalina

    Brad is good as always but both commercials tell no story and make no sense. The purpose of any commercial should be to persuade you that this is a very good product surpassing those of the competition. What do you learn about that? Nothing, except that just because Brad carries it around, it is supposed to be the best. Sorry, that’s a flop to me.

  • guli

    Hey Sheri, have a wonderful day and join us later on… :-)

  • curious

    he is so hand some and pretty and cute in these videos.

  • help me kittywhipp

    I like red jellybeans and the feel of astroturf on my bare feet makes me giddy…
    Jello feels funny in my mouth and it’s gaggy(if ya know what I mean)
    I collected my little ponies when i was a kid….
    Brad pitt is my fave actor and his gf is prettier than my mom…
    I want to go see brad’s new movie but it isnt in my town…
    I will go see SuperBad instead…
    I like the way brad looked in that movie thelma and louise….
    Oprah is ugly and so is my 3rd grade teacher…
    I ate oatmeal and fruit for breakfast because it’s healthy…
    Fruitabu is good too..
    I only drink soy milk beacause I am lactose intolerant…
    Maddox is sooooooooooooooooo cute, I wonder what his fave food is and if he likes the way it tastes after he brushes his teeth and then drinks “milk”.
    god hate that taste…
    Shiloh should get lots of toys for Christmas, cuz she was a good girl this year…
    Ok I have to go catch the bus now, BBByyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Please

    56 woot! :

    How sad that your husband too has no life and is stalking the Jps

  • brad makes my panties wet

    OMG OMG I want that man sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. God please just give me one minute with him. I would be so happy….
    And if its not asking too much can I please just suckle at angie’s teats…
    I want a threesome with brad and angie..
    She is down like that :P
    Oh i almost forgot.



  • Get Over It


    He was saying “I’m sorry I didn’t leave you SOONER!” BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

  • Anne


    So … if you buy this phone, you will miss your tram and get into an argument? Why exactly would I want to buy one? Even if Brad Pitt is advertising it!

  • happy feet

    I thought he just looked kind’a old, but after taking off his hat and got a shave, his young face just surfaced. Brad, I can just eat ya!

  • brad makes my panties wettter

    bunch of perverts on here today.
    I like that. But I am weird and my parents are related.
    Cliniqua is one crazy obsessed crackpot.I think she spends all day searching for pics and articles about Anisiton. She prob has a shrine in her bedroom. I bet she has “racheal green” tattoed on her big butt..
    Cliniqua is secretly in love with the x.

  • jolie-pitt fans unite

    ALL JP fans have trolls on ignore.

  • Frenchy

    Yummy. Brad has basically been looking the same for the past 10 years or so. Come to think of it, so has Angelina.

  • s.r

    Thanks every one for mental ignore buttom.I join you in this work.

  • Passing Through

    Hey Trolls – ya’ll better get on over to the new Meg Ryan thread PDQ! I just saw photos of Meg’s daughter Daisy in a dress and that damned Meg is such a bad mother she didn’t put the matching panties on that child! I know how that bothers y’all, so scurry on over to the Meg Ryan thread and voice your ire. Surely Angie isn’t the only celeb who’s REQUIRED to put matching undies on her daughters?

  • Get Over It

    “Brad is good as always but both commercials tell no story and make no sense. The purpose of any commercial should be to persuade you that this is a very good product surpassing those of the competition. What do you learn about that? Nothing, except that just because Brad carries it around, it is supposed to be the best. Sorry, that’s a flop to me.”

    Oh honey … you need to take marketing 101!!! Don’t you look at ANY ads?? EVER????

    When you have a endorsement with a celebrity of Pitt’s stature, the LAST and most STUPID thing you would do is muck it up with a bunch of boring stats about your product. YES- it will SELL just because Brad is carrying it and looks HOT. How do you think the hottest clothes, shoes, cars, etc. become that way? Snap a pic of a celeb in them and instantly it’s wanted by everyone.

  • where is shiloh

    Where is the choosen one????
    I want to see shiloh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder if her parents let her out of the cage while they take the other kids outside???
    Poor shiloh, no one loves her. Maybe Cate can adopt her and britneys kids.
    I am gonna start a save shiloh website ok!
    Shiloh needs sunshine and love too.

  • maz

    they were both filmed in prague where i went for my hols!

  • woot!

    58 Besane : 09/24/2007 at 1:11 pm

    Your husband will fall in love with the school, at least the facility! We were invited in (all the neighbors were) when it was first built a few years ago. It’s really top notch.

  • sprite

    Passing Through : 09/24/2007 at 1:31 pm

    The poor kid is being carried by Meg. The horrors.:lol:

  • A grain of salt

    LOS ANGELES — Reports were running rampant last week that Angelina Jolie was already pregnant with Brad Pitt’s second biological child, as the skinny star was snapped sporting a little lump in Venice. But apparently it’s more bloat than bump.

    But it’s exactly these types of rumors that Pitt is tired of.

    “I still get amazed at the media attention that follows fame; it seems to be at an all-time high. There’s so much competition out there, so many different outlets for it and such a hunger for the best pictures or the best stories,” Pitt told FOX.

    “I don’t quite understand why everybody cares so much, especially when so much of what is printed and reported has such a negative focus. I don’t find it particularly healthy — for any of us.”,2933,297805,00.html

  • Besane

    77 woot! : 09/24/2007 at 1:33 pm

    Thanks for the LF info!

    My hubby just emailed me from work saying he is indeed going there tonight—at least to see the place and to get some French info (babysitting, learning, groups, etc etc). But I think it’s like $18k/yr…. wow…

  • wella

    This guys is hot as hell!!!!

  • Frenchy

    Hey everyone, the are lies going around that the JP’s are about to adopt from Myanmar. It’s false, false, false.

  • Passing Through

    29 em : 09/24/2007 at 12:21 pm
    Both commercials are short and sweet with Brad looking handsome and lean. He is just so popular in Japan that Softbank are willing to pay him millions of dollar to promote their phone and shoot the commercial in Prague.


    A few months ago US Lies Weakly had a little story on celeb endorsements and they had some ad exec talking about how much the deals were worth. So natch they decided to compare X’s DumbWater deal to Brad’s Softbank contract. The guy said X’s DumbWater deal made sense because she probably drinks lots of water…but that Brad was ONLY doing the Softbank commercials for dough because Softbank wasn’t available in the US, but it was highly popular in Europe where Brad has a really large fan base and was seeking to cash in on his popularity.

    Needless to say I was ROTFLMAO. With as much time as the J-Ps spend abroad, Brad pitching Softbank makes more sense than X pitching for a company that produces one of the Earth’s biggest causes of pollution – BOTTLED WATER. Beeyotch can drink tap water just like the rest of us.

    Anyhoo – the US Lies Weakly story said Brad got $4MIL per year on his 3 year Softbank deal.

  • s.r

    hey you If you are true fan of JOLIE-PITTS you should have haters in your ignorance.

  • woot!

    80 Besane : 09/24/2007 at 1:37 pm

    Yep! And although I’ve seen those published reports of 18k I’m pretty sure it’s more. Well, maybe kindergarten starts there, but I bet tuition goes up pretty fast in the other grades, cause most of the independent schools are, by high school, over $35k a year!

    I don’t know how the french school financial/aid scholarship works, but other schools are using a combination of things to determine eligibility. (I’ve got one son who’s graduated out of the private school system and another a senior in high school, so I’ve been through the application thing bigtime!!) I can’t imagine how any homeowner in Manhattan, with children especially, have an apartment under 200k. It’s not even possible to get a studio for that. I’m sure your husband will check out the specifics while he’s there. You may end up being pleasantly surprised that the details of eligibility are more favorable~!

  • Passing Through

    58 Besane : 09/24/2007 at 1:11 pm

    BTW of course we aren’t considering LF because of Jolie-Pitt kids


    Likely story, Be Sane! LOL! We all know that’s why you’re considering it! Be honest and admit you’re planning on stalking Brad & Angie so we can have a legit source of info!

    Eh…forget it that idea…they’ll be going back to LA is less than 3 weeks and I doubt your son is going to be getting into the school anytime soon.

  • Passing Through

    64 brad makes my panties wet : 09/24/2007 at 1:20 pm

    Thass just waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much personal info for a Monday…

  • GladGladGlad

    Love Brad and love Wong Kar Wai!! Blessings on the J-Ps

  • Passing Through

    78 sprite : 09/24/2007 at 1:35 pm
    Passing Through : 09/24/2007 at 1:31 pm

    The poor kid is being carried by Meg. The horrors.


    Yeah, I know, girl! That child is 2 1/2. Plenty old enough to walk under her own steam on a crowded Boston sidewalk with pedophiles every 10 feet. Meg is just carrying that kid because she’s copying Angie!

  • piper, with a low

    79 A grain of salt : 09/24/2007 at 1:37 pm

    Does breasts bloat too?

  • quiet no more

    the Jolie-Pitts should move to San Francisco….a big city they haven’t tried plus the kids would enjoy it and there aren’t paps everywhere!

  • Besane

    85 woot! : 09/24/2007 at 1:44 pm

    Thanks so much! Since our daughter goes to an integrated Special ed for free, this is the first time around with us. I reluctantly got the Hunter application (seems so crazed…) and will do everything and follow the motion… but of course you have been through this!

    Yes I am looking forward to see what my hubby finds out about the scholarship. Indeed French gov. $200k cut-off is ridiculous in Manhattan. Hubby says the new President (Sarkozy) is very interested in ‘spreading’ the French influence overseas, so he might change the law to some extent regarding education for citizens abroad. One serious consideration is that my hubby is dead-set for the kids speaking French. He sometimes threatens to move the family to Paris (and I fight for New York :) But never know….

    LOL PT!

    hahaha, but don’t you think the classmates/parents of Jolie-Pitts must be asked to sign something, like a confidential agreement at LF? I don’t know… My son would be Pax’s age, and doesn’t LF have a sibling policy? If so they would be classmates LOL—you are right, PT, I don’t think we would mind a playdate LOL! Seriously it’s very unlikely…we can’t afford it!

  • guli

    Hey PT, Besane how are you???

    Have guys seen this site. It was posted at JJB’s….I thought it was Jared that came up with that name :-) ohhh well we get our names hijacked constantly so why not happen to Jared :lol:

  • wow

    OKONJIMA’S comments:
    “Ms Jolie and Mr Pitt stayed with us for 4 days and were one of the easiest guests we’ve had. There were NO special requests, and no demands of ANY kind!
    All they wanted was to be ‘left alone’ and it was all about family time!! They are the most down to earth celebrities we have met, and they are BOTH amazing parents.
    They both loved The Villa, – Brad especially, who has a great knowledge of architecture.
    Holly Goline, Angelina’s best friend told us that The Villa was one of the nicest ‘African Homes’ they had ever stayed in!!
    They all loved the fact that they were so PRIVATE and away from the paparazzi!”

    OKONJIMA Guest book entry – April 2006:

    “Thank you for a wonderful stay! The food was amazing and the kids loved it here. Angelina and BP”

  • Debbie


  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    44 Humour is Good : 09/24/2007 at 12:47 pm

    I just got back from my astrologers and got the most AMAZING reading to date. I asked her to specifically focus on brad and angies future….
    This is what is in store for this family.
    Brad and ANGIE will have many,many happy years together, however they will break up after 39 yrs together when brad realizes he is MADLy in love with ME.
    Brad will win 8 oscars for acting and 13 for directing.He will get tired of the big screen and will leave to star in a remake of Full House.
    Angie will become darling of the world when she adopts 94 children and starts her own country.
    Lil shiloh will grow up to become the first person to live on Mars, starting a blog that gets 89 millions hits a day…..
    More to come….

    You’re right, humor is good. :lol:

  • L in Philly.

    nice to see someone is enjoying my posts from jjb…. ha.

  • G550

    90 piper, with a low : 09/24/2007 at 1:56 pm
    79 A grain of salt : 09/24/2007 at 1:37 pm

    Does breasts bloat too?

    Actually, yes, they do. In some people, they do quite a bit.

  • why bring that over here 96

    not funny.

  • Lady G

    94 wow : 09/24/2007 at 2:17 pm


    There is also a now that Mad wrote….. it’s just too cute.