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George Clooney @ 'Michael Clayton' Premiere

George Clooney @ 'Michael Clayton' Premiere

Injured couple George Clooney and Sarah Larson attend the Michael Clayton premiere at The Zeigfeld on Monday in New York City.

But duty called for Clooney! “Yeah, it hurts, but I still gotta go to work; still got a job to do. I’ve got a movie I’m shooting and another one I’m scoring,” he said.

On Friday, Clooney and Larson were in a motorcycle accident together. He was treated for a hairline rib fracture and road rash and her foot was broken in the accident.

30+ pictures inside of George and Sarah

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george clooney michael clayton premiere 18
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george clooney michael clayton premiere 21
george clooney michael clayton premiere 22
george clooney michael clayton premiere 23
george clooney michael clayton premiere 24
george clooney michael clayton premiere 25
george clooney michael clayton premiere 26
george clooney michael clayton premiere 27
george clooney michael clayton premiere 28
george clooney michael clayton premiere 29
george clooney michael clayton premiere 30
george clooney michael clayton premiere 31
george clooney michael clayton premiere 32

Photos: Scott Wintrow/Getty, Workum/Bauer-Griffin
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  • emch


  • spank me harder

    Damn georgie is looking HOT, better than pittstain anyday!!!!
    Gimme more, gimme more!!


    Ms. Spears is NOT built like a linebacker ok!!
    She is lovely and lithe, like a Greek Goddess!!
    Her hair is like spun silk and soft as a lamb!!
    Britney is a cultural ICON, no one can compare!!
    Her voice is like an angel !!
    Her style is copied the world over!!
    She is a good driver!!
    Her breath smells like a field of fresh flowers!!
    Britney is a loving and kind mother!!
    Her dance moves are extrordinary and intricate!!
    All you woman are jealous!!
    You are old, fat cat lovers who practice withcraft!!
    Lesbos too!!!

    ROFL j/k just wanted to see what it would be like to type like a britaloonie troll!!
    Carry on…

  • Angelina’s granny panties

    Brad who? Geeez Georgie!

  • smooth

    I don’t understand why did she go?
    She has nothing to do with a movie and for sure George could go alone…they are together like two days.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    The girlfriend is Beautiful!

  • Noelle

    Last time I checked, when you break your foot, you usually need more than an Ace bandage.

  • whatever

    You are right, smooth, she should have stayed in the hotel under such condition, regardless how long they have been together

  • Mari

    She’s always smiling. I guess I would be too though.

  • Bunny

    Maybe Grorge wanted her to be there. As he seldom brings a lady, he may realy fancy Sarah. Good luck George with your movie and your new lovey lady.

  • Francophile

    I don’t like the beard on him, it ages him tremendously.

  • Regina

    Beard doesn’t work for George and lol at his girlfriend. Not the best at the start of a new relationship.

  • john

    my opinion she is dying for fame. and this guy is gay a good looking gay. but gayyyyyyyyyyy sorry ladies but in my opinion the guy is gay. i heard he is paying her to be with him for publicity.he needs to give a good image for his upcoming movie……

  • Frenchy

    I was there and they looked great in person. Especially considering they were involved in an motor accident just 2 days prior.

  • PR Thing!

    Oh comon, george need as much publcity as possible for his film, and what is the best way to do it is let his new GF appear in crutches and bandage. Just george himself is not news but him and GF in an accidednt adn now appearing in bandage is really good news!

    I think Clooney is starting to worry about his own popularity, thats why he needs something new for him to stay int he limelight, his buddies Brad and Matt have their wives and kids, so boom he got himself a coktail waitress for a GF and flaunting her!

  • kip

    Man the bags under Georges eyes. I will assumeit is because of the accident

  • The Girl is Media Savvy!

    George GF just cant stop smiling in all her pics, i think she really fits the right woman that George needs at this stage. She seems to be good in PR, not surprising if she works in a club.

    Im not sure if their realtionship is really deep, but part of me thinks, George is in to lift up his popularity. The girl seems just to shady to be the real thing!

  • nice

    Wishing George Clooney movie a success.

  • GC

    George Clooney is looking old. I dont like his beard nor his new bird, the girl is trying too hard to be really nice. I hope she can stop smiling just once. She looks pretty, though, looks like a cat. Wonder if she is half-asian? Maybe half Thai or half-chinese.

  • London

    She’s in crutches- should be in bed taking it easy! What the heck is that all about?

  • Publicity stunt!

    I think its good publicity stunt for his movie to let his ne GF appear in crutches! Geez, she looks really stupid with that crutches and bandage, she just stayed in their hotel!

  • Lauren

    Glad to see that they are both well.

  • Violet

    Pretty couple!

  • mtb247

    George does not LACK female attention, this one seems to of got a little of him. Even though he (smartly) doesn’t publicly talk about his private life, when have we seen him with one women so public? He’s getting older, and mostly all his friends are now married with children.

  • JoJo

    that girl is being smart. It will take her 6-8 weeks to heal and most likely the ‘relationship’will be over by then. Of course she doesn’t want to miss a red carpet event since she knows they will be limited for her.Pity she get GC and will have a brokend foot for most of it.(who’s really thinkin’ this one is gonna last?)

  • jade

    I’m glad everyone can see through this publicity stunt…the paps only sell pictures of you with another person…george need her for his publicity and to use a famous person would give them too much light….good move george…now I believe the gay, gay, gay stuff!! Beard!!

  • Okay?

    Why wouldn’t she be with him? She’s not rying to be an actress or anything. I don’t even think she’s interested in marriage like him. They could be real good friends. Nothing wrong with that. Although maybe this accident scared the living daylights out of George and is seriously thinking about having a companion/nurse. LOL!!!!

  • me too

    You guys are pathetic! According to you anytime a star hooks
    up with a person it’s a publicity stunt. Give me a freaking break!
    He’s with her now. If they break up, they break up. It’s not gonna
    rock the planet either way. Mundane things like romance and
    companionship are denied stars and only allowed for ordinary people
    I guess.:lol:

  • me too

    I’m feeling the beard on George.
    He looks like a sexy Greek fisherman.
    I likey.

  • Mandy

    you guys are so right. IT’s ridiculous that she went to the premiere with him BUT the publicity is good. If she didn’t go it would be just another movie BUT with all this drama (and being a new girlfriend) it adds all this curiousity. Good PR person working for George. He’s getting his monies worth. Girlfriend is pretty…she does look half asian – anyone know??

  • lavagirl

    #7 Noelle : 09/25/2007 at 11:48 am
    Last time I checked, when you break your foot, you usually need more than an Ace bandage.


    She didn’t break her foot just her big toe. George fractured a rib so he is probably in more pain than she is. Cue for Brad to make him laugh as it will hurt like hell he he.

  • lola

    I do think that his new girlfriend is quite pretty eventhough I hate admit it. But I agree with what most people are saying on this thread. Why the hell did she go to the premiere with a broken foot/toe? George must really like her, to bring her out like that, cause he does not just bring anyone to his premieres and show his affection in public. But she seems to be loving all the fame. She has that stupid smile on her face in all of the pictures. She was on fear factor, so I am assuming that she craves fame. Although, if I were her, I would appear a little more humble/shy cause she really has accomplished nothing herself to be there. Even Matt Damon’s wife always seems a little bit shy in photos. She smiles, but it isn’t the same type attention craving in my opinion.

  • Shelly

    They are a cute couple but, on Extra SHE says her toe is broken on Access HE says he foot is broken. HE don’t know what bone he broke on his girlfriend? She should hit him with that crutch for that!

  • sema

    he never takes his gfs to his premieres,except for Lisa Snowden but oh well,he was like one hundred times in on-off relationship with her.i mean,he’s great.but this is just craving for publicity,and nothing else.

  • Yuck

    George just wanted a Ho-Ho, which is okay because he’s a man-ho…

  • ericap

    Looks old with the grey beard…sexiest man alive?

  • anonymous



  • NJS06

    Yeah she is getting her 15 minutes, becuase if she wasnt on crutches no one would mention her. She should have satyed home. She is not in the movie, not an actress or anything….

  • Lili

    One is as bad as another- that’s why George wil stick to her a bit longer than usual…maybe even PROPOSE but definitely NOT marry.
    They are both smug ATTENTION WHORES!
    George has jokingly threatened to ‘murder’ Brad Pitt if he steals the limelight in their new film, BURN AFTER READING. -> he is known for such jokes but I think there is always a little bit truth behind it…

  • Lili

    Sorry, it’s me again- because of this Clooney’s fuss I forgot about Tilda. SHE is poised, highly intelligent,funny and I just ADORE her for acting and voluntary activity ! TILDA RULES!
    And don’t tell me that Sarah is classy- TILDA IS THE ONE WHO DESERVES being called classy even if she doesn’t wear Bvglari jewelry or Armani dress!

  • nawel

    why did she go they’re ridiculous

  • Corona

    George is like drinking a cold beer on a hot summer day… refreshing and good to the last drop!

  • Mich

    37: Shut up Sarah, you attention whore, who has no discernable abilities with clothes on. Singing, dancing? Acting? And to whomever says she doesn’t want to act, yeah, how much you wanna bet she’ll be on some soap opera by the end of the year? (Perfect place for lousy no talents).

  • hapa grrrl

    Yeah, that girl is totally part asian. I can always spot my people… You can tell by the bone structure of her face. High cheekbones, rounded jaw, the almond eyes, the part where the nose joins the forehead is also kinda low (not the bridge, just that one spot– very asian) Even the relatively small mouth w/big teeth… I decree her hapa! :)

  • Chrissie

    Yes, i think she is half asian. I read it somewhere. She is beautiful, like most mixed asian people.

  • screen avatar

    Hapas rule!