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Victoria Beckham: The Pussycat Doll!?

Victoria Beckham: The Pussycat Doll!?

David and Victoria Beckham enjoy a several-hour dinner at New American restaurant Mirabelle on Sunset Blvd on Saturday.

Victoria dressed in a sexy beige dress and toted around a Louis Vuitton box purse while David looked equally man-gorgeous in his black suit. The couple was escorted quickly out of the restaurant by an entourage of security a little before midnight.

One rumor that has surfaced is that Posh will become the latest babe to show off her purr-fect figure for The Pussycat Dolls. (The Ugly Betty rumor wasn’t true at first, but that changed quicklyl as well!)

A source close to the girls gushed: “They’ve been blown away by Victoria since she arrived in LA. They love her style and think she has the perfect figure for the group. They are all huge Spice Girls fans and can’t wait to have her on stage with them.”

Dancer and singer Jessica Sutta, 25, told the Daily Star: “I love Victoria! When I was 14, my mum actually bought me a Posh doll because she was my favorite Spice Girl. I still have the doll up in my house and I’m definitely going to see the Spice Girls concert in Los Angeles and get the doll signed. I have also been practicing my Posh pout!”

Admittedly, Jessica did confess: “Of the other guest dancers we had up on stage with the PCD, Britney was the biggest disappointment.”

Poor Brit Brit!!!!

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  • nadine

    why is her mouth open all the time? Maybe she can’t breathe through her tiny nose…

  • Julz


  • Bite me

    i thought they were suppose to replace brangelina… :ROTFL:

  • http://yahoo Jared

    What’s up with that face David? Are you bored with her? I guess you didn’t have enough sex last night

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    she has a tiny nose??

  • Val22

    She needs to fix her boobs first, as they’re always look out of place. No one would be aroused by those stiff horrible plastic boobs.
    Good luck chuck!

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    If only she’d realize that she’s completely irrelevant in the US…

  • http://yahoo Jared

    Me too i though these two gonna replace Brangelina. i didn’t realise that they are not as hot as Brangelina is. Lets face it Beckfans posh needs to do something with those plastic boobs of hers she really needs a make over

  • smooth

    You can see his mother is also there.
    David is the most handsome man in the world. He can wear anything and look great

  • smooth


    They will never be Brangelina,they are not actors,they are not so public cuple. You don’t see them out all the time,if David doesn’t play he usually exircises or work on his football academy.
    Brad and Angelina are on screens and you can see them almost everyday. People say that Beckham’s are attention whores but count how many times we saw them partying or clubing or shopping together since they arrived….not that much.

  • Lillianne

    Why is there a man’s left shoulder, arm and black wrist watch in the bottom of all photos on the Just Jared site?

  • Jonas

    She is ugly. Those plastic big things called boobs looks like shit.
    They have the money why cant she fix them?
    Her mouth..whats up with that? Always open like she’s a retard.
    Her nose is wiiide, she looks like an ape.
    That blonde hair and overbaked skin, well she looks like she’s 45 at least.

    David he’s just a soccerpalyer with a voice like a little girl.

    They can never replace Brangelina.

  • Tipi

    How often do you see Brad and Angelina clubbing and going out. The numerous shots you will find are of them taking and picking up their kids from school.

  • Laughable!

    Seriously what a shiny, oily mess she is! VB as a PCD- laughable! If so, at least she’s finally putting her prostitue-style-self to use!

  • Fashion Critic

    I don’t believe it. She has too much class to degrade herself

  • tt

    what purfect figure she resembles that of a stick

  • Style

    This couple are fakes. She’s desperate for attention. He seems ok, but that sultry angry look he likes to give is getting on my nerves. Or maybe it could be because he’s depressed for being married to her.

    Brad and Angelina have style. The Beckhams can only dream of being “brangelina”.

    Posh will stick with David because without him she would be a nobody. He has had at least two affairs.

  • Jaden

    They continually go out to restaurants, but WTF does this b*tch eat? and his ankle injury doesn’t seem so bad does it?

    I agree with #17 Style. They are fakes.

  • Dieter

    I love victoria´s hot little butt – she has given birth to three big boys: unbelievable !!!!!!

  • Mimi

    Ugh, while I admire David’s soccer skills (the ones he had before coming to the US!! hehe) something about them really disgust me. I think it’s their need for attention, because these two are so media-hungry. Every time Victoria leaves the house she dresses up for the cameras, bc please, nobody needs to wear 6-in. heels and mega-tight dresses ALL the time! The super annoying bit, however, is how she pretends not to like and seek it by putting her face down, like she doesn’t really want to be photographed.

    nothing about them seems to be genuine, they’re too plastic, too perfect, too fabricated. i think that’s why americans are not very keen on these two.

  • Mimi

    No. 17: I totally agree!! The BOTH are POSING most of the time…yuck!!

    and so true…David totally does the angry, sultry look …”look at me, i’m so sexy, so european, so metro…”


  • smooth

    I just don’t inderstand why especialy on this site people try to compare any couple to Brad and Angelina and try to make everyone pray on them.
    This is odd…Brad and Angelina great,beautiful couple. They look happy and best wishes to them and thier children. But why to mention them all the time in almost every thread,why to creat this stupid competition between them and other cuoples??


    I didn’t mean that Brad and Angelina were clubbing all the time,I said that people waited from Beckham’s to be kind of clowns and try to steal the show…but they just do their own thing,like always. And I said that Brad and Angelina are much more public persons because they are actors, and this is Hollywood and not Old Traford where I’m sure Beckham is more famous than Brad.
    Evetyone is well known in his own know.

  • smooth


    She has the money she can dress like a frog if she wants. This is her choice to wear heels all the time and she wears them for years now.

  • sandie

    I love them!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx 4 posting photos of them!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faith

    She’s all leathery. She dresses sexy to make up for the face

  • Me

    Don’t ya think she’s just a little old to be a PCD? She’d look like their mother….

  • they are posers and fakers

    I could write a thesis on these two but I will leave it at this:

    I am incredibly embarrassed FOR THEM…

  • Dieter

    I can´t imagine how her tiny poon gave birth to three boys – David must be so proud of her !!!!

  • Laughable!

    Hey- you ever hear about the “too posh to push trend”== who do ya think started it? She did not birth those boys’- they were extracted from her womb by c-section, which is abdominal surgery… also it has been reported by the British press that she had all 3 of her sections 1-month before the babes’ actually due date(s) to AVOID the 1+ ound of pregnancy weight gained throughout the last month! She, no doubt is a WASTE OF SPACE!

  • Lou

    She is a media-hungry NOBODY; most women would run after being cheated on a couple of times, but this NOBODY chooses to stay, I am sure for nothing but the $$$$$$$$$ and all that comes with it. She grosses me out always posing for the cameras. How much more fake can you get than this woman? Fake tan, fake blonde, fake boobs –why would anyone admire this pretentious, shallow bimbo?!

  • Lou

    She is a media-hungry NOBODY; most women would run after being cheated on a couple of times, but this NOBODY chooses to stay, I am sure for nothing but the $$$$$$$$$ and all that comes with it. She grosses me out always posing for the cameras. How much more fake can you get than this woman? Fake tan, fake blonde, fake boobs –why would anyone admire this pretentious, shallow bimbo?!

  • Tom

    These people always look so freaking miserable together! Why doesn’t he dump her ugly a$$ –I don’t get it! I hate that sour look on her ape-like face!

  • Dieter

    it makes no difference if she had c-section or not. It´s still amazing how her tiny crotch made three strong boys. Lot, did you fat and gross girl, ever look at Vicky´s tiny pooper and how amazing it is ??? I think you should !!!!

  • Rita

    And I thought I couldn’t stand Paris –I love Paris in comparison to this fake bimbo!!!

  • sheryl

    Um….oh, nevermind.

  • William

    I read the other day she is in her early 30′s. To me she looks middle-age, like mid/late 40′s. Guess it’s from all the tanning and plastic surgery. It makes her look old and worn.

  • Natasha

    WTF are you people talking about? David & Victoria have nothing to do with Brangelina…

  • Kamyla

    They don’t want to be any other couple.
    They are Posh&Becks.
    And they just do the same thing they alway have done.

  • LJ

    Daily Star is shitty paper last week they claimed that David will design Spice girls dresses..i have never believed stories of Daily Shitty Star.. and Smooth i agree with you. Why people here always compare other people to Brad and Angie??

  • wella

    They were a kind of forgoteen . I heard they even dupped the most over rated couple. They don’t have nothing that stand out. She cares only about her cloth he is such a nothing really. At least she is smart. Not because she is older than him but nothing as man he is or invest stand out. Brad and Angelina are famous not because they are only a movie stars. If that was the case every celb couples be the same but aren’t Even tom and katie don’t come close .

  • Go see Boston Mike

    MIRABELLE on SUNSET has The HOTTEST waiter Boston Mike-HOT HOT HOT

  • vicky

    They are my fav couple ! I love them so much !

  • Julia

    She looks like she smeared OIL all over her face…GREASY….EWWWWW

  • smooth


    Why do you think Angelina and Brad are famous?
    Because they do a lot of charety or adopt children? No! It’s very good and kind to have such big hearts like they have,bless anybody who adopts child without home and parents. But there are a lot of people who adopt,there are lot of people who works for free to make world better,there a lot of people who give money and time,we just don’t know them: Just Jared doesn’t post their
    Brad is famous because his great actor and very good looking man,his power became even more when he married JA and they were called americans sweet hearts and stuff like that. We all know that beautiful and famous couples always win. The devorce and romance with Angelina just made him even more attractive to the press,because Angelina is even more high profile person than JA was back than. It’s a simple rule of Hollywood buisness.
    There is nothing to do with David Beckham…
    David Beckham is just a hard working sportsman. I’m sorry for him,because he thought that with a help of his high profile and looks he could make football popular in US…
    What a waste of player.
    P.S. As for Vic,yes maybe she is too thin and too fake. But who cares..She doesn’t ask anybody to look at her. Vic has a great guy near her for 10 years,3 healthy boys and enough miney to do anything she wants…lucky girl,isn’t she?

  • Tealeaf

    Did anyone see that BBCA documentary on Posh called ” What’s eating Victoria Beckham” is chronicled her physical changes from skin, teeth, hair and weight…

  • Leah

    Needless to point out the greasy hair and skin, but what with her choice of outfits lately? The dress looks extremely cheap and the colour is just wrong on her. She also is bad at accessorizing: with such a dress, accessories are of the utmost importance.Also, I would never wear shoes the same colour, especially with such a fake baked tan…

    I thought she had a closet with inbuilt camera so she could check what she looks like in photos??? LOL! I guess I shouldn’t believe what I read on the Internet! ;-)

    Anyway, if I had such a bad hairday, I would at least cover it with a hairband or something!… Bad, bad!

    David looks great but the tatoo on the neck, frankly, looks cheap as well!

  • Ryan

    #3 —> They have replaced them, Brangelina suck, the Beckhams have totally own them in everything. At least Victoria is hot and doesn’t have huge ass lips. And David doesnt look like he smokes 24/7. Crap, Brad looks like hes smoked since he was one, Brad looks really old/grose.

  • Ryan

    Oh and to everyone who think they’re “attention grabbers” they barley go out. You see them go to dinner like once a week. How is that attention grabbing? They’re doing what they are suppose to be doing, spending time with thereselves and their children.

  • bataglio

    dang! check those LEGS!!


    Brangelina can adopt all the children in the world and I still won’t like them. But I don’t hate them. I. JUST. DON’T. LIKE. THEM. And I don’t go in every Brangelina thread just to prove my point. I don’t care so why even waste my time posting?