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Jennifer Aniston is Pretty in Pink

Jennifer Aniston is Pretty in Pink

Jennifer Aniston heads back to work early Monday morning, walking to the Los Angeles set of He’s Just Not That Into You in a pretty pink dress and matching pink strappy sandals.

I was going to say that it’s a way better fit than the other pink dress from last Wednesday. But then I looked at it again more closely!

Is it the same not-so-figure-flattering pink dress with just bunches of fabric gathered to cover the tummy portion???

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jennifer aniston pretty in pink 01
jennifer aniston pretty in pink 02
jennifer aniston pretty in pink 03
jennifer aniston pretty in pink 04
jennifer aniston pretty in pink 05

Photos: Kristian/Flynetpictures
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  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    wow! what a creative hairdo….it amazes me how she keeps coming up with these wonderful styles!!! wish i could be more like her, she is my hairdo idol.

  • danida

    Pretty? She is a boring Fug, I do not get how this person is even thought of as cute. Jay Leno with his chin is cuter and she sucks as an actress.

  • lola

    when will she ever settle down??i think brad’s right that she’s focuse on her work too much and she is not that getting younger for her to get pregnant

  • erika

    Please, please do something with your stringy hair !!

  • d.j




  • Allison

    I Love Jennifer Aniston

  • ANON

    She just gain some weight,look at her legs they are meaty too.If she is pregnant who is the father?

  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    umm….fug face…it’s called sarcasm…try it sometime.

  • Nancy K Token

    Whatever. Jennifer Aniston looks hell of a lot betta than Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Regina

    I know this is random but those ‘Chuck’ adverts on the side are irritating. How could you let them put those awful ads on then side!

  • Gossip Girl
  • Gossip Girl

    14 ANON

    NORMAL it’s the father!!

  • non

    oh C`mon people she just close her eyes because of sun beside of that she really looks good in this pics,way better than that skinny,mental disorder,drunk Adoptelina.

    If she is pregnant,good for her,this Adotelinaloonies will lose their **** because they all are complaining about why she doesn`t have kid.maybe she becomes pregnant artificial.

  • Naomi

    WOW, she looks gorgeous! keep it up Jen!



  • Regina

    Er, if Aniston is a ‘man’ then how comes we’ve seen childhood pictures of her on those biography programmes about her? Idiot.

  • AA

    I hate Aniston

  • boredtodayboredtomorrow

    looks like a bridesmaid dress. please..why would she settle down? if i had her money i would not want to settle down either. she was married for 6 years or so, so why not have fun. being married fucking sucks anyway..they dont call it a ball and chain for no reason

  • pinkie

    Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!…what a LOT of HATE speech. In South Africa where I live you could be in trouble BIG TIME for this kind of barbaric criticism,hate speech, name calling ….what horrible people you are…….I am stunned. You are supposed to be a First World Country…you are so petty and mean.

    Be of love a little…mense, hou jou in!!!!!

  • AA


  • tom

    I know beauty it’s in the eye of the beholder…. but DAMN!! this woman is FUGLY!! And she has very BULKY legs!!

    The only actress that i find attractive is CHARLIZE THERON!! I used to like Jessica Alba, but after reading this disturbing info about Jessica… i don’t like her anymore!! Here is the link…

    So CHARLIZE THERON is the most beautiful actress in hollywood!!

  • Kiki

    she looks pregnant!

  • lilo

    she’s boring! i blame her

  • Les


    She is trying to manipulate the media – what a laugh!!!!!

    Her ex-husband and his paramour continue to take their children to school even though they KNOW there will be media everywhere. Plus, are you truly going to believe that there are no other doors those two can’t go into or out of?

    And don’t give me that “it’s their right to take their kids to school”. Of course it is – but they are obviously such media whor** they don’t care if they are costing New York taxpayers money for more security.

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    I see the mentally unstable are bored of Brad’s boring commerical. Granted the dress is ill fitting and does nothing for her body, I would say at least she has one (SHE is far from fat you eating disorder wannabes) Part that is considering is the roots, what gives?

  • tom

    9 dj

    You sure are OBSESSED with Brad Pitt!! You always mention that Idiot of Pitt in every f*cking message that you post!! You really are a Bradloonie!!

  • tom

    18 Gossip Girl


  • cutie pie

    she is one ugly face person . nose is awful all that fixing didnt help her ugly ass.

  • Michelle

    21 ANISTON IS A MAN : 09/24/2007 at 3:27 pm


    So your saying that Brad Pitt is gay? And that he was married to and fuking a transexual for years and admits to still having a realationship with the transexual.
    You people make me laugh you are so ridiculous. You act as though she has actually done something to anyone, more specifically to one of you the way you all attack her. Her dress actually looks as though it just rode up while she was walking the way alot of peoples do. Now go ahead and act crazy and attack me, someone you don’t know for making a comment on a thread on an anon website about celebs none of us will ever know and that none of these celebs will ever give a damn that exist.

  • Apple

    why she always have the same hairstyle….boring

  • pooroleangiecan’tcompete

    She is plain HOT! you guys are so jealous! Your idol is an anorexic crazy woman. Her hair is beautiful…… way better than your idol, her body is beautiful…… way better than your idol. Speaking of hairdos, your idol wears her rats nest the same way. Long and stringy or up in a old womans bun. Rumor is your idol was in a ano clinic somewhere, she must be soooooooo happy with her lot in life. (Smirk)
    To bad angie’s to skinny and malnurished to have another babe. Who cares if AJ is pregnant, if she is good , if she isn’t that’s good too. My point is that JA is a fantastic, beautiful person with no weird hangups like your idol. Way better, more focused and healthy. Yoga is good, wine and no food is bad. Period

    p.s. I wonder what will happen to JJ when they break up! The only comments on this site are either on your idols or snarky comments on JA threads. UHOH!

  • insider

    Aniston is having Ben Affleck’s baby!!

  • Francophile

    Absolutely not a fan but minus the hair and the little bump on the belly, she looks good.

  • Babysis

    she looks really really pregnant!!!!

  • nanana

    I think Jen is a very lucky girl. I mean the majority of the female population are prettier than her, and she can’t really acts. BUT, she has tons of money and she had Brad Pitt.

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    I agree with you Apple her and Angie have had the same hair for the past 10 years. YUCK!

  • LOL

    LOL she’s lookin FUG!

  • nanana

    well, talk about lucky. Angie probably is a luckier one. she just born with beauty and talents and now has Brad Pitt and children.

  • raye

    oh please, it so clear that she gained some weight. you can see in the other pics, i hope jj can post, too, that her face is so bloated, and her hips/waist are wider plus her thunder thighs are on display.

    she cant be pregnant, assuming she has a BF, she just learned to surf in hawaii, why would she put her baby in danger if she is indeed pregnant, she could miscarry especially for a 38 yrs old. also, she ahs been sporting that extra weight for sometime now, and we dont see pregnant belly, just fat thighs, bloated face, out of shape body!

    it seems they did some reshoots, maybe the dailies were not good, coz its the same pink dress except its shorter. they want her to wear a sexier dress, coz frankly the other one made her really look frumpy and chunky.

  • ?

    39 pooroleangiecan’tcompete

    hahaha,You are funny,she maybe has a good body which I prefer to say fat body look at her legs they are one short fat leg so they can`t be part of her good body If you cut her face and her legs and her breast she can look good.

    and I wonder too If they break up what will you jenloonies do because you have just ms.jolie to complain about and what will you do all day because your works is to go from blog to blog to find one information about what will you do?

  • LOL

    y’all need to stop associating her with brad pitt or angelina. that relationship is over! get over it! she’s fug on her own.

  • tom


    If someone as Skinny as Nicole Richie got pregnant… i think that anybody can get pregnant; including that Jolie chick!!

  • Ha!

    She’s so cute. It looks like JJ adjusted the color in these pictures to make her look funny.

    Umm, the last time I heard, the hair, makeup or wardrobe departments of the movie decide what you look like in the film. She has beautiful hair – always has. Anyone who says she or anyone else in Hollywood looks fat is delusional.

  • Ace Tomato

    It’s a movie set, folks. The dress, and the dress the second time all bunched up (same dress) is WARDROBE for a MOVIE.

    [It kind of freaks me out how many people can't connect the dots on this. If the pictures are ON SET - odds are the look the actor/actress is sporting is related to their role.]

    It probably is a bridesmaids dress. Isn’t this movie about single girls trying to land guys who aren’t interested? Maybe her character is trying to go from being a bridesmaid in a wedding to dinner with some blind date after. You know, one of those lame, television sitcom type plots. Clever, yet . . . not.

    I know Aniston has tons of money and had a good run on tv, but I just can’t view her as a movie star. She’s a tv star, who is doing movies. Working actress, sure. Not a great one, but working. But not a bonafide movie star. She just never has lit a screen on fire.

  • Nosee!

    We dont need to see this movie, we’ve all her outfits already and it sucks!

    Why are they letting the paps take their pics every shooting day?? One or two days would be ok, right but it seems we have seen everything already.



  • Can’t keep a MANiston

    Nothin but cobwebs in that bump.

  • lal

    she will never be pregnant, you dont seem to understand , she doesnt have room for children or love except for herself. i think that is ok. not every body in this world is made to have children.

  • justjazz

    Look!!!! It’s Ms. Boo Hoo:):):):):):)