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John Moynahan: Bridget's Baby Boy

John Moynahan: Bridget's Baby Boy

Bridget Moynahan and 5-week-old son John Edward Thomas Moynahan take this week’s cover of OK! magazine, on newsstands Friday.

According to USA Today, “Moynahan, 36, split last December from her NFL beau and baby-daddy Tom Brady, 30, but he was on hand when the actress gave birth in California Aug. 22 and spent a few days with mother and son. Brady is now dating Brazilian model (and Leonardo DiCaprio ex) Gisele Bundchen, 27.”

Moynahan declined to be interviewed, so there will be no Q&A snippets. BOO!

Is baby John Moynahan cute — YES or YES?

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  • My opinion

    Never liked her… I believe that she saw the writing on the wall, so to speak as far as her dwindling relationship with Tom was going, and then oops- 1-month before the “offcial” break-up she turns up preggers when in all the years precious that they had been dating- everything was “fine”… give me a break! Yes, they both have to act like adults now that baby John is here, but seriously I don’t blame Brady one bit- seems as if he was set-up to me… Brig wanted marriage, family, the white picket fence, etc… Tom either (1) wasn’t ready for that huge commitment or (2) did not want to make that commitment with her! Plain and simple entrapement as far as I can see… but at least baby John is a cutie… hopefully both his “parents” can step up to the plate and act responsible when it comes to him…

  • madingley

    bridget is single-mother.i feel sorry for her.and her son is JOHN MOYNAHAN not JOHN BRADY.she has to face reality

  • Cute as a button

    Too cute for words!

  • Kerry

    He looks just like his Daddy, what a cutie. I don’t care about Brady or Bridget really, but it is sad he ditched her while she was pregnant. Then again, people shouldn’t stay together for the sake of children so…either way, adorable baby!

  • AManda

    Sorry, but the baby is sure not cute…

  • Janie

    Bridget is “not too shabby, All American Beauty”. Look how good she looks! Her baby must still be waking up 2-3 times a night and she looks so refreshed! Looks like she’s still breast feeding too! LOL.

    Congrats on the beautiful child. Thank the sperm donor and move on baby. You can do it!

  • Jean

    To the people who think Bridget was after Tom’s money – think about this. If she was realy that, wouldn’t she be sucking up to Tom and his sleaze? No she hasn’t. Instead she is doing the exact opposite!

    The baby does looks like his biological father but he has the better hairline, thank goodness. Babies change a lot in the first few years, so hopefully he’ll look more like his mother later. That deep dark Irish look like Pierce Brosnan! :)

  • Tealeaf

    Bridget looks like a sourpus, the baby is cute. I guess her plan to wed a quarterback didn’t work.

  • Tammy

    People stop being so sour toward this woman .. it takes two to tangle a woman can’t trap a man into anything .. if Bratty Tom didn’t want a baby then he should have wrapped up! Period .. All the negative comments are not necessary, this could be your daughter, sister, cousin or friend that this loser abandon. Tom should follow his heart and if being with Gishitty makes him happy then so be it, even if he does miss out on the best months/years of his 1st son life .. he need to listen to Justin Timberlakes song .. What goes around comes all the way bakc around!

    Many Blessings for Bridget and Baby John

  • [marie]

    Cute =)

  • chelseah

    That look on her face is so beyotchy. She might have been holding a sack of potatoes for all the motherly warmth that she is exuding. Then again, I think Tom is hardly the stand-up guy he proclaims to be. That said, I do think Bridgette wanted a kid (tick, tock) and nobody, not even Tommy boy was going to stop her in her quest.


    haha “yes or yes” :P

    Of course yes, he is a cutitepie :)

  • Go pats!

    Tom and Bridget were a great couple, but they just had the wrong timing, I think. Bridget, being older and wiser, seemed like she wanted to settle down. Can’t blame her. Tom has always been a “playboy”, and definitely did not want that. Don’t get me wrong…I’m from MA and love his talent and professionalism. It’s sad that the pregnancy happened at the end of their relationship.

    But I’m thrilled for Bridget. Her baby is an incredible gift, and she will eventually find a good man, who will love them both, and be a great father to baby John. I wish her the best and know she will find being a mother an amazing joy!!

  • kc

    John looks adorable and Bridget looks beautiful. John looks like his father. It’s smart of Bridget not to give an interview, she and Tom should deal w/ everything privately… for the sake of their baby.

  • Nona

    John’s a cutie but why did Bridget have to release a picture at all? No offense but its not like she’s a household name with Paps following her every move. It just seems calculated and petty. I thought she’d handled this situation so great, up until now.

  • JLS

    I just don’t understand how anyone can take a look at that baby and not be in his life. Where are you Tom????????? What an absolute blessing a baby is and how can you have a 3 year relationship with someone and not still care for them enough to help them through a pregnancy and be there in both the mother’s and the baby’s life??? What kind of man are you that everyone else in the world could think this baby is the greatest and you don’t????? Unbelievable! Great job Bridget!!!

  • putri86

    cute and look tough! hehe sometimes i hope tom get back with bridget! i know gisele is very fantastic-beautiful :) but, bridget also pretty beautiful..

  • http://deleted Pam

    How is Brady suppose to be in this babies life? He works in Boston. Bridget, who is putting her career on hold, moved 3000 miles away. She is using this baby to get back at brady. Media whore.

  • Jackie

    i think bridget handled things quite well…she does look a little bit sad and a bit tired in the picture. probably because of the late night crying and stuff. i have a lot of respect for her coz until now she hasn’t said anything about the situation(the breakup etc) but whatever happened in the past, i;m sure she’s going to be a terrific mom and that child will be well loved and cared for

  • Dela

    100% agree w/pipi (#13)!!
    A booty call w/a added “surprise”.
    Remember ladies, getting pregnant doesn’t “save” an already diminished relationship. (Not inferring that that was B’s intention…)

  • Marina

    she looks Marvelous !!!!! the baby is very beautiffull too

  • k

    5 week? you mean 5 month, maybe? that baby was born in August of 2007. there’s no way he’s 5 weeks old.

    anyways, he’s a cute baby. he sure looks like his daddy.

  • k

    oh, sorry. nevermind. i thought this was a new report thing. sorry. yeah, maybe he is was 5 weeks old there….

    but, he looks mighty big for a 5 weeks old baby.