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Rihanna - "Hate That I Love You" Music Video

Rihanna -

Rihanna‘s new music video has dropped for her fourth single, “Hate That I Love You”, from her latest album Good Girl Gone Bad. The song features R&B singer Ne-Yo.

The video opens with RiRi in her negligee… Hubba hubba!

Rihanna“Hate That I Love You” Music Video
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  • Sofia

    luv the song

  • Sofia

    luv the song

  • invisible

    love those two singing together.
    they sound great.
    love the music video too.
    i’ll have to get the song sometime.

  • lilo

    great song, i like the guitar and the”ne-yo’s touch” but i can’t get to rihanna!

  • Ash

    HOT!!! Rihanna and Ne-Yo make a hot couple! I love this single!

  • Jennie

    love it !

  • LOL

    i love ne-yo! he has the magic touch

  • The one and only.

    to the left to the left part. two! NEXT!!!! breakin dishes shoulda been the next single. and does NEyo know how to put a beat together with out that clapping shit in the beg. cuz if im not mistaken this would be the the third song with this shit in it… let’s get it together…. please! or matter a fact… we can just send it to the left to the left!

  • Mary Jane Juan

    I guess this will be a B@ll breaker..Rihanna’s voice sux! Neyo, is starting to get played out!..and he is denying that he is gay..that I have a problem with! All of his songs sound the same! SORRY!

    Rihanna, really should stop copying off of BEYONCE, Doesn’t this remind you of inreplaceable? I am just stating!

  • courtney

    breakin dishes should’ve been her fourth single

  • Lillianne

    Just Jared, I love you and I think you should make alot of $$$ but I hate hate hate those ads on the side. It’s creepy to have somebody staring at you and even creepier for it to be CHUCK and CLUCK.

  • ZAHiRA

    0H W0W i L0VE DiS S0NG

  • Lola

    love the song! its fab


    don’t care 4 the song, but the video is nice.A good look with Ne-yo:)

  • ShimmeringDew

    That was a cold ending! Loved it!

  • rias

    good looking and HOTT !!! :P

  • the_original_nika

    really nice song.
    hot couple, if ever happened.

  • tani

    i love this video

  • C

    She looks great this song is awesome.

  • Pau18rfan

    I LuV ThAT SOnG ItS mY fAV Of Her Cd afTer cry BuT sHE shouLd HavE pROmoTED MorE dOnT stOP The MuSIc IT WAS AN AWESOME SONG 2

  • michelle

    love it

  • chris

    shes bangin’

  • bag lady

    i like the video and love the song. i am not crazy about the hair though. i loved her long hair look best.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I think Beyonce will have to make way for Rihanna, didn’t Ri-Ri start winning awards in the same categoy as her.What a smart move that Jay-Z was absent at the VMA 2007,in case he had to pick the MTV award on stage with Rihanna while a less-victorious Beyonce watches from the audience. And Jay-z is no needed in the industry putting his cheap 2 cents on somebody’s record.

    I’m impressed how this girl is climbing the career ladder..Nice!

  • Sandra

    I’m a little disappointed, to be honest. The song doesn’t really stand out as being anything more than an average, cliché R&B release (and what is with that endless clapping, anyway?), and I have to say I’m rather dismayed to see Rihanna wearing little but her knickers after her statement from a about a year back, in which she said she’d never dress that skimpy for anything. Hypocritical, no?

    On the other hand, I love this new hairstyle of Rihanna’s, and Ne-Yo surprised me positively. :)

  • your mom

    love this video i am truly happy for her. she seems sweet and this song is great. ne-yo is a great song writer.

  • skinnygurl

    i love it

  • nick

    i absolutely love it

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared, I love that song and the video, very hot, way to go RiRi, my fellow Caribbean girl

  • KAY



    Great video and song, KUDOS!!

  • pelon1

    i loved it, rihanna continues to surprise me she rocks and neyo is amazing

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Beautiful Video. Perfect looking woman. Nice guy. Terrible song.

    But love Ri-Ri. She is perfect. I want her body. Not fair!

  • Bee

    cannot get enough of this song.

    the words are just.. perfect.
    most people can actually relate cause they’re really
    IN that situation lol

    love her album, && with all the recent radio play of the song i was wondering when she’d make the video =]
    i like it.

    thanks Jared!

  • Galia

    This song sounds good, but nothing more than average R&B. Thx for sharing it anyway

  • andreia

    i’ve known this song for a while but i still love it when i hear it and much more now with this clip!!! i love it!!! amazing :)

  • Tannenbaum

    Rihanna is a talentless hack whose “hotness” comes from push-up bras, false eyelashes and an enormous wig collection. I’d still bang her, I’m just sayin….

  • Deibson

    very good, blog – success

  • Tim

    This seriously makes me yawn real hard. The video sux so bad. She’s trying so hard to be sexy in the video. And my god, this video just plain boring. Everyone is seriously trippin’ here. I expected the video would be awesome after reading you guys review about it, but y’all are so wrong, it sucks. How is this awesome? Or amazing? Oh, and is it just me or her forehead getting massive each time I see it? It’s BIG! Even huge than mine! Sorry Rihanna. You still can’t beat Beyonce. You just a wannabe Beyonce. Beyonce “Irreplaceable” video is so much better than this. And I don’t like Beyonce that much.

  • ruserious?

    Another move from the new Britney Spears and her Beyonce Play-By-Play book. She used the Irreplaceable Director – lol. Can’t sell concert tickets or albums. Not surprising. Her live singing I find the most amusing – aside from the stiff dancing, she relies on her background singers and sings every other word. Unreal.

  • Rainman

    I heard this was her screen test for her up and coming PORN movie BABY BLACK JANE…………….

    Rihanna has no ORIGINALITY or DIGNITY what she is – is the BADDEST COPYING CHICK IN THE GAME. She is copying b in this video I just wish she would copy more of her morals, because no matter what you say about B she has had on skimpy clothes but she was not this suggestive in trying to sell herself this comes from a lack of something (TALENT) on Rihanna’s part.


    She knows she can’t sing and so does her label so they are going to make their money by all means necessary.

    In a way I fell sorry for this girl, but she knows what she is doing. Sometimes trying to out shine someone only puts SHAME on you

  • noah

    good song.I love ne-yo.

  • noah

    this song are 1000x better then ”gimme more”.

  • Regina

    Funnily enough, the first letter of the title of the song expresses my opinion.

  • Andrea

    Love Rihanna
    Love Ne.yo


  • Veselka

    I love this song I love this video and I love the ending it`s unexpected.

  • SAM


  • chan

    rihanna its so adorable, great song but it sounds too close to “sexy love”

  • LadyAshley

    very very nice song, great video, they sound great together.

  • Rihanna fan 2007

    Yall are some haters becasue she gave me shivers when her and him hit dat high note