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Victoria Beckham Soldiers On

Victoria Beckham Soldiers On

Victoria Beckham catches a flight out of LAX airport on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. The Spice Girl wore a Balenciaga jacket and toted around her favorite 35cm Hermes Black Birkin in pebbled leather.

Where Posh is going, nobody knows!

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victoria beckham soldier 01
victoria beckham soldier 02
victoria beckham soldier 03
victoria beckham soldier 04
victoria beckham soldier 05

Photos: PhamousFotos/Splash News Online
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  • gisele

    she so got liek the perfect life hot husband rich n beautifull wut else??

  • gisele

    omg i was first lol

  • hideous

    A man PIG- LOOK AT THOSE NOSTRILS, THE NOSE jobs didnt help much.. no salute to this broke down soilder.

  • lilo

    omg lmao!!! how ridiculous can somoene get to be trendy; if that’s fashion i’m glad and proud of my scruffy look!

  • Mary Jane Juan

    this outfit suxxxxxxxxx!

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    What anyone sees in her is beyond me. Ugly, skinny and boring! A triple threat!

  • ugh

    She looks ridiculous (the original meaning of the word) as usual.

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    i actually hate her now!

  • vicky icky needs to go

    let me get this straight when they leaved in Spain she was forever gone to L.A now that they live in L.a she still 4ever gone something tells me she hates her kids and husband. i won’t b surprised if in the end she cheats


    she looks a damn mess.

  • she aint all there

    Ms.Piggy Posh dresses as the Gestapo..yuck..

  • lica

    Glamour :D

  • rias

    i like her :))

  • jas

    She is wearing her own jeans from her collection

    Love her

  • hiro

    She is going to come to Japan.

    For “dVb”promotion.

  • nokia

    #9… can anyone have a business out of town? its not like she left the kids everyweeks.. stupid

  • nokia

    btw the jacket is amazing

  • sara

    i think she looks amazing, love the whole outfit, the bag, jeans, jacke etc. she is so stylish/ thanks jared :)

  • Anna

    I love her!!! but the jacket looked amazing at runway. not here…

  • Mediterranean

    Dear Jared,

    Surely, she didn’t know where she was going either. She got a new jacket and wanted to show it off, that’s all.

    She doesn’t leave her kids behind and travel every week, she does this almost every day.

  • kate

    Ugliest celebrity and outfit in town. She looks like a miserable, old witch.

  • Kitty Kat

    Is it just me, or does Victoria look even THINNER?

    Sorry Vicki, but you’re making Angelina look fat!

  • zoe belle

    LOL – love the faux military or is she flying the plane? Brit twist on dominatrix?

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Since she’s dressed as a GESTAPO, she should arrest herself for committing a horrible fashion crime. Quite a bad angle there for her nose!

  • reda

    While she’s posing and walkin like she’s a super model and wearin to show how rich and classy she is (i don’t care at all)like is the most important thing in this world,lots of kids have nothin to eat in many countries…

  • Spartacus

    As ever, she looks awful, here’s a woman simply trying too hard.

  • Leah

    I do like the fact she makes efforts to look stylish when most actresses wear jumpsuits while off duty… Just thinking of the Simpsons sisters for example makes me barf…

    But no matter what she does or how hard she tries, Victoria Beckham will always look slightly vulgar… She lacks of class or elegance. Here for example,she completely destroys her outfit with the hat and the shades… She actually looks stupid.

    Now, people like Sharon Stone or Kylie Minogue can totally pull the glamour off. Poor posh simply can’t…

  • Kate

    I actually feel very sorry for Posh. Her constant need to be a fashion icon is troubling. I think she’s lost her marbles a little. Does she ever relax?

    I cannot believe that she actually enjoys her life. She must wake every morning and go through her wardrobe for hours on end trying to find the perfect outfit for the day. I don’t like David, but the guy deserves a medal to be married to this woman.

  • JR

    She has a different coloured Birkin Bag for each of her outfits. How much do they cost? kids are dying from starvation all round the world, but oh no Posh got to spend ridiculous amounts of $$ on her accessories!

    I hate Angelina, but at least she does some good in this world, sadly I can’t say the same for Posh.

  • Stefano

    “I hate Angelina, but at least she does some good in this world, sadly I can’t say the same for Posh.”

    Victoria and David DO help people in need, they even have their own foundation in aid of disabled children. Only, they don’t feel the need to tell the whole world how good they are.

  • Michelle

    such an unflattering and harsh outfit for her. does nothing for her at all. and whys she always in blacks and greys. add a little color! with all the designers at her disposal,she should look better.

  • ed

    it’s balenciaga bitch… she’s always the first to start the trend
    u will see…this jacket is this fall upcoming trend
    like usual…pp trash her,but a short while later, bunch of other celebs start to wear the same thing… and then pp start to wear the same thing…or something similar…because it’s balenciaga…normal pp like us cant afford…
    vb rocks

  • Brian


  • smooth


    Yes,you are right and also David has acamdemies where they take some poor children for free. And David is a UNESCO ambassador.

  • smooth

    As for Vic,well…I wouldn’t wear this,lol

  • what it is

    Military obsession is very scary. People who make movies about old wars, people who dress in the garb… bleh.

  • what it is

    Boot camp Kick Ass commences.

  • what it is

    Take off the hat, change the shades, have long, loose hair and unbelt that jacket. Then maybe….

  • ze

    Ugly! ugly! capital ugly!

  • noah

    ah ah ah ah ah ah she make my day.This women try so hard.Someone please find a job for this women.Ah ah ah ah .

  • noah

    Somebody tell me, she going to some war?

  • Anne

    I like Victoria.
    She’s got a great sence of humour.
    I don’t like everything she wears, but she’s a good looking woman, a great mom and she’s married to David Beckham.

    She’s living her dream. Just let her do that. And she works.
    Skinny? Yay maybe, but Angelina looks sick, Victoria looks healthy.

  • uma

    who the heck does this woman think she is ? she is always uptight, and what’s up with the hideous outfit? that face will always be ugly, no matter how many $$$ she spends on getting attention with her poor taste, trashy outfits.

  • Puh-leeze

    This woman is not stylish. The only thing she does is buy straight off the catwalk. Kate Moss, Sienna Miller etc. are able to wear mix and match clothes from Charity shops and look stylish, Posh just copies whatever comes from the catwalk and also from fashion magazines.

    To call herself a fashionista is a joke.

  • Rita

    Miss PIGGY!!!!! Look at that nose -LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lki

    She looks like a fkn idiot who the fk does she think she is, shes a has been, cant fkn sing.

  • lki

    oink! oink! lmfao

  • K

    Does this pig actually think she looks good? You couldn’t make me wear that outfit on a dare! What is up with that hat and the jacket? Can’t this dumb Brit afford a mirror? Whoever told her she looked good enough to go outside should be fired. AND someone please convince her to get a nose job…. all you see is that pig nose behind those big glasses.

  • smooth

    Stop hate people it will male you no good.

  • smooth

    “make” no male