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Ellen Pompeo's Beach Break

Ellen Pompeo's Beach Break

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, aka Dr. Meredith Grey, takes a Sunday stroll on the beach with one of her pet pooches in Malibu, Calif. She recently babysat co-star Patrick Dempsey‘s twins!

“Over the summer, Pompeo and her fiancĂ©, Christopher Ivery, visited Dempsey and wife Jill in London while he was shooting a film in Scotland. Pompeo helped baby-sit the couple’s twin sons, now 8 months, and says she can easily tell them apart: Sullivan “is a little more serious and a little bigger, maybe an athlete, and Darby looks more like a thinker and a poet. He may be the artist.”

USA Today also gives us a behind-the-scenes look on the Grey’s set.

“Busy, busy: Pompeo, dressed in a gray sweater, starts her day by drinking coffee, writing checks and handing receipts to an assistant, whom she promises to reimburse $20 for gas. She chows down on food all day. Before lunch, she’s dipping doughnuts in another cup of joe. After lunch, she runs off to find a stick of gum to get rid of her burrito breath.”

The season 4 premiere episode “A Change is Gonna Come” of Grey’s Anatomy airs next Thursday, Sept. 27 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

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  • Angelina’s granny panties

    I tell ya goes to show what some make up and lighting does for someone.

  • Julz


  • James

    Very unattractive. Square, flat, botoxed face. Squinty eyes. Only occasionally looks OK on Greys.

  • sara

    So you all look like you just stepped down from a catwalk when you’re walking your dog on the beach? interesting.

    Ellen is gorgous and fown to earth which is nice in the fucked up world of Hollywood

  • Julia

    as much as I adore her and I can’t say anything about how bad she looks…cause I have gone out like that plenty of times. I wish she would have worn a cute sun top….even with those pants.

  • Julia

    oh but PS…I still adore her

    isn’t she like the most adorable person ever?

  • Liam

    Sara – I suggest you get your eyes tested. Ellen is far from “gorgous” (spellchecker needed too !). She is very plain & ordinary. She also came across as a right bitch on Punked. Horrible woman.

  • Amber

    Thanks for posting Ellen pictures and news. I love her, she is gorgeous and such a wondeful person. please have more pictures of Ellen whenever you can. She is so adorable.

  • Joey

    WOW Ellen, I love Meredith Grey. She’s my favorite. Ellen is so pretty.
    yes please have more pictures of Ellen. We love to see her pictures all the time. Her dog is black. I love that.

  • Katy

    I agree with #7, she did no favours for herself by being a cow on Punked. Far from adorable & the worst actor on Greys.

  • KB

    Thanks for posting Ellen pics!
    She’s gorgeous!

  • Amber

    Ellen is gorgeous because she is one the nicest sweetest person, she is down toe arth and friendly to everyone and everyone who works with her and knows her loves her for that. Her inner beauty shines in her face and laugh. she is a normal human being and is very grounded and she treats her fans like people with respect and smiles all the time. She even smile to the papparrazi everytime. She happens to be one of the prettiest women on tv these days. because she remains to be human and humble. I’ll quote Oprah when she met her on the set, it was the third time she has seen Ellen ” Ellen Pompeo is an angel with a big heart, I couldn’t believe that with all the fame and succes she is living now with Greys, she remains to be as humble and kind and sweet as she is, I truly love this woman, I’m definately addinf her name to my address book” O magazine.

  • Amber

    excuse my speilling mistakes I typed it rather quickly.

  • mark

    LOVE ELLEN POMPEO. she is the best. thanks for the pictures. please share more Ellen pictures. (for those who don’t like Ellen, why are you on her page???)
    Ellen rocks.
    gorgeous wonderful adorable human being. love her more each time i see her.

  • Lutine

    She’s adorable…she’s natural, she doesn’t need any make up, she’s just a girl who walks her dogs on the beach… adorable !

  • laila

    i don’t get it….she is sooooo blah looking….i don’t watch grey’s, so mayby she is a fantastic actress. i don’t know her personally either, so mayby she is a fantastic person. but looks wise, for an actress…..ugggg. yes, i realize she’s on the beach on her own time but usually, if someone is naturally pretty,….they still tend to look cute doing even something like this.

  • laila

    whups, “maybe”

  • mark

    laial you should wathc her video interviews from the ET set visit to Greys or her red carpet ones, you will see what we’re talking about. She is the real deal, no faking no trying to hide anything, she says it as it is, honest and endearing. you will love her I promise you. And please watch Greys in 3 days, its worth it. She is an amazing actress, she brought Meredith to life, you won’t even think she’s acting. She’s excellent.

  • Natalie

    Amber – you believe all you read in the press !! Strange defence – quoting a magazine article LOL

    Interesting that her only fans are young teenage fangirls who love the teenage storyline that is Meredith/Derek. She is widely regarded as the worst Greys actress, playing a totally irritating whiny character. It’s no surprise that Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl & Chandra Wilson are all award-winners, but not Ellen as supposedly the lead. The supporting players all outshine her.

  • mark

    Hi laila, you should watch her video interviews from the ET set visit to Greys or her red carpet ones, you will see what we’re talking about. She is the real deal, no faking no trying to hide anything, she says it as it is, honest and endearing. you will love her I promise you. And please watch Greys in 3 days, its worth it. She is an amazing actress, she brought Meredith to life, you won’t even think she’s acting. She’s excellent.

  • laila

    i’ll do that.

  • mark

    Natalie, I am not a teenager, and not all her fans are, and I did read that Oprah qoute as well, some time back. Ellen competes with the leading category in the awards, which is a lot harder to get into, but she is always in the alst top 10, or has been for the past 2 emmys and was nominated for a golden globe last year, if she was competing in the supporting she would have nailed one already, trust me. and all that I have read here from her fans are true, not just believing what they read, its from following their favorite celeb in interviews and shows and pictures and some even meeting her. I know a few who met her and Dempsey on a few occassions. They all praise her kindness and humanity. and they all talk about how pretty she is, and how amazing it is to be standing infront of her in person. If Oprah, george clooney, Jennifer Lopez, William Baldwin, Dustin Hoffman and I can keep on going, have all said amazing things about Ellen, when they didn’t even have to mention her, I tend to believe she is one unique gorgeous, very talented actress and human being. And she has one HUGE fan base and growing.

  • Amber

    thank you Mark, well said.
    I’m far from my teenage years as well.
    And I enjoy wathcing Ellen and Grey’s with my daughters and son, and we all lover Ellen to the degree that we are willing to go on a family trip to the location of shooting when they are here in seatle and spend our day waiting to maybe get a chance to talk to her or take a picture with her, because its fun, and we love her. She’s true to her fans, and to herself and you can see it. Shes a bright fresh breath of air in the dark clouded skies of hollywood. Those who are like her are few, and a lot of them loose this essence once they become famous, Ellen didn’t and thats why we truly adore her.

  • Jamie

    LOVE THE PICTURES. THANK YOU JUST JARRED. please share more Ellen Pompeo pictures with us. I love your site and love it even more when I see Ellen on your pages. And thanks for the USA TOday article, I LOVED IT. Great look into the set of Greys anatomy and the cast members.

  • Elisa Tijhof

    I think she looks great. Better then botox head Jill.
    I really dont get it why you are bashing on ellen, i mean she looks great for a person that works 15 hours a day. I would bet all my money on the fact that she looks thousand times better then all of you together. I love ellen, she has a natural look, and she enjoys what she does.

  • Andrew

    Thank you just jarred. I ove E

  • Andrew

    Thank you just jarred. I love Ellen Pompeo. I love Grey’s Anatomy.
    Ellen is the greatest. I love her dog, black and cute and so small. :)

  • kamygrey

    I really like her, and I like the fact that she stays natural and don’t try to attract the paparazzy!!!!!

  • sara

    Thanks for the spellcheck Liam! I’m not from US so I appreciate it.

  • Anonymous


  • michael

    thank you just jarred. Ellen rocks. I love her.

  • Amy

    you, anonymous, are an idiot. you have no idea how popular this actress is, and you take TABLOID reports that she is a fucking bitch and run with it. very educated of you. “respectable” people and reports have reported how wonderful, kind and beautiful she is. so, get over yourself.

  • Sam

    ELLEN POMPEO IS GORGEOUS. She is teh cutest most adorable celeb out there. I adore her. I can’t wait for Grey’s Anatomy this week. Thank you just Jarred.

  • Lorena

    While I understand that not everyone has to like Ellen, I find it weird that people who hate her so much spend time commenting on her pics…

    Thanks for these pics! More Ellen pics I say!

    And Ellen is gorgeous! I don’t get why people are still fixated on the whole Punk’d thing, that was like 3 or 4 yrs ago! Anyway, I had a chance to be at the Emmy Red Carpet this year, and out of all of the GA people, she was the one who was the kindest to the fans, turning around to greet us and pose for pictures so that the fans could take some. I even got a chance to talk to her (well more like scream back and forth, it was loud), and if you think she’s adorable and beautiful and kind… she’s like a million times more adorable, beautiful, and kind in person. She’s a real sweetheart. Very refreshing to see that kind of celebrity in Hollywood these days.

    And in regards to her being a bad actress, are you kidding me? Thanks Mark for pointing out the Emmy top 10 lists. To say that she is “widely regarded as the worst Grey’s actress” is ludacrous. Almost all of the critics agreed that she was snubbed at this year’s Emmy’s, and everyone continues to praise her for her stellar work on GA.

    Not that it should matter, but I’m not a teenager either. That’s a tremendously hasty generalization to make.

  • Amy

    oh, and by the way, not a teenager, i am 27 years old and adore her, and believe me, go on ANY forum and you will find many more “grown ups” that are fans of ellen than teenagers. and she is by FAR one of the best actresses on greys, her character is subtle, it takes an amazing actress to pull off subtle so exceptionally. the other characters are in your face characters and that is why they don’t get overlooked. they are all amazing actresses in their own ways.

  • Emily

    i just love that she didn’t get invited to kates wedding and that they asked her about it.
    i mean there is a reason why the cast hang out together, but then theres ellen and patrick separate..

  • emily

    What kind of dumb bitch marries a felon? LOSER. Noone else want your ugly bony ass so you have to settle for the prisoners. What a loser.
    Skank. White Trash.

  • anonymous

    I have never seen punkd. I live in LA. I know people who have seen her and talked/worked with her. They all say that she is NOT a nice person. She is a skanky bitch who does drugs with her loser fiance. In fact, that is the only reason she keeps him around. He is her drug dealer.
    She also does botox all the time.

  • J



  • ADAM

    Lorena and Amy, thank you for such wonderful words about our dear Ellen. I am a grown up and a guy and yes I love Grey’s Anatomy, and my favorite of all is Ellen Pompeo because of wha tyou guys said. Her acting is Exquisite and real, she has a strong force within her that brings out this amazing power of life and positive energy. She shines in her interviews nad tv appearnces.

    Lorena, you are lucky to have been there at the Emmys, and yelling back and forth with Ellen :) ) If you can add more to that, anything more on Ellen, it would be lovely and much appreciated. I can imagine she is even more adorable and beautiful and lovely in person. :) personally I have a crush on her and I haven’r had a crush on a celeb. since my teen years. Ellen rocks my world. :) She is a star.

  • Marisa


    And yeah right, you know her, drugs and bottox.. PLEASE!!
    get a life and stop lying. KARMA. keep that in mind. somenody is going to be doing the same thing to you one day.

    Ellen is one honest sweet person. GREAT ACTRESS.
    More Ellen pics please.

  • KB

    Man, she does look horrible!

  • grey fan



  • Ed

    Even if Punked was a few years ago, it doesn’t change the fact that she was a complete cow on it. Hardly good PR.

    Definitely the weakest link on Greys. And engaged to a convicted drug dealer/credit card fraudster who’s probably only with her due to her high salary. Hope she gets him to sign a pre-nup LOL

  • Violet

    I’m not a teenager and I adore Meredith/Derek!
    Ellen is really sweet! Thanks for posting!

  • Regina

    She looks like a man.

  • silja

    I love her in Grey’s but she’s just too skinny :—/ Those pics don’t look healthy!

  • Markus M.

    I pitty you all with your lies and bad mouthing people you don’t even know.

    shame on you all. you all need some manner education.

    If you knew Ellen the slightest knowledge, you wouldn’t even stand the thought of someone badmouting such a sweet down to earth person.
    She is someone who went through a lot in her life, worked harder than anyone you will ever know, she proved to everyone and most importantly to herself that she can be anything she ever wanted to be, and she succeeded with flying colors.. She has so much love in her heart, and she never stops sharing it.

  • Alisson

    AWWW SHE IS ADORABLE ! I simply love her more each time.
    thank you just jarred for the lovely Ellen pics.
    PLease never hesitate to share more Ellen pictures with her fans.

  • mika

    you know what I love about Ellen, is her natural girl next door feeling about her. you know the girl next door who happens to be this gorgeous amazing actress on Greys Anatomy, oh yeah and the star of the show. :)

    you can’t but love her.
    thanks just jarred. keep them coming.