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Rosie: 'The View' Sucks Without Me

Rosie: 'The View' Sucks Without Me

Former talk show co-host Rosie O’Donnell slams The View for saying that ratings are up +16% versus YAG.

FYI: YAG stands for “Year At a Glance”, an annual schedule of implementation initiatives.

Here is Rosie‘s blog entry, which is titled “TRUTH IN ADVERTISING, BABY”. Leave your thought in the comments — does Rosie prove her point?

You decide! Rosie says,

“While im all about creative use of ratings, I think we need to do something with the lovely people at the view insisting that the ratings are up without rosie when in fact they are not…

Here is the real data based on live plus same day viewing:

P2+ 3,576 + 7.8%
HH 2.8 rating versus 2.66 YAG + 5.3%
W 18- 49 1.47 versus 1.6 YAG – 8.8%
W 25-54 1.77 versus 1.92 YAG – 8.5%
W 18-34 1.03 versus 1.23 YAG – 19.4%
W 50+ 2.3 versus 2.13 YAG + 8.0 %

Note that the show is bought from an advertising perspective which is their only revenue stream on either the W 18-49 or 25-54 demo meaning they are LOSING revenue versus YAG. Also, the most valuable demo is the younger one 18-34 which is really hemmoraging. They are picking up older viewers 50+ which are of less value to advertisers.

Again – they should really use the ACTUAL REAL numbers in their press statements and if they don’t, then maybe we should…..


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59 Responses to “Rosie: 'The View' Sucks Without Me”

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  1. 1
    Kiki Says:

    I personally disagree, now that she left i kind of like that view!

  2. 2
    Babysis Says:

    She’s a Fa.g and so wrong it sucked before now it doesn’t!

  3. 3
    Me Says:

    she view rocks w\out her she was a 13itch !!!!!!! i hated her im gunna buy her book and burn it !!!!!! =D haha

  4. 4
    Matt Says:

    Like her or not, she is 100% correct. It’s a shame so many Web sites uncritically picked up THE VIEW’s PR-generated release about ratings being up without Rosie. Also, it’s a bigger shame that a person named “Babysis” would find it necessary to use a slur instead of just saying she doesn’t like Rosie’s style…

  5. 5
    j Says:

    i hated the view when she was on

  6. 6
    SARAH Says:

    i have to sayyy… i lyk the view better w/o her…it seems more lively now…go whoppi!!!!

  7. 7
    carrie Says:

    I think she’s got issues! I strongly believe she has anger issues and should seek mental help! It seems no matter what or with who she gets involved with, problems ensue, and I feel very uncomfortable just looking at her picture let alone watching her on television. Get some help Rosie! Maybe take some anger management classes.

  8. 8
    Amy Says:

    I think Rosie needs to shut up and be an adult. They allow this woman to raise kids? She acts like a 16 year old girl.

  9. 9
    Mary Says:

    God, will she very just shut-up & go away. We are better off without her stupid, reckless, moronic views. If she was wanted by the public she would actually have a job instead of sitting on her ever expanding a$$ & blogging like a 10 year-old!

  10. 10
    jade Says:

    Good job Rosie….call them out…Liar’s!!

  11. 11
    Daisy Says:

    The view sucked with Rosie on it. She was hostile & loud & obnoxious. I very much like it now that she is no longer on the show.

  12. 12
    jade Says:

    The show sucks…I watched it yesterday and Woopie was talking about butt-acne….it’s supposed to be funny ….Woopie has not humor without a script.

  13. 13
    London Says:

    what happen to this woman??!

  14. 14
    Lillianne Says:

    I loved Rosie. She was the kindest hearted person at one time. But she has become so grumpy and hateful towards others who don’t agree with her that I can’t honestly say I would watch her show anymore if she had it. I wonder what happened to her to make her so obnoxious?

    And gay/schmay. Who cares about that anymore? If you do, get over it already.

  15. 15
    Madi Says:

    This woman is an idiot. I don’t care if she’s gay or not, but I hate how she loves Iran but hates Bush. No gay people live in Iran. Sure gay marriage is illegal but it’s not like Bush kills gays. That said I hate Bush, but still.

  16. 16
    Ally Says:

    I like Whoopi a hell of a lot more than when Rosie was on.She’s very well spoken. But it might be more interesting if they kept Rosie and got rid of Elizabeth and/or Sherri. I can’t stand Sherri’s big dumb perma-smile.

  17. 17
    Nesa Says:

    She seriously needs to get over herself. She is not the ****. Just keep doing your little cruises Rosie, no one cares what you have to say. I dislike that Hasselback broad, and could do without that red-haired broad as well, but Rosie just sounds like a bitter hag at this point – GIVE IT UP!!

  18. 18
    jess Says:

    could rosie BE any more bitter? she needs to move on already and stop trying to capitalize on her former job. frankly, the view sucked while she was on and now with whoopi it rocks. rosie was too self-centered to contribute anything worth listening to on the show.

  19. 19
    Admonisher Says:

    She is confusing quality tv with trash tv..I will never say “The View” Was or is quality tv….but the only reason the ratings were better was because she couldn’t keep her big fat ******* mouth shut and would push everyones hot buttons…then blame them for having a problem, with her.

    Rosie is a cancer on the face of the earth and Im glad I dont have to see her huge pumpkin head in the news…..

    big attention
    seeking useless
    not talented
    better off
    gone “comedian”
    yet nothing
    she says
    is funny…

    go figure

  20. 20
    Anonymous Says:

    I personally think this woman has anger issues. Maybe she was molested, as recent news reports have stated, according to leaks from her new book.

    Why does she even care whether the view is doing better without her.
    She said on her last day that their schedule was not compatible with the other things she wanted to do with her life. So, she wrote a book, is that the only thing she had to do with her life.

    She politely refused Oprahs’ invitation to sit down and discuss her book. She cancelled her scheduled interview with Diane Sawyer. Personally, I think she needs to take a break from any public communications, blogging included, and seek intensive spiritual counseling.

    There appears to be a deep anger and self-destructive pattern that Rosie displays. Every statement she seems to make since co-hosting the view has made her appear to be a deeply unhappy and wounded person.

    I wish her peace and happiness and help to get through her apparent hurt.

  21. 21
    angie Says:

    Rosie has a point, but I agree with the above blogger, she does appear to have behavioral issues most likely stemming from her childhood. WHAT SHE NEEDS IS SOME SELF REFLECTION and the ability to want to be and do better. Carrying around all the hate is not helping her or anyone. The VIEW did not kick her off the show, she left and is now bitter for doing so. Elizabeth only stuck up for herself that day because she had to, Rosie has been commming at her for months and Elizabeth took it. I am proud that Elizabeth stuck up for herself and yes, she did not cry. Rosie needs to get a life. But, I will say this, between her and Britney Spears they are pure entertainment.

  22. 22
    Her problem is.... Says:

    She needs to get laid by a dude to take the edge off, seriously.

  23. 23
    Fat-girl Says:

    Rosie is truly a miserable human being and this is coming from a person who agrees with her on ALOT of issues. She needs counseling and to stop wallowing in her own SH!T

  24. 24
    kay Says:

    she really has mental problems, i do not know why she keeps talking about the view, something tells me she was angry when she got fired/ her contract was not renewed, everybody has moved except her, i wish she would just STFU and stop whinning like a baby. i believe she thought the show was gonna drop its ratings after she left it, and now the opposite is true

  25. 25
    Lillianne Says:

    Bitter! That’s what it is. She seems bitter. She would comment from time to time about what an angry and bitter person her father is. And yet she is now the same way. Her poor wife and kids if they have to put up with this.

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