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Emmy Rossum - "Slow Me Down" Music Video

Emmy Rossum -

The Emmy Rossum “Slow Me Down” Music Video was just released! It’s the first single off Emmy‘s upcoming ambient pop album, out Oct. 23.

Emmy talked a little about the video at the Teen Choice Awards last month: “We were shooting a different speeds because the song’s about the pace of life and to create the blur of the world and how overwhelming that can be.”

Watch the video below and check back here later today for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the “Slow Me Down” Music Video!

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  • Sophie

    What is the point of this crap…

  • maddy

    wow i like it

  • annie

    its kind of different…but i like it

  • Amy

    I hope there’s a raw version of that on the CD too, so we can hear it without the voice cloning.

    I got an expectation of plot in the video when she was running. I wish we actually got a plot.

  • Jae

    sorry amy the voice cloning is the song itself, her whole album is kind of enya-esque overlapping voices like that…

    parts of it were good and parts of it screamed film school project: flapping her arms wildly in the water? didn’t even fit the rhythm of the song…looking at her watch…pointing to the traffic behind her like we can’t see its there? i dunno…but the bed scene? two thumbs up

  • Sara

    It’s kind of got an Imogen Heap vibe to it.

  • Jess

    i really liked it, it was different and unique. i applaud emmy for not conforming to same style of music as her peers!

  • Lorna

    This is quite good. Disappointing though – not very original – a rip off IMOGEN HEAP!!!!

  • hewwo

    she’s awfully pretty but her music sure does suck

  • Jennie

    i really like the lyrics, and some parts of the song, it does remind me of enya. but something different, so i like. she’s not trying to be mariah carey or beyonce. it’s her.

  • Emily


  • Tim

    got to admit she’s cute, but cmon, this has been done before, and failed. this music sounds so much like imogen heap.

  • Ms Katie

    looks like a facial moisturizer commercial.

  • Sandra

    Like others have already mentioned here, I also got a very Enya-esque vibe from this song. It’s quite beautiful in itself, but it doesn’t do justice to Emmy’s voice, and in the end the song is regrettably unoriginal (particularly the irritatingly repetitive chorus). The music video is more difficult to describe – at times it is absolutely beautiful (e.g. with Emmy running or her standing on the street with cars rushing in the background), while at other times it is downright astonishingly unimpressive. Hmm. I’m not quite sure what to think of this new single of hers.

  • michelle

    can she get sued on how similar it is to imogen heap?

  • 123

    I agree with #13. However, must admit that the girl has a beautiful fresh face!!Go away Gwen Stefani. Heavy make up is not in!

  • JK

    Wow! I absolutely LOVE this song! It’s so beautiful and touching. And Emmy looks as gorgeous as ever. I loved her in “Phantom Of The Opera” and had no idea she was releasing a single, yet an album!! Thanks for putting this up or i’d have missed it totally. I love EMMY, keep on rocking girl :D

  • melissa

    VERY Enya! I love it! Great lyrics!

  • Galia

    I like those kinda songs, but this one is not that good. Sounds like a mix between new age (like Enya) and ambient and really similar to Imogen Heap, but the cloning of her voice is not good done. I’m also agree with #Jae about the video. The new album of Imogen Heap can be heard here:

  • fg

    why can’t people come up with something new? For fucks sake. What an enya copy.

  • Haizel

    this song really freaks me out.
    i don’t know if it’s because i’ve been studying all night and it’s like 3:30am but this song scares the beeejeebus out of me!
    and the video scares me, too many close shots of her confused expressions and face. too close


  • Mila

    i lkie it !! it sounds like a song in the movie Garden State.

  • http://JustJared Janet

    Incredibly beautiful voice. Nice not to hear a teenie bopper sound for a change.

  • kate.

    i love it.

  • Neela

    it works for imogen but not for emmy.

  • ali

    long way from phantom of the opera….i wish she never left there because i thought the song sucked. and i was really hoping it wouldn’t.

  • Tarryn

    It starts off with great promise but nothing materialises in the end. She really does have a good voice and didn’t need to add the Kylie, Britney and Madonna voice enhancing stuff. I think that she is really beautiful and has made an interesting choice for her first single. I think we can expect good stuff from her in the future.

  • Supersonic

    Uh sorry but Imogen Heap does this ish far better. Emmy seems forced and her lyrics are immature, they aren’t very clever or even so well used that it doesn’t matter how simple they are. Its just blah. But she’s prettier and younger than Imogen so people are most likely going to swallow this.
    Also if she wants to be ‘slowed down’ there are pills for that….

  • KM

    She looks gorgeous! I love this song.

  • Aqua

    Oh my god! she is a mini Enya

  • Babysis

    i personally really don’t liker her or the song. Faker!

  • Lovin’ Depp

    I honestly really like it – I expected to hate it, but surprisingly, it’s pretty cool, I’ll even watch it again!

  • SuzieQ

    I like the song but what’s with her smiling in the video…it didn’t fit…while singing about somebody save me and slow me down she’s rolling on the bed smiling coyly and playing with her hair…it’s like you can hear the director telling her, “ok now smile – good, good, – now play with your hair…don’t worry if it doesn’t fit the song it will look good and we can sell it to Noxezema if they video doesn’t take off…” very weird video – as some else work it looks like an film school project!

  • jen

    What is this now Jared, MTV? I didn’t think so. So what’s with all the music video’s lately? Especially one’s like this!

  • Lillianne

    To Just Jared – Thank goodness they’re gone. I was afraid I would have to drop this site from my daily wandering they annoyed me just that much. Whew!

  • kate

    it’s imogean heap. i love imogean, and apparently this girl does too cuz she just stole imogean’s entire style.

  • Kim

    i like it. she is just so naturally beautiful and her voice is so haunting. love it!!!

  • Regina

    Not that bad.

  • Sienna

    I thought it was Imogen Heap first when I heard it.

  • JDo

    she sounds like imogen heap

  • gabo

    she’s officialy the new ENYA..

    sailaway sailaway sailaway….

    Emmy should just stick with being beautiful.

  • carrie nae

    The music is Enyanesque and Heap but has a bit of pop. Any way, why are female singers love to look sexual with their hands always caressing their hair and their face. It is so unnatural and fake. Very distracting.
    The music is not even about sex but about life.
    The concept of the video is very good, the music is good, the voice is good, Emmy has such a nice voice but her presence is distracting.

  • shoegirl

    imogen does imogen better

  • BB

    so imogen heap

  • claire

    i agree,it looks a lot like imogen heap (and her band Froufrou wich i love),but in a boring way!such fake!

  • the_original_nika

    wheres the video? oh shoot, Im too late…

  • suzy

    so i take it she loves enya.

  • kat

    her music sounds like a mix of imgoen heap and enya. it’s cool but not my thing.

  • angel hair

    she is beautiful. and dresses are awesome! but the song is extremely awkward with the video. and the sound is a mix between enya and imogen as others have noted. i really like her. but in the meantime, she just needs to find herself and stop getting packaged and produced.

  • http://nonyet Domi

    georgeous good topics and good voice :)