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Christina Aguilera Perfume Preview

Christina Aguilera Perfume Preview

Does Christina Aguilera have a a nose for success?

The powerhouse songstress makes scents, bring her naked back in an ad for her latest fragrance with her namesake and the tagline “Sometimes it’s all you need to wear.”

Christina has said, “I love trying new things in my music and in fashion. To have a perfume of my own is the beginning of an exciting adventure.”

Watch the video below for a preview of Christina‘s upcoming commercial for her perfume…

Christina Aguilera‘s Perfume Preview
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  • sara


  • kRIS


  • justme

    so NOT sexy! her look is totally old now. not refreshing at all!


    this is what most celebrities love to do making perfumes or clothes, all it is for making big bucks y’all.

  • Natalie

    I think she is talented and beautiful but I wish she would go NATURAL. She looks best w/very little make up.

  • masoud

    she is so sexy

  • lilo

    KRUNG KRUNG you just took words out of my keybord lol, every single celebrety is tryin’to have their clothing line, perfumes, make up it’s all about making more bucks instead of give some to those in need! like the JOLIE PITT i know it’s not related YET it’s true

  • NJS06

    Very pretty classic pinup picture! I like it

  • Fug Face Man!ston

    that garbages gonna smell like budussy.

    who would wanna smell like a slore?

  • berry

    christina should change her looks,
    her looks are old..not refreshing..she looks boring.

  • http://justjared leticia

    OMG she’s absolutely beautiful she’s got that marilyn monroe style GLAMOROUS she has got the most crystal clear blue eyes that i have ever seen! christina you are beautiful in the inside and out.keep it up :)

  • gonz


  • Starbucks addict

    Can’t wait to try this one out. Gorgeous ad and commercial.

  • justme

    @ leticia she’s wearing contacts!

  • de Cosmos

    Probably smells like leftover fish tacos.

  • emch

    Christina is so..o.. classy.

  • Lillianne

    She really is a beautiful girl. And this photo is old Hollywood glam.

  • Mary Jane Juan

    OK, i must admit, I like her songs: HURT,and FIGHTER

    But…….I think that she needs to get off of this 40′s kick!

    I mean, she is only 25? and stockings, and high heels are not hot! 25lbs of makeup is not hot! And how many fragrances are they going to come out with?

  • diamond

    i love her…i can’t wait to buy it…


    I think that she has the old Hollywood glam thing down, and most of the time it works. But I could care less about any of these celebrity fragrances.

  • stacy

    It’s so LAME when celebs have perfumes.


    7 lilo : 09/26/2007 at 8:20 pm
    KRUNG KRUNG you just took words out of my keybord lol, every single celebrety is tryin’to have their clothing line, perfumes, make up it’s all about making more bucks instead of give some to those in need! like the JOLIE PITT i know it’s not related YET it’s true

    exactly my point, am pretty sure these entrepreneur celebs have fat bank accounts y’all…

  • angel

    her lips looks really weird, oh and i dont like the perfume bottle, it looks cheap

  • me

    Something is VERY different with her. She is talking with a lisp and her mouth looks really strange. She looks like she has had something done to her teeth and has had lip injections. She has looked like a man latley, couldn’t figure out what was different. Watch her mouth and listen to her talk.

  • mary

    can’t wait for it to come out.

  • jonathan

    very veronica lake

  • sexyboi

    i lover her so much..
    timeless classic beauty!

  • nana

    This commercial is so uninspired and uninspiring. There is absolutely nothing original in it. And yes, dear, at 25, don’t see why you need so much make up!

  • Poop

    When does this perfume come out and what stores will it be at?

  • Galia

    Very nice voice and too much make up. It is stupid that all those celebrities try to make own fashion line, parfumes etc, and the most of them are succesful for a while only because they are famous and people just buy their stuff.

  • boo

    she needs the pounds of make up because she is so unattractive.
    i’ve never met a 25yr old who’s had a crazy amount of plastic surgery, lost her hair from wearing wigs & is so damn orange.
    she represents SELF-HATE to the extreme.

  • remember da truth

    Is that a tattoo that she always has or is it just for the ad campaign, not a permanent one?

  • josh

    omg i got a sample of the perfume today, and its smells sooooo nice! its soooo better than coco mademoiselle and midnight poison put together! i think the look is great…i mean only she and scarlett johanson can pull off the pin up look, and christina looks better with it. i mean its coming back in fashion now! hello valentino!

  • Kelly

    Gorgeous Shut Up People Stop Wasting Your Time Then!

  • Jess

    the perfume is absolutly gorgoues its so classy i got a sample if it too. and your all going on about her make up – hellooo all celebrities wear tons of make up! most celebrities dont look that great with out make up anyway none of them are as flawless as they look in mags or tv

  • lacey

    wow she is so awesome, talented and beautiful… and i cant wait to buy that stuff

  • Izabelle

    I had like 4 dreams about this perfume because i was so looking forward to smelling it. I brought it the other day (and i wouldnt of if Christinas name wasnt on it) and it doesnt even last for half an hour :(
    It is not a strong perfume at all.

  • jessica

    i think chistina is an amazing beautiful talented singer, whole if deeply from the heart she is an amazin person, and she is tryin to give everyone a little smething of her…i think she is amazing!….my boyfriend adores her n got me her perfume which i think smells wonderfull just goes wiv her personality, sweet n bubbly right into it. hope she kees up the amazing work n i hope everthin goes well 4 her and her babay is totally healthy and she releses sme more amazin songs !!!!! go on girl!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lv ya

  • wew

    @ isabelle – your nost doesn’t keep on smelling the perfume that much after. Your nose gets used to the smell – you can’t smell it anymore but other people can.

  • Abbie

    omg, the purfume bottle looks really nice and i smelt the purfume today, it smells gorgeous, i WANT it!!