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Milana Dravnel: There Was Another Woman With Oscar!

Milana Dravnel: There Was Another Woman With Oscar!

Is there doubt in anyone’s mind that these Oscar De La Hoya fishnet photos are still fake?

In fact, another woman named Maria (not to be confused with the first woman Milana Dravnel) has come forward, claiming to be there with Oscar and Milana during “that night.” Maria is a “Scores West girl” and apparently was the photographer taking the pictures of Oscar and Milana at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia.

Check out X17 for the new pics.

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  • Beth




  • Marilu

    He’s adorable!

  • ashley

    :scratch: my head.

  • spooky

    My god, it just keeps getting stranger.

  • Purple Gem

    Ugh, I feel bad for Oscar’s pregnant wife. First, her husband is quite a s l u t-hes got like 5 kids from all different women, and he’s a complete liar-duh thats him in these photos-man up to them already.

  • jade

    I knew it was real!!!….what a freak!!….I bet his wife stays with him …money, money money!…too much to give up. I bet Mario Lopez wished he’d kept his mouth shut about his good friend Oscar….celebrities are so much fun.

  • Purple Gem

    Oscar is a cheating s c u m bag. The way his people try so hard to sell the image of this “golden boy” whatever. Millie needs to divorce his butt-she is way too pretty and classy for him anyways.

  • suspicious package

    Well, guess I was wrong. I thought the first lot of pics was photoshopped. And he sure looks like he’s enjoying himself. Awwww.

  • shoes4life

    I can’t believe he was stupid enough to have allowed money hungry strippers to take photos of him dressed like that and trusted them to never make them public. DUMB ASS!!!

  • Ana

    Im now a believer…these pictures also are pure proof why people should not drink or do drugs. CLEARLY one of the two were present before these pictures were taken.

  • piper, with a low


    We women are catching up in the scumbag department.

  • MMM

    Let the guy have his fun. He obviously can’t stay faithful.

  • Nobody


  • rp

    Oscar is a switch hitter..he probably thinks about men when he bangs his wife

  • DC

    Seriously what is all of this about? lol Crazy randomness!

  • magnus MFA

    Smear job,

    I could shopp that easy.

  • ana

    omg what the f*** is this??

  • suz

    Let him get his freak on…who cares? Obviously he doesn’t if he allowed himself to be photographed.

  • oooba dooba

    Sue them, Oscar! Fight for the truth and sue them! If the pictures are fake, come out fighting, man!! Don’t let them do this to you. Take the people making these claims to court and bring in the experts to analyze the photos. Let the truth come out. The validity of the pictures is the issue here, not whether you’ve cheated on your wife. If you’ve been unfaithful to your wife, that’s something else you’ll have to answer for, but if these pictures are fake, fight for the truth, Oscar!

  • selwyse


  • oooba dooba

    If Milana’s telling the truth, she shouldn’t have changed her version of the truth several times in retelling her story. She admits to having been paid off by tabloids or the media as well as being pressured by people with questionable motives, so something’s rotten in Denmark. Also, people normally don’t have a stark contrast between the color of their faces and their necks, the way Oscar does in several photos. And those legs are the legs of a WOMAN, not a man, in my opinion. It wouldn’t be the first time photos were altered, and it won’t be the last. Even Star magazine admitted to cutting and pasting Brad and Angelina to make their cover a while back. And even if Oscar’s head is rather large, he can’t be that out of proportion to the rest of his body as he appears in these shots. I’m no expert in Photoshop, but I can see some funny things going on in some of those photos. Oscar should have them professionally analyzed by forensics experts and take them (the photos and the women making these claims) to court – assuming he has nothing to hide.

  • coalharbourqt

    Well of course there was someone else there – someone had to take the pictures of him and the chick. Have been saying these pics are real right from the get go – can’t believe he’s still denying. His poor pregnant wife is right! Somehow I don’t think this was just a ‘fun photoshoot’. Wonder what happened AFTER he finished his fashion show?

  • coalharbourqt

    12 piper, with a low : 09/25/2007 at 4:55 pm
    Sorry piper but I’m not following your comment… how are the women to blame in this situation? He is the one with the pregnant wife at home – and we don’t know that the two women knew about her. If they did of course it is not cool, but he is still the main one to blame in this sitch.

  • Ginger

    Didn’t he divorced his 2nd wife? Anyhow, it’s okay if he wants to dress up in sexy ladies clothes.. I think it’s cute and funny…

  • http://none lad86000

    A desperate call 4 attention!!

  • oooba dooba

    Oscar’s attorney, Bertram Fields, has issued a statement again, as posted on ET Online. It reads: “The woman who purportedly took the photos has stated publicly she cannot confirm that the images that have been posted, published and broadcast are genuine. A well known and independent photo forensic expert has stated his opinion that the photos are fake, which is what Oscar De La Hoya has been saying all along.

    “Last weekend, the woman contacted Oscar’s representatives and said she wanted to tell the truth. In an interview with the “New York Daily News,” she stated the photos were stolen by people who sought to profit from them, so she could not vouch for their authenticity. She also stated that she did not receive any money form Oscar.

    “Later, the woman demanded $160,000 from Oscar. He refused because he has no reason to make any payoffs to anyone. Now an audiotape of the woman suggests that she is complaining about receiving only $70,000 for the sale of the photos.”

    If blackmail or extortion of some kind is going on, I would venture a guess that it’s NOT on Oscar’s side of the spectrum. People who tell the truth don’t constantly change their version of the story, depending on who the highest bidder is. The truth is the truth. How can there be five, ten or fifteen different versions of it? Facts are facts. If Milana ‘lost’ those photos from her camera for a period of time, it would indicate to me that the ‘period of time’ was needed to alter the images from their original format. I’ve seen photos of Oscar in various boxing poses similar to the ones in some of Milana’s photos, and anyone could use Photoshop to cut and paste segments of his body onto someone else’s legs, or take his head and tack it on to another body, or take a fishnet body stocking and stretch it over a body. Oscar may not be a saint, but that doesn’t mean he wears body stockings, pink panties and black pumps to get his kicks. I’m not talking about his morals or his strength of character here; I’m talking about the validity of those photos, and I personally don’t believe they’re legit. But I DO believe that someone, as stated by the expert in photo forensics, went through an awful lot of trouble to alter the images (possibly to set Oscar up or start a smear campaign).

  • anonymous


  • Cain


  • anonymous

    i bet he wished he was woman

  • krbcan

    If you look at the pics closely, his head looks too big. And he doesn’t seem to have any neck. It really looks like his head has been photoshopped on top of another person

  • goldend


    he’s just fooling (and f*cking) around…. I’m not a fan and the only thing good about him I can think is his wife (hot!) but I think people is reading and condemning too much in these pics.

  • EbolaHater

    LOL! De-La-HO-a. Those pics looks soooo real. Even if they are photoshopped…they did a great job…but hardly doubt that they are. Come out with it Oscar. You love to dress in women’s lingerie and scream like a little girl. There’s no shame in honesty. There are many many straight men who loves dressing in women’s clothing…odd…but true…

  • LMAO

    Ohhh Oscar…Work it girlfriend!


  • realman

    I am so proud of Oscar. To have such a hot wife, and even hotter girlfriend, and to be comfortable in his own skin.

  • does not matter

    If Oscar’s son was in need on a kidney, Oscar would not even take the time to see if he was a match…. The fact that he dressed up like a chick doesn’t even come close to what makes this man such a loser!

  • jerrymcgreen
  • rador
  • Mike

    her body is realy cool, i found other photos here :

  • anonymous

    anyone that would be cought doing this would deny doing it, people were probably paid to say they were fake, so his repitiation might be spared he was probably drunk and has a secret fetish and got cought doing it with the wrong people, lesson learned, they are real, and he is lieing, i say he should take a lie detector test, if they really are fake then he should have noo problem taking a lie dectector test i would LOVE to see that on tv, i would pay to see the results of the lie detector results, now that might be amusing.

  • anonymous

    who agrees he should take a lie detector test? anyone?

  • anonymous

    im a very open-minded person im not racist im not a discriminating person or a judgemental person, people do this, its a fact, but for some reason they just can’t accept what people like, its very sad, maybe if there was more people like me in this world, this place we call home might be a better place to live, but instead we kill and harrass our brother sisters and neighbours, and what does it all come down to, money, they just need more money, i wouldn’t trade any of my friends or family for the worlds treasures, maybe this world is due for a change.