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Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Brad Pitt Softbank Commercials

Here are two of Brad Pitt‘s commercials for Japanese cell phone company Softbank, as directed by Wong Kar Wai (My Blueberry Nights). These scenes were shot back in late June while the Jolie-Pitts were in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pictures from the first commercial (gray suit) can be seen here and from the second commercial (black suit) here. A cover of The Kinks‘ “You Really Got Me” is played in the second one, FYI.

The third commercial (white suit) has yet to surface but pictures can be seen here. Bummer because that one looked the most exciting! Let’s hope that one is released soon –

Bonus: There is video footage of Brad talking about The Assassination of Jesse James at Check it out!

Brad Pitt‘s First Softbank Commercial (Gray Suit)

The second Softbank commercial of Brad‘s can be found inside…

Brad Pitt‘s Second Softbank Commercial (Black Suit)
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  1. 126
    the real tita Says:

    #88: talking about War Kei, whatever happened to Blueberry Nights? Wasn’t it premiered the same time as AMH? How did it do, does anybody know?

  2. 127
    d.j Says:

    122 To 108 isfate

    yes it is go and check your dic it is an adj of lie.means the person who tell lie.

  3. 128
    Pink_driven JoliePitt Says:

    the commercials are hot simply because Brad stars in ‘em ;)

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts!!!

    Brad is hotness – Lindsay Thompson is hilarious hahaha

    Hello and blessings to all Angie and Brad’s fans

  4. 129
    Angelina's granny panties Says:

    Kind of slow here on the cult home base … geee I wonder where everyone can be??

  5. 130
    Kieko Says:

    Didnt Wong Kar Wai also direct 2040 with Maggie Cheung?

    Kar Wai is well respected in Hong Kong.

  6. 131
    coalharbourqt Says:

    Woo hoo! I LOVE IT! I really enjoyed seeing the pics of Brad shooting these commercials but to see the actual commercial now is just AWESOME! :D Because we all know that the way this man moves is one of his hottest traits – there is just nothing like seeing him in action. Whoever had the fan upthread needs to pass it on over!!

    Okay, so I noticed in the first clip that at the end they show the phone up close that is being used – and its name :D I’m officially upgrading Brad and Angie from the Platinum Couple to the Titanium Couple :lol: Or we could always use the second phone as well and call them the Stainless Titanium Couple :lol: Take your pick – anyway you slice it this is the hottest, strongest family in Hollywood and I just frickin’ love ‘em!

    Keep on rockin’ the great pics and clips JJ – you didn’t have to bring over a link to a clip from but you did and are mucho appreciated for it. Nevermind the fact that you have brought together an AMAZING group of people from all over the world and created friendships that will last a life time.

    Yes the JJB forum is nice to pop over to occasionally to look at pics, but the reality is that the forum is 100% dependent on fans posting pics etc. JJ has been awesome to us and I will always come to this site first.

    To all the great fans here: you guys ROCK! Let’s keep on celebrating our favourite family! :D Pax and hugs.

  7. 132
    spank me harder Says:

    brad is old and wrinkled now, poor pappa pitt.
    Angie ruuuuuuun, I am sure you can find a man who is better lookin. Brad needs diapers, poor braddy/he smells like pee

  8. 133
    coalharbourqt Says:

    Big *hello* to Guli, Sheri, julia, Jaxon, PT, angel, Kieko and sam p.!! Hope you are all having an awesome Monday! :-)

  9. 134
    the real tita Says:

    #119: If it’s a whole series of ads, then there might be a story line to it that we are not aware of from the beginning. Only the Japanese, their intended market wil be able to follow.

    It’s like turning on the TV where you don’t know the title or the story line. They use Brad as the subject of the story line and the phone as the accessory on hand. Probably a must have for every busy Japanese and Brad was someone who has to get somewhere fast and is talking t somebody to say he’ll be late. IDK, just my take on the whole scene.

    We should ask konnitiwa or somebody else who lives in Japan and is familiar with the commercial. At least, Angie’s was easier to decipher…buy Shiseido to look good like her!

  10. 135
    NY Lurker Says:

    TO: 328 AddictedtoBAMPZs : 09/23/2007 at 8:00 pm

    Angel and NY Lurker, you’re the best. Thank you both for thereal time review and the blog review, both amazing. NY, don’t forget to add more later. You promised…


    Hi AddictedtoBAMPZs….I’m not sure if you read my additional post last night from the other thread….here it is, as promised….

    Finally got home from a late dinner….So to continue my precis of the movie TAOJJ….

    Now, about the TAOJJ movie – as a whole. the movie was beautifully done. Each character (small or big) was very memorable, even Sam Sheppard’s character whose scenes was miniscule. The panoramic shots were stunning – similar style from chineses epic movies like Hero or House of Flying Daggers ((by Yimou Zhang – a chinese director). Every scenes were very poignant and unpredictable because it reflects the personality of Jesse James himself – precarious and erratic. It was a pure aesthetic experience for me to watch this movie, that I didn’t even notice the running time. I was just totally mesmerized from the stunning visual presentation and the story telling style.

    As for the actors:
    Brad Pitt’s acting was very poetic – you can almost feel and hear what goes through the mind of Jesse James through his eyes, even without saying a word. The characater Jesse James is quite fascinating that I can literally write a hundred page analysis of his psyche. Severe symptoms of acute depression was so palpable in Jesse James character which Brad gave tremendous justice portraying it – totally sublime !!!….

    Casey Affleck – brilliant acting. Again, his acting was so profound, that you can feel the fear and the anxiety he goes through in the character (you can almost touch the ambivalence of emotions that he portrayed).

    Sam Rockwell – another great actor that I admire so greatly. His character in the movie was so heartbreaking – Another brilliant acting….

    The rest of the casts were all very good which contributed to the whole success of this movie…..
    The rest is for everyone to really see the movie when they do a wide opening after next week – it is certainly a must…..

  11. 136
    MMS Says:

    who cares what the “storyline”’s BRAD PITT..just sit back and enjoy!!!

  12. 137
    coalharbourqt Says:

    As well as Lady G, besane, piper with a low, truthbesaid and Frenchy!!

  13. 138
    angel Says:

    ny lurker,thanks alot,am so excited, that i can finally watch the movie this friday,alot of people that watched the movie loved it,i hope both brad and angie get recognized they deserve because they really superb actors

  14. 139
    coalharbourqt Says:

    And Mr. and Mrs. Smith, trt and NY Lurker!

    NYL – thanks for sharing your take on the movie and so glad you enjoyed it! :D Fabulous that you enjoyed the scenery too – it’s where I’m from!

  15. 140
    angel Says:

    my blueberry night had a bashing by the critics at cannes,i doubt is an oscar contender anymore

  16. 141
    Besane Says:


    Hey there, what’s up??? It’s a beautiful Monday here in NYC!

  17. 142
    Meli Says:

    Does anyone know what time is the premiere of George Clooney’s film,because I have a feeling Brad and Angie will go.

  18. 143
    angel Says:


    This isn’t really a review; consider it a breathless, extemporaneous appreciation. I saw The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford a few hours ago and it doesn’t feel like something to sit down and matter-of-factly dissect. God, it’s a majestic accomplishment. Hard to remember the last time a film had me so deeply in its reality. Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy did it; so did Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia and, to a lesser extent, Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream and Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men. (All great films, all very different from Assassination; I’m only comparing the effect.) I saw each of those three or four times in the theater and the same will probably end up being true of Andrew Dominik’s film.

    I experienced Assassination in my skin and my blood and my bones. It’s such a powerful piece of art… spooky, absolutely beautiful, and so richly put together. From the trailer and early reviews I expected a tone poem, something lovely to look at but not necessarily affecting in any profound sense–like Terrence Malick’s The New World, with its mumbling and utterly inscrutable characters framed by gorgeous forest–so what initially startled me was the genuine humor and deftness of Dominik’s script (and of Ron Hansen’s dialogue–Hansen wrote the novel). Every character is achingly human and distinguished with care, given dignity and pettiness and strange quirks and spotlit moments.

    There are so many perfect things in this film, large and small: The train robbery at the beginning… the sight of Jesse James toying with serpents in his back yard… the glimpse of fish beneath the ice… **** Liddell seducing his friend’s stepmother… the horrific forced laughter after Jesse pretends he’s going to slit Bob Ford’s throat… the moment of Jesse’s murder, which is just as much a suicide…

    And everyone involved has done an astonishing job. No slack. Every actor (including Sam Shepherd as Frank James, Paul Schneider as **** Liddell, Sam Rockwell as Charley Ford, and Ted Levine–Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, amusingly enough–as a lawman) has got it exactly. Even James Carville. Dominik must be a directing genius to have gotten performances this uniformly excellent out of his cast. And Roger Deakins’ cinematography is otherworldly; I’ve never seen another movie that looked like this. And Warren Ellis and Nick Cave’s score got into me like heroin. And–

    Enough, I’ll stop already. Suffice to say I loved this movie more than any I’ve seen in a very long time. Will you? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t seem to have been universally appreciated. But there have certainly been others–this guy, for example–who felt as strongly as I did. Devin Faraci, maybe the best movie critic on the internet, apparently also loved it so much he’s having trouble writing a “review”. So did one or two others. Like Magnolia and Oldboy and 2001 and Days of Heaven–it’s an idiosyncratic taste. It meanders (perfectly, mesmerizingly) and digresses and draws moments out, and some people will just be bored (fair enough) and others will call it pretentious (many of these people will be ignorant) and that’s that. So it’s definitely not a movie I’ll be recommending to every person I know. Only to select ones.

    On the other hand, it appears I won’t be able to stop myself from telling everyone about it.

    Email Print Comment

  19. 144
    diana Says:

    I love his commercial. He looks good!

  20. 145
    angel Says:

    is george is well enough to go to his movie premier?

  21. 146
    Keiko Says:

    For commercial, you dont need a storyline. This is not a movie, no need to have good script. Keep it simple. The person has to be recognizable.

    The 2 most important things that Softbank wants to convey is

    1) Brad Pitt uses it (name & face has to be recognizable)
    2) the brand is Softbank.

    No need to put out all the specs !!!

    KISS –means keep it simple, stupid !!!

  22. 147
    the real tita Says:

    HI, coal and everybody! Nice morning we’re having. Love this weather…wish it was like this everyday. It’s probably even more glorious in Canada cause it’s not so hot now.

    #141: I didn’t know it got a bashing from the critics at Cannes. The last time I read about it, they were saying only good things about it and then it just sort of disappeared. I was asking because I wanted to know how it compared to AMH box office wise. Didn’t hear about Norah Jones since that time either so don’t know if she new songs yet.

  23. 148
    coalharbourqt Says:

    Besane – hello! Glad you are having such a wonderful day – I saw Live with R&K this am and it looked beautiful there :-) We are having an equally, almost as stunning day here in Vancouver. It really has been a beautiful Autumn so far! I’ll be heading out to enjoy it in a bit but wanted to pop in first and say hello. I hope your hubby enjoys the open house at LF. Angie and Brad are paying $18,000 for Maddox so it sure is steep, but I guess when it offers the flexibility of being able to travel and school at the same time it is worth t.

    I am giggling at Brad’s comment in the CNN clip “Personally, I liked the four and hour version so…”. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they released the 4.5 hour version on DVD? I hope they will consider it… maybe if the fans speak out enough for it we will get our wish? I’ll see if there is some way to communicate this to them…

  24. 149
    NY Lurker Says:

    Hi Coal – yes, the panoramic scenery was fantastic – The director kinda used it as a metaphor of the emotional ambivalence of every character on a particular scene – very clever….

    I was very surprised of the running time – which didn’t bother me at all. Although, I have seen films that were slower and longer than this, like Werner Herzogs films (the pace are usually slow – and the characters barely talk), so I’m used to watching this kind of films….

    As I mentioned from the last thread – I’m was really hesitant to see the film because of my allegies – but, I have to give props to the wonders of medication (thanks to the miracle of the pharmaceutical companies – poisonous as maybe, but it does help when the right time comes….)

  25. 150
    coalharbourqt Says:

    trt – I’m with you – cool and sunny is my fave. I could handle this all year ’round :D

    Keiko – you are spot on – no need to make it complicated. When you have Brad Pitt selling it, that is ALL you need ;-) The lip reading is fun though.

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