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Reese & Jake Catch Rufus Wainwright Concert

Reese & Jake Catch Rufus Wainwright Concert

Gyllenspoon is still on!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon apparently haven’t split yet. USA Today‘s Will Keck spotted the two lovebirds Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl, where they caught Rufus Wainwright sing a collection of Judy Garland songs.

Other stars in the celeb crowd: Drew Barrymore, Marisa Tomei, Hilary Swank, Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn, Rod Stewart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Pollack, Dita von Teese, Jimmy Fallon, Ron Rifkin and Chad Lowe.

UPDATE: Jake was reportedly there with Reese AND his family — director father Stephen Gyllenhaal and his actress godmother Jamie Lee Curtis. Welcome to the Gyllencircle, Reese!!!!!

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Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • lucy

    I think they are SO ADORABLE. long live gyllenspoon!!

  • Anon

    HAH!!!!! I heard he was there with his father, his godmother, Jamie Leigh Curtis AND Reese!!! So it looks as if Reese is now a part of the Gyllencircle!!!I never believed they broke up. No one ever accused Reese of being stupid. I think the so-called fan magazines are the stupid ones. Us Weekly, OK, Star, etc. really dumb.And usually wrong.

  • lili

    i knew that was BS when i 1st heard it. they are very cute together and i doubt they break up and get bak together everyday. they have been dating steadily for months now im sure of that! anyway, not my business but i do love these 2 together!!

  • daisy

    they look good together, despite the age gap!

  • Helena

    Oh, they’re sooo cute together!!

  • calgirl3

    Rufus Wainwright performing Judy Garland songs? That doesn’t do a lot to dispell the “rumors” LOL!!! They are cute together but I am very skeptical about a romance.

  • Anon

    Well his parents were there.

  • the_original_nika

    AH, I knew it was BS. I never believed they actually broke-up
    Shit thats getting serious, meeting papa gyllenhaal and jamie. Is it to see if the family approves of her?

  • ana

    they look very cute together. and jake is really hot.. go girl!!! lol

  • Smarter than the Average Bear

    Funny, search USA Today under the magic word of the web -”gyllenhaal”, or Will Keck and you don’t see any mention or new post about this sighting.

  • Duh

    Jake and Rufus are friends. That’s it.

  • Susan

    Yeah! Love them!

  • Ace Tomato

    Jake’s at a Judy Garland themed concert. Shocking.

  • chica

    #9: It’s here under Lifeline by Ann Olden. Apparently Will Keck was there and saw them and reported back to Ann Olden. BTW: The concert was for charity, which would explain all the stars because frankly Rufus stinks.

  • VVS

    Um, Jared were is article in USA Today that mentions Reese at the Rufus concert? Your link doesn’t show anything.

    Ace Tomato, way to use stupid stereotypes.

  • Anon

    LOLOL!!! “Gyllencircle.”

  • VVS

    Jared, here is the correct link to the article http//

  • june

    they’re not cute together. resse is too old for him. and she’s an ex-wife of his friend ! ! !

  • jb

    sorry, jared but: Jamie LEE
    and he is gay, Chris wasn’t tehere??

  • Passing Through

    A word of advice for Jake – going to Rufus Wainwright concerts will NOT quell the Gaybe rumors!

  • Lidia

    No pics, no one else saw Reese and Jake together at the concert … but who cares when people are ready to believe any stupid gossip!

  • the_original_nika

    I knew it was BS that they had broken up. She´s happy cause she got herself the hottest bachelor. damn her lol.
    shit thats getting serious, to jake introduce her to papa gyllenhaal and jamie.
    oh dammit…

  • Shut up already

    You KNOW Reese is having fun with this piece. Yummy!

  • the_original_nika

    shit its getting serious, to meet papa gyllenhaal and jamie.
    I knew it was BS, they never broken up. Reese wanted the hottest bachelor, and got it. damn her lol.. although I still believe its still rocky relationship.

  • Not Blond

    I heard Jake may be coming out soon. If he is gay – I hope he does because he would show that you can be gay and still play hetero romantic leads. if he isn’t gay, then perhaps they really are a couple.

  • Karina

    what a desperate twit. Welcome to the fugly family of Jake and Maggie. They wont last!



  • Anon

    So are they Gyllenspoon? I read on some fansite where they are referred to as Jeese! LOLOL!

  • Anon

    When someone finally gets a picture of them all coupled up and cuddling, it is going to be worth $$$$, bcz there are absolutely NO pictures of them together as a couple…and the car pictures where he is showing her his shoe don’t count. I bet it will be easier to get pictures of them after their movie comes out. They are acting like Brangelina and the Mr. & Mrs.Smith thing.

  • Anon

    #23…Reese is having fun with this piece???? How could she not!!!!

  • Eek!

    She’s too good for him. He’s gross!

  • Ha!

    He has to be readying himself for coming out of the closet. I was hoping it wasn’t true, but a Rufus Wainwright singing Judy Garland concert? Puh-leeze. He might as well have been wearing a rainbow shirt.

  • Anon

    ^^^ Imbeciles on here as well

  • Ana

    I love how people are trying to say he is gay by going to the concert, but not EVEN noticing the other men that were reported to have been there as well-

    i.e.Jerry O’Connell, Rod Stewart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollack, Jimmy Fallon, Ron Rifkin and Chad Lowe.

    hello ppl men can do something without it always being a “gay” thing to do. you would think it was 1952 the way people talk today…

  • selwyse

    oh gods, Jake G at a Rufus concert of Judy Garland songs .. .pop out of the closet already! Give it up, people: Gyllenspoon is about as real as purple unicorns are!

  • Ana

    I meant to cut out the jamie lee curtis part lol

  • Lola

    Gyllenspoon is about as real as purple unicorns are!

    You right! :)

  • Max

    You people do know who Rufus Wainwright is. Don’t you? He is known as the Gay Messaih

  • true


  • Ha!

    Ana – First of all, Jamie Lee Curtis is a woman, second of all, there aren’t gay rumors floating around about those other men. I, personally, hope that he is not gay. But signs are pointing to yes.

  • Anon

    What signs, going to a Rufus concert like hundreds of others.

  • diehipster

    Is he wearing a yarmulka?

  • Joh Koza

    This is bull! I was at this concert! He was in the fifth row towards the middle with Jamie Lee Curtis and some gray haired man. Reese was not there at all!

  • lexy

    I actually doubt this sighting normally I would be a believer because it seems like a dumb thing to make up but so many people reported seeing this group of people and never mentioned Reese that it just rings false. Reese should get some relationship advise from her friend Renee Zellweger.

  • Doubt it

    Diehipster he went to brunch on Yom Kippur so I doubt you’ll ever see him in a yarmulka

  • Get Over It

    Reese is beautiful! Jake is lucky that he has her for his woman. She’s only like 4 or 5 years older than him. You have geezers dating much younger women and it’s never an issue! I’ll take an older woman like Reese over a Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan anyday!

    It’s not like any of you have a shot with Jake Gyllenhaal anyways.

  • angela

    I think Jake is gay and Reese is just his friend (beard)

    I know its true

  • jay

    Good Grief, I’m sick of them.

  • Anon

    I want to believe they are together. I want to believe they went to the concert. But I heard about this concert from three different people before and only this last one, a fourth, say one single word about Reese being with Jake.
    People recognized Jamie Lee Curtis who is supposed to be his godmother. OK. She is famous. Also ppl are saying his father who is supposed to be a well known director, only most ppl don’t even know what he looks like. So then ppl are now saying Reese was there? No. Bcz she is very famous and she is well known and ppl know how she looks, especially her chin. So if she was there ppl would have recognized her very quickly, in an instant. So even if I want them to still be dating, I don’t believe this time was the one.

  • Anon

    You know, people are a mess. First there’s people hating on Reese and saying she is fug. Then there’s the people hating on Jake and saying he is fug. Then you got people saying they hate Jake’s family and his sister who they say is fug. Then there’s people saying he is gay and she is his beard. There’s only about three or four, maybe five normal people who come on and say, “Jake and Reese are dating? That’s nice.” I think there’s a lot of sick, mean people out here. So what if they are together.I mean. He’s never going to date you, male or female! LOL!