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Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Here are two of Brad Pitt‘s commercials for Japanese cell phone company Softbank, as directed by Wong Kar Wai (My Blueberry Nights). These scenes were shot back in late June while the Jolie-Pitts were in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pictures from the first commercial (gray suit) can be seen here and from the second commercial (black suit) here. A cover of The Kinks‘ “You Really Got Me” is played in the second one, FYI.

The third commercial (white suit) has yet to surface but pictures can be seen here. Bummer because that one looked the most exciting! Let’s hope that one is released soon –

Bonus: There is video footage of Brad talking about The Assassination of Jesse James at Check it out!

Brad Pitt‘s First Softbank Commercial (Gray Suit)

The second Softbank commercial of Brad‘s can be found inside…

Brad Pitt‘s Second Softbank Commercial (Black Suit)
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  • lurking

    It’s good to lurk when the fans are on IGNORE mode. Trolls are really begging for attention, very funny. KEEP IT UP. IGNORE. IGNORE.

    Love to lurk. LOVE BRAD AND ANGIE>

  • think positive!

    173 KK1 : 09/24/2007 at 5:11 pm

    169 curious

    Those pixs were from last Thursday. Brad went out another exit and now they are using that alternate area to take and pick up Mad. Notice there were no pixs Friday or today of Mad going to and being picked up from school.

    This is good for Mad and the school, very calming. I am sure the paps are doing their very best to find a way to get access to that area also.
    Yes. I’m glad they managed to find a way to avoid all this. Sometimes they just have to go through it. At least 100 people and 20 paps where waiting for them out of the school gate every day.

    But as you said I’m sure that the paps will soon find a way to get a pic but they are not allowed to take picture from the other entrance because it’s at the driveway side. At least if they’ll get pictures they will keep some distance.

  • Besane

    Oh yes! Hi Guli, how are you doing???

    LF costing so much makes my hubby mad, since exactly the same program in France would be FREE for our kids LOL

  • guli

    Psst Sheri-well ex-mayor has a new safe haven so I was ready to trow in the towel as well, but I noticed that this thread ALMOST everyone has been very successfuly ignoring the trolls.

    Jen-Jen —we have deal NOT to talk to trolls at all. It has been pretty bad last couple of days… So, if you are bored at your lunch time I am here to chat. I am still trying to find out when the GC premiere is at… Have you guys seen the splash video of GC and GF, she is on crutches and he looks pretty banged up as well, his arm and fingers are all bandaged :-(

  • Estelle

    I went to see Brad’s movie on friday night, the weather was perfect for our movie night, it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning from the distant. All of the showing was sold out, it was pack. The people in line were mostly mature audience, a few young teenager.

    Ok, I really really love this movie, the cinemaphotography is stunning, the music is chilling and the acting are brilliant. I swear Brad’s eyes,( thanks to Rica, that was my concentration for most of the movie..LOL) the window to his tormented soul, so haunting. It’s slow from time to time, but the movie will suck you in. You will feel like you part of Jesse James agony paranoid state. You feel like you are there in the room with them, the tension, the mistrust… know that he has to died and yet you want him to survive in the end.

    Casey is awesome, his slimmy whinny voice and his lazy eyes, something you can’t trust about him. His struggling with his obsession with Jesse James and his craving for fame.

    Any how, just a few words to say hello and giving you a little bit of my experience after watching this movie.

  • lookwhaticando

    Gosh darn, I missed the commercial,I know it had to be hot though, Congrads to you fans who got to see it.

  • Meli

    Michael Clayton NYC premiere. 7pm at The Ziegfeld Theatre, 141 West 54th Street.
    If I’m not making a mistake,this is in about half an hour right?Who wants to bet that Brad and Angie will be there? :-)

  • JenJen

    thanks guli. You are such a dear. No I didn’t see any vid yet because I am at work. I wanted to see Brad’s commercials but it said no longer available. I saw it once a couple months ago though. Anyway, why were George and gf out and about. Are they just letting people know that they are ok through their pictures? I read also at Fox site that the weight gain from Angie may be due to bloating? WFH? I kind of wish she is preggers.

  • JenJen

    guli, how did you able to get a smiley to attached to your posts? thanks in advance.

  • Sheri

    guli sorry, must have missed that. I have my mental ignore on and will keep it on to the very best of my ability! At least during the day I can flag! How was your day?

    I missed the commercial also, anyone want to give a quick recap? It would be appreciated!

  • Passing Through

    Jared – Dude, I’m serious about that “X PHOTOS AHEAD” warning banner! I’ll give you 20 bucks if you’ll put a warning on your front page whenever you have new X photos! Give a girl a break, wouldya? X in pink is bad enough, but the dress is hideous! Maybe someone at the studio is getting revenge for having to ruin their movie by having her in it.

  • Sheri

    206 Estelle : 09/24/2007 at 6:33 pm
    Thank you Estelle, I can’t wait for it to open here! One of the first reviews, even before the final cut was done said, Brad didn’t have to say a word, the looks he gave, his body language and his eyes said it all! Now thats acting!!

  • lookwhaticando

    Someone has neglected to take their daily meds, Glad they are being ignored until they do so

  • Estelle

    208 Meli – Is it today or tomorrow, usually premiere are on Tuesday. I think they will not be there because from Wednesday to Friday, they will be very busy with Clinton Global Initiaves Conferences.

    I would love to see them though if they do show up and if they do, I think they will show up late when all of the press are gone.

  • Jaxon

    Hi to All JP fans. I knew they were going to have to work out something different for taking Maddox to school. As the word got out there was going to come a day when 1,000 people were hanging around the school waiting for their glimpse of the JP’s. Then 2,000. Then 3,000 and on and on. I really feel sorry for them when it comes to the paps. As if they court that kind of insanity. But then I’m just dying for some new snaps of the kids. That makes me a part of the problem!

    Someone was saying they should go to San Francisco as there are no paps there. Ha! There would be if the JP’s went there.

  • the real tita

    All these reviews from fans about TAOJJ is awesome. I can just picture it. Love it when a movie is not just a good story and wonderful stars but haunting background too. It just sort of makes your viewing complete (with the sounds, i’s a bonus!). Looking forward to watching it at my neighborhood theater on Oct. 5th. Completely missed AMH cause I dawdled too long. When it was time for us to go, it was gone. Will just buy the DVD when it comes out. Hope that helps with the numbers (maybe they’ll make a nice Christmas stocking stuffer too for the grownups).

  • Passing Through

    123 Brad Fan : 09/24/2007 at 3:42 pm

    OMG that site is awesome! PT did you create that?


    No. PT is far too lazy to create fan sites for free. I’d be like that chick who has Pitt Impressions – I’d update it for a while and then I’d get bored and stop. I don’t know why she stopped updating…but burnout, boredom and laziness would do me in. That’s why the Tabloid Report is MIA! LOL!

  • JenJen

    Like I said I was bored at lunch and no one seems to talk to me, so I went over to X’s thread. They were saying that she gained weight because she quit using “happy”. The crew had to add some layers to her dress, especially around the tummy area due to recent weight gain. They didn’t say she is preggers though. Thank God for that. They were still saying what a cute couple she and Ben make. I didn’t stay very long though.

  • Meli

    215 Estelle : 09/24/2007 at 6:46 pm
    208 Meli – Is it today or tomorrow, usually premiere are on Tuesday. I think they will not be there because from Wednesday to Friday, they will be very busy with Clinton Global Initiaves Conferences.

    I would love to see them though if they do show up and if they do, I think they will show up late when all of the press are gone.

    It is today.Getty is already uploading the first pics.George is already there along with his injured girlfriend.

  • woot!

    203 think positive! : 09/24/2007 at 6:29 pm

    The driveway is just east of both the 75th and 76th street entrances — it passes through the school, partially covered and gated. It’s like a small, mid-block street with an entrance to the school in the middle.

    You can look in as you walk by on either street — I have to pass it to get to my own house on this dead end block. Sometimes the children use this area for recess or play time. Only vary rarely, in the past, would you see any actual traffic in there – usually deliveries off hours or something like that, trucks, etc.

    From what I can tell they are putting the barriers up to prevent people from getting on the sidewalk when the car comes through, so there’s no place to look through the driveway. I suppose you could go across the street, but the car’s been coming in escorted and the door opens right by the school door. Just a step or so away.

    I haven’t actually been out there to see how they’re blocking the paps at the exact second the JP’s arrive, but whatever they are doing, it must be working.

    btw, lots of that crowd in front of the school was parents and students and nannies of the younger students themselves!

    It’s totally wild because the kids of every celebrity and superstar in Manhattan go to one school or another, and I’ve never head of a single school where paparazzi and fans camp out at the door. It’s like the JP’s are the Beatles or something. LOL

  • guli

    Meli–thanks I’ve looking for the time of the GC premiere. Ohhh I’ll go in on the bet they’ll be there. JMHO….

    Sunky, doing great. Estelle, darn it you got to see it too , (sulking) :-(

    JenJen which smiley, there are loads of them. The funny part about GC and gf video was she was like in a cacktail dress one foot is bandaged she is on crutches, but the good foot has a spiked heel on, now that’s what I call vain :lol: :lol:

  • think positive!

    206 Estelle : 09/24/2007 at 6:33 pm
    Thank you so much for the recap Estelle. My enthusiasm and anticipation to see this movie becomes bigger and bigger day by day.And you guys are not making it any easier.


  • lookwhaticando

    d.j : 09/24/2007 at 2:48 pm
    Why they work non-stop,why they never spend time as family without one work to do,next month Angulina will work and he will stay home and in Novamber he will work again.What does that mean?two person who want to spend time together?NO at all seems like two people who want to run away from binding time with their family.



    WoW, I work and my S/O works, about 90 percent couples both parties work, man, guess no one is in love anymore according to your Whack logic. Please go somewhere and set your Azz down.

  • coalharbourqt

    Sheri – got your e-m – replied :D Yup, another month or so and it will be time to hibernate LOL Bummer you guys didn’t catch the vids – they are just little clips really of him walking and talking on the phone, missing a train, then next vid you can see he is saying sorry (perhaps about the missing the train?). He gets so frustrated he hands his phone to some guy walking past him – look on the other guy’s face is priceless: total “Huh?” :lol: It is funny, cute, simple.

    Besane – too cool – that is where I studied/lived for several years! :-) I miss Burnaby Mountain and all the great hiking trails – so pretty in the Fall.

    4.5 hrs is almost like a mini-series (now there’s a thought!), but perfect for DVD as you can pause and do stuff.

    Okay – BBL – got stuff to do.

  • KK1


    Maybe GeorgeC is in love. It has been a long time since he had a lady friend with him like he does with this woman. Anyone else think that may be so? He is usually solo and very private but has not been lately. Interesting developement.

  • JenJen

    guli, can you give the address for the list of smiley, and directions on how to attach them to posts?

    Yeah, I can just see the gf in one high heel and one foot on crutch. Sorry but there is something about George that I think he would go out w/ such vanity girls.

  • the real tita

    hi, sheri. yes, jenjen is known to me, whoever wants to know.

    hi also to besane, estelle, jaxon, lookwhaticando, PT, bdj, meli, TP, kk1, piper, spunky, anustin, NY lurker, etc.

    already said hi to guli and coal. To the others not mentioned, please forgive me. Hello to you too and this thread seems to be doing real good. Skipping the unsavory ones and only giving attention to those who are familiar to moi.

    Lastly, hello Jared. Thanks for giving us new threads and news about the JPs. Still love them after all these years.

  • think positive!

    221 woot! : 09/24/2007 at 6:54 pm
    Thanks for your info woot!. And yeah wherever the J-Ps go people are going ga-ga over them!! LOL!!

  • this was a good one

    184 Sloppy seconds and 3rds for trannyjennie : 09/24/2007 at 6:55 pm
    Sloppy Seconds : 09/24/2007 at 6:16 pm
    Angelina got Jenn’s sloppy seconds. But JP fans could never admit that.
    _______________________and Jen got GWEN’S ,AND BEFORE THAT so so and so on dumb@ss…

  • JenJen

    guli, in case you answer back, my lunch is up. Got to go. Will catch up later. Many thanks, lady.

  • KK1

    George’s lady is working those crutches and heel.Got to give it to the girl. LOL.

  • KK1
  • Sheri

    guli you don’t get to see it yet either! Damn! This is the first time people I have heard people actually mad that they can’t see a movie yet! This may be the way to go, limited release get lots of buzz! Maybe I might have missed a lone bad review, but I really think, he will be nominated for an Oscar! crossing fingers!

  • Meli

    226 KK1 : 09/24/2007 at 6:59 pm

    Maybe GeorgeC is in love. It has been a long time since he had a lady friend with him like he does with this woman. Anyone else think that may be so? He is usually solo and very private but has not been lately. Interesting developement.
    It’s true that he hasn’t brought a girlfriend in his premieres or his public appearences for a long time so the fact that he doesn’t go antwhere without her now shows something.George in love!Sounds nice! :-)

  • hmmmmmm

    Gee I wonder if Jen stopped using ‘happy’ because she realized that no guy ie Paul Sculfor wants to date a 38 yr. old cokehead if he has his head on straight at least. Time for Jen to grow up. Maybe she thought if she quit Paul would come back. I wondered what a guy like Paul who is clean after rehab would see in party girl Jen. No surprise that he dumped her.

  • Estelle

    226 KK1 – George used to take his ex-girl friend, snowdown? to all of his premiere, Oscar, Golden Globes…

  • Passing Through

    226 KK1 : 09/24/2007 at 6:59 pm


    Maybe GeorgeC is in love. It has been a long time since he had a lady friend with him like he does with this woman. Anyone else think that may be so? He is usually solo and very private but has not been lately. Interesting developement.


    It hasn’t been that long since his last long-term girlfriend. Maybe a year or a year-and-a-half since he last broke it off with Krista Allen.

    I give this chick until at least Turkey Day. The motorcycle accident that was his fault prolly bought her another month or so. All of Porgie’s women seem to have that Pretty Woman smell to them.

  • Passing Through

    233 KK1 : 09/24/2007 at 7:04 pm

    Brad at work today.


    If Brad’s character is a trainer, then how come we keep seeing him in a suit? Where are the nekkid ripped abs photos, dammit! I bet thos effin’ razzi are keeping them for themselves! B@stards.

  • the real tita

    #216: jaxon, I thought for sure that people would get tired of seeing them walk the few steps from car to door but I guess not. The parents who have kids in that school are the lucky ones, not to mention the ones that work there.

    The thing that probably motivates the door watchers is that if you don’t see Angie, you see Brad and lucky you if they are both taking Mad to school. You’ve hit the jackpot if you see all the kids with both parents in one go.

    I’d crane my neck too if I lived in that area just to see what they’re like in person. It’ll be a nice way to pass the day.

  • KK1

    237 Estelle

    Yes he did but it’s been a while since he has had a lady with him in public. LisaS and then KristaA who both look a lot like this Sarah. George definitely has a type of lady that he prefers.

  • Meli

    No sign of Brad and Angie yet.Maybe they’re not going after all :-(
    Anyway,it’s already late here so I have to go.See you all tomorrow and remember.No answer to trolls.


  • Estelle

    223 think positive! – You are very welcome, I hope everyone would give this movie a chance. I wasn’t into Westerns movie, but this one is a must see for sure.

    228 the real tita – it’s not so hard to jump over those stinky trolls…*wink*.

    222 guli – Sorry Guli! LOL. You are not the only one though.

  • no longer a lurker

    hello ladies!

    does someone have any other link for these commercials? i can no longer open it. :(

  • KK1

    239 Passing Through

    Brad filmed most of his scenes in a gym and the paps were kept out for the most part. These outdoor scenes may be when he is trying to get money in exchange for the computer info he found in the gym.

  • Lady G

    Hello to trt, Besane, Estelle, Jaxon, Lookwhaticando, PT, Bdj, Meli, TP, KK1, Piper with a low, S0unky, NY Lurker, Guli, Sheri, and anyone else I may have missed.

    Looks like things have toned down a little.

    Does anyone know if C-SPAN is going to cover the CGI?

  • kay

    i do not think brad and angelina would go, because people may go nuts, and it will be like their nights and not george’s. i think they would not go as they did in canada for the event in which matt was hosting( i forgot its name)

  • Lady G

    242 Meli : 09/24/2007 at 7:19 pm

    No sign of Brad and Angie yet.Maybe they’re not going after all


    Even if they do go, they may skip the RC in order not to upstage GC…… just a thought.

  • the real tita

    Maybe GC is feeling the strain of not having anybody when everybody he knows has got a partner and being quite happy staying in a relationship. Not to be outdone, GC picked the most qualified to be dragged around for premieres and such. Perhaps this girl has some qualities that doesn’t threaten his bachelor status to the max like the others. She may like him for himself and is fun to be with. Whatever, good luck George. Hope AG understands your need to have your own Angie or Lucy with for exigency.

  • Sheri
  • guli

    Lady G—sheesh when you told me AGAIN when Pax’s bday was then I remembered your older sons bday was the date…Please remind me when it gets close to that date so that we can have a cyber party for your son and little Pax :-)

    Estelle, ohhh what choice do I have but wait to see TAOJJ. Hmmmmmm, wait a second Estelle, either you or NY Lurker willing to have a DEAR cyber-friend over for two days, I’ll even cook for you all? I need two days since I might want to see it again :lol: :lol: