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Britney Spears @ Quiznos Bathroom

Britney Spears @ Quiznos Bathroom

Bathroom break!

Britney Spears stops and poses for paparazzi after using the public restroom to take a leak at fast-food sandwich franchise Quiznos Sub in Westwood, Calif. on Monday.

Britney was apparently driving across town and couldn’t hold it any longer. And please, do not get me started on that outfit!

BTW, has anyone seen the commercials for the Chicken Carbonara sandwich? Chicken, bacon, mozzarella, mushrooms and Creamy Bacon Alfredo Sauce. Mmmmm, toasty!

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Photos: VO/FlynetOnline
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  • loser!!

    i h8 u britney!!!

  • britt

    wow, no offense, but what is so great about britney spears going to the bathroom? jeez lol. its really not that amazing

  • OMG!!


  • dante

    she looks so much better!!
    I think that little getaway weekend did her good!
    it’s great seeing her happy =D

    and the outfit… well, one thing at a time…

  • britt

    yeah, i just dont get what the great thing is about britney spears going to the bathroom. i know, it must be exciting

  • Jill loves to hate

    At least she was wearing shoes, remember how many pics were taken a couple yrs ago of her going into gas station bathrms with no shoes … “Im just country”

    Sad that she has new fresh hair and she has already ruined and treated it to death.

  • Irma

    I hope, she gets help for the sake of her kids.

  • brandy

    did she cut her own hair (extensions)?

  • Madi

    It’s a big deal ’cause she’s wearing shoes.

  • imster

    The paparazzis should just leave her alone. Give the poor girl a chance to recover for goodness sakes!

  • brandy

    they would leave her alone, if she would stay her ass at home…

  • hehe

    hahahaha now i know why she alway wears those tiny ass dresses without panties, it’s easier to take a leak i guess, no need to pull the panties down. hahahahaha

  • Carlie

    Stop picking on the girl!!! Dang.

  • MG

    i believed the testimony given by her ex-bg…

    she is totally unhygenic!

  • SkankyHO

    This chick changes her hair color every week. What was the point of cutting it off if she is going to do the same things to mess it up.

  • Abc22

    Honestly this girl needs to pack up everything and move out of LA and get away for a long while…she should just vanish for a year or 2 and get her life together before something terrible happens to her. If she just goes away and starts a new life somewhere other then hollywood she might have a fighting chance at getting her life back on track! Every picture you see of her is absolutly awful and she is always in ridiculous situations with the Paparazzi and acts like a complete idiot…she should really listen to the people that want to help her! It’s really just sad now.

  • shoes4life

    Okay what is wrong with her hair!!! This girl is not ugly but her hair is jacked everytime I see her. She would be so pretty if she would stop doing her hair herself and use all of that money she has and pay a hair stylist to color, treat, add good extensions (since she don’t won’t to sport her real hair, which is probably cooler than the rugs she has been sporting), cut it and shape the hair to her face into a slamming style.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for her when it seems like she trying to look like she do.

  • MMM

    Not even when I was pregnant did I pull over at a fast food place to use the bathroom. Odd behavior, but nothing new for Brit.

  • kat


  • person

    ok..whod want to take pictures of her going to the bathroom? is it really that exciting or something we all really want or need to see? i dont think so. people should leave her alone, then maybe shed be able to be a normal person..if the paparazzi would stop taking so many pictures of her maybe shed be able to be a better person and stop having to worry about idiots taking pictures of her 24/7



  • shoes4life

    Also, I must add she needs to hire a fashion stylist as well. All the money she has and she constantly wear shirts as dresses, if she sneezes all of her stuff is open to see. What happen to all of her people?? Did she fire everybody that was helping her??

  • b

    stay strong britney!stay healthy! u can do this.

    people have to pee get over it!

  • bdj

    Hey at least she has shoes on. I’m rooting for you Brit Brit. You are my favorite trainwreck.

  • Titisay

    She looks so Beautiful! I Love Britney! And Gimme More it’s Amazing!

  • Tarryn

    I think that she looks better than has she looked in a while. I do agree that taking photos of her going to the loo is not that entertaining or news worthy. But hey, she looks great! Go Britney!

  • I Don’t Get It

    The photographers just collect at Quizno’s on the odd chance that someone famous might stop in for lunch or to use the bathroom? How very sad….

  • Maia

    She’s just looking for attention, and she’s getting it. See her smiling in those pics? Uh-huh.

  • Brad Addict

    Oh … I miss old Britney

    Poor girl people will not leave her alone

  • faith

    I thought she doesn’t have a valid California drivers license. She’s driving without a license.

  • faith

    My mistake sh’e not driving. She’s has shotgun.

  • emch

    UGLY UGLY…especially that hair of hers
    DESPERATE – for attention!
    She almost flash -no underwear again…soon. Couldn’t believe this erratic behavior of this girl & a MOM for goodness sake.

  • bitsy

    Wondering if she is taking water pills to help with her weight. Along with the fact of having 2 babies back to back could have had an effect on her bladder. Just saying there actually could be a reason for her frequent bathroom stops. When you have to go you have to go

  • sean+jayden=menedez bros. in the making

    i cant believe she is still driving.

  • DC

    Well at least the crazy chick smiles for the camera this time instead of attacking a car.

  • Jennie

    i hope she keeps this up !

  • nunya

    Ooops, she forgot to wear pants again….

  • Clark


  • the DQ

    Why is she wearing that ragged piece of sh*t shirt? And, that hair…………….dirty, stringy, UGLY!!!

    She looks exactly like the druggy she is.

  • Shoe fan

    The dress is very questionable…but those boots ROCK!

  • Brian

    i hope she pulls it together soon…i want her to show federline whats shes made of!

  • BettY

    GOSH!!Can paparazzis at least leave her alone when she goes to the bathroom!?!The paparazzis or magazines probably think that we all want to see Britney in this situations but I think that most of us can be without pics like these. The paprazzis need to leave her alone! We all know that Britney is fucked up and have been that for a long time now and they just make it all worse for her when they follow her everywere she goes. Can we just take a break from her so she can clear up her problems, I feel sorry for her…She is followed 24/7 I can understand that she’s been pretty weird the last couple of years, I think we all would if we live a life like that! I hope she moves from LA soon becuse that’s not a good place to live if your name is Britney Spears, that’s for sure…At least for the sake of her children.

  • It’s Britney, B*tch

    Britney should leave L.A..Most celebs there seem to lose touch with REALITY…the place just messes people up!

  • Mary Jane Juan

    I don’t see people asking PEREZ HILTON what is wrong with his hair.

    If she wants to dye her hair, then it is her hair!

    “OOOOOH Britney, kicked with her left leg!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, Britney just stopped on, and she Kicked her left leg up, with GLEE” how crazy does this bathroom break report sound to anyone?

    anyway, maybe she could find anything to wear this piticular day..oh weell..BRITNEY IS STLL MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    and that lawyer…is a lying sack of sh*t!

  • http://JustJared Janet

    She looks 40. I feel so sorry for her kids…she is brain dead.

  • Stacey from What Not To Wear

    Ok, what happened here?, did we go in the public bathroom and come out with the toilet paper from the floor wrapped around our body? That dress is hideous.

    The hair..Oi…self died and self cut, with gardening shears. When you have FAKE hair you are suppose to buy the kind that looks GOOD – that is the beauty of fake hair, you can chose ANY kind you want, but she always has the greasy, chopped up, flat colored road kill on her heed. Also, doesn’t she know yet that when you have extensions you are suppose to wear your hair in a style that covers UP the area where the extensions are glued to your own head? She hasn’t a clue does she?

    The only positives: the boots aren’t her usual cowboy ones, she isn’t on stage or dropping a kid on the ground….and I was going to add “or doing drugs”…but we don’t know WHAT EXACTLY she was doing in that bathroom now, do we??

  • Jen

    Britney uses public restrooms because she does drugs in them. I highly doubt she actually uses the toilet. When an addict needs a fix, they need it NOW, gross bathroom or not. She can’t do them in the car because of the paparazzi.

    This girl needs help.

  • Boo

    She looks fine.

  • angelina_mmm

    paparazzi are crazy for filming her going to the toilet

  • danida

    Blech, she is such an attention whore and a wacko.